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  1. Ryan, if possible I would recommend moving the meeting to Tuesday due to the Easter holiday as Jeremy stated.
  2. Hey folks! I'll have a small for-fun tournament running on Thursday night during Open Play for anyone interested in trying out the Nintendo Switch with the game 1-2-Switch. Each Team Battle can support up to 20 players, and I'll have 2 confirmed consoles running. If you'd like to add your console to the mix, feel free! RSVP at the link here: I'll keep it running as long as there's interest, near the Extra Life Info Table and Free Tabletop Play area. Cheers! -Joshua / Novus
  3. @AOlsen unfortunately I will not be able to make this, as it's during the week. I can Skype or Facebook in, if someone brings a laptop.
  4. My personal opinion is that we pick a day of the month and stick with it. This is something we inevitably had to do for Orlando, as trying to schedule around a *date* didn't work. We were scheduled during the second Tuesday of every month. Even if it's only leadership showing up for a while, things will improve so long as there is a consistent schedule. A change of venue (away from corporate buildings, hospital, etc) such as a card/hobby shop, gamer pub, etc, also helps draw people in. That being said I'm only available on Saturdays and Sundays, but can Skype call or something other nights of the week.
  5. The 11th works fine for me, as far as I know.
  6. I will be in the Dells on the 18th, so the 25th is better for me.
  7. I can cover either AM or PM tomorrow if still needed.
  8. Haven't heard anything regarding KitsuneKon so I'm guessing it's a bust.
  9. Trying to follow members through the Follow button on their profile and I get this error code: "Something went wrong, please try again. Error Code 2S119/1 " @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver
  10. I can probably try for Saturday the 6th most of the day. I'm doing temp work right now, so that may change when I land a full time job.
  11. I've sent an email out to KitsuneKon, waiting on a response back. There are a lot of small community events like the Eldorado Community Picnic / Hog Wrestling thing coming up around my area, so I'm going to try to secure tables there too. I asked Staples about getting a banner made, as they're only 12 dollars, so that way I have one. Will see what they can do next week.
  12. Hey folks. Does anyone happen to have the totals for last year in terms of number of participants nationwide and the final amount? I remember it being somewhere, but am really having a hard time locating it. The files in the community section are still from 2014, and I've gone into 4 sections here on the forums with no luck. I know Mike and Liz are crazy busy, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me to something I may have forgotten/overlooked. Looking to put together a small letter for local comic/game shops in my town back home here in Wisconsin and just wanted to reflect the most recent info. Thanks in advance!