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  1. Hi @Peachnkrem79!
  2. Hey Everyone! This Month's Meeting: March 22nd 2017 - 7pm Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here This Month's Agenda TBD Next Month's Meeting: April TBD 2017 Location: TBD RSVP: TBD
  3. until
    Hey everyone! We how everyone had a lovely break and we can't wait to get things rolling for this year. We are thinking some board games or possibly some jackbox games after our meeting! Raiders ESports Center
  4. until
    You looking for something to do this weekend? Do you like boardgames and/or role-playing games? A few of our guild members are heading out to Breakout Con to run a small booth! We have enough volunteers but we always welcome people to come visit if they are already attending the convention. For more info check out here!
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I would love if you guys would be able to fill out this survey for our local guild. We want to make some improvements and we need your help! Be honest and be constructive. Leadership is sitting down with our hospital reps soon so we want to make sure everyone's voices are heard. Thank you!
  6. Hey@Avid! Thanks for the help this past year, good to see you on the forums!
  7. So proud of what our amazing guild has done in the past year! I cant wait to see what we can do in 2017!
  8. Yes sorry! Raiders at 6pm !! So sorry @JamesMurphy
  9. Event posted make sure you RSVP! Once we figure out time and actual location I'll update it there and on here! We were thinking maybe dinner and some board games together but we are up to some suggestions!
  10. until
    Now that things have settled down after the holidays we wanted to get together to celebrate all the awesome things we did in 2016! Once we picked a location (Somewhere in Toronto of course) we shall update this event to match. Make sure you mark it in your calendars!!
  11. Wooo!!!!
  12. Hey guys I think we are going to do it Jan 21st! We are a bit worried about trying to book somewhere with all the holiday parties. I hope this works for everyone.
  13. @Sean Rooney you are the best!
  14. I'm guessing we never did figure out the magic behind the member status.. Still sitting at junior member *sigh* :\
  15. until
    We are going to be hanging out with some fellow Twitch Streamers and Game Developers on Saturday! We will have a booth set up to talk about Extra Life, and all funds raised by the raffle will be donated to the ExtraLifeTO team. Come out to network and hangout with us! Make sure to RSVP on the official meetup page.