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  1. Time for the final bosses in Demon's Souls! #SoulsChallenge #ExtraLife Marathon coming up! April 29th #ForTheKids https://t.co/3uMLljwolV

  2. I now have 1507739 points on https://t.co/xatJ8YQuev, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #453 in United States!

  3. @gektekRadio Woohoo! Thanks for the tweet my friend :D

  4. DRAGON QUEST HEROES completed! This took a while to finish lol https://t.co/eoJmGeV4y2 https://t.co/h6BNAxLz7W

  5. #SoulsChallenge Demon's Souls - Death Count: 31 #ExtraLife #ForTheKids https://t.co/Tysrv8n5GN

  6. #SoulsChallenge Demon's Souls - Death Count: 31 #twitchclips #ExtraLife #ForTheKids https://t.co/RE4MopibQM

  7. Sorry to hear that it's been meh so far! Do you explain to them that it's literally free money that you can receive? Hopefully by signing them up and downloading the games they will be more eager to play them and donate bees to you!
  8. My tip would be to tell your friends and family about the app. It sometimes helps to actually show them how to use it and then maybe they will start helping you! I have met some new friends at my second job and a lot of them have been really excited to help me out by playing these games
  9. Anyone can do it! It's so much fun and it's an amazing way to help fund raise your campaign!
  10. Hey look! You too can earn money for #ExtraLife! @ExtraLife4Kids @Good4Gaming @CMNCanada @CMNHospitals… https://t.co/GDKwEG8eEK

  11. .@BattleandBrew @Bound_By_Honor @maeglin73 come hang out with us!! :D tag anyone else you know too! #ExtraLife #ForTheKids

  12. @GRtist Yeah it did. Hell they even made an entire game after that just because of the naval battles lol

  13. Hello everyone! Get ready because our kickoff meeting is next Sunday at 7PM at Battle & Brew! We will be using this meeting as an Extra Life 101 so that new members (or returning members with questions) can come and learn about Extra Life and what our tips and tricks are for raising money #ForTheKids! Please RSVP us here: I hope to see you there!
  14. until
    Join the ATL Guild as we discuss Extra Life for 2017! Come meet your fellow guild-mates and make new connections within Extra Life. We are meeting at Battle and Brew! This will be our kickoff meeting for 2017 so you don't want to miss this! We will be giving an Extra Life 101 session and also share our tips and tricks to help you raise money #ForTheKids! If you have never been to a meeting or want to learn more about what and how we do our Extra Life campaigns then please come! When: Sunday, April 9th at 7:00 pm Where: Battle and Brew 5920 Roswell Rd A120, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 If you have any questions please reply below and myself Chris, Kent, or Beth can answer them for you!
  15. I now have 1496661 points on https://t.co/xatJ8YQuev, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #451 in United States!