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  1. If I wasn't AWFUL at Rocket League, I might be tempted to try. As it stands, I'm better off on the sidelines. I'll definitely try to tune in to the stream though!
  2. Extra Life team issues

    I think an interesting thing to note here is that I've never really thought about team members wishing to contact their team captains through the site, so I'm sure this might have slipped past the notice of others as well. It's a great idea and I really think this would be a valuable feature. It would definitely help teammates to better connect with one another. That sense of community is one of the things that makes Extra Life so great, so more ways to foster that can only be a good thing. In short, thanks for the inspiration - you can bet I'll mention the idea to whoever I can!
  3. Reach other members of my hospital

    From your profile it says you play for Boston. Lucky for you, Boston has a guild. That's another great way to get in touch with Extra Lifers in your area. Check out their Guild discussion area: http://community.extra-life.org/forums/forum/28-boston-ma/
  4. Extra Life team issues

    In order to see the advantage of being on a team, you either need an active team captain who regularly communicates with you, or you need to know your teammates IRL. For my part as a captain, I try my best to regularly reach out to my teammates, and I make sure to let them know they can contact me about anything. Most of them are friends I knew before I started doing Extra Life, but I've made some new friends along the way too. I try to keep it local, so everyone on my team is at least from the Pittsburgh Area, and that helps too. We even meet up to grab dinner together from time to time. This year I'm even trying to plan some team fundraising events. Every team will be different, and if you're not really feeling welcomed in your current team, or the captain is too inactive for your preferences, just remember that you can always join a different team or even start your own. I sincerely hope you can find a team that you can really get involved in, because the fact that you're seeking more than just a vague association with your team is the mark of a great Extra Lifer! As for your questions about streaming, I know that the official Extra Life channel often hosts and highlights streamers from the community if you can commit to a weekly time spot to broadcast. The requirements for joining the program should be listed here: Also, I'm sure @herobyclicking could tell you more!
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