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Found 115 results

  1. 1d4Con 2018

    1d4Con returns to the Northern Shenandoah Valley region for a 6th year to provide lots of gaming fun, happening April 13th through 15th, 2018. We will be at The Holiday Inn of Martinsburg, WV (again), which means there is a lot of space for tabletop RPGs, LARPs, board gaming, and miniatures gaming. D&D Adventurers league and Pathfinder Society are both planning to have a huge presence again this year, but we also have plenty of other traditional and indie rpgs for you to enjoy! This year we will also be providing a miniatures Paint & Take sponsored by FLGS, "Your Hobby Place". Our charity for this year is Extra Life and there are various ways that you can donate; including participation in our "Games of Charity" Boon tickets for designated games, playing Charity marked games that cost a couple dollars over the badge fee to play, as well as Charity Raffles with awesome gaming items donated by a variety of sources. Preregistration is open until March 31st through Tabletop.Events. Those who preregister have early access to sign up for all posted games and the ability to purchase shirts until March 15th. Join us for a fun-filled weekend of gaming greatness in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley! All badge sales are handled at Tabletop.Events: Find out more at
  2. Anime Boston 2018

    Anime Boston ***Schedule Subject to Change*** Schedule for Anime Boston FRI Manager @stodd.ELBoston 11-6 PM @The Guat 11-6 PM @Anino 11-6 PM @alleenc 11-6 PM @Serolis SAT Manager @aradiadarling 9-2 David DiMare Messier 9-2 @alleenc 9-2 @DMo2TheMax 9-2 @Robop1g 1-6 @Serolis 1-6 @SassyJ 1-6 Taylor 1-6 @KriptiKFate 1-6 @FobWatch00 1-6 @JustSkoink SUN Manager @aradiadarling 9-2 @SassyJ 9-2 Taylor 9-2 @Serolis 9-2 @DMo2TheMax 1-6 @KriptiKFate 1-6 @thats_spinach 1-6 @Zander207 1-6 @EdFries
  3. Guild Game Night (Online)

    Join us in the Extra Life Baltimore Guild Discord channel on Friday, when we'll pick some random games to play and hang out as a team! We'll stream the event and get to know each other better. Games TBD, and anyone can suggest what they'd like to play!
  4. Super MAGFest

    MAGFest is the most targeted event hosted in the Baltimore/D.C. Metro area, with 20-25,000 attendees - all of whom have a love for gaming! To read more about MAGFest, check out this article on Wikipedia or the MAGFest site for Super MAGFest. This is our first time participating with the MAGFest organization, but we're thrilled for the opportunity and hope we'll be included in future events! We have no idea what to expect from this event compared to our other major cons in the area, so please be patient as we're likely to encounter hiccups in the process this year. Further, many of us attend cons at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, but we have never volunteered an event there. We're likely to encounter some growing pains! MAGFest has graciously provided us with a free table and four free dealer badges in their Marketplace area. We have no way to anticipate the traffic we may get at this event, so it's possible the table may be slow, or overwhelming. MAGFest has some required staffing hours, but the Marketplace is open 24 hours during the event. For this first year, we plan to staff the table for the minimal hours and collect data for next year's event. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE SECTION ABOUT FOOD AND POTTY BREAKS - THE GAYLORD IS NOT AS CONVENIENT FOR FOOD AS THE BALTIMORE CONVENTION CENTER OR THE WALTER E. WHITE CONVENTION CENTER! COVERAGE As this is our first time at this event, it is CRITICAL that you are on-time for your shift, particularly since we are only covering the minimum hours. Please let @Sarah know immediately if you don't think you'll be on time for an opening shift. As-needed Break Coverage @LittleSith Wednesday Between 5:30 PM - Midnight - table setup only @Sarah Thursday 1:30 PM - 7:00 PM @Sarah @Ceraph1216 Friday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM @Ceraph1216 @Aaron 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM @NodnarbDude Saturday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM @Sarah 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM @Emokidcries Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM @Emokidcries 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - breakdown/load out only @Ceraph1216 Setup and load-out instructions will be provided to volunteers working on these processes only. PARKING There is plentiful parking in the area within convenient walking distance. It is unlikely you will need to walk more than about 5 blocks. It is strongly recommended that you pre-purchase parking so it is not sold out prior to your volunteer shift. Parking can be purchased through National Harbor's parking reservation site here: Parking will cost between $14 and $20 per day. Reserving your parking ensures you will have in/out privileges during the time you are parked. Volunteers who will be driving to the convention will incur out-of-pocket parking expenses. These parking expenses will not be reimbursed, however they can be written off at your end-of-year tax return as volunteer expenses. Please be sure to request a receipt if you use cash-paid event parking. Retain a copy of your receipts for your tax records. PUBLIC TRANSIT I was unable to locate useful Public Transit information for getting to National Harbor. It appears that shuttle services are available from Reagan National Airport. It may be best to travel as close as possible to the area via MARC train and hire an Uber/Lyft/Taxi to your final destination. ATTENDING PANELS, CONCERTS, EVENTS, AND EXPLORING THE CONVENTION At this time, we are not entirely sure if the industry badges provided by MAGFest will allow normal access to panels and events. This section will be updated with further information as it becomes available, or you may be notified via text message during the event. During your volunteer shift (especially since coverage is going to be minimal), you are not permitted to use your badge to attend events or panels. You are expected to be present at the table and actively recruiting future Extra Life participants. Before or after your volunteer shift, you are welcome to explore the convention. If you attend an event, please be sure to remove/conceal your Extra Life name badge. Before, during, and after your shift — especially every minute that you wear that convention badge — you are representing Extra Life, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, and the Extra Life Baltimore Guild (and in this area, Children's National as well). MAGFest has generously waived their fees for us in order to make it possible for us to attend and volunteer at this event. It is very important that we maintain a great relationship with the staff at MAGFest so that we can continue to attend. Remember, you are representing a children's charity. None of us would judge you for attending certain 18+ events, but you shouldn't be attending it using a badge donated for professional use. Use common sense, and check with @Sarah if you aren't sure if the panel or event you'd like to attend is appropriate. LUNCHES AND POTTY BREAKS If you need to take a quick bathroom break and you do not have backup coverage at the booth, please take any loose valuable items with you (i.e. laptops, tablets, cell phones). There will be a small lock box available in our booth as well. If you have backup coverage at the booth and need to leave to get food or take a bathroom break, please be courteous and let the other volunteer know that you are leaving the table. The Gaylord is notoriously expensive to purchase food at, the number of vendors inside the Convention Center is limited, and the lines are horrible. Seeking food offsite includes an inconvenient walk and even longer lines. If you don't bring food, you may not have an opportunity to eat. This is the number one issue with the Gaylord National Resort! Please be sure to pack snacks or a decent, fulfilling lunch and plenty of beverages. Better yet, bring a water bottle. You will have opportunities to refill it throughout the convention. SIGNING UP TO VOLUNTEER This event is currently fully staffed. We need one volunteer minimum per shift to start off with, however extra coverage during periods would be appreciated! For additional details, please message @Sarah, @NodnarbDude or @Ceraph1216. Volunteers will receive ongoing updates and instructions throughout the week and during the convention. Thanks so very much for donating your time and energy for the kids!
  5. until
    We are the stream team MTG Brewers Spark. We specialize in Magic the Gathering content. We try and keep it clean so everyone can enjoy and watch. This is our first year working with Extra Life but have worked with other charities before. We will be doing a 2 part Event. First Saturday will be the online gaming portion. Were we will be on Magic Online playing user submitted decks and other fun things. We will be passing the down time with other fun games with users. Sunday will be our Live event. Like we do every Monday night we will be having a 12 hour+ live event. We will have many different variants of MTG being played. I hope everyone can come out hang out and spread the word! Our Stream is See you there!
  6. Disabled Gaming

    Hello, I am a Senior at Prairie Ridge High School, in the school's capstone Engineering class, Engineering Design and Development (PLTW). My group has chosen to work on a product for people that can't use or have trouble using standard controllers. Our first step in the engineering process is to validate the problem exists. Seeing as Extra Life is such a large organization for the niche we are looking into, we would like your help in getting a simple Google form out to the people this charity benefits. If anyone could share out this form to any gamers that are physically disabled, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nate Link Link to Google form:
  7. Miami Kick-off Event!

    Hey there everybody! I'm excited to announce that Nichlaus Children's Hospital, with the help from our local Microsoft Store, will be hosting an Extra Life kick-off event at the hospital this coming Monday, September 25th. This event will be a chance for the kids currently at the hospital to hang out, play video games and party along with the community as a way to raise awareness for Extra Life. This is a kid friendly event, happening from 5 to 7 pm, a perfect way to round out your Monday, get those after school jitters out, and have a fun time. You can see the Facebook event here! Feel free to message me if you have any questions! I'm really excited for this event, and I hope to see a great turn out! -Alex "aBigScaryDino"
  8. Extra Life at Dreamhack

    Yes you heard it right. Dreamhack one of the worlds largest gaming events is coming to Denver and Extra Life will be a part of it. We are still working out the details of this amazing event but in the meantime check out the links below for the sign up and more info. Stay tunedEvent Sign Up: Denver:
  9. The Nerd Stash Team presents our 2nd Marathon for Extra Life! Our MEGA stream of 36 Hours of Gaming begins tomorrow at 12 PM EST. A special pre-show starts at 9 AM EST, so come by show your support for the cause and help give back for a chance to win some awesome prizes! All Donations will support our hospital, The Kentucky Children's Hospital. Watch our Stream on Hope to see everyone drop in and if you would like to donate directly, visit #forthekids
  10. I will be hosting a gaming marathon for 24 hours. A variety games will be played from Rocket League to PUBG. There will be giveways for anyone who donates money towards Charity event. Even with a $1 Donation to the event will get you entereed into a prize giveaway during the stream and you will have supported a great cause. We will be working together to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every day CMNH treats kids with trauma, diabetes, cancer, surgeries and babies with NICU. Our donation goal will be $1000. The company I work for will also Match any donations we contribute the the event!! I hope everyone of you can add this into your calenders and tune in for some of the event. Thanks for you time and support everyone!!
  11. Has science gone too far? Last week, KFC India uploaded a teaser for their newest innovation: Gamers Box 2.0. This strangely compelling item is a boxed meal and drink combo with half of a gaming controller protruding from either end. Customers can make use of a slot on top of the box to fix their smart phone in place and have a ready-made gaming set up along with their food. Despite the name, I can't find any evidence of a Gamers Box 1.0 (the only search results are for a 2004 horror film called Gamerbox 1.0). The Gamers Box 2.0 operates wirelessly with bluetooth technology, so people who obtain it can use it right out of the... right beside the.... I guess just use the box period. There's no word on when or if the Gamers Box 2.0 will be coming to the west. Would you buy one if it did? I have to admit that I have a morbid curiosity to see what it would be like to try playing games with a box filled with chicken. I've done a lot of things in my life, but that hasn't been one of them... yet. View full article
  12. Has science gone too far? Last week, KFC India uploaded a teaser for their newest innovation: Gamers Box 2.0. This strangely compelling item is a boxed meal and drink combo with half of a gaming controller protruding from either end. Customers can make use of a slot on top of the box to fix their smart phone in place and have a ready-made gaming set up along with their food. Despite the name, I can't find any evidence of a Gamers Box 1.0 (the only search results are for a 2004 horror film called Gamerbox 1.0). The Gamers Box 2.0 operates wirelessly with bluetooth technology, so people who obtain it can use it right out of the... right beside the.... I guess just use the box period. There's no word on when or if the Gamers Box 2.0 will be coming to the west. Would you buy one if it did? I have to admit that I have a morbid curiosity to see what it would be like to try playing games with a box filled with chicken. I've done a lot of things in my life, but that hasn't been one of them... yet.
  13. Team Nerd Stash is having our next big Marathon for Extra Life! 36 Hours of Gaming beginning tomorrow at 12 PM EST. Special pre-show starts at 9 AM EST so stay tuned and help give back! All Donations will support The Kentucky Children's Hospital. Watch our Stream on Participate for a chance to win prizes and to donate directly to
  14. Anyone else having fun playing this? Anyone interested in grouping up for said game?
  15. Redd

    Hi my name is Redd and I have started a live stream for Extra Live, , I have already gained $5.00 from last night. I would love to have some extra support during the streaming. Please follow and watch the stream so we can gain more traffic to gain more donations for Extra Life!!!!
  16. Boston SouthCoast Comic Con

    Boston SouthCoast Comic Con (Schedule is still tentative based on volunteer sign ups) SATURDAY 9-2 Jason St Jean 9-2 Elizabeth Park 1-6 Jason St Jean 1-6 Elizabeth Park SUNDAY 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 Amelia Ott 1-5 Greg Harris-Jones 1-5 Amelia Ott
  17. Orlando Extra Life Guild: July Meeting

    Come join us Tuesday July 11th from 6pm to 8pm at Gods & Monsters for our monthly Extra Life guild meeting. Snacks will be provided! Topics that will be discussed include: 1. Upcoming Recruitment events 2. October Extra Life Marathon at Arnold Palmer Hospital 3. Fundraising ideas 4. Recap of last month's meeting and events 5. Social media promotion 6. Potential recruitment ideas and events. Hope to see you all there!
  18. Walker Stalker Boston 8/19-20th

    Walker Stalker Con Calendar Event Schedule is up and ready for volunteers for Walker Stalker Aug 19th and 20th. 2 shifts per day 9 AM - 2 PM 1 PM - 6 PM
  19. I run a Community channel on Twitch and we are planning our first 48HR Marathon for this year and trying to find a unique look for an overlay and would like to add-in some modules or extra things to spruce up the overlay. I saw some streamers last year using some cool features and they mentioned a site they used Codepen and that it was pretty simple but I have been on their site and do not see anything in relation to what they used. I would be happy to commission and pay someone for an overlay for our Team and if anyone here has ideas of things to use on the stream that helps make things look slick and professional I am all about it. I have placed below the example of what I am looking at and hopefully, someone can share some feedback on things. I appreciate the help in advance! I have attached a clip from their live event last year and would love to personally have some of these things on my channel. I really like the design, animations below cam and below the game box plus the timer showing how long the Marathon was happening. Can anyone help or give advice?
  20. Have you been hungering for a gaming LAN in Nashville? Not only is Extra Life's Nashville guild bringing that to you, but absolutely free of charge! We're holding a 12 hour gaming marathon, Half Life, Next Saturday, June 24th in the hospital theater and conference room. Anyone and everyone is invited! We'll have a section dedicated to console and tabletop gamers, along with a separate room for the PC master racers. We're also holding three tournaments in: Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Tekken 7 (keep your eyes on more details to come) and a bunch of HUGE giveaways throughout the day. The one and only requirement is that you signup on! That's it! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information and registration! See you guys next weekend!
  21. until
    Our team of local gamers at the University Village Microsoft Store, in cooperation with the Extra Life Seattle Guild, are fundraising for Seattle Children’s, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Our team is “Who Watches the Overwatchers?” July 1, 2017 9:30AM-9pm- IN STORE We will all be streaming through Mixer & Twitch. Check our roster’s personal pages for links.
  22. CON SEASON 2017 HAS BEGUN! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ A few important changes in the way I'll be organizing events this year: I'm trying to set up DC Metro Area events this year, and we'll be bringing along any Children's fundraisers who would like to volunteer but can't due to the lack of a functional Extra Life DC Guild. I'm going to try to contain general discussion and questions about events to their event pages, which will make things easier for everyone to follow. RSVPing on events will be more important than last year because we have an influx of new volunteers and badges will be limited. I will be updating this thread throughout the 2017 fundraising season. For general information about upcoming events, this is your one-stop-shop. You can also follow the Calendar for our guild. Most event-specific details will be on the individual pages, which I'll be linking here. I will update the status of various conventions and events on this thread, and will be notifying you when additional events have been added. You should click on the Follow button at the top of this post to make sure you get updates. THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED TO REPLIES UNTIL AFTER GAME DAY, NOV. 4TH. Please address any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific events on their page. If you'd like to suggest an event that we're not already working with, please send a PM to the following: @Sarah @NodnarbDude @Ceraph1216 CONFIRMED EVENTS UNCONFIRMED (BUT LIKELY) EVENTS WISH LIST EVENTS NEW EVENTS FOR 2018 IN THE WORKS Katsucon (February) Magfest (Various) Super Smash Con - looking into this for 2017 as well, but it conflicts with Otakon so will depend on volunteers and other resources Smithsonian SAAM Arcade at American Art Museum Awesome Con
  23. Tag Your Gaming/SM Accounts!

    Hey Boston Guildies! We want to collect everyone's gamer tags and social media accounts in one location for future gaming and online shenanigans. If you want in on this list, leave a reply to this post with any and all accounts you want to tag. I'll pin it so it'll be easily accessible. Share your profiles! Add new friends! Play games! <3 - Angela, your fearless VP
  24. International Tabletop Day

    International Tabletop Day at Midgard Comics
  25. GOW4 Cross Play Tournament - 4.22

    Hey guys! We are having a Gears of War 4 Cross Play Tournament at the Salem Microsoft Store on the 22nd. We are super excited about it as it's not something we've done before. I wanted to invite everyone and also ask if any guildies would be interested in manning an Extra Life table at the event?