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  1. Hi, JW, and welcome! My name is Ryan, and I'm the Milwaukee-Madison Extra Life Guild President. I just wanted to take a quick moment to welcome you and thank you for your questions! As soon as I'm home tonight and am able, I will provide ample responses for your questions, so look for that response to come probably around 9:00pm or so. Until then, welcome! We're glad to have you!
  2. .........Aaaaaand I forgot that's Memorial Day weekend. How about we just decide on one weekend in June to meet, effectively skipping our May meeting? The only weekend I cannot do is 6/18, as I have tickets to the Metallica show at Soldier Field that night.
  3. Good morning, all! I'm sorry for the late notice on this post, but it's been a hectic month. I know we usually meet on the third Sunday of the month, but I received news of a death in the family yesterday, and the service is Sunday afternoon/evening, so I will be unable to lead a meeting this weekend. That being said, I'd like to schedule our next meeting for Sunday, 5/28, at CHW in the Foundation Room, the same place we've had all of our meetings on campus. I have three cons to discuss, as well as an opportunity to partner with all locations of The Board Game Barrister for recruitment/outreach opportunities on Saturdays and Sundays. If anyone else has any other agenda items, please feel free to bring them, and a friend, to the meeting with you! See you on 5/28! Ryan
  4. Hi, Adam, I propose a meeting at 6:30pm at 42 Ale House for those that can make it. I'm not sure who was planning on being there, as I haven't heard from anyone expressing interest in going, but we can use that time and place for the meeting. As of right now, I will be unable to attend. I had a family issue come up over the weekend that necessitated my mother flying in from Texas, and I need to take her to the airport for her flight back on Tuesday night. She won't bet getting down here until between 6:30 and 7:00, so I don't think I'll be able to make this meeting, unless someone else lets me know that they can get her to the airport for her flight. If no one feels comfortable meeting without me not being there, then we can reschedule the meeting for a different time. I'm completely fine with that and will defer to the group's preference on that. I know it's short notice on my part, but some things in life you just can't plan for. Thanks, all.
  5. I forgot to mention in my original post that Josh and I will be meeting via Facebook video chat this evening at about 8:00pm to kind of reset where we're at and get an agenda of sorts put together for discussion at our next meeting. Josh has graciously volunteered to help as guild leadership since he has extensive experience doing so, but this by no means that our officer posts are now all filled. If you're interested in a leadership position, we'd love to hear from you and we'd love to have your help! This meeting tonight is not closed to leadership or those interested in leadership by any means; any and all are welcomed and encouraged to attend. If we have to end up using a different video chat source due to demand, we can totally do that (and would be more than happy to; we are hoping to get at least some of you to jump on with us). If you want to be invited into the chat, comment here, email me at, text me at 920.242.8457, or shoot me a Facebook message. Hope to see some of you tonight!
  6. Hi, Josh! We'd love to partner with you and use this event as a way to recruit members across the state for Extra Life! I'll be sure to bring this up at our next meeting so that we can start getting a list of volunteers put together so we can slot people into times to staff our table during the con. Please let me know if there's anything you need from me as we go through the process. I can be reached directly at, and as guild President it will be me that will be working out the details with you and passing them on to the guild. As we get closer to the event and have times pinned down, I can get you a volunteer schedule, too, and we work on planning on how we'll utilize the space you're so graciously offering us! Thanks so much for reaching out; we look forward to working with you! Ryan
  7. Hi, everyone, Based on the input I've received from other members, I'm making an executive decision and planning out next guild meeting for Tuesday, 4/18/17. Rather than keep meeting at CHW every month, I thought I'd open it up to move the meeting to a different location, somewhere like 42 Ale House or another place like that. I'm open to taking suggestions from now until Tuesday, at which time a location will be locked down so that they can plan for us, and we can all know in advance where we'll be meeting. At this meeting, we can discuss planning for future meetings if enough people attend. I'd like to hold a meeting and just a "hang out" at a place like Binary if we can, but I can't plan anything if I don't have any feedback or idea of who can attend, so be sure to get out Tuesday, 4/17 if you can; we'd love to plan guild get togethers to just hang out outside of recruitment events and "official" meetings, and the only we can do that is to plan events that are as accommodating as they can be to everyone! Please post your ideas or "votes" of where to go for our April meeting, and I'll post the final decision to this thread on Tuesday. Thanks, all! Ryan
  8. Just wanted to check back in and see if there were any preferences about our next meeting; we're trying to decide between Tuesday, 4/11, Tuesday, 4/18, or Sunday, 4/23. My vote is for Sunday, but I am willing to do Tuesday if it works better for others. Thanks!
  9. Ah, you guys bring up a good point. I didn't even realize we were moving so quickly through Lent! Tuesday is tight for me, so I'd prefer the following Sunday, if possible. Otherwise, if the consensus is Tuesday, I have no issue at all having the meeting then; I may just be a bit late. What are the thoughts of everyone else? Also, Ana, do you have a preference for either day since we'll be using the hospital for our meeting space? Thanks, all! Ryan
  10. Hi, all, I just wanted to let you know that the meeting scheduled for this Sunday, 3/19, has been cancelled. We will be meeting at our regularly scheduled time and place (CHW) on the third Sunday of April, 4/16/17. Please come to the meeting with any guests you can bring, any events that you know coming up (just got an email about Symphony of the Goddesses returning in December), and any other thoughts, suggestions and ideas that you have for us! I'll also be providing an update at that time about my conversations with Gordon from The Board Game Barrister and any opportunities that come from that as far as recruitment possibilities and partnerships go. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, I'm always available here on the forum, at, or via my cell at 920.242.8457. Thanks!! Ryan
  11. Hi, all, This is going to be a relatively brief post; I have a few ideas/notes from our last meeting that I want to share for topics of discussion for this week's meeting, and I also wanted to toss out the idea of getting some help from someone in regard to note taking/posting. There is a Secretary position within the guild, but if you don't want the official position, I'd gladly take a volunteer to help get minutes/notes posted up here in a timely manner. On top of work and my other duties, I've been finding it tough to get my notes fleshed out and posted, so if anyone wants to volunteer to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. That being said, here are a few topics to think about for discussion this weekend: We discussed organizing guild "team building" nights outside of our monthly meetings. Some thoughts were trying to get a guild DnD game together, meeting up at a local watering hole/restaurant for food and drinks, board game nights, and things of that manner so that we can all take some time to get to know each other outside of our meetings and events that we volunteer at. I'm going to reach out the guy that runs Board Game Barrister and see if we can't get some space at Friday Night Magic or some of their other weekly events so that we can spread word about Extra Life and the guild. Since there's also a Board Game Day, I figured it would be a good way to expand our reach and recruit new members. Any other ideas from the guild are more than welcomed, here or at the meeting. We also talked about the fact that National is looking to expand their Stream Team, especially since some of the newer streamers have been flaky at best. If any of you want to stream, or know other people that do, and want to help support Extra Life, please let us know and we'll get you in touch with the right people to make this happen. I'm getting a new headset along with the PSVR bundle I ordered (can't wait!!), so I'm going to try to get a weekly stream block in myself over some weekend hours. Please feel free to let me know if you're interested; we'd love to have you! We had also lightly touched on the idea of creating a Facebook messenger group to get the word out beyond the forums and emails, but I don't want people to feel like they're getting spammed with messages, or to feel uncomfortable getting messages to your personal accounts. Discussion on this is welcomed, too. Please come to the meeting this weekend with ideas on the above and anything else you'd like to discuss. If you can't make it in person but would like to take part via Google Hangout, please let me know that, too. I always have my Surface at meetings, and I can definitely get a room started for you to appear virtually. And, please, bring friends if you can! See you Sunday at 6! Ryan 920.242.8457