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  1. I ordered An Bíobla Naofa from and let me tell you, they go hard on ensuring books arrive safely. 10/10. Took me 5 mins to open it.

  2. Because there's going to be a Kickstarter! In January. Tell your friends.

  3. I feel like a lot of smack talk about autocorrect comes from people who don't remember having Works open to check everything you sent on AIM

  4. Important thread, please check it out.

  5. Why are organic/free range eggs the only ones that come in hard-to-recycle plastic cartons instead of the standard cardboard?

  6. It's times like this, sitting out on a nice night in my robe, just thinking, that part of me wishes I hadn't quit smoking.

  7. "What's it like working Student Life office at a Christian school?" My search history now includes the term 'Reformation Day party games'

  8. I came to a craft fair to visit my wife, @Vibrant_C , and have spent the first half hour just trying to get some lunch.

  9. @sephiramy That is just straight evil.

  10. My phone always has like a half dozen voicemails waiting because I have a van for sale and people only ever want to call during church.

  11. One fun thing about being a freelance writer is the strange mix of targeted ads you start to get because of all the research.

  12. @mrsmrtn318 : You should write a book about being a middle aged freshman! Me: Wait. I'm MIDDLE AGED now? That's very pessimistic math!

  13. I tried to do the sportsball tonight. It went exactly as expected.

  14. 40-Vol IVP New Studies and Biblical Studies Giveaway! via @topchristianbks

  15. RT @tthcomic: To everyone who is still on the fence about Clip Studio pls join us the water is fine