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  1. BJWyler

    9-2-2017 - September Guild Meeting Reminder

    I'll be there (video conference there, that is)!
  2. BJWyler

    REMINDER - Guild Meeting - 7-8-2017

    I can make it via video conference today ...finally!
  3. Hey everyone, We have had a couple of posts in the Stream Team forum about having the official Extra Life channel running at various events and cons so that anyone stopping by an Extra Life booth can see what Extra Life is all about. I also thought about streaming from these events for the same reason. I just wanted to put that out there since we have peeps going to a lot of different events for recruitment, and see how viable something like this is for us to do, if we can make the arrangements and get it planned out before these events.
  4. BJWyler


    I got it now. Just used another e-mail address and that one got the activation e-mail fine.
  5. BJWyler


    You can count me in. This is an easy one since I pretty much log into a game every day anyway. I might not be able to stream on some days, but I'll be playing. I tried to sign up on the 100 days website, but can't get any e-mails to come through from WordPress. I think I had this problem before when a site was using WP to host some forums.
  6. Dah YouTubes is in my signature (as is mah twitches).
  7. BJWyler

    Share Your Twitch Stream!

    I have a couple of channels: Http:// This is my original one I have used the most. I stream my Guild Wars Adventure series on it now. Http:// I've started using this one now to play other games as well as promote Extra Life. This will be my primary #100daysofgaming streaming channel.
  8. BJWyler


    BJWyler here. I've been gaming on the PC since there have been games on the PC! This is my second year participating in the Extra Life event (I was a part of Team Trion last year), and am looking forward to raising even more money for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this year. I will be livestreaming the event on my Twitch channel: