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  1. Thank you for clearing this up. I was wondering myself.
  2. Plane Tickets bought, Room reserved, Ready to rock!
  3. Ok, no worries. I took this one as well.
  4. I havent really started yet. My wife suggested I promise to do the Polar bear Plunge if meet my goal this year. .......I dont think so, though.
  5. I had thought I filled this out..... Was there another survey that went out for just Extra Life in general?
  6. Hi @K8Morosky. We actually have our meeting tomorrow night. I can mention it then, and I can send messages out to the group.
  7. April 6-9
  8. I would shoot an email to, they might be able to work some magic.
  9. I will say this, I do like that the JoyCon can be at least a semi normal game controler. I'm not really in to the motion control stuff. I like to kick back and plug away at game. I hope they do something different with their "Free" game of the month. I LOVE the idea of getting an old game to play....but I DISLIKE that its taken away after a month. I'm a Dad, I have Job, house, wife, lawn, etc....I got stuff to do. Sometimes it takes me more than a month to complete a game.
  10. I'm thinking thats what I'm going to do. It might be a pain to try and grab all your stuff and make it to the Air Port after all the events of that day.
  11. Odd question.....Do people usually stay until just Saturday or do they stay until Sunday?
  12. I will be there along with my wife.
  13. What does everyone thing of this thing? I was a little underwhelmed with it. I think I was hoping for less motion control stuff.
  14. Anyone have updates on Video Game Collecting? Over the past couple years my collection has grown pretty well. I still use the websites I mentioned above, but I mainly gravitate towards I have found that I enjoy more collecting games that I will like/find intersting vs. trying to collect for a profit.