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Found 12 results

  1. I accidentally donated to the larger Extra Life initiative, thinking I was on my team's page, but I was hoping to have this donation goal toward my team's page. I'm happy, of course, the money will go to some good, but it would be nice to give my team a little bit of a boost in the process. I've attached the receipt if that helps. The team I want to associate it with is Clockfriends. receipt.pdf
  2. I've trolled around the forums looking for anything like this and can't seem to find this seems to be the most technically appropriate place. I wanted to allow viewers to interact with my Game Day 24hour DND Adventure through donations. Maybe a mockup picture might help... What I want to happen is a donor clicks the corresponding link/button to support the cause and the donation is pre-populated with the Amount and Message. All the donor needs to do then is fill in the payment information. I was thinking there might be some url parameters for populating the amount and message values? Or maybe an api for creating a custom donation form? Any Ideas folks? Otherwise I'll just put a set of instructions together for donors to follow when they want to interact with the game.
  3. Patricio_tv

    Boston Team

    Hi all, I found this community forum recently, I'm playing in support of Boston Children Hospital. I would like to change my current team and join me to a team related to Boston's community, I don't have any contact with my current team, no problem to change it. I'm in contact with Nikki Benoit to try to reach other Streamers of this community. Tomorrow I'm Streaming for Extra Life channel for second time at 9 PM too if you want to know me. I leave you below my personal information if you need to check my profile. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you in advance. Twitch Twitter Instagram Youtube
  4. Why can donations only be collected on an individual basis and not on the team page? If you replace the individual donation link: With the link for the team page: You will get a nice little popup saying: Team donations are not allowed for this event. This tells me that this could be supported and Extra Life has intentionally disabled this feature. WHY? Why can I not direct people to our TEAM page and have them donate there?
  5. Does anyone know what timer this is and how it works? It was used by KindaFunny Games last year. I would love to have something like this on our Marathon coming up and would appreciate the insight and help. This shows an active counter showing how many hours online and donations received. I appreciate the help. See the VOD link below to see it in action. VOD Link:
  6. Hello Everyone! Just a quick question as the title states. This is my second year getting a team together for Extra Life and I can't quite remember this little tidbit of information. If I create a team and select the Phoenix CMN Hospital, are others on my team able to play for a different hospital? If I recall correctly, the answer is yes and while the actual donation goes to each teammates supported hospital, the total of donations goes towards the teams goal. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hey team! So this past Friday and Saturday night, the management staff at the Wynnsong Theater in Madison was more than gracious enough to allow us to set up an Extra-Life table in their lobby, for the release weekend of Suicide Squad! Rachel and I manned the post on Friday, and had a good turnout! Quite a few people were there, we caught the interest of several different groups of gamers, from all ages and walks of life! Many of them signed up using the Extra-Life app (SUPER easy to use), and we even had a few donations. Saturday, Shane and Addison held down the fort, and we had a couple more donations and some more people signed up. Overall, we got about $20 in donations, (every little bit helps!) and several people signed up to join Extra-Life! (I would guesstimate between 10-20, but I'll get the official numbers from Mark a little later this week!)
  8. Christian Davis

    Extra Life Youtube Stream

    Today Charlie and I are doing a 12 hour live stream on the youtube channel RipTheScriptGaming! Our goal is a measly $100 just to start. Spread the word!
  9. Hello! A friend of mine meant to make a donation to my page ( but instead accidentally made her donation (I think) to just the site in general. She has shared with me her receipt to prove that the donation was successful, but it's been almost 24 hours and she hasn't shown up on my Donors page, while other donations have already. Is there any way to rectify this without having to make her do a second donation? Thanks!
  10. You know, there ought to be a contest or something where the top or top whatever Extra Lifer's donations pages are showcased. One of my team members has made/designed a really nice one. Curious what others of similar or better make are out there..? o/
  11. Marcia Morgan

    Game Day Shirt

    So there's a tip on the Extra Life site under "Experience - Best Practices - How to Actually Ask for Donations" that suggests getting a t-shirt and having people sign it for you to wear during your marathon. I have taken it a step further, and for a $5 donation I will write my friends names on my shirt. Bigger donation, bigger spot/better art (well...I can't draw, but it's better-ish) So far I have raised $330 just for the shirt. What makes this even better is it gives me an excuse to post more often about Extra Life. I get a donation and then can post the picture once I add the person's donation/art to the shirt. I tag them in the post "Thanks so much to @blahblah for donating! If anyone else wants on my shirt donate $5 or more at I've had great luck with this, and people will get really creative. I'm sharing the video I put out today about it. Took me about 3 minutes to make the video. WIN_20151026_13_00_08_Pro.mp4
  12. We dropped off the gifts that we received from our Five Below fundraiser at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.