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Streaming 101 for Extra Life


Stream your fundraising

Live Fundraising is a great way to tell your story, engage with donors, and create a richer connection to the mission!

Great, how do I get started?

  1. You'll need a device to stream with (smartphone, desktop/laptop, Xbox, or PlayStation 4)
  2. Download a streaming app to your phone (StreamlabsTwitchYouTube, or Mixer Create) or software to your desktop (like Streamlabs, OBS, or XSplit)
  3. Set up an account with a streaming service (Twitch, YouTube, Mixer)
  4. Add your streaming username to your fundraising page & save – you're ready to go! 
    • Click Your Page in the top bar
    • Click the Settings tab on your page
    • Choose your service and enter your username
      • Note: YouTube requires you to enter the full URL to the live video, not your YouTube username
    • Click Save Changes
  5. Share the link to your fundraising page on social media channels, text messages, and email to let people know when to tune in

Here's a quick guide of what you'll need depending on your device:

Mobile Phone

Hardware Software Services

Smartphone with camera & microphone

Wireless data or WiFi connection

  • Streamlabs App (streams to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer)
  • Twitch App
  • YouTube app
  • Mixer Create app
  • Twitch
  • Mixer
  • YouTube


Desktop or Laptop

Hardware Software Services



  • Streamlabs OBS (Recommended)
      • Add the overlay in the Source panel by choosing Browser Source and pasting in the overlay URL provided when you edit your stream settings on your fundraising page
  • OBS
    • Add the overlay in the Source panel by choosing Browser Source and pasting in the overlay URL provided when you edit your stream settings on your fundraising page
  • XSplit (Windows Only)
  • Twitch
  • Mixer
  • YouTube


Desktop/laptop extras to customize your stream


Donation Alerts

  • Add our overlay to your stream that shows our logo, your fundraising progress, recent & top donations (desktop/laptop streaming software only)


Other alert options


Hardware                             Software                           Services                                            
  • Webcam
  • Microphone









PlayStation 4

Hardware                             Software                              Services                                         
  • Webcam
  • Microphone






What's next?

Using a bot to help share your fundraising page


You can add a bot to either periodically share a custom message during your stream or to activate a message when a command is typed in the chat. A great way to make sure your viewers know how to donate is to create this command with a message to share your "participant page".


Okay, but "why" you may ask? 


We've found that when you share this information in a regular, structured format, people are more likely to make that donation! If you don't ask for a donation, you're not going to get one! Let your bot ask or share the donation page information while you're in the middle of playing or one screen shenanigans! 


There are several bots available and they function in very similar fashions!


Have a look at StreamLabs Chatbot, StreamElements Chatbot, Moobot and Nightbot!


Feeling stuck? Head over to our Discord channel's "Streaming tips and tricks" section and ask our community for help!



Streaming for Extra Life 


You've set up your stream, you've tested everything and now you are ready to start playing games and raising money #ForTheKids! Here is a quick checklist to put that final polish on your stream. 




  • When sharing Extra Life on social media, be sure to @ExtraLife4Kids.  Add #EXTRALIFE to social media posts and your stream title. 
  • Set your "game" or "tag" to Extra Life on both Twitch and Mixer!
  • Check out the Extra Life media kit. It includes overlays for your stream, graphics, talking points and more!


Channel Badge


In the broadcast kit you can see additional graphics for your channel! You can add a pre-made channel badge to your profile and link it to your donation page.


Asking for donations


Playing games is the EASY part, the tough part is asking people to help. Think about how to ask for the donation during your stream. What would make you consider to donate? Take a look at our Miracle Stories and share them during your broadcast to help show why our hospitals need these funds! Take a look at these reports from your very hospital to see where the money goes! Check out these fundraising tips from the community and wise words from the founder of Extra Life, @Doc!


Why do you "Extra Life"?


Extra Life all begin because the life of one little girl in Orange, TX. Her story has inspired thousands of people to play games #ForTheKids. What's your story? Why do you participate in Extra Life? Do you have a connection to your children's hospital or know someone who does?  


Need some inspiration? Check out these "Why I Extra Life" stories!



Your hospital wants to know that you're playing for them!


Did you know the hospital you play for LOVES Extra Lifers? They would love to know when and where you're streaming! Need help connecting? Send us an email to!



This basic streaming primer should get you well on your way to streaming and sharing Extra Life online! Be sure to swing by our official Discord for additional tips and tricks! 


For additional resources check out this guide!


When you're ready for more, head over to Twitch's Creator Camp!



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I'm looking to start a Extra Life stream on Mixer and google searches have given me the run around. My question is can I use mixer to stream for extra life on PC.

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