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  1. Hey! We would love to take your offer of having a booth setup there and perhaps offer some extra hands! Is there anything special we need to worry about in order to do that? i'll be your contact for this, so please let me know! I'll start organizing my troops! (Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @allthewayj27, email: allthewayjb@gmail, or facebook: Jessie Bledsoe. Can't wait! Again, thank you for the invite!
  2. No you have to choose a different game for each wave. I got a follow up email stating people signed up for the same game in each wave and to redo their signup forms. the "may" choose 2 games means you can choose to NOT play in that wave and choose that appropriate option.
  3. Yep there sure is! When you are logged into your page, click the "Dashboard" button at the top left. Then on right side of the page you'll see a blue box, scroll down to the "Event Information" section and you'll see a link for "Change Team Membership." Click on that and it will allow you to join or create your team! Also, no need to apologize! Ask us anything! If you have questions on whether it's the site or Extra Life or fundraising, we are here!
  4. Welcome! That sounds super fun!
  5. until
    Location: TBD
  6. i like this idea! Very neat! Just be careful with the Extra Life logo on any of the items. If you plan to "sell" items with the official logo printed on an item you need to contact Extra Life and sign an agreement to do so. Here is a link to the media kit which outlines the logo usage. Happy fundraising!
  7. From the album Naka-Kon 2017

  8. From the album Naka-Kon 2017

  9. From the album Naka-Kon 2017

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    Playing Dixit on tabletop Simulator and sharing some stat updates, as well as talking about why being in a guild is so awesome!
  15. Hey everyone! Next Tuesday, 3/7 at 8pm CST, your very own Kansas City Guild will be featured on the Official Extra Life Twitch channel! @RufiOOHHH, @MedievalMelody, @FinchKC and I will be playing Dixit on tabletop Simulator and sharing some stat updates, as well as talking about why being in a guild is so awesome! Please come and hang out for a couple hours in chat and let's show how awesome being in a guild can be! #Represent I hope to see you there Kansas City!!