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  1. Work at a place who wants to support the local community and build brand awareness? Work with a few passionate gamers? Check out our Extra Life Workplace/Community Engagement packet here complete with gamer demographics and support levels. From helping raise awareness, to forming a company team or becoming a sponsor, there's many ways for your company to support our local miracles!
  2. Registered? Now what?

    Welcome new members of the Atlanta Extra Life community! While your personal participant pages offer tons of suggestions with next steps after registration, the Extra Life Atlanta Guild has compiled additional resources in the Google Docs link below to further your Extra Life efforts. Check out the list below and be sure to reach out with any questions...or ideas! Thank you for your continued support of our miracles! Extra Life Atlanta: Additional Local Support Materials: Extra Life/CMN/CHOA social media handles EL 2017 CHOA Funding Area EL Volunteer Tip Sheet**includes EL and CHOA talking points great to share with supporters! EL Overview EL Workplace/Community Engagement Opportunities EL Multimedia Kit: here Seeking a few Extra Life ideas from a pro? Check out long-time supporter, Todd Michael's Extra Life page for some great tips and ideas! Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation P: 404.785.7366 | E:
  3. Fragforce's Second Annual Arcade Night was a hit! Thanks to the generosity, Banyan Street Capital, they were able to use the building's conference room for the arcade night. Guests brought food to share and they mixed things up with drinks and milkshakes. They had over 30 attendees, raised over $400, and had fun doing it. Gamers from Salesforce, Year Up, and friends came together to have fun and help the kids through games ranging from Jeopardy, to Rock Band, and Smash Brothers, to Evolution.....all #FTK. Thank you #Fragforce for coordinating this fun night for your employees and continuing to support our local miracles.
  4. MomoCon Kudos!

    thanks so much @Chris Johnson!!
  5. MomoCon Kudos!

    Huge congratulations to everyone who participated in MomoCon this weekend #FTK. Thanks to your hard work and coordination 110 people registered for Extra Life with over 70 supporting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. We look forward to seeing a few new faces at upcoming Extra Life events!
  6. Such a fun expo-- thanks @Zyaldar!
  7. 2017 May Guild Meeting With KontrolFreek!

    Huge thank you to the KontrolFreek team for hosting tonight and sharing their 12 ft. gaming cable and other gear.
  8. MomoCon 2017 Volunteer registration

    Thanks @Chris Johnson! Yes, the May 21 guild meeting @The Garage at 6 pm with our KontrolFreek friends will include a volunteer training session. KontrolFreek is also going to have some swag items and gaming available after we review volunteer items/passes, etc. It should be a fun night. Our guild leadership team will be posting about this meeting in the next few days.. so please stay tuned. Looking forward to seeing you at Momocon! Thank you for your continued support.
  9. MomoCon 2017 Volunteer registration

    Awesome opportunity @MrD1sturbed! Thank you for working so hard to coordinate this.
  10. 2017 Kickoff Meeting

    Thanks @Zyaldar! Looking forward to seeing a few new faces and sharing more info about MomoCon and Southern-Fried Gaming Expo. Should be a fun night!
  11. Final Round 20

    @Vadath awesome job Kent! thank you for the feedback and commitment to making this a success
  12. Final Round 20

    Awesome Kent! thank you!
  13. You came. You gamed. You conquered….all #ForTheKids! Congratulations Extra Life Atlanta 2016 participants for raising $80,000 for the Family Support Services area at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. That’s a 13% increase from 2015 fundraising totals….AND a new Atlanta market record for the Extra Life program. Many thanks to your companies, friends, and of course family members who supported your efforts…even at that 25th “extra” gaming hour Our families, who were able to receive the specialized treatment they needed thanks to your support, have also shared a word of thanks—enjoy this clip! But we’re not done yet. 2017 is already here and that means we need you to activate your 2017 Extra Life registration. Yes, you have to register each year…BUT follow this link to easily reactivate. And on a final note….please send a word of thanks to our 2017 guild leadership team listed below. They are excited to serve together and take the ATL to the next level. We’ll post 2017 guild meeting dates and new Extra Life opportunities on the Extra Life forum in the next few weeks—so stay tuned! President: Christopher Carter (@MrD1sturbed) Vice President: Todd Michaels (@zyaldar) Secretary: Kent Huffman (@vadath) Thank you for your continued support of our kids!
  14. Happy 2017! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years! Just to echo previous posts, I'd like to thank Kent and Todd for leading this year's guild as president and vice president. Their leadership and enthusiastic approach truly took our local fundraising to new levels. Speaking of new levels....our 2016 ATL fundraising numbers will be announced in the January 26 Extra Life stay tuned! With that being said, I'm pleased to announce Kent Huffman as our 2017 ATL Guild Secretary alongside Todd Michaels as VP. This means we are now accepting 2017 ATL Guild president applications. Please complete and return your application to me via by Friday, January 20 and of course reach out with any questions. We hope to announce the new guild president by Feb. 1. Thank you!! Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation P: 404.785.7366 | E: 2017 Extra Life President Application_CHOA.docx
  15. Happy Tuesday! Kent, Todd and I had a great Extra Life 2016 recap discussion and we're so proud of everyone for your hard work and leadership this year. We'll post any 2017 Guild Leadership Position openings and applications on the forum by January 20, 2017--if not sooner. Stay tuned and have a blessed holiday season! Thank you for your continued support of our miracles! Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation P: 404.785.7366 | E: