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  1. Catch me Friday at 5PM EST for a #Randomized #Zelda #ALTTP for @ExtraLife4Kids #ExtraLife https://t.co/BjVfdEjSi8 https://t.co/K7vqZbfjPa

  2. RT @StarKnight2000: Overdue #FF @RufiOOHHH @Zyaldar @lanbro_ryan @BatteryH @AllTheWayJ27 @CAWZZY @FancyEpicGaming @RealMillenniumG @RiverAl…

  3. @NobleAddiction @StreamProIO @StreamlabsHQ @BeeTheSwarm It's a quick way to get a good jumpstart with your fundrais… https://t.co/08PbtNa0HE

  4. RT @RamboseYT: Woah Shop Channel https://t.co/jyma1cYRO0

  5. @aerodash84 I still need one of those :( #ExtraLife #100DaysOfGaming

  6. #100daysofgaming starts tomorrow!!!! Whose ready to take on the challenge #ForTheKids #ExtraLife ?… https://t.co/jzyLUjyupS

  7. @huff9418 Thanks!!! :D

  8. Going live tonight! Audio should be fixed :D gaming with friends and playing #FFXIV #ExtraLife #TwitchAffiliate https://t.co/1tBE0teUGN

  9. #100DaysOfGaming for 2017

    I will be participating this year as well! Although I will be doing it a bit differently than last 2 years. I wish I had the time and effort to stream a different game each day but because life hit me in the face with a bag of bricks I will have to settle for a new goal of just streaming anything once a day for 100 days. Last year my challenge was cut short because I lost my voice for several months for those that remember but I do hope this year I can keep my voice and at least game for #100DaysOfGaming! Looking forward to July 26th!
  10. @noofynate @ExtraLife4Kids Hey there!! Have you checked out my pinned tweet on my Twitter page? Feel free to take any of my ideas :D

  11. @scottyMo93 @ClubTwitch Woohoo!!! https://t.co/gLqvMX0J6D

  12. Gaming with friends! Let's play #FFXIV! Game giveaway with every sub! #TwitchAffiliate #ExtraLife #ForTheKids https://t.co/CQuKtEfvcD

  13. Thanks everyone who came out last night during my stream! Also thanks for hanging in during all my technical issues! https://t.co/jDWjoN7P6L

  14. @BatteryH We got your back! Trust me I know things are hard right now, myself included, but we're here to support each other :D

  15. @JustALizzy I'll definitely let her know :D thanks!