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  1. Guess who was given a small collection of comics to read! And some ghost stories.

  2. One major problem with the "this is why you stand for the flag" posts still going around that show dead/injured sol…

  3. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. My wife: Stop running around in circles! Our 4-year-old daughter, pushing her luck: But I'm running around in OVALS!

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  7. "This generation is so stupid they're eating soap!" Every single warning label is because people from previous gen…

  8. Me: Look, we can't go around telling people we're saved if we don't acknowledge we had something to be saved from.…

  9. New piece up in my store! #Gaeilge

  10. The ratio of people actually on the payload in @PlayOverwatch to the number of people who share "I'm the only one o…

  11. I've started watching "Star Trek: The Michael Burnham Hour" and it's not bad so far, aside from how it's completely…

  12. 9/ I got another poll email literally as I was typing this thread. This is what I'm talking about. There is no goal…

  13. Gotta summon the spirit of a soccer mom for my assignment.

  14. Parenthood is waking up to find the song already stuck in your head isn't one of your favorites, or even a catchy t…

  15. New piece up in my store: a snowy creek