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  1. I know Drawbridge games in Castle Shannon is also doing an event, and the owner is a friend and teammate of mine. Seems pretty likely I'll be there at this point.
  2. Your hospital rep should be the one who helps you with your print materials. it can be an uphill battle sometimes, but one worth fighting. I know a lot of our supplies here in Pittsburgh came from things members such as myself have purchased so we have something while we wait for the hospital's red tape. If you'd like some info on getting some cheaply made smaller posters while you negotiate the details with your hospital, I recommend checking VistaPrint when they have sales. For shirts, CustomInk is nice because it allows you to set up an order form where your members can purchase guild shirts to wear at events. Either way, if you want any other advice, feel free to pm me with any questions you might have! <3
  3. Welcome back to the forums then! @DJThunderstix should be able to help.
  4. Happened to read through your list- No Dragon*Con? Not sure if you've tried before or not, but I've got good friends in Atlanta who might be able to help you establish some connections.
  5. Anyone else noticing issues where 2048 isn't allowing you to login? Other than that, I've noticed that I'm getting better at flappy bee that I feel I should admit. LOL update: I had cellular data turned off. All better now!
  6. Yeah, I think some of the people I know are reluctant to sign up for yet another social account, but we'll just keep trying. If nothing else, I'm making sure to earn a couple dozen bees for myself each day, haha.
  7. YASS!
  8. It's Saturday, April 29th this year. http://geekandsundry.com/table-top-day/
  9. if you have any plans for International Tabletop Day, please feel free to share! If enough people are interested, perhaps we could plan on doing something together!
  10. I just wanted to thank all of you who volunteered and helped us recruit at Tekko this past weekend. It was an awesome event, and we recruited more than 200 people - which is double what we did last year! This calls for a celebration, so we're going to have the social committee cook up a fun night for us in the near future. We've set the bar high early on this year, so I hope that we can keep the pace. Our next event will be 3 Rivers Comicon, but it's only a Saturday and Sunday, so I hope to see some of you back to volunteer again if your schedules allow. If you took any photos or have any stories from Tekko, please share!
  11. Awful quiet in here... What's everyone so busy playing? I for one have been watching Stardew Valley slowly drain all of my time away. :-P
  12. Believe me - I tell everyone I know, but the response has been a little meh. When I see my family at Easter, I'm going to sign them up for the network and download the games for them, haha!
  13. Awesome job, Zy! Mine's only at like 23% - I might be the only one actively contributing bees to it, LOL.
  14. Welcome to the fold, @Zed4Sale! I'm hoping we can get the guild together to do something for International Tabletop Day, so if you'd be interested in running a one shot, I'll keep you in mind!