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Found 42 results

  1. Streaming 101 for Extra Life

    So you want to stream for Extra Life? Great idea! It's a fun way to participate and show everyone what you're doing for your Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Streaming is NOT a requirement for participating in Extra Life! It IS another tool to use and our community has become very well versed in streaming, often because of their interest in Extra Life. Take a few moments to check out this video (and other useful videos concerning streaming) from the community's own @Daddywarrbux! Remember to grab all of the great stuff from our media kit! Head over to our Downloads or to Have a favorite streaming tutorial? Share it in the comments!
  2. So you want to stream for Extra Life? Great idea! It's a fun way to participate and show everyone what you're doing for your Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Streaming is NOT a requirement for participating in Extra Life! It IS another tool to use and our community has become very well versed in streaming, often because of their interest in Extra Life. Take a few moments to check out this video (and other useful videos concerning streaming) from the community's own @Daddywarrbux! Remember to grab all of the great stuff from our media kit! Head over to our Downloads or to Have a favorite streaming tutorial? Share it in the comments! View full article
  3. Hey everyone! I see some folks have posted questions about incorporating their Extra Life donations into their streaming sessions. I figured I'd share an application that I made called the "Extra Life Helper" that does all of the following: Counts down the days until Extra Life if there are three or more days left. Counts down the hours until Extra Life if there are less than four days left. Counts the total hours played if the start time has passed. Shows your total amount raised in real time. Shows new donations as they arrive in real time and plays a happy kids sound effect. Allows specifying a custom donation alert sound. Occasionally shows the Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospital logos. Works in "participant" mode or "team" mode. You can show totals for yourself or your team. Supports four color themes and different border styles to compliment your stream setup. Works in XSplit and OBS Studio (Windows and OSX) Runs completely locally on your machine. There is no dependency on any remote website service that may become unavailable. Provides a hook to run your own JavaScript code when a new donation comes in. To download the Helper and view instructions on setting it up, click here: Hope you find it helpful. If you have any feedback or requests for additional features, please let me know. Good luck with your fundraising efforts! Requirements: Operating System: Windows 10 or OSX Sierra Streaming Software: XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 (Windows) or OBS Studio 20.0.1 (OSX & Windows) Changelog: 9/13/2017 Removed Flash plugin requirement! The Helper is now a pure JavaScript application Added display of donation message to the donation alert screen Added the ability to specify custom donation alert sounds Added ability to add custom JavaScript code that can run when a new donation comes in 10/31/2016 Made donation alerts more responsive Added support for marathons lasting longer than 72 hours Fixed issues with transitions 10/3/2016 Added three new color themes to choose from. Added option to change border style. 9/3/2016 Updated to work in the latest versions of XSplit, OBS Classic and OBS Studio. 11/4/2015 Made miscellaneous fixes. 10/14/2015 Added more support for different versions of OBS and operating systems. 10/12/2015 Added support for OBS using the browser plugin. Added support for working on OSX in OBS Multiplatform. Fixed bugs with handling bad requests to the Extra Life API. 10/11/2015 Updated to use new data API. Fixed issues with being unreliable for participants with many donations. Updated the look to adhere to the new Extra Life brand colors. Fixed a few bugs with showing new donations and switching modes. 10/24/2014 Added executable wrapper for use in OBS on Windows. 2nd monitor required. 10/16/2014 Released initial version to the public.
  4. A member of the Good4Gaming stream team, Isa_Kole, will be streaming on our twitch channel ( on 6/13 at 7PM CST. She will be talking about her experiences streaming for charity efforts and provide details on things that have and have not worked for her while trying to raise donations. She will also be answering questions, so if you are new to the exciting world of charity streams please consider stopping by and saying hello. And for anyone interested in joining a Stream Team, our only requirement to join Good4Gaming is a yearly charity stream, so if you are here you most likely already qualify. We currently have a team of 33 streamers raising money for Extra Life, Able Gamers, Special Effect, Operation Supply Drop, and many more. If you are interested fill out the form at and we will contact you. thanks, Dave
  5. Hello everyone!! I want to start streaming the phone game app called summoner wars but I do not know what is a good way from streaming from my tablet to twitch. Can you please help me out? I have a Samsung Galaxy tab E just tab E not the SE. please help!! Thank you Jenny
  6. ExtraLifeTO on Twitch!

    ExtraLifeTO is on Twitch! This channel has been created to allow streamers within our guild and community to showcase their passion for gaming as well as spread the word about Extra-Life, SickKids and our guild. We're looking for people who would be interested in participating by streaming their content on a scheduled basis. If you're interested in helping out with either streaming, moderating or help out in any other way, comment below! There's also been discussion about streaming during our 24-hour game day marathon. If you're also interested in that, speak up. We'll discuss details at a later guild meeting, closer to the event. Can also join our Discord channel for further discussion on streaming: (link never expires)
  7. Good Morning Everyone! I just wanted to share with all of you a new streaming service I was introduced to, . A little about this streaming service, they just started accepting streamers about a month or to ago and they are oriented towards PC gamers currently (with plans to expand to other platforms in the future). Some things that I like about streaming on Caffeine is their real time streaming capability (not new I know, but it works consistently for me as opposed to Mixer), easy streaming setup (install their client and play a supported game, turn the stream on, and you are good!), and their client hooks a stream overlay directly into the game you are playing so you get viewer count and chat right on your game screen. Some current downsides, there is currently no way to advertise your extra life page within the stream other than the things you mention, no custom overlays are currently possible, and the client will only work properly (hook in the chat) on games that it's told to support. They are adding new games fairly quickly and most of the popular streaming games are already there (LoL, HOTS, SC2, PUBG, WOW, etc...). It may not currently be quite was some of you are looking for in tour streaming service, but the devs are very busy working on getting it up and running and they actually listen to their streamers :-) Gotta get in during those formative years :-P I've already asked them to try and look into some sort of integration for Extra Life, I will let you all know if anything comes of it :-) In the mean time, everyone over there has been awesome and friendly, so I encourage you guys to take a look :-)
  8. I have been asked to start a guide to help Extra Lifers with the technical aspects of streaming. The guide will be broken out into 3 parts outlined below.Part 1 will be the "How do I get started?" guide, while the subsequent parts will explore more advanced topics. I am open to explore additional topics for Part 2 & 3, if suggested in this thread, but Part 1 will be kept simple for the obvious reason. I will added suggestions to the Potential Additional Topics list below as I consider them and update the outline as they are accepted. Please note that if you are looking for help with building an audience or suggestions on how to get more donations, this is the wrong place to be looking. The best recommendation I can give for that is: content & personality. Guide Outline Part 1 - Basic Twitch Streaming Know Your Connection Twitch Essentials Built-in Streaming on Console Xbox One PlayStation 4 Basic PC Streaming Entry-Level Streaming Software Pre-Built Overlays Part 2 - Intermediate Streaming using a PC Other Streaming Services Robust Streaming Software Webcams Audio Mixing External Capture Part 3 - Advanced Streaming using a PC Customizing Overlays Chroma Key Audio Ducking Potential Additional Topics Extra Life JSON
  9. Hey y'all, So I was wondering if anyone uses the Extra Life notification options in Streampro for alerts a goal progress. It has stopped working for me and was wondering if anyone else is having issues with it. I am planning on doing a marathon stream and need something to track goal progress and notify everyone when someone donates. Streampro's Extra Life integration was great and I really hope it either get fixed, or I can learn why it's not working for me. Also if anyone has any other ways to get EL alerts and whatnot on my stream, I would love suggestions! I couldn't find any other options besides Streampro. Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone! Do you stream your game play or creative adventures? Are you looking for a game day stream to watch? Here are the channels for our guild members! If you're interested in adding your channel to the directory, feel free to post a link below or PM me and I'll be glad to add you to this post! - Streaming World of Warcraft - Streaming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games - Streaming cosplay construction - Streaming Paladins, Runescape, Overwatch, The Sims 4, indie games, etc. - Streaming Halo - Streaming board games - Streaming World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike - Streaming Forza, Rocket League
  11. Hey all! I love to play competitive video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, and so forth. I'm ranked pretty high in each game and was looking to see if we could start up an ExtraLife themed team where we could compete either in local events, or online events, and call it ExtraLife. It would probably gain some notoriety with the scene, and cause gamers to search for what ExtraLife is and such. And if we attended the same type of lan events, I'm sure people would sign up once they meet us. I'm a local around Philadelphia, PA and would love to even get some online events going. Here are a list of the games I play, and a way to contact me: 1. League of Legends - Diamond 4 Support / Top Main 2. Overwatch - Master Tier - Season 3 Ended 3800 MR, Season 4 is currently 3650. 3. Hearthstone - I normally end up around Rank 2-3, but I know there are a lot of tournaments held online for points. 4. CS:GO - Haven't played in a year or two, I was LEM before I stopped. If I had a team I could get back into it for Extra Life 5. Heroes of the Storm - Just started but I am well versatile in MOBAs and am trying to get to ranked now. 6. I also play Smash Brothers Melee in tournaments from time to time. You can contact me on: Battlenet - Clementine#11594 Steam ID - I'll modify this when I get home and get it You can always drop me a message on the forums as well. This is just an idea I had, If anyone is interested in getting a following together, it would be great and super fun! We could even stream our tournament matches, make some vods and get some publicity out there in the gaming world!
  12. What Is It Like to Be Swatted?

    The video game industry has been going through some rough times lately, but one of the most disturbing trends has been the rise of swatting, the act of calling in a fake active shooter to summon a SWAT team to an unsuspecting streamer's location. The term swatting was coined in 2008 by the FBI, which states that these so-called 'pranks' pose a severe risk to the individuals who are being swatted, the responding officers who might encounter residents resisting a sudden home invasion, and the community that might require a SWAT team elsewhere. Besides the physical risks involved, each prank costs roughly $10,000 to mobilize the necessary equipment and officers. Though swatting first surfaced in 2008, it has only been recently that it has gained prominence. In 2013, many high profile celebrities were targeted ranging from Justin Beieber to Clint Eastwood. However, 2014 seems to have been a year during which more average people have been the victims of such attacks. The people apprehended for these crimes (because that's what swatting is: a crime), have tended to be younger tech-savvy men. One 16-year-old was caught in connection with over thirty swatting incidents and brought up on over sixty charges. There doesn't seem to be much data on how often crimes like this occur, but it does seem to be increasing with several cases making the rounds through media over the last few months. That brings us to Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Maxcuster X. He decided to stream some Call of Duty with his wife a few weeks ago. After their stream had gone on for about two hours, trolls started disrupting the chat and soon there were some posting their home address. Then, as the stream was winding down, one of the couple's children noticed a police car on the street. Maxcuster X and his family had been swatted and there were armed men outside their home. That is not a prank. Luckily, Maxcuster X and his wife were able to deescalate the situation, but the SWAT team still had to go through their house and follow procedure. Later, he gave a full, sobering account of the ordeal in a video posted to his YouTube channel. Now you ask yourself why could this happen to me? Why? I'm a nice guy! It doesn't matter if you're nice. It doesn't matter if you are an angel. It doesn't matter if you are a douchebag or somebody who isn't very nice. Somebody who has no manners, who doesn't care. When these people go out there, they're already starting their party. They are just sitting on their computer picking thumbnails and looking at each one of us, YouTube, Twitch, people that are on playing games, Twitter. It doesn't matter who you are. They'll pick you like it's a game and they'll say, "Okay, this one looks interesting. Let's do it to him. Let's order twenty pizzas and then the SWAT team." So there's really nothing you can do. You can be the nicest or most horrible person, you'll still have the risk of getting this. How can you prevent this? Do not have internet. Get off the grid. But of course you're not going to do this. We live in a connected world. I didn't get off the internet, I didn't stop gaming. We're never going to do this, because all we live with this connection. This is a very real possibility for people who stream their games online. Maxcuster X suggests that the best people can do is for individuals to monitor their chats. If people are throwing around suspicious comments, pause and make sure something isn't going down, possibly even call 911 to make sure everything is alright. The FBI suggests filing a police report if someone makes a swatting threat so that the police know if SWAT is called it could be a hoax. Streaming via Twitch is one of the most popular ways that the Extra Life community has shown support in the past, so this is a troubling state of affairs. If you stream, please be vigilant and safe.
  13. The Xbox One unveil left a certain segment of the gaming population with questions about the console's ability to record gameplay sessions and share them with friends, or if the console would include that kind of functionality at all. With a recent app on Xbox 360 and an established history with Microsoft, many had suspected (myself included) suspected that a partnership with the online streaming service,, was in the works. Today those suspicions were confirmed. Xbox One will be able to broadcast live gameplay sessions online to followers and friends. Players will also be able to record these sessions, save, edit, publish, and record commentary with the Kinect. Aside from streaming, the game recording abilities of the Xbox One allow you to view past recordings on SmartGlass. While all of these features sound lovely, some people are wondering who owns the rights to those videos. Does Microsoft own them, or publish them on their own channel? Can you upload your videos to YouTube? If not, what does that mean for streamers and video game commentators, the people who make a living based on creating entertaining or educational videos based on video games? There are a number of questions that should be answered before giving in to the hype.
  14. Recently, I was given the opportunity to ask Sundance DiGiovanni, the CEO and founder of North America’s largest eSports organization, Major League Gaming (MLG), a few questions regarding console eSports and the future of gaming. Jack Gardner: If console manufacturers had their hearts set on getting in on the growing eSports industry, what more could they do than the features the PS4 was announced to have (i.e. accessible streaming options, partnership with a streaming service, increasing the amount of competitive titles available, integrating social media, etc.)? Sundance DiGiovanni: In addition to all of the great technology and features planned for PS4, in order to have a strong eSports presence it really comes down to the games themselves. Titles need to have competitive settings built in and a strong community following to be successful in the eSports landscape. He’s not wrong. Many recent games billing themselves as the next big thing in eSports have failed or been only marginally successful. Tribes: Ascend and Heroes of Newerth are perfect examples. Both games are free-to-play, relying on microtransactions to make money for the developer, which would seem to guarantee a large user base because who doesn’t love a free game? However, despite holding tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, neither have found anywhere near as big a following as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, StarCraft 2, or League of Legends. The bottom line is that not many people are interested in watching professional gamers play a game that isn’t popular and that lack of interest kills eSports potential. Jack: What can developers do to create games better geared toward eSports (in terms of casting, recording, content distribution, etc.)? Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s eSports features seem to be the best consoles offer. Can developers do better or are those what we can expect from future console releases? Sundance: Activision and Treyarch did an incredible job of developing Black Ops 2 with eSports in mind; that is why we are featuring it on our MLG Pro Circuit this year. They connected with the eSports community, attended our events, listened to what players wanted out of a game and even brought on Pro Players to consult on the feature set. They were dedicated to making the game work and they should be a model for other game publishers looking to create a successful eSports title. Now that we have seen just what is possible when you create a video game from the ground up with eSports in mind, we can reasonably expect to see other titles aping the features in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Being able to stream while in-game with no additional set up is an incredible boon to gamers looking to go pro, as they can look over their matches and see where they need improvement and also make names for themselves online. The functionality brought to viewing and shoutcasting these matches is nothing short of incredible: Players can commentate the action, switching between an overview mode, map, first-person perspective, and listen in to team chatter. Jack: How will having built-in streaming and viewing features in the PS4 and possibly the next Xbox affect eSports and do you believe that this is at least partly a response to the massive growth we’ve seen in the competitive gaming scene over the last few years? Sundance: In the last two years, online viewership of eSports competition has increased dramatically largely in part to streaming technology. It has become easy and seamless to stream on a regular basis, whether you are an individual player or an eSports organization like us. Having built-in features will make eSports even more accessible for aspiring competitive gamers looking to make a name for themselves as the barrier to entry will be even lower. Throwing some statistics out there: From 2010 to 2012, MLG saw its audience grow from 1.8 million to 11.7 million, a growth of about 636%. In 2012, more than 15 million hours of MLG eSports content was streamed to viewers. None of this growth would have been remotely possible without the ability to stream via services like Twitch and Ustream. As Sundance said, having the ability to stream built into the console will allow more people to enter the streaming arena and make a name for themselves. This isn’t limited to professional gamers, more people could popularize themselves as game commentators, also known as shoutcasters, as well as broaden the audience of eSports viewers. It also eliminates many of the difficulties inherent in streaming today. It is expensive to stream. You need a high-quality internet connection, a powerful computer, a subscription to a streaming program, and (if you are streaming games on consoles) a capture card. None of that comes cheap, either. Having these all built-in will be a huge boon to future streamers and hopeful next-gen competitive gamers. Jack: MLG has a history of making gaming partnerships with companies like Microsoft. Do you think we could expect to see MLG or other eSports content making its way onto consoles in the form of apps or built-in functionality? Sundance: MLG has a long standing relationship with both Microsoft for Xbox LIVE in the form of pic packs and video, as well as PSN. I think we will definitely see eSports content increasing its footprint within the console world. That’s a good sign. Currently to watch eSports content of any kind on consoles you either need to use an internet browser or watch big tournaments after the fact using apps like YouTube. Neither of those alternatives are very appealing to most people, who opt for the much simpler alternative of viewing on a computer. The biggest ray of hope for those who were hoping to easily watch eSports on their televisions was a Twitch streaming app exclusive to the Xbox 360. It was announced last year, but since then it seems to have disappeared from the public light. What could have happened to it? Jack: Do you see Sony’s partnership with the streaming service Ustream as significant to eSports on consoles? Why do you think they didn’t partner with the more gaming oriented Twitch streaming service? Sundance: It's great to see Sony embracing streaming. Hopefully we will see it crossover into eSports efforts on the console, but for now it seems to be a broader initiative. As far as why they picked Ustream over Twitch - I really can't speak to that. I wasn't involved in the decision making process. The fact that Sony partnered with Ustream over Twitch certainly seems to indicate that they are aiming for a wider array of people interested in streaming for various reasons. However, it does seem like an odd decision, given that Twitch has made a name for itself (literally made a name for itself, changing from to to cater to the gaming crowd) by focusing on streamed game content. Our theory: It could be that Twitch was already partnered with another company. Remember that Xbox 360 exclusive streaming app from Twitch? Remember that after the announcement that it existed, it promptly went completely dark, but the company insisted it was still being worked on? Remember that both the PS4 and the next Microsoft console are both expected to launch this holiday season? It is highly likely that the reason Sony wasn’t able to get Twitch on-board as their streaming service is because Twitch was busy creating services for the next-gen Xbox, which would certainly explain why not much has been heard about it recently. What do you think of eSports or the next-gen? Let us know in the comments! Also, enjoy one of our favorite MLG StarCraft 2 moments below:
  15. Post TwitchCon 2016

    Sorry for the delay on this post but I think I'm officially done unpacking from this convention & mapped out what happened from Twitch 2016 This is what happened ! (i.e. Hotel stay was about .5 miles from Convention Center, ill be editing this because i know that I fail at grammar) Wed 28th Sept Arrived at the Hotel and checked in. Unpacked and when Pokemon Hunting, and the local gay bar (yeah sue me) Lots of Growlithe, Ekans, Geodudes. (RIP Dratini's) . I would of gone to Santa Monica Pier but that costs money (not happening). For a weekday in San Diego was busy af. Anyway, great places to go to eat but I stayed at the hotel to await Playing with Fire members. Thurs 29th Sept Had breakfast, more Pokemon hunting and tourist stuffs. (weird living in Niagara Falls, its was always the other way around) 2 Playing with Fire members checked in, then we planned for Sunday for Dinner. Had lunch (Panera Bread i had a free pastery for being in the club and a sandwich because my birthday was Sept 1) spent $5 on premium soda (because I felt boss af). More Pokemon hunting, went back to my hotel to print my Discord Unoffical-Offical Pre-Con Party. Open bar from 9pm to 2am PST.... (I'm still trying to remember that night) Went back to the hotel via UBER (Free) and crashed. Fri 30th Sept 730a Woke up breakfast then, walked to the convention center by 845a to stand in line.( I should of gotten there earlier, and brought a fold-able chair.) doors open at 9. We go up stair to wait in another line to get into the expo hall.(>.<) Then when the expo hall opened, I bolted to the merch line. (I wasn't waiting 8 hours like last year) 2 hrs later I hit the floor. I would say that i walked in that expo hall about 10 miles that day. I met with the Partnered Broadcasters and ask the questions like (What is it like to sustain partnership? What is the dos and dont's etc.) With the best answer I go was "Be yourself, and have fun doing it. Your Audience is there for you not the game. Let your fun personality shine." Im thinking to myself. That's what I'm doing already. Then i realized the reason you grow is who you know as well. Understanding the culture that we live in now, you need to embrace the streaming communities. Exchange information, be apart of their broadcasts. 1230p Went to I played the quest they had for us at the convention. Realized that its a 3 day quest to complete(wow a mmo in real life!) Turned in, Then i preceded to panels upstairs. I went to Tips and Tricks for Better Chat 330p Panel for Protecting Yourself on the Internet (Streamer Edition) then @ 530p Twitch Partnership FAQ Met with More Playing with Fire members went to different panels. Alpha tested that was unboxed in front of us. (sidenote: i was in the merch line and there was a HUGE black curtain over a big arena. Made it hard to get to the line. I was like wtf is this bs, then they dropped the curtain) Signed up and tested it, played it on the main stage. Got a alpha key. Signed up for streaming the game. ( I literally pooped myself. Im going to stream a Amazon Prime game that is in Alpha. I was thinking OK Jesus, i will do what you say) Met with my subscription casters (Joeneverfails, Purplekoolaidman & abraham_linksys) chatted talked to their communities. Went back downstairs to talk to a few booths talked with the Extra Life Reps. Saw, the card readers & got jelly. I didn't see Mike Kinney ( because i was looking for him all weekend, no dice) Retouched with people who became my best friend in the merch line. Went to FatShark Games Booth slide as many free steam keys because the man made a face at me. Awkwardly walked to the next booth to play Payday 2. ( I should buy this game, stream-able with friends ) Got a free shirt and bracelet. Left convention to unload swag and shower. Then UBER pool back to downtown. Met up with SkyDiveGayGuy( yeah i know, that's his twitch name ) ate subway then caught more Pokemon. Then bed. Saturday 1st Oct Breakfast at the hotel, All day talked to different booths about services that could better my live-stream. Most of them I'm already familiar with Streamlabs, BAND together app, XSplit, etc.But i wanted to get deeper into mobile. Amazon booth that you can trade in anything to open a locker filled with swag. Most got gift cards for 5, I was a pimp that walked with a $25, then i gave it to my mom when i got home. Did the quest on second day this one was more go find this because a certain computer.... in a sea of hundreds... 1p Lunch 2p Spoke with #HackHarrassment Charity (Intel Powered) about their cause 3-5p: Met with Mamas & Papa's meetup: Stream team community that i watch often. (semi-to real lewd/ weird community) 6p Sat on a panel Dire Straights: How LGBT+ Streamers Survive and Thrive. (tbh, the buffalo LGBT community could of learned a thing or 2 (or 7) about being tolerant against the internet. 7p Met with UGRGaming, DistractedElf, Anne Mution post panel. Learning to convert trolls to active community members. 8pm Left Convention had dinner with MisterGambino, and StatusChance at a mexican restaurant. The food was amazing (I paid for that extra cheese later, #lactoseProblems) 10p Departed to the TwitchCon after party at PetCo Park. So....many.....people....I....cant....move....forward.. $13 for a Rum & Coke (first and last drink from there) Watched T-Pain(nursing a hangover) Steve Aoki( threw 10 cakes into the crowd ), and Darude ( duDuDu ) Sun 2nd Oct. 12a left Park to go to Tipsy Crow, met up with Playing with Fire members Jwill, and Nelstar with PurplekoolaidMan's Mama's and Papa's 1245a Left to go to Whiskey House to meet All of Playing with Fire members and network. 230a left bar to go back to hotel. Caught more Pokemon, then went to bed. 8a Breakfast, went down to the convention enter for last day. 9am Networked, and visited more booths Hairbrained Studios, FatShark Games 11a - Livestream Amazon Studios received 3 keys, network (This game is what i want to stream asap. Is funded by amazon. This to me is the game to get to partner on Twitch) 230p Started to say goodbyes, got feels......alot 4pm played ShardBound seeing applied to stream when game goes into alpha. 530p - Playing with Fire team dinner @ Hard Rock 745p - Back to Whiskey house. I had no alcohol night. Ate food network Mon 3rd Oct 2a -Left Bar, caught more Pokemon (seeing the pattern?) 9am Checked out, went to visit Family and Friends in Anaheim, spent the night Tues: Flight back home So that's what happened in a nutshell, or what i can remember. But my advice would be to go to this event! If you like gaming,tabletop,and want to break into the industry. This should be your 1st stop!
  16. Hey, great news for Twitch Turbo subscribers and Amazon Prime subscribers. If you have Amazon Prime, you can now link your account to your Twitch. This basically gives you Turbo for free. It is called Twitch Prime, and it is minutely different than Turbo, but you don't need both. I canceled my Turbo already. Saves me a few bucks a month! w00t!
  17. We're happy to announce that StreamPro now supports Extra Life alerts! check out all the details here:
  18. Toronto Streaming

    I'm pretty new to the whole Twitch thing, but I'm interested in getting started and possibly raising some money with it in the future. I'm between PCs at the moment, so I'll be buying a Playstation Eye so I can make my PS4 streaming a bit more presentable. When I get a proper PC built I'll go to the streaming section of the EL forums and soak up all that wisdom. To start I'll be streaming Overwatch and No Man's Sky when they come out. Anyone else here streaming?
  19. Who's watching SGDQ

    What's up guild? How are you all handling the heat? I think most of us are familiar with the Games Done Quick series, another major fundraising platform involving video games. Right now GDQ is wrapping up SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick). If you haven't watched this before, I'd check it out because there's a lot of learn about successful streaming, event streaming, and even just some new tips and tricks about some of your favorite games. The link is below for anyone who hasn't been there, and if you like the content throw a few dollars at the screen! But for those who have been watching this week, hit us up with your favorite speed-run. Personally, I got a huge kick out of the Mega Man block, and the Super Meat Boy speed-run blew me away. 30 minutes to do what takes me easily 10+ hours! P.S. Get your guild shirts before the campaign runs out, you have 20 days, and they're only $25!
  20. Daily Streaming 2.0

    Hello, In the interest of promoting the regular streams of our Guild members as well as the overall efforts of Extra Life and Extra Life LA we are organizing hosts on the official Extra Life LA Twitch channel for our guild members who stream. We currently have many time slots available for local streamers interested in supporting the guild channel, so if you're interested in streaming for the guild post your ideas here. Our Current Schedule is as follows: Monday: 6-8pm MOBA Mondays with Steve Tuesday: 9-11pm Overwatch (subject to change) with Brent S. Wednesday: 10am-2pm Various games with Tasha If you are interested in streaming to the guild channel and are free at a time not listed here please post in this thread with the day time and game you'd like to stream. Take care, Steve Krusel
  21. Streaming

    Hey all. I stream every Wednesday from 10pm-12am. Find me here: Anyone else stream on twitch? When and where? I'd love to follow and watch you all.
  22. TwitchSTL Meetup

    This event will be a fantastic opportunity for Twitch broadcasters and Game Developers to meet and form a supportive community! Join us for a night full of laser tag, food, and fun!