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  1. until
    Our involvement is TBD, but mark your calendars - this is a smaller version of NakaCon!
  2. Not a Guild-sponsored event, but come to Squirrelys in the Northland for a charity auction, dart tournament, and to watch our Guild President, Lora, in concert with Clearly Guilty!
  3. until
    More information forthcoming, but mark your calendars for an after-PCC recruiting opportunity
  4. until
    We're having our Monthly meeting after the PCC Volunteer meeting! Meet us in the eBash gaming area at 7:30.
  5. until
    We can't officially launch yet, but we have some Cons to talk about that will happen before the official Guild Launch. Volunteers needed! Meet at SoPro!
  6. until
    Organizing the year and all events, let's chill and look to 2016! Oak Park Mall Microsoft Store
  7. until
    CELEBRATION! How did your game day go? Let's just chill and celebrate a successful year!
  8. until
    Reflections from KC Comic Con and looking forward to Planet. Free Pizza. Meet at Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall
  9. until
    Upcoming volunteer needs: KC ComicCon, (NakaCon?), Ren Fest. Come check out TableTop with us and let's get some game on!
  10. until
    Reflections from previous cons and updating Guild rules. Free Pizza! Meet at Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall
  11. until
    Upcoming events: KC Comic Con (new this year) and Planet Comicon (with eBash!) Volunteers needed! Meet at Elite Comics and grab a new set of dice!
  12. until
    We're going to brainstorm places to recruit and meet up with SoPro for some game time!
  13. until
    Goals for 2015, New Website layouts and more! Meet up at the Oak Park Mall Microsoft Store to discuss the new Guild launch!
  14. until
    Pizza party to pre-open Guild launches and celebrate a great 2014! Meet at the Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall!
  15. until
    Meeting at TableTop Game & Hobby at their new location in Overland Park (next to SoPro). Join us for our Guild re-launch as we discuss Guild guidelines, March events, Planet Comicon committees, entertainment committee, and PLAY GAMES! Also, Pizza may be provided. I'm not saying it will be, but seriously, pizza will be there.