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  1. February 2018 - Guild Meeting

    This Month's Meeting: February 12 2018 - 7:30pm Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here / Facebook Can't make it to the meeting? We are hosting an online time to discuss what happened/ gather any other input on Saturday February 17 on our discord server! Announcements Tara leaving Janet and Melissa are taking over We are hoping to sit down and go over things with them in the near future Maria has stepped down Her new project Gamers Galaxy Still apart of the guild and going to continue volunteering Update on number from last year $24,924 / ELTO Team: $258,550 USD **Still need final numbers but waiting until SickKids rep can get us those Guild Direction We want to be a hub for local/ SickKids fundraisers We want to empower others to start their own projects/teams/incentives Reaching out to local businesses and groups to get them to help Amylyn reached out the some people at Telus in Barrie. Make packages/ templates to make it easy for people to reach out and connect with people. Ways for people to get involved. Volunteer Opportunities Breakout March 16 - 18 Please send Justin a message (Social Media/ Discord or Email) We need to decide if we are doing other cons like Anime North Fan Expo Atomic Lollipop International Tabletop Day April 28th 401 Games expressed interest in doing another one [vaughan location] Group Questions/ Discussion Social event - Non meeting related (how frequent) Discord thread for local events Concern about them being during the week if they are longer things Want to do every other meeting to be partnered with something a bit more social Community forms /Discord We are going to get some stuff updated on there Feel free to post anything that you find of interest Swag There is interest in another Sweater/ T-shirt order (onesies) Volunteer sign off We will double check to make sure we can sign off on hours. High school we can sign off for community service hours Canadian funds are being accepted this year through Extra Life Should be in the spring. For sure will happen before Game Day 2018 Old Connections Some concern about maintaining connections we have made in the past. We are going to approach them with some ideas of what they can do on their own and we can assist versus running things for them. Next Month's Meeting: Will be discussed at meeting Location: Raiders Esport Center RSVP: ?
  2. Update! New SickKids Contact Announcement

    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for the guild, @SickKids_Tara. We honestly couldn't have done this without you. I am personally going to miss you a lot but I'm excited to hear all about your new adventures! I can't wait for game day and to be kicking some butt raising money with you! All the best of luck in the future and thank you so much <3
  3. Toronto Monthly Guild Meeting

    We want to take the time to reflect on the amazing things we did in 2017 and to get excited about what is in store for 2018. Can't make the meeting? We are hosting one on Discord on February 17 at Noon to go over what is discussed at the in person meeting. [Discord:]
  4. "I'm going to Extra Life United 2018" Thread

    First time going, bringing @Descrier along with me. We are hoping to spend a few extra days doing stuff some what locally. Does anyone have any recommendations on what we should see or do?
  5. Welcome to the Toronto Guild!

    Ahhh that's amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!
  6. Welcome to the Toronto Guild!

    Hey @sgtgrumbles89 sorry for not seeing this before your marathon, I hope things went well! We do a have a group of streamers that are doing mini streams throughout the year [Weekly, Monthly, or special occasions] If this is something you might be interested in please let me know and I'll send you the survey to fill out. We also do have a discord group, its probably the easiest way to get a hold of one of us super quickly! [] We are happy to have you on board and thanks for reaching out to us!
  7. Processing Canadian Donations

    Thanks @EdZeg! If you have any other questions @BigBaldBrian let us know.
  8. NBUC

    This makes me super happy! I'm so sorry for not replying sooner @BigBaldBrian! I live somewhat locally to there, if you need anything in the future don't hesitate to ask! You can also get a hold of me through
  9. Hoodies & T-Shirts

    We might do another order some time next year. We need to find a new place to do the ordering from since we ran into many issues from our current place! I'll keep you guys posted!
  10. Game Day In Support of SickKids Hosptial


    Hey @marcrobbins we are doing an event! has more details. Since we are a third party I don't think they updated the website to include us but they are a very large supporter of Extra Life. If you have any other questions just let me know!
  11. October 2017 - Guild Meeting

    Updated the meeting notes!
  12. October 2017 - Guild Meeting

    This Month's Meeting: October 23 2017 - 7:30pm Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here Intro Welcome new members Updates Goal 770 Recruits signed up to play for sickkids $8,288 USD for ELTO group $51,138 Raised for SickKids SickKids Updates SickKids VS Limits launch on Friday October 27th To rebuild the hospital while it’s still operating Newest technology, creation a global database to be able to help kids across the globe. New Commercial Ads on IGN for Extra Life / SickKids including clips from EGLX 2016 Sickkids does their own mini Halloween event. Kids come down to get toys from booths. Toys vs Candy because of allergies and safety reasons. We are super close to raising $1 Million for SickKids since the start of the Extra Life program. Great Job everyone, let’s push to reach that this year! Leadership Updates Introduce our new leadership team Scott [Social Media Marketing] Justin [Volunteer Coordinator] Matt [Happiness Manager] Maria [Corporate Sponsors & Events] Jess [Admin] We are always looking for people to take on small projects! Events Adventuring Zone October 29th 2017 10am No volunteers needed Game Day Full Details Nov 4-5 noon to noon We are looking for a few volunteers [Please message @Descrier] SickKids Champion Sponsors Raffle, Hourly Giveaways, 50/50 Open to donations if anyone wants to give anything Event Attractions Twitch Streamers [ @FoxRacingGurl is looking for a few for game day please message her if interested] Countdown & Cheque Ceremony Poster Party [Message if you want some posters to hang at local shop/work/ etc.] Twitch Meetup November 18 Looking for some volunteers please message @Descrier Holiday Party Date: TBD End of Nov Suggestions were made about maybe doing it at the Rec Room Please message @GravenTheRed with any ideas Holiday Auction Date: TBD Project that Bex and Rob is working on No details yet, but keep us updated Canadian Wide Leadership call CND is coming in 2018 #HYPE We are doing a post mortem call in December. If anyone has anything they want brought up please let us know Next Month's Meeting: ?? See above for holiday party Location: Raiders Esport Center RSVP: ?
  13. Game Day In Support of SickKids Hosptial

    Join us for our Annual 25hr Gaming Marathon in support of SickKids Foundation!This year, we will be having our gaming marathon at Raiders E-Sports Centre. Join us and other gamers as we have fun fundraising in support of SickKids Hospital. There is a $5 suggested donation at the door (or pay what you can), which will grant you access to all the action inside. You can also regiester ( to raise funds or donate! Food & beverages available on site and 5% of food & beverage sales will be donated to SickKids!Special Guests:- SickKids Champion - Sharing their story about SickKids- Kate Drummond - Actress & Voice Actress (Wynonna Earp, The Division, Splinter Cell: Blacklist..) - Q&A/Mini Panel, Autograph signings, Photo-ops Bring your own board games to play or check out what else we will have on Game Day: - 50/50 Draw - Raffle Prizes (boardgames, exclusive artwork, video games, and more!) - Hourly giveaways - Xbox Ones on site FREE to play - Play Cuphead on Xbox One at the Cuphead Corner - VR Vision is letting guests play VR Consoles for a donation to SickKids - Gaming PCs available on site equipped with popular games (Raiders prices TBA) - League of Legends World Championships viewing (Nov 5 @ 2am) - Device charging station on site! ------------------------------------ Hourly Giveaways All attendees will receive 3 Tickets for every $5 entry donation. 50/50 Draw Enter to win half the jackpot! * 1 Ticket = $2 * 3 Tickets = $5 * Arm Length = $20 Raffle Giveaways Enter to win a variety of prizes! Exclusive collectibles, video games, boardgames and more! * 1 Ticket = $2 * 3 Tickets = $5 * 7 Tickets = $10 * 15 Tickets = $20 VR Vision Play the HTC Vive for a donation to SickKids! Games such as Fruit Ninja, VR Fun house, Google Tilt Brush and many more! - Hours: 5:00pm - 9:00pm * $25 = 30 minutes (Includes 2-3 games) * $45 = 1 hour (Includes 4-5 games) ALL donations raised will go to support SickKids Hospital
  14. Welcome to the Toronto Guild!

    Welcome @TBG Glad we were able to connect with you! @GravenTheRed I think you meant to say all of us are good people.
  15. Toronto Monthly Guild Meeting


    Ohhh! Thanks for clarifying @sw0rdfish. We are in the process of figuring out what we are doing for game day as a guild. I'll be sure to post the details on here and on our facebook page. We are always looking volunteers to help out at booths, hosting events, streaming.. the list goes on. If you have an idea of how you would like to help out please let us know!