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Setting up XSplit for your Extra Life Stream


If you've decided to start streaming for Extra Life and are using XSplit, then you might want a little help adding some Extra Life flair to your broadcast. By adding an Extra Life overlay and Donation alert, you can further engage your viewers in donating and becoming aware of why we play games #ForTheKids!





First, get familiar with using XSplit! If you haven't used this broadcasting application, you should download it and then take a look at their Getting Starting guide. (


Once you download and log into your XSplit software and complete the "Getting Started" guide, you will want to add an overlay to one of you scenes. The overlay is a great way to tell people that you are playing for Extra Life! You can download the items from Broadcaster Kit and Media Kit at


Add an overlay to your XSplit broadcast software


Now that you have your overlays, find the "Scene" you want to add your Extra Life overlay to and select "Add" at the bottom of the application > Media File > search for and open the recently downloaded overlay for Extra Life > click a corner to resize/reposition if necessary. 


Add the Extra Life Alert extension to your XSplit broadcast software


To add the Extra Life alert, go to "Extensions" (top menu) > "Get more extensions" > select "Show Sources" icon (to the left of the "plug" icon) > find and select the "Extra Life Alert" > "Install" > close the plugin windows and go back to your main broadcasting screen. 


Now find the 'Scene" you want to add the alert box to > click "Add" > "Widgets" > "Extra Life Alerts". 


Click, drag and resize/reposition the alert box as you see fit > right click on the "Extra Life Alert" box > select the 'Extra Life Alert" tab on the next window > input your "Participant" or "Team" id (you can find this by going to your Extra Life participant page and grabbing the number at the end of the URL after the "=" ) > select and alert sound > check "Show Donation Alert" if you want the box to display a recent donation as if occurs > "Test Alert" to see it in action!


Now your stream viewers can see your Extra Life pride, your current donation total and hear/see alerts when donations are made! 


Have a favorite overlay, alert or widget you use for streaming for Extra Life? Let us know in the comments below!






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