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  1. From the album Planet Comicon 2017

  2. From the album Planet Comicon 2017

  3. @MedievalMelody that is fine i know you are having your booth there.
  4. Hey Guys, I have created the schedule for those who were at the Kick Off Meeting last month who signed up to volunteer. It is a small con so there will be light foot traffic so it will give the newbies some time to practice with the vets. We will be car pooling if that is ok with everyone. I don't want you do not have to waste you own gas. If you wanted to meet up at my place so you guys can leave your cars in a safe place you are more then welcome to. If you have questions or want to join in on the fun message me. The current schedule is as follows: Saturday: (3/25) 10am-5pm: Sean, Brigid, Rashida Sunday: (3/526) 10am-5pm: David, Ashley, Joseph
  5. To my fellow Extra Lifers. (Especially the ones in Los Angeles) Me and my wife will be going to E3 this year and I was wanting to offer up some of our time if you guys do end up getting a booth this year like we did last year the get people signed up. I know it is months away, but I just wanted to offer it up if you needed it.
  6. this is so fantastic. thanks for this.
  7. Do you think you will put it in the Amazon App Store. I was thinking about getting some tablets for my guild to use at events and I was going to go with the Amazon Fire tablets because of their cost.
  8. Hey there my fellow gamers, Here is the link to my OneDrive with the stream videos that you all may use for your streams. I will add more as I find them so always check back.!Aq9e8GmEA-UKkrUqR9XnXRdhu3FpLg Thanks, FinchKC
  9. I was wondering if and when the Extra Life United Highlight Reel or any of the footage that was shot at ELU will be posted to YouTube or here in the forums. I would like to use it for my streams to raise money.
  10. until

    what time is the guild meeting