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  1. until
    Hey Folks! It's time for our yearly Orlando Guild Extra Life Kickoff Event!! We are striving to get a jump on recruiting and spreading the word about Extra Life. Please join us Saturday May 6th at 10am at the Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando. Note: Driving directions are attached to this event page. Come out, learn about Extra Life, and have some fun meeting fellow gamers. Below is an idea of what you should expect. • Tour of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Children • Extra Life Presentation• Miracle Story!• Gaming• Lunch will be provided! Please Note: Guild members may be asked to help navigate folks from the parking lot to the classroom where we will be having our presentation. If you have any questions, please email Driving and Parking Directions to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.docx
  2. Hello everyone! I will be posting all the monthly Guild meeting minutes under this topic. So if you miss a meeting, or just want to get refreshed on what was discussed and any goals that may have been set, look no further! ----- No more scrolling down to find the latest Meeting Minutes, yay! - Graydon Latest Minutes: April 1th, 2017 Past Minutes: March 14th, 2017 January 10th, 2017 December 13th, 2016 November 8th, 2016 October 11th, 2016 September 13th, 2016 August 9th, 2016 June 9, 2016 May 9, 2016 April 18, 2016 March 9, 2016 January 12, 2016 November 11, 2015 November 3, 2015 October 13, 2015 September 8, 2015 August 10, 2015 July 13, 2015
  3. until
    Hello everyone! Join us for our monthly Guild meeting which will be held at the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Office located in Orlando off of Orange Ave. We will be discussing last week's 2017 Guild Kickoff event, the previous month's guild activities, in addition to the events we have planned for the future! At this meeting: Discussion of last week's 2017 Extra Life Orlando Guild Kickoff Event that was held on Saturday May 6 How did it go? What can we do to improve? Where do we go from here? Discussion of 2017 Megacon Extra Life Recruitment Event. Review of last meeting's topics discussed Talk about how we can grow the Guild. Be sure to come with any questions you might have, and be ready to build the Guild to greater heights! Also, check out last month's meeting minutes at the link below if you were unable to attend. Last Meeting Minutes
  4. Please join us for a tour of the CHoR Children's Pavilion on May 17th at 4 p.m.! Space is limited, so make sure you RSVP via the calendar:
  5. until
    Join us in touring the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU Children's Pavilion. See where CHoR at VCU provides outpatient pediatric care and find out how funds donated to the Children's Hospital benefit peds patients in central Virginia! Sign up here to guarantee a spot on the tour. We have space for ten people total. We look forward to seeing you!
  6. So Im new VP with Extra Life Knoxville Guild and needing some insight! We had a rough year last year with state of leadership and now this year we are on fire and ready to go. But we have recently changed point of contact with our person at the hospital, 2 out of 3 of the guild leadership are "new" and the people we took over the roles for havent been involved since before august of last year. Im really trying to take this match we have and light a forest fire with it! But I need some insight... Whats best practice for getting ANYTHING printed from the Guild Toolkit & Multimedia Kit? we have like one pull up 24 by 48 banner and no idea where it came from. I see all these other booths at events and have all kinds of signage and I WANT THAT! we had a great meeting this past week and everyone is back from ELU and on fire and I want to keep it going. Feel free to dm here, tweet, or how ever you want to reach me! Any and all insight to help improve our guild, our numbers, our approach or anything will be accepted with open arms! Thanks! Bobby
  7. Hey guys! Our little RVA Guild just keeps growing and growing!!!! I find one of the best ways to get to know someone is by talking about something they like... and since we're all already part of Extra Life... an easy topic is VIDEO GAMES!!! So let's introduce ourselves and give a quick blurb about what our favorite video game is and why!!! To kick things off: My name is Jillian Ryan, I'm the EL RVA Guild President My favorite game of all time (it's hard to pick!) is Chrono Trigger (all variations!). It was the first game to ever make me tear up and the story will stick with me forever! Also amazing music and great graphics!
  8. Hey Everyone! We would love to kick off this year with a get together with food and fun. We are looking for suggestions on where in the Greater Portland area we could all get together and talk about our 2017 goals, what we have coming up for events and most importantly, HAVE SOME FUN! Who has some ideas?
  9. until
    International TableTop Day is coming!! Join the Los Angeles Guild for 12 hours of TableTop gaming and a Blood drive. The marathon will be hosted at Children's Hospital LA in the Stauffer Conference room. Blood donations will be taken at the Hospital Donation Center from 8am to 1pm. Please schedule an appointment here if you plan to Donate Blood. Refreshments for the event will be potluck style. A sign up sheet for potluck items can be found here.
  10. until
    Join the Los Angeles Guild for our April meeting! The meeting will be held at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in the Stauffer A Conference room. We will be discussing plans for International TapleTop Day, and ongoing Guild activities in general. We have also extended the reservation for our conference room to allow for more social time so guild members are encouraged to bring tabletop games to play once the meeting is concluded.
  11. until
    Playing Dixit on tabletop Simulator and sharing some stat updates, as well as talking about why being in a guild is so awesome!
  12. Hey everyone! Next Tuesday, 3/7 at 8pm CST, your very own Kansas City Guild will be featured on the Official Extra Life Twitch channel! @RufiOOHHH, @MedievalMelody, @FinchKC and I will be playing Dixit on tabletop Simulator and sharing some stat updates, as well as talking about why being in a guild is so awesome! Please come and hang out for a couple hours in chat and let's show how awesome being in a guild can be! #Represent I hope to see you there Kansas City!!
  13. Hello Gang! It's time for our first recruitment event! I don't believe the event will be terribly busy, however I want to make sure the new kids get some table time. So Veteran Members give them some tips and tricks and let's kick this year off with a bang! Please let me know if there is a conflict with your schedule and we can adjust accordingly. The current schedule is as follows: Saturday: (3/11) 10am-12:30pm: Jessie, Billy, JT 12:30-3pm: Lora, Darren, Spades 3pm-5:30pm: Sean, Joseph 05:30pm-8pm: Brigid, Sean Sunday: (3/12) 10am-12pm: Lora, Rashida 12pm-2pm: Brigid, Lori 2pm-4pm: Jessie, Billy
  14. until
    Our next meeting will be held at the fabulous TableTop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, KS! Right next door to SoPro Gaming and other useful shops to get your nerd on!With Naka-Kon just days away after this meeting, we will be helping to train new members and dust off the older ones so that we are ready to recruit at our first major convention! Last chance to sign up. If you really want to sign up before the meeting, contact Jessie Bledsoe via Facebook. Tired of having to drive all the way to Kansas for meetings already? Even though this is only the second one? Come on out and share your opinion on where meetings could be held! We are always looking for new locations
  15. Hello everyone! Since Gods & Monsters will be moving, we are in the market for new meeting locations. Please post with your ideas and where you might like to see a meeting be held. We will be going to different locations throughout the year, so post any and all suggestions as well as why you think it would be a good place. The only stipulation would be to avoid somewhere loud. I look forward to seeing all the suggestions!
  16. until
    Hello everyone! Join us for our monthly Guild meeting, this time at the all new Gods and Monsters location on I-Drive, where we will discuss our previous month's guild activities, and what will be coming up! At this meeting: Discussion of upcoming events. Talk about how we can grow the Guild. Be sure to come with any questions you might have, and be ready to build the Guild to greater heights! And, if anyone is hungry before the meeting, some of us will be at Ichiban Buffet across the way at 5529 International Dr at 6 pm for dinner. Also, check out last month's meeting minutes at the link below if you were unable to attend. Last Meeting Minutes
  17. You came. You gamed. You conquered….all #ForTheKids! Congratulations Extra Life Atlanta 2016 participants for raising $80,000 for the Family Support Services area at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. That’s a 13% increase from 2015 fundraising totals….AND a new Atlanta market record for the Extra Life program. Many thanks to your companies, friends, and of course family members who supported your efforts…even at that 25th “extra” gaming hour Our families, who were able to receive the specialized treatment they needed thanks to your support, have also shared a word of thanks—enjoy this clip! But we’re not done yet. 2017 is already here and that means we need you to activate your 2017 Extra Life registration. Yes, you have to register each year…BUT follow this link to easily reactivate. And on a final note….please send a word of thanks to our 2017 guild leadership team listed below. They are excited to serve together and take the ATL to the next level. We’ll post 2017 guild meeting dates and new Extra Life opportunities on the Extra Life forum in the next few weeks—so stay tuned! President: Christopher Carter (@MrD1sturbed) Vice President: Todd Michaels (@zyaldar) Secretary: Kent Huffman (@vadath) Thank you for your continued support of our kids!
  18. Hello everyone! Please join us for our February Guild meeting which will be located at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Since it is Valentine's Day, there will even be some goodies to enjoy while we play some games and talk Extra Life. It should be a great meeting, so I look forward to seeing you there!
  19. Hey team! Just a reminder we're firing Game Day with the Kids back up tomorrow from 2-4 on the stage next to Seacrest Studios! If anyone available to attend come and play some games with the kids for a couple of hours! Our next guild meeting will be a couple of hours after that from 7-9 p.m. in the theater again. We've got a lot of stuff to talk about so be ready! I'm going to bring a couple of board games we can try to play before the meeting gets kicked off so if anyone's interested come early! See you guys tomorrow!! L
  20. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I would love if you guys would be able to fill out this survey for our local guild. We want to make some improvements and we need your help! Be honest and be constructive. Leadership is sitting down with our hospital reps soon so we want to make sure everyone's voices are heard. Thank you!
  21. until
    Now that things have settled down after the holidays we wanted to get together to celebrate all the awesome things we did in 2016! Once we picked a location (Somewhere in Toronto of course) we shall update this event to match. Make sure you mark it in your calendars!!
  22. Hey everyone, Now that game day is over and the holidays are coming up, we wanted to do something to celebrate all the wonderful things we have done. We are hoping to meet up and have dinner together either before or after the holidays (we know this time of year gets busy for people.) We promise there will be no guild business only socializing! Let us know which date works the best for you and if you have any ideas of where we can meet for dinner let us know!
  23. Hey All! Were looking for a few people to help out this Sunday (January 15th, 2017) for the Nerd & Geek Craft Fair Social! Event: The event will run from 3pm - 9pm Message me or respond to this thread if you can come for a little bit!
  24. until
    Hello everyone! Join us for our monthly Guild meeting, this time at the Arnold Palmer Medical Foundation in downtown Orlando, where we will discuss our previous month's guild activities, and what will be coming up! At this meeting: There will be some tabletop gaming prior to Guild business. Discussion of upcoming events. Talk about how we can grow the Guild. Be sure to come with any questions you might have, and be ready to build the Guild to greater heights! Also, check out last month's meeting minutes at the link below if you were unable to attend. Last Meeting's Minutes
  25. until
    The Orlando Guild will have a table at Otronicon: Interactive Technology Expo Friday, Jan 13th through Monday, Jan 16th! Stop by and say hi while you check out all of the interesting tech gadgets and interactive projects on display at the convention. Our table will be in the rotunda on the third level, hope to see you there!