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  1. Call for Volunteers: Oddmall

    Thank you, I have you scheduled!
  2. Recruiting at college campus

    Our guild has experimented with this. So far, the "volunteer fairs" have not had a great response. We maybe get 1-2 signups if we are lucky and the volumes are low. We are thinking the better option is to connect with the gaming/anime/related groups and go to them directly.
  3. Hello everyone! Our hospital advisors have asked us for ideas for giveaways (all would be customized with logos). They would like to order some for us to have at events as incentives for signing up and to help spread the word. We discussed some ideas at our meeting last night, but I wanted to put this out there to the community to see if anyone else had any ideas of things that worked/didn't work. Our ideas were: USB wall/car chargers Custom dice / dice bags (our friends at The Malted Meeple got info for us about dice) Foam swords (this one was popular at a local KidsFest event) Lanyards Buttons In the past, we've had: Foam boomerangs Pencils (not terribly popular, but cheap) Pens Color-changing cups (temperature) Folding phone stands Keychains
  4. Extra Life quick guide / handout

    Saw this while scoping the forums. Thought y'all would find this useful!
  5. Players Guide Recruitment Handout

    LOVE the format of this! I just forwarded this to our Guild's leadership team & hospital advisor. Thank you for sharing, @K8Morosky!
  6. KidsFest 05

    From the album Canton KidsFest 2/18/17

  7. Canton KidsFest 2/18/17