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    I like a lot of different things but to name a few: Movies gaming and being outside and spending time with my wife

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  1. I completed the game The Walking Dead - A New Frontier

  2. I won the Ice Castle achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) for 49 #TrueAchievement pts

  3. I won the Tranquility achievement in Taptiles (Win 8) for 22 #TrueAchievement pts

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  9. I won 2 achievements in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8) for 62 #TrueAchievement pts

  10. I won the Window Garden achievement in Flowerz (WP) for 21 #TrueAchievement pts

  11. I won the The Secondary Specialist achievement in Sniper Elite 4 for 34 #TrueAchievement pts

  12. I won the Plan Far Ahead achievement in Flowerz (WP) for 19 #TrueAchievement pts

  13. I won the Calorie Minimizer achievement in Cut The Rope (WP) for 12 #TrueAchievement pts

  14. I won 2 achievements in Cut The Rope (WP) for 22 #TrueAchievement pts

  15. I won the Atom Splitter achievement in Fallout Shelter for 11 #TrueAchievement pts