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  1. @mcapriglioneart There's no money involved and it's purely digital, but I think @StArtFaire meets much of what you're looking for here?

  2. Hey, if you want updates on the church plant in Fitchburg my family is in, the twitter account is now active. Pop o…

  3. I know a guy who tags all his #DeathStranding posts as "Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus" and I just want you all…

  4. Thanks for that gem, Facebook flashbacks.

  5. In a state that prides itself in fairly libertarian policies, "interior design" seems an odd…

  6. @ExploringComics Today, get 25% off everything in my store with the code CYBER25!

  7. Just wanted to remind you all that small press creators totally count toward #shopsmallsaturday

  8. RT @ExploringComics: The holiday shopping season is about to begin. Consider supporting small press comic creators! Great gifts supporting…

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  10. @zoidolite That's a pretty prestigious lineup!

  11. New piece up in my store! It's a map of the world, but this version doesn't have landmarks. Will do another one wit…

  12. I was interviewed for the podcast 12 Minute Convos with @EngelJones and the episode is up now! If you can spare twe…

  13. @HPLehkonen I love my comic because it gives me the opportunity to tell my stories without interference from marketing or management.

  14. I was super excited for this group chat with @PeytonJonesPunk and equally disappointed when I realized I read pm when it was listed as am.

  15. @michelledrawz I was asked to make a comic for my work study at school and before I even knew the plot I went out a…