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  1. until
    Once again, ReplayFX is generously welcoming the Extra Life Pittsburgh Guild to further our mission of outreach and recruitment. Now in it's 3rd year, the ReplayFX Arcade & Video Game Festival brings a classic arcade experience to the DLLCC. The largest public collection of working pinball, arcade, tabletop, and console games anywhere in the solar system will be free to play with the price of admission! In addition, you can attend gaming and tech culture seminars all weekend, browse their well stocked marketplace, or enjoy a series of fun and wacky daily challenges. Plus, this is the only place to watch the world’s greatest pinball wizards compete in the Pinburgh Match-Play Championship. Live musical performances, a high-energy cosplay contest, inflatable obstacle courses, and more in a show floor packed with over 200,000 square feet of entertainment! Whether you're a competitive champ, or a casual player, this family friendly event promises to have something for everyone. If you are interested in volunteering to help us at this event, please PM me.
  2. Me watching these on facebook like:
  3. Congrats on convincing your HR Department - I'm sure that took at least a little bit of salesmanship. Great idea!
  4. It's this coming Sunday, June 18th.
  5. We are seeking a couple of volunteers to come and help out at our table at Kennywood Comicon. Volunteering includes free park admission. As part of the event, anyone wearing a superhero themed clothing (Dresses, shirts, skirts, etc - not cosplay) will save almost 50% off the price of park tickets, so tell your friends too! (Note: Full face paint, face masks, wigs, cosplay props and complicated or revealing cosplay is not permitted at Kennywood.)
  6. Kennywood Comicon is exactly what it sounds like: A Comicon at Kennywood! This Father's day, we'll be representing at Kennywood Park. Amidst the rollercoasters and potato patch fries, we'll be talking to people about how to get involved with Extra Life. Those wearing super hero themed shirts get a discount on park tickets, and those who wish to volunteer with us get in for free. We are currently seeking two more volunteers for this one day event at Kennywood. Please contact @K8Morosky if interested!
  7. Geek and Sundry's International Tabletop Day did already happen at the end of April, but while Geek and Sundry does raise money for Extra Life during ITTD, it's a separate thing from Extra Life's Tabletop Appreciation weekend. If you look at the link in @Adventuring Zone's question, you'll see that it was in September last year. I expect it will be sometime in autumn again this year. So to answer the original question, no, there haven't been any announcements regarding the Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend yet.
  8. Agree with Viedt and Herbertsmart. Leadership in Pittsburgh has had no change -nor anyone willing to step up- and is on the verge of burnout such that we actually had to decide to dial back our efforts a bit this year. All the other points Herbert made are feelings I've had myself as well. To mirror his sentiments: 1. Some hospitals definitely need better direction as to what it means to host a guild. They need to be willing to commit the resources. Our hospital rep is great, but her bosses are pretty strict about what they're willing to give, so it gets bogged down in bureaucracy. 2. No one visits the community hub even when I email our members with direct links. If I don't include everything I need them to know in the body of an email message, they simply don't get the info. Facebook was much better for that because everyone is already there. 3. We have enough hats. Enough said. 4. We're lucky to have the leaders we have, and we are the ones that do 90% of the work. We don't need a retention program because none of us will step back just to let our guild falter - we just need the support to keep going. 5. Incentivizing participation could go a long way towards bolstering our active membership.
  9. Have you ever heard of the dead Squall theory? It's an interesting concept. Just don't take it too seriously - not even the writer seems to think it's anywhere close to cannon. http://squallsdead.com/
  10. I'm already eagerly awaiting that XII remaster in July, so it seems I'll have more to look forward to. I was honestly never a superfan of FFVII, (Got too bored of grinding and didn't even finish it.) so the remake of that is just sort of meh for me. Which makes this news particularly exciting. IX is more than deserving of a new coat of paint, and I know VIII got kind of a bad rep, but I really enjoyed it, so I'd love to see it polished up for a modern audience. Now, there's a part of me that would be thrilled to see a remake of VI too... and yet, there's a certain je ne sais quoi that I fear might be lost in the transition. The thing to keep in mind is that where the polygonal graphics of VII VIII and even IX didn't age as well, VI's graphics have held up - to this day 16 bit graphics are still emulated for having that cool retro feel. I mean, this is a 2D JRPG that is widely regarded as the crown jewel of the entire Final Fantasy series. It is so, so, so much more than its graphics. I mean this game hit me with such visceral emotions, not once, but about 600 times (conservative estimate) throughout the game, and no graphics update will really improve on what this game already has. All I'm really saying here is that if they dare to touch FFVI, it had better be worth it. Speaking of Final Fantasy VI, where's it's Best Games Period episode? Need a guest speaker? LOL.
  11. Cool! Well done.
  12. I finally got around to plugging our summer plans into the calendar! Please take a look at the newly added events. We'd love to see you as an attendee at any of these to support the conventions and events that help us spread the word. We'd also love to hear from anyone willing to volunteer. If you would like to help recruit at any of these events, please PM me. Please click to view the calendar entry for more detail about any of these scheduled events: 3 Rivers Comicon (May 20-21) View Calendar Entry 2nd Annual Walk for Children's (June 3) View Calendar Entry Anthrocon (Jun 29 - Jul 2) View Calendar Entry Replay FX: The Greatest Arcade in the Universe (July 27-30) View Calendar Entry As a side note, the URL for the Replay FX calendar entry is: "community,extra-life,org/calendar/event/1337-replay-fx-the-greatest-arcade-in-the-universe/" ...Appropriate event number is appropriate.
  13. until
    Anthrocon's game room just got a whole lot more 'Extra Lifey'! We'll be there talking to attendees and answering their questions. If you're interested in volunteering, please send me a PM.
  14. until
    The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation will hold their 2nd annual family fun walk in support of the awesome kids they serve. It's a great place to meet some past and present patients and their families. For details on how to participate in the walk, please visit the event page at http://www.givetochildrens.org/walk