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  1. Great, thank you @LeaveIt2Beaver!
  2. Update I've had a few people ask, so I'll mention here as well: The Team Dashboard is updated and working for 2017. Enjoy!
  3. @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver @herobyclicking, I've created a dashboard for teams to display rosters and donations: http://nerdery.life It would be very helpful to have the hospital included in each participant's JSON response. My hope is that since it's not requesting more info from members that it could be added without any additional action for players. Thanks for your consideration!
  4. @KnightHarbinger Thank you so much!
  5. We have a quick-fix in place to make it work with 2017 data. No other changes from last year's version at this time.
  6. A quick-fix is in place so that it will now work with 2017 data. Thanks!
  7. That's correct. We need to update it to work with 2017 data. We were looking for feedback as we get back into the code. I'll update here when it's working with the new data. Thanks!
  8. If anyone found this particularly useful last year, please message me! We'd love to follow up with you. Thanks!
  9. @Lammy No plans to take it down soon. Good luck!
  10. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!
  11. Awesome! So glad people are using it, and thank you for the feedback. Also, if you have any photos of it up at the event, please send those along too
  12. We've been working on this web-based dashboard to have displayed during our event. We decided to build it so anyone can use it, so head over to http://nerdery.life and get started! I added a screenshot of a random team to show what it looks like. Share with your friends & give us some love if you like it
  13. It won't integrate into your feed, but you can view recent donors with the dashboard tool we just built: http://nerdery.life/dashboard/
  14. Our blogpost outlining the new dashboard: https://www.nerdery.com/blog/nerds-build-extra-life-dashboard-to-further-mission-to-help-kids
  15. Hello! We've been working on a dashboard for our team to have up on projectors, TVs, share with donors and sponsors, etc. In doing so, we decided to make it available to any team. All you have to do is go to this page and enter your Extra Life team ID: http://nerdery.life/dashboard. I've attached a screenshot of a random team that I pulled from Extra Life's homepage. The DNS is still propagating, so you may see some weird errors from name.com, but I expect that to be resolved in 24 hours. We are trying to be respectful of refresh rates to avoid slamming EL servers too bad, but let us know if this causes any issues and we can discuss further. Let us know how it goes!