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  1. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

    Ok so I have set up board game appreciation day for Prime Cut Cafe from 12-5pm on Saturday Oct 3rd. The address is 1547 W.Katella #101 I am including a link here
  2. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

    Found a location for Saturday its on Katella. They have good food and drink relaxed atmosphere. Plus the opportunity to have a good meal while playing some fun board games.
  3. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

    Mike, I will take this on I have a few places that we might be able to hit up. I have board games and a friend who might want to also provide them. Also there is a gentlemen who is involved with SJG who might also be will to help out since he has very successful in extra life. Frank
  4. Anime California

    cool when is the event?
  5. Guild Handbook & Forum Activity

    The handbook is nice and simple I like that.
  6. Hi everyone!

    It's been awhile since this thread has been responded to. I am happy to have been working with the guild.
  7. Hi everyone!

    This is my Teams 3rd year we play all games. This year I want to build a competition but not sure if it will happen. I see nothing about moving the date this year.