Streaming 101 for Extra Life




So you want to stream for Extra Life? Great idea! It's a fun way to participate and show everyone what you're doing for your Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Streaming is NOT a requirement for participating in Extra Life! It IS another tool to use and our community has become very well versed in streaming, often because of their interest in Extra Life. 



Take a few moments to check out this video (and other useful videos concerning streaming) from the community's own @Daddywarrbux


Pretty awesome, right? Well here is ANOTHER great video from the amazing @BuddhaCat



If you're still stuck on after watch these two great examples for Beginner Streamers, let us know in the comments or pop into our Discord and we'll get even more info!



Remember to grab all of the great stuff from our media kit!


Head over to our Downloads or to


Have a favorite streaming tutorial? Share it in the comments!



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