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  1. I'm perfectly fine with this documentary having dlc! Can't wait to play it.
  2. Can't forget the Ocarina, Master Sword, and Shield. But @StrikingDarkness is right, It wouldn't hurt to bring an extra tunic.
  3. I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to share a room if I plan on being able to afford it. There's a few cheap places close by, but staying at the actual hotel seems to make the most sense.
  4. Golf With Your Friends might be a good one. Up to 12 players at a time
  5. Obrien, that is good information, I'll have to check again in a week or so. $450 for a flight from Tennessee is quite steep.
  6. I wouldn't mind having a full list of the games that are confirmed. Chances are that I've never played them, and would like to learn.
  7. I'm excited to meet all of you guys too!