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  1. Dad and Daughter teaming up!

    This is super amazing. Mostly cause it's bread and portal. XD Beautiful artwork! Good luck this year!!!!!
  2. Extra Life T-Shirt Graphic Designers

    What @herobyclicking said.
  3. Welcome! Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to all the newbies!!! There's so many of you now! #FTK <3
  4. Adding Members to a Team

    I would send an email to support, there must be an error somewhere. Especially if you have it marked as an open team. You can contact them at
  5. Unfortunately they don't on the PS4. If you were relaying your game play through a computer, they have their PC app which has a server feature that has text/speech channels. Without using a PC, turning on the party chat on PS4 is your best bet.
  6. Adding Members to a Team

    I wasn't sure if this was answered for you yet. From your screenshot it looks like you are trying to make a new signup for her. If you go to her dashboard, you'll see on the lower right side under "Event Information" a "Change Team Membership." She or you should be able to search your team from that window. Screenshot below for reference.
  7. and One google search later
  8. Adding Members to a Team

    @herobyclicking I just tried to "join" when signing up and it does not find this team nor user. I tried a bunch of different combos. I'm wondering if It's a support issue. i can find the team in general search when not in the sign up process. It also cannot find it after registration and you want to "change team membership." There is also no "Join our team" button on their page so sending a link out manually from the Team Dashboard will not work. Nothing in the team creation process should have removed that button. I'm at a loss here. The page is setup just like my team except I have the Join our Team Button.
  9. Extra Life team issues

    In theory, they should have a community profile and you can PM here. Hopefully their name is the same so i can definitely see the benefit of messaging just on the Extra Life site side rather than the community forums. I know not many people actually have a profile in here as well. @herobyclicking should look into this for us!!
  10. Hey gang! Here's your schedule! As always you are more then welcome to stay longer than your assigned shift. I expect a lot of traffic at this one. There are two tourneys happening so get your recruiter hats on! Date: 8/19: 1-7pm Location: Microsoft Store in Oak Park Christiy 1-3 Todd 1-3 Raven: 2-4 Brie: 3-5 Brigid: 3-5 JT: 5-7 Jessie: 5-7 Bill: 5-7 Please note, I will be there at 1 to bring the booth items and help setup. Thanks everyone!!
  11. Microsoft Store Halo 5 Tourney

    Here's the schedule! Please note: Since this is a shorter event, please feel free to show up at NOON and stay the whole time, but you will be recruiting. We have enough volunteers split up, that you will be able to take a few minutes and take a break if need be. Especially for those that haven't volunteered before, this will be good training grounds to learn the ropes and help improve your pitches!! Location: Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall Brigid: 12-5 Joe: 12-2:30 Raven: 12-2:30 Jarad: 2:30-5 Spades: 3-5 Lora:( if available)From 3-5 or 4-5
  12. KantCon Schedule: 7/15 & 7/16

    Hey gang! Here is the schedule for KantCon! I will have your badges at the booth! Let me know if any questions! Thanks! Saturday Sunday Name Shift Name Shift Jess/Bill 9-12 Brigid/Ashley/Caleb 10-1 Brigid/Christie/Todd 12-3 Jess/Christie/Todd 1-4 Spades/Caleb 3-6
  13. Hey gang! Here's the schedule for Lego! Thank you to all the volunteers! I will have your badges at the booth on Saturday morning for both days! Sean, I'm going to give Finch yours for Sunday morning! Saturday Sunday Name Shift Name Shift Jess/Todd/Christie 10-2 Sean/Finch 10-1 Brigid/Finch 2-6 Brigid/Aiden 1-4 Jess/Bill 3-6
  14. Those are all great! I can't ever get the Streamlabs integration to work, so just for your information, does still work and is accurate. If you have issues with it, they no longer have support, as Sean said, to fix issues that you may have but as far as alerting for donations or showing your goal progress it works great! I use both overlays and they don't mess with each other. So it can be done!
  15. Meeting Notes June 2017

    Yep I've already reached out to Katie about the tent.