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  1. I'm responsible for testing about 15 use cases across 4 different games to make sure a mod that makes changes to a game based on donations via the Extra Life site works properly. 15x4x$1 = $60. I'm not testing most alert systems. I'm testing Extra Life. Specifically, whether the Message field in Extra Life sends data to the Message field in Streamlabs, Twitch Alerts, Muxy, etc. I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish by being flippant. Does Extra Life have this test functionality or not? If not, what are the channels I should go through/what is the process for requesting the feature? I do apologize if I appeared to be disrespectful in my comment. I was unaware that you were testing something that big. I do hope that my colleague was able to provide help you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Most alert systems give you the ability to test without donating. Also, I don't think $1 would necessarily break the bank...
  3. Welcome aboard. I posted this on another post you created, but just in case...
  4. You should be able to find them here:
  5. until

    Do you know when exactly you will be able to help?
  6. This is Quauhtli "Q" from the meeting last week in Durham. I'd love to officially join the guild on the Community. Let me know what I have to do. I already set up a participant page here:



  7. From the March recap email: $9,694,148 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Looks like Steven Sober @SobeDog007 has a huge day ahead of him at Extra Life United! 12:30pm - Brawlhalla 1:30pm - Duck Game 3:30pm - Ticket to Ride 4:30pm - Rocket League 6:30pm - Towerfall: Ascension 7:30pm - Divekick Let's cheer him on as he competes to win money for Duke Children's! You can catch all the festivities started around 12:00pm today over at