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  1. Cross-domain policy file

    Getting that confirmation was just what I needed to finally pull the trigger on removing Flash requirement from the Helper. I converted it to be a pure JavaScript application and it is available for download.
  2. Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. The Extra Life Helper has been updated for 2017. The big news is that the Helper just got a complete refactor under the hood. I'm happy to say that it is now a pure JavaScript application and no longer requires the Flash plugin to work! Besides a few visual tweaks, it looks and works the same as before. It's just a lot easier to setup and use. And it runs much faster and is more stable. In addition to removing the Flash requirement, I sneaked in a few new features: Add your own custom donation alert sounds If you don't like the sound of the cash register and kids cheering when a donation comes in (I'm addicted to hearing that sound after 5 years) you can drop in your own mp3, wav, or ogg files and have them play instead. Donation alerts show donation messages If a donor included a message with their gift, it will now be displayed in the Helper. Add your own custom JavaScript code that fires when a new donation comes in If you know JavaScript and want to run your own code when a donation comes in, that's now possible. I added this because I wanted the HUE lights in my office to flash each time a donation came in but not make that part of the Helper itself. So I use that hook to make a call to my light bridge. If you have similar smart devices in your home, or a remote API you want to make a request to when a donation comes in, now you can. Please note: Previous versions of the Helper will continue to work in XSplit but will no longer work in OBS Studio as of right now. I highly encourage anyone who has used the Helper before to get the latest version. Instructions and download link have been updated: Enjoy! - bread
  3. This is my 6th year doing Extra Life and for the very first time, my daughter is joining me for the full 24 hours. I asked an artist friend of mine to help illustrate an idea I had to commemorate the fact that we're doing this together. The final result just moved me beyond words and I wanted to share. It's a perfect capture of us as the gamers we are, participating in something bigger than ourselves. My gaming handle is bread_man and she is blueberrytoast and you probably can tell what our favorite games are by the props.
  4. Cross-domain policy file

    Hey @LeaveIt2Beaver, no worries. I appreciate you taking the time to ask and getting back to me with the answer. Thanks!
  5. Download the Extra Life videos?

    Thank you @herobyclicking!
  6. Hey everyone. Last year, I downloaded a few of the official Extra Life / CMNH videos (such as the kids saying "Thank You") so I could play them on repeat on my stream when I was taking a break. I swear they were on the Extra Life dropbox but I can't find them this year. Do you know where they can be downloaded? Thanks! bread
  7. Incentivizing Donations with Stream Shenanigans

    I did four fundraising milestones in 2015 and they were really successful. Here's the text directly from my 2015 page. The Just Dance milestone reward was the best because everyone tuned in for it and gave me more donations for song requests and to keep me dancing for more than an hour. And here are the videos for some of the challenges.
  8. Cross-domain policy file

    Thank you @LeaveIt2Beaver!!
  9. Cross-domain policy file

    Bumping this thread to see any of the Extra Life web devs are lurking and can let me know one way or another. Thanks!!
  10. Hey everyone. It appears that my server is buckling under the stress of all of the Helper instances hitting it. The amount of people using it is way more than ever before. The helper may not refresh correctly, may show a $0 total or may take a while to show donation alerts. If you can, please replace the ExtraLife.swf file with the latest one I just pushed. It will reduce the amount of times my server is being hit and make the Helper work better for you and everyone else. Thanks!! Right-click and choose to save this file, replacing the one you have:
  11. Hey JS Studz - Can you describe the issue you're having? Feel free to PM me here or on Twitch. Thanks for the bug report, sneaK! I'll try to reproduce and fix it.
  12. A newer version of the Helper is now available for download. It contains the following updates: Made donation alerts more responsive Added support for marathons lasting longer than 72 hours Fixed issues with transitions As always, the download and instructions are available here:
  13. Correct, if you put in team ID instead of participant ID, you will not get donation alerts. It would take some time to change the Helper to work that way I'm not sure it would be practical, especially for super big teams. In @binarycupcakes's case, one instance of the Helper would be trying to make 200 requests to the Extra Life service every few seconds in order to get real-time donation info for each member. I don't think the web team would be happy if the Helper bombarded their service in that way. If anyone is interested in only getting alerts of new Extra Life donations without any other features (no running total, no timer, no logos, etc), SteamPro has this exact offering and it is pretty cool. I haven't used it myself but I imagine you can setup multiple instances of their alert with different participant information. Go check them out here:
  14. Tips for Setting up an Extra Life Stream

    Thanks for the mention! Happy to hear you enjoy using the Helper and hope it others find it useful as well.
  15. Oh, I see. I've thought about modifying the Helper to work in "alert only" mode similar to other alert programs. In that mode there would be no clock or logos and the Helper would be invisible until a donation came in just like the ones you see on professional streamer's broadcasts. If I have the time to do that before the 5th, I'll post an update. Thanks for the feedback!