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  1. I would react the same as gektek, but I don't want to steal his words.
  2. Custom Controllers

    Check out Rick's Custom Controllers. Rick made me a custom Ghostbusters themed controller. it was very well done, with new buttons and painted front and back plate. I was thinking if I had another one made maybe it could be Extra Life themed, but I never got around to checking if he could do it. I'd post pictures but I'm at work and the controller is at home. You can see examples of his work on his Facebook page.
  3. Extra Life Game Server

    I don't have Ark, but the other two, I would definitely be interested. Not that I wouldn't play on an Ark server too if I had it. Just not really buying any PC games right now, focused on other things.
  4. Next Year

    I saw a post on Facebook that said today was the last day for 2016 donations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Share your HITBOX stream!i!

    Also for me, Twitch has almost become unwatchable at home, it buffers way too much, and while Hitbox still buffers, it isn't often and I can put up with it.
  6. Share your HITBOX stream!i!

    Although I am not streaming and haven't for some time. I AM going to return and it will likely by on HITBOX just for something different. I'll be following this thread and giving people a follow, because I want other HITBOX streamers to watch.
  7. #100daysofgaming

    Actually, I had another idea. Infiniscene supports streaming to Facebook Live now I might do a test run of that, because many of my supporters are Facebook friends and don't really know much about Twitch.
  8. #100daysofgaming

    Then if I don't stream, I might at least post some YouTube videos, so you can see what the game play was like.
  9. #100daysofgaming

    I also have a unique plan for mine. This relates to another thread I posted, about launching a BBS. I've been playing a lot of the old BBS door games like I used to, pretty much daily anyway, the turns are short, because they were played over dialup often times on systems with only one phone line, so limiting a users time was kind of necessary. I have access to a server, with over 160 BBS Door games and old DOS text games, so there's more than enough of those for me to play, but since the door games rounds are short, I can play more than one on any given day. A little nostalgia, a little Extra Life awareness.
  10. #100daysofgaming

    I don't know if I'll be streaming, still don't really feel up to it at this point, some bad experiences just kind of made me not want to do it. However I said before I wanted to participate this year, so I'm still going to try.
  11. BBS Door Games

    It's just one of the nerdy projects I am working on, because I can, and I figured, since there was gaming involved in it, it would be relevant to Extra Life as well, if anyone wanted to log in and play some old school games. Some of them, like LORD I play daily myself. It's a lot of fun to get a glimpse of the way things were before dial-up and then high speed internet kind of took over, There is a guest login on there. but, to play the games an account needs to be setup. I do that because I was asked to by the people who run the servers that the games are actually on.
  12. BBS Door Games

    Who remembers BBS Door games? I'm talking about Trade Wars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon, Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, etc. Well, what if, what if you could play them again? You absolutely can. Trade Wars it's still actively developed, in fact it can run on it's own now, there are lots of Trade Wars Game Servers on the net these days. I may set one up if I am sure It will have plenty players, I don't want just one player being bored. If you haven't played it, it will probably seem familiar, a lot of the modern games, especially space games with a trading component were inspired by it. Besides that though, BBSes still do exist, over a protocol called Telnet, although they are relatively a ghost town,, and some people game up with an interesting idea, what if old door games could be run off of shared servers (and old text based DOS games too)? Well, how about you go download SyncTERM,or Qodem (modern clone of Qmodem) and point them at this one is mine, one of the projects I've been working on. Now fair warning these games are run off of servers (at the moment the DoorParty server and BBSlink) so I didn't pick them, if one of them bothers you, or offends you in any way, there's at least one that I know that might, but these are what were popular back then. I also didn't name the program I use for bulletins on the system, but,it's a fitting name that I can't say here. LOL Between DoorParty and BBSLink there are over 160 games accessible from the system,, including Zork and the old Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DOS text based games. It's a work in progress, and I apologize if you randomly get disconnected while I am working on it. I wanted to share this with my Extra Life friends, I'm sure there are plenty of retrocomputing enthusiasts around here. Now, imagine playing Trade Wars for a few hours on game day, I know I will.
  13. SuperHero Day Event @MythicalMountain

    I took the day off, so I can be there any time. I wouldn't call a Ghostbuster a superhero, but they did save New York City twice. I can totally suit up for this.
  14. Collective Con 2016

    I will be there most of the weekend, I can't guarantee exactly where I will be, and when, but I will be there. I'm getting a ride down there with a Ghostbuster (Alan to be specific) he's my transportation for the weekend. I may be helping him Friday because I think we're the only ones able to get the day off, but I'll see how it goes. Apparently, I am officially a convention guest too. well, I'm part of a group of convention guests anyway. lol
  15. Jacksonville Anime Day

    I can help, most of the day, I live really close by, and I don't have a problem paying for a ticket if I need to.