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Found 41 results

  1. Boston SouthCoast Comic Con

    Boston SouthCoast Comic Con (Schedule is still tentative based on volunteer sign ups) SATURDAY 9-2 Jason St Jean 9-2 Elizabeth Park 1-6 Jason St Jean 1-6 Elizabeth Park SUNDAY 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 Amelia Ott 1-5 Greg Harris-Jones 1-5 Amelia Ott
  2. Hey everyone! We have another exciting opportunity to volunteer coming up with Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo! I personally have not been to this one but from the sounds of it they are growing and they love having us there! SFGE has given us 2 badges that we can swap out in shifts during this event. Depending on how many people would like to attend will determine the length of the shifts. Also in addition to recruiting at a table, SFEG has asked us for 2-3 members to help them with their "Class of '82" tournament! These will be additional volunteers that will help them from about 11:30 - 1pm on Saturday. If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible because they need to know if the next 2 days. Here is our volunteer signup sheet: Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in helping the tournament! Update 05/26/2017
  3. Anime Boston - Gaming Tournament Support

    On top of our booth there, the Anime Boston staff has asked if we'd be able to lend a few hands to assist with running the Saturday tournament. This is the tournament that our table gets mistaken for every year. So we are putting it out there to see if 2 of you folks woudl like to assist them from approximately 1- 4 PM. This would be totally seprate from any shift at the extra life booth and you are not required to do both. So if you're interested in going to Anime Boston with a free weekend badge, like video game tournaments, and are willing to give them a few hours help in turn for the badge. Let us know.
  4. Emerald City Comic Con

    Sign up for a recruitment shift HERE or just stop on by our booth to say hi at ECCC!
  5. Hey all, I talked to Cindy and she wasn't able to squeeze us in to the Halloween event at Johns Hopkins Children's Center for this year, but we are confirmed for next year! Unless my employment situation changes drastically I should be able to help out next year as well, but we can get to staffing it later. Much later
  6. GeekGirlCon

    A convention in Downtown Seattle dedicated to celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in all aspects of Geek culture through conventions & events!
  7. Event Sign Ups

    October 4th, Roosevelt HS National Night Out!
  8. Albuquerque Hopfest

    Hello Albuquerque Extra Life Guild members! We have another amazing opportunity for guild members to get involved. This is a 21 and over event! This is also a limited entrance event for our volunteers capping at 3 total! If you are serious about this event get in touch with us ASAP! Albuquerque Hopfest is a local celebration of the different Brewers found here in New Mexico. Let's keep in the spirit of celebrating those local institutions in spreading the word on how people can help UNM-CH when they kick back at home with their favorite video game and some free time! Please contact @omni_prime @GeneraLedger or @islander for more information about this event! Where: Isleta Resort and Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 When: Saturday August 27th 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Setup will begin @ 12:00 PM which is the allotted load-in time for our booth. We have been provided a map and location for our booth on the event roster and we are in definite need of volunteers! Thanks again! @omni_prime
  9. Albuquerque Hopfest

    This is a 21+ event for volunteers! You must bring a valid ID in order to volunteer! Thanks! Albuquerque Hopfest will showcase local breweries from around our state. Let's show them what a great opportunity to give back Extra Life can be to support our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital UNM-CH! This will be a longer volunteer time need as each volunteer beyond our 3rd will require a $10 entry fee to the event. When: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Saturday August 27th Where: Isleta Resort and Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Get in touch with @GeneraLedger @omni_prime or @islander if you are interested in this event or for more information! Thanks again guys!
  10. San Japan Sign Up and Info

    Hi everybody, here's the sign up form for San Japan. Make sure you sign up early to get the spot you want. Contact any officer for questions.
  11. Vermont Comic Con

    Hey everyone! We are going to be tabling at Vermont Comic Con again this year! Go to the Signup Genius below to volunteer for one of our open spots! If you have any questions about the event or what needs to be done, please let me know!
  12. LEGO Brickfest live

  13. Wizard World RVA

  14. Wizard World 2016 Sept 9-11

    WizardWorld is Friday, Sept 9 - Sunday, Sept 11. The event is at the Richmond Convention Center We hope to have 2 team members at each slot. The following time slots are available. Please contact me w/ the info below with multiple options in case there's high demand for any times. Friday 2:30pm-5pm*: / 5pm-8pm: / Saturday: 10am-2:30pm: / 2:30pm-7pm: / Sunday 10am-2pm: / 2pm-4pm*: / *=Includes set-up and breakdown. To volunteer choose one of the following ways to communicate with me: e-mail: FB: Bobby (find me on the guild) Forums: send me a private message Or reply to this post. Include: Name Method of contact (e-mail and/or phone) First 3 choices for volunteer spots to fill. Any special requests/requirements. Thanks everyone!
  15. OmegaCon 2016 Volunteers

    OmegaCon is Friday, August 26 - Sunday, August 28. This event is in Charlotsville so commuting will be a bit tough for some. We'll be sharing a table w/ the Charlotsville Guild in order to get as many new EL'ers as possible. We hope to have 1 team member from both guilds at each slot. We're looking into getting extra space if there are couples or friends that want to volunteer together. The following time slots are available. Please contact me w/ the info below with multiple options in case there's high demand for any times. Friday 4pm-7pm*: 7pm-10pm: Saturday: 10am-2pm: 2pm-5pm: 5pm-9pm: Sunday 10am-2pm: 2pm-4pm*: *=Includes set-up or breakdown. To volunteer choose one of the following ways to communicate with me: e-mail: FB: Bobby (find me on the guild) Forums: send me a private message Or reply to this post. Include: Name Method of contact (e-mail and/or phone) First 3 choices for volunteer spots to fill. Any special requests/requirements. Thanks everyone!
  16. GraniteCon 2016 Sept. 17 and 18

    Team, We will once again be hosting a table at the Granite State ComicCon on September 17th and 18th. Microsoft will be providing devices for signups. We should have plenty of passes for everyone, but if you are planning to be there all weekend, please buy a pass to help support the Cons that support us! Volunteers needed: Sat. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sat. 1pm-6pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 1pm-5pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader)
  17. Greetings all! The Bellevue Microsoft store has generously offered to let our guild host a table at their post-E3 announcement gaming tournament for Forza. The ask: Hang out (preferably in an Extra Life shirt) for a few hours during the event and tell interested customers about Extra Life, and sign up any takers via mobile app or paper sheet. Be enthusiastic and friendly, you know, be awesome. The time: This Coming MONDAY - JUNE 13th Set up before sign-ups begin at 5pm, stay for at least 2 hours, preferably through the whole tournament. Looking for one or two people. Any takers? ----- The store's official event site is
  18. How do you like your Gaming prepared? Southern-Fried!! SFGE 2016 - Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo is coming up soon to at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly. Extra-Life has a fan table again this year! The fan table will need to be staffed on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am - 6 pm. Last year we did four hour shifts with 1-2 people and I think it worked out great. So we are going to stick with the same plan. Badges have been donated to us for the fan table and will need to be exchanged during the Changing of the Guard! (sorry old military habits!) So if your interested in checking out Southern-Fried Gaming Expo or have participated in the past, and know how fun this event is; sign up early to get your spot! Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo June 10-12 - Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Day 1 - June 10th 1st shift: 2 pm - 6 pm (4 hours & initial table set-up): @Vadath, @Serph Day 2 - June 11th 1st shift: 10 am - 2 pm (4 hours): @cuddlebus Day 2 - June 11th 2nd shift: 2 pm - 6 pm (4 hours): Day 3 - June 12th 1st shift: 10 am - 2 pm (4 hours): @Dethos Day 3 - June 12th 2nd shift: 2 pm - 6 pm (4 hours): Please post below with your desired shift. First come, first served. A waiting list will be started once the shift is full. When we get closer to the event, I will contact each of the volunteers to keep them informed of how badges will be obtained. Thanks everyone for your support! Let's make this a great event for Extra Life and the Atlanta Guild!! Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center – Address 2450 Galleria Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30339 404.325.0000 I will be doing day 1 and would welcome any other volunteer if they want to help set-up the table and get our first sign-ups for this event!
  19. Denver Comic Con!

    Hey Gamers! The idea of this topic is to make sure we have a consistent landing space for all of the discussions around the Denver Comic Con volunteer opportunities. We have a few of our Guild members getting together later today to talk over details - so I won't say anything that I'm not for certain about yet - but I know we need volunteers to work the table and possibly some after-party-type events (no promises, but that's the way I suck you in. ) Because really... this is a win/win opportunity for you to hang out at Comic Con and talk about all the good you're doing for Children's Hospital Colorado. So cool! Keep an eye out on this page for updates and details, but we'd LOVE to have the problem of too many willing volunteers!
  20. Needed-Phone Volunteers for the Mix 104.1 Cares for Kids Radiothon! Dates: Thursday, July 14 and Friday, July 15 Location: Boston Children’s Hospital, Patient Entertainment Center Event Description: During the 13th annual Mix 104.1 Cares for Kids Radiothon, Mix deejays will once again broadcast live from Boston Children’s Hospital. Since 2003, Mix listeners have helped raise over $8 million— making it possible for Boston Children’s to better the lives of countless patients and their families. As always, we need great volunteers to answer phones and take pledges during the event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the hospital, so please plan to join us! Volunteer Responsibilities Volunteer shifts are typically 3 hours long, but we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your shift to check in, validate your parking, get some training, and enjoy the food and beverages we’ll have available for you. The following shifts are available for up to 30 volunteers: Thursday, July 14th 6 AM – 9 AM: training at 5:40 AM 9 AM – 12 PM: training at 8:30 AM 3 PM – 6 PM: training at 2:30 PM Friday, July 15th 6 AM – 9 AM: training at 5:40 AM 30 spaces available 9 AM – 12 PM: training at 8:30 AM 30 spaces available 12 PM – 3 PM: training at 11:30 AM 30 spaces available Interested in Volunteering?  Please contact Alyssa Caruso at to sign up for your shift. Tell her you're from Extra Life.  In the week prior to the event, each volunteer will receive a confirmation/reminder e-mail with the directions and other helpful information. Thank you for helping make this year’s Mix 104.1 Cares for Kids Radiothon the best yet!
  21. Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2016

    Hello Denver! We have an upcoming opportunity to have a table at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2016. Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown Here is what we are looking for: - Times - June 10-12 (Friday 11am - 10pm, Saturday 10am - midnight, Sunday 10am - 5pm) We also have some bonus hours that you are welcome to attend (9am - 10am Saturday and Sunday) and a VIP event Friday night (not open to the public) from 10pm - 1am. We would love to have a presence their supporting this very cool event. It would be great to have a group of volunteers there to talk about Extra Life during the day(s), taking sign-ups for Extra Life and have an opportunity to check out the event. Let me know if you are interested!
  22. Portcon Maine 2016

    It's that time of year again! We're going to need all the help we can get for Portcon so volunteer now so we can figure out what shifts we need to cover! Sign up here:
  23. Sea Dogs Community Table

    Hey friends! What are your thoughts on taking advantage of a Community Table opportunity at a Sea Dogs game this year? It would be free and we'd have the chance to set up a table outside the stadium 30 minutes before the game begins. We'd also get 25 general admission tickets so we could eat our share of Sea Dog biscuits after our work is done. Let us know if you can help out today! Sign up here:
  24. Huzzah! 2016

    We need volunteers for a recruitment event at the Extra Life table during the Huzzah! Con. Let us know what shifts you can do! Sign up here!
  25. until
    We need volunteers for a recruitment event in the Portland location for Casablanca Comics. Let us know what shifts you can do!