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  1. RT @whitecomics: Wasn't planning to share this today, but I want to do something small and good right now. Please share. Let me know if you…

  2. I am growing ever more convinced that we would have a better church if we had a worse nation.

  3. Probably the most unrealistic thing about Fallout 4 is that we're supposed to believe the people of Boston just lost their accent.

  4. Daughter: I'm gonna start my art! Daughter: *draws one line, grunts in dissatisfaction* Me: You're really getting into the spirit there.

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  7. @JamieMeWrites That seems a bit more harsh than is strictly necessary.

  8. Nilarchus sets out in this week's Fatebound!

  9. The only ppl I’ve ever met who believe they know everything about Christianity are either new believers or ones who left the church as kids.

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  11. In which I thought I'd use a meme to make a point about the Irish language.

  12. One good thing about @MarvelIronFist so far: it's nice to have a love interest that isn't Claire for once.

  13. Nilarchus, Page Two is up now on Fatebound! #webcomicchat #comicbookhour

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