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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to make a feature request, if there's a better let me know! ;), but it would be sweet to have a Date and/or Time under each entry in the Recent Donations sidebar area on the right. I ask somewhat selfishly in part as I generally do a bi-weekly team stats update to the SLT of my team. And we track/build graphs tracking each year and year on year etc. Long story short I sometimes miss my exact bi-weekly date. So today to have a faithful representation of the 15ths data I go through various email and other sources to "dial back" the various data points we track to the 15th. Doing that for the donations each of my team member gets is imprecise at best. Thanks for any consideration. It's a beautiful/indispensable tool as is. o/
  2. New guy here

    This is the latest post on a guild meeting coming up this Thursday at Dragon's Lair. What is your nickname on the Extra Life San Antonio Discord..? I don't see anyone by the name "Train". <- In case you might have not joined the right one. o/
  3. Thank you for such an amazing Extra Life Team tool good sirs! Absolutely wonderful. A donation to your team is on its way as a token of my thanks. o/
  4. I haven't quite heard of this specifically until now. It sounds amazing and think we'll be looking into it seriously for our gameday event this year. o/
  5. Extra Life Marathon Overlay and Module Add-Ons

    What a great problem to have! If only they could be picked up by one of those "Investment Angel" type peeps! ;0 o/
  6. San Antonio Guild Discord

    I do want to apologize for accidentally destroying a long standing Discord invite link to our the ELSAG (Extra Life San Antonio) Discord. I was tooling around my phone and instead of going back to the previous screen it revoked it instead. There didn't seem to be any "Undo" in sight.. ;( <- New Forever One! ;0 o/
  7. Tabletop Appreciation 2017

    Fair enough. I think the one year I hosted one was either 2014 or 2015 when I think ITTD and ELTTAD were one in the same date-wise. But excellent point to show that they are technically separately occurring events. Albeit one maybe inspired the other back in ye olde day. ;~) Thank you @K8Morosky for fully ridding my mind of at least a partially false conception. o/
  8. San Antonio Guild Discord

    Givin' this a little bumpty bump! o/
  9. Why are Extra Life/CMN not on Tiltify?

    I think maybe the key word/phrase is "all the money that you raise 100% goes to the hospital you chose for your Extra Life donor drive profile". CMN is made up of many different sub-entities of which Extra Life is only one part. And that CMN pays for Extra Life's donor drive fees from money sources, what @herobyclicking aludes to above, outside of Extra Life that you, I, and every other Extra Life has nothing to do with. Therefore being able to make the 100% towards your hospital chosen statement. That's my 2.. o/
  10. Tabletop Appreciation 2017

    At this point it haz.. ..but definitely stay turned to here for next year. That is the "source" of International Tabletop Day. Spearheaded and ran by Geek and Sundry. Extra Life is one of the primary participated partners I would say. I really dig your forum avatar! o/
  11. Extra Life United 2017 Highlight Reel

    Normally I'm not one to embrace such excesses of loveyness like that heart animated gif thing. But I have to admit.. ..I had little to no natural revulsion. ;0 o/ ;~)
  12. Guild Feedback Survey!

    I meant to reply sooner but the extra time has allowed me to better and more importantly concisely relay my thoughts. I love or appreciate a good attempt at shaking things up for the betterment of a great meaningful effort.but my worry is the issue is deeper. In our case in San Antonio there simply doesn't seem to be enough willing participants left. So for us no matter the structure there wouldn't likely be enough to power it. Would it be possible to either by guild or in total send a survey to all current and former guild members with a focus on trying to discover why this might be? What the reasons and/or specific pain points were etc. etc.Any maybe be able to derive the essential issues and effect a better reorg that way. It's all kinda worrying to me. I've heard things from an average volunteer's life span being X number of years, average extra participation rates based on various geographic areas, etc. If only we could replicate what it is we have. What keeps us going and as or more passionate/dedicated than the year before. For me its part all the like minded charity gaming minded friends. That and in general terms I tend to be the adjective to the worlds nouns. Passionate about passion, fanatical about fanaticism, etc. etc. you get the idea. For what this is worth. <3 Extra Life 4 Lyfe!
  13. How do I link to ExtraLife from YouTube?

    My apologies for my streaming/videographic ignorance in advance. But. Would it let you use a url shortener or a straight up http url redirect? Or does youtube/google's logic catch/account for that..? I presume it does but wanted to confirm that. For this discussions purposes and mine. ;0 o/
  14. What: Friday Night Frenzy Gaming League at The Microsoft Store at La Cantera When: Every Friday 6-9pm @ Microsoft Store at La Cantera Where: Why: #FTK, #ExtraLife4Kids Every Friday night at The Microsoft Stores at The Shops at La Cantera members of the greater area San Antonio gaming community and random passers by come together and play games of all kinds. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Getting to know each other and forming an even stronger technical/gaming community as a result. Most notably steadfast members of the local Extra Life Community/San Antonio Guild are in regular attendance. Able to tell you all about the movement and how to participate at any level. Come game, network/communicate, and heal kids at the same time. Every week. o/
  15. Hey geographically relevant person reading this email! The Extra Life San Antonio Guild is participating in this year's San Antonio Fiesta Especial Parade. It's on Saturday April 22nd. Let us know as soon as you can so we can work out game plans. It's a nice walk and a great way to get the word out! Sign-up Sheet - o/