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  1. Couple Quick Questions

    Nope! If you're the team Captain, you can go to the Team Page and click the pencil icon next to the team name to edit it. Welcome aboard!
  2. Do you have the normal donation alerts enabled? In Stream Labs, Extra Life falls under that category. You don't have to have payment information in for "regular" donations but you do need to have those alerts enabled and set up for the Extra Life ones to come through. If you are still having trouble, check about using They connect to Extra Life as well and have a separate alert system for Extra Life. I always seem to have trouble with Stream labs as well, so I've gone back to streampro. Do note, that if streampro isn't working either, they don't have support for the Extra Life alerts anymore. So, they work but if something breaks, they don't have connection to fix it.
  3. Extra Life Donation Rewards Swapmeet

    I also have my xsplit key to give away if anyone would like it!
  4. OBS Snapfoo

    And please do this before your game day stream!!!! nothing worse than getting ready to go live and BOOM, everything is broken!
  5. Great idea!! @allthewayj27! #ftk
  6. Live Stream Transition Stinger

    This is so great! <3
  7. Download the Extra Life videos?

    that's so weird! My team usually does our event the week before, so i'll keep that in mind while we are showing commercials.
  8. Painting Parties!

    Hey guys! I wanted to share an idea that one of my guild members did over the past weekend. She contacted one of those painting party places and was able to setup a party that benefited Extra Life! Those seem to be popular activities this year, so I suggest reaching out in your local area. She was able to raise a little bit and is planning on expanding it for next year! So if you aren't sure on how to push the fundraising bar up, think outside the box!!!
  9. Bee The Swarm

    These guys are pretty active here in the community! Glad you found them
  10. Enhancement Request - Extra Life Events

    This was actually brought up in the community and passed onto National to put on the list to see if it's possible to do on Donor Drive's end. Great minds here in the community!!!
  11. @herobyclicking, this is a great idea! Can we add it to the list? "Proposed solution: Stretch Goals (or whatever name makes sense). The participant can activate a second stretch goal to reach (and/or a third, fourth, fifth, etc) after reaching the first. This maintains the celebration of the first goal reached while saying, "Hey guys, we did that! Can we do one better?:" And allow for a second celebration if the second goal is reached while still preserving the celebration of the first one. BONUS: It also makes it easy for the participant to link actions with stretch goals: I'll shave my head, dye my hair, grow a mustache, whatever.... if we reach this stretch goal."
  12. Stretch goals are a huge thing! A lot of us Extra Lifers utilize them. You can find lots of great ideas for stretch goals and such here:
  13. KC Game On Event

    Here's your schedule! We have a lot of overlap during the day, so the new kids will get plenty of experience! Location: Cerner: 2702 Rock Creek Parkway, North Kansas City, MO 64117 Located in North Kansas City, MO (nearly the centerpoint of the KC Metro) - our venue is right off of I-35 and Armour Road, just north of downtown KCMO. There is no public transportation to this area on Saturdays so you will need to drive/carpool to the event. October 7th : 12pm to 10pm Finch 12-3 Ashley 12-3 Sean 2-5 David (Brie) 2-5 Anthony Hayes 5-8 Michael Andrews 5-8 Brigid 5-8 Kevin Kelly 6-9 Jessie 7-10 Billy 7-10
  14. Guild Positions

    Perhaps my guildie and you could get together and get it active again! If that's somethin you would like to do, I can forward your info here to him.
  15. Dad and Daughter teaming up!

    This is super amazing. Mostly cause it's bread and portal. XD Beautiful artwork! Good luck this year!!!!!