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  1. Hi Todd, I will be able to help out on Sat from 11:00 am to 1 pm for the tournament!
  2. Whew! ok Much needed updates to the Prospect list. We have trimmed it down, but I am sure there will be more adding this week. These were the events we had the most success with last year. The Leadership team is hoping to focus on just a few events this year. We will be looking for some much needed volunteers to help with each event. Check your calendars and start making plans to help volunteer. MomoCon is just around the corner, so be watching for a sign up sheet this week!
  3. Very cool! excited to see everyone again. I am looking forward to some Dragon Talons, YES!
  4. Getting some feedback from the Atlanta Guild members for the monthly meetings in 2017. Please take a moment to give your response to the poll. Feel free to provide any feedback.
  5. atlanta guild

    So I was able to sign up 10 gamers from this event. I had a lot of good conversations with each and all of them were very interested in gaming for charity. I am thinking we will have good participation from each sign up. There were 3 that were out of state and playing for their local hospital that they found on the Hospital drop down selection. So that is 7 gamers for Atlanta. While I was there I did not have Kontrol Freak stop by, but they may have been there for the evening tournaments which are the more popular. I really enjoyed my time there and felt that we had good exposure for this gaming event. I would definitely recommend we attend next year!
  6. until
  7. atlanta guild

    Hello Atlanta Guild! Welcome to 2017 and our first event of the year will be with Final Round 20 March 10th-12th. Final Round is a gaming tournament with participants from all over the world meeting here in Atlanta for a chance at prize money and bragin' rights! This is a three day event filled with action and ladder style game play with such titles as: Street Fighter V (PS4), Super Smash Bros. (WiiU), Ultimate Marvel v.s Capcom 3 (PS4), and King of Fighters 14 (PS4) just to name a few, check out the link above to see the complete list of Official Games for the tournament line up. FR20 has 889 registered participants this year for both team and individual game play so this will make for some intense tournaments! Extra Life Atlanta Guild will have a table in the Vendor Area and 6 spectator badges for the weekend. I would like to see Volunteers donate 2-4 hours of their time at the table while at the event but then your free to take in the sites. Here is a list of times that will need to be covered. Friday. March 10th: Noon - 8 pm - Kent Huffman 12 pm - 4 pm, Saturday March 11th: Noon - 8 pm - Sunday March 12: Noon - 4 pm - Again the spectator badges are covered the table is covered, the only out of pocket expense will be for parking and food & beverages. This event is at the Georgia International Convention Center near the Airport (College Park) at 2000 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA 30337, USA. Parking is 10$/day or 24$/weekend (Fri - Sun). There will be food vendors on site for you eating and drinking enjoyment so bring some cash for nourishment! With that said, please reply to this topic if your interested in volunteering for Final Round 20 with the day/s and time/s you are available to be at the table!
  8. I just keep staring at Bill Murry's hair and laughing! Love the pic Beth!
  9. Last meeting before Game Day! Come on down to Battle and Brew to share some fundraising stories and share some learning experiences with your fellow guildies.
  10. How did your Game Day go? I am very interested to see how the game giveaway went and if you think it boosted your attendance and donations?
  11. convention

    Hey Guildies! Anyone still interested in volunteering for the club table at Anime Weekend Atlanta? We could sure use the assist!
  12. Great Work Christopher! sounds like this will be the place to be for the event!
  13. until
    Anime Weekend Atlanta or AWA-Con as it is commonly known in the Geekdom. Atlanta Guild is looking for volunteers to man the club table at this event. Tickets will need to be purchased by the volunteers to attend. Here is a link to the forums post for this event.
  14. Hello Guild - IT'S ANIME TIME!, Do you have your AWA tickets purchased already? COOL and congrats, if so would you be willing to spend a few hours of your Con at the club table (for Extra Life) to encourage other Con-goers about Extra Life, CHOA and the great team up to help the kids across the nation! Your time is important and I am sure you have a few stories you could share with other Anime fans. No ticket purchased yet! Well to be at the club table you will need a ticket* and there are some 4 day, 2 day, and one day (Sunday only) available; if you want to help inform the masses of our cool Marathon Event (Extra Life) and those awesome kids are supporting (CHOA)! here is a link to the ticket purchase prices; This is another great recruitment opportunity for the Guild to get some face time with the public and get some Anime fans signed up for Extra Life. I am sure to some of you guildies this Con is your Geek fest so why not have some fun at the Con and then share your experience by manning the club table! Anime Weekend Atlanta is a great convention if your into Anime (American and Japanese) along with gaming! They have several guest speakers from your favorite anime voice actors. and if you want to check out the guest list! We will have access to a club table which means we are given the opportunity to talk about Extra Life to the Con goers and get registers for our sweet cause. We can not sell items or gather donations for Exta Life. Please lend your support by signing up to cover some of the hours listed below. Location: AWA-Con takes place at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galleria at 2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339 We have a list of times for coverage with the table and we will need to have at least one volunteer at the table: we can definitly accomodate doubling up if you want your friend, spouse, or relative to be present with you at the table! Friday 4 pm – 8pm (4pm - 6pm & 6pm - 8pm; or 4pm - 8pm) Sat 11am – 6pm (11am - 1pm, 1pm - 3pm, 3pm - 5pm; or 11am - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm) Sun 11am – 2pm (11am - 1pm; or 11am - 2pm) I am hoping for either a 2 hr or 4 hr volunteer coverage, you tell me what time and day fits your schedule and I will work my magic. *Remember you will need to purchase a ticket to be a the club table for this convention!