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  1. I went back two weeks ago and played Oblivion and, again, had a blast playing it. The only thing that I would want different from it though is that difficulty scaling. There was a video I watched where the guy explained the scaling system and how hopeless dungeons start to become if you don't scale your attributes as quickly as the game scales enemies. I felt after that video that the main way I feel like I can still enjoy that is by racing through quests and not getting distracted by random dungeons (which would level me more). Either way, I'm back in the Bethesda Universe with Fallout 4. 39 hours in 4 days and I can't stop thinking about the game, even at work.
  2. Podcast:Extra Life E3 2017 Daily Wrap-Up: Day 3

    So hyped for SotC overhaul!! Literally shaking in my shoes
  3. Welp, I guess I'm back on a Black & White binge! Thanks Jack!
  4. Gaming News:Everything You Need to Know about Destiny 2

    So excited! Haven't gotten to play 1, but I love the art style and direction, and as a PC gamer I'm certainly willing to use the BNet launcher more. I'll be playing!
  5. Gaming News:Darksiders 3 Leaked and Then Announced

    I guueeessss she could be Conquest? Either way I'm excited. Guess I need to do a playthrough of 1 and 2 again. AND There is that chance of a fourth with Famine
  6. Podcast:The Best Games Period - Episode 58 - Lair

    So. I am still trying to follow whats going on at 41 mins, ya know, the usual way the show goes--thinking I know they get off topic sometimes, but they did say they were starting to talk about the game...whats with all these weird plot jabs? *Reads description before SoundCloud embed* 2 days early--oh. *sigh*
  7. Neato burrito. I was super interested in Destiny when it first came out, but didn't have a console to play it on. I think I might join up when this comes out. Love the setting/style
  8. Really enjoying Dan's opinions on FFIX. That and his enunciation is fantastic o.o Thanks guys!
  9. I've been meaning to reinstall NMS, I really enjoyed it! I didn't progress very far, so I definitely was a casual player, but really that's all I wanted to do. Love the setting, and love the exploration. I'm big into science fiction concept art, so the whole game felt super enjoyable.
  10. Wintergatan is super neat. Found them in college a few years ago and got their cd. Great stuff!
  11. Offering Donation Raised Rewards

    Sadly all the codes expired at the end of 2016 " If you have questions about redeeming your XSplit Premium License, you can contact XSplit’s support team here. Your redemption code will not stack on top of an existing paid subscription and will expire after 12/31/16."
  12. Salt and Sanctuary speed run on AGDQ was pretty neat, been looking forward to playing that once I find time. I think I have listened to at least 80% of the podcast over 2016, thanks for the fun guys
  13. Not even 3 minutes in, so many shots at Daniel XD
  14. Podcast:The Best Games Period - How to Start Podcasting

    Great idea for an episode Jack. Hope you had a good holiday season!