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  1. My apologies for my streaming/videographic ignorance in advance. But. Would it let you use a url shortener or a straight up http url redirect? Or does youtube/google's logic catch/account for that..? I presume it does but wanted to confirm that. For this discussions purposes and mine. ;0 o/
  2. What: Friday Night Frenzy Gaming League at The Microsoft Store at La Cantera When: Every Friday 6-9pm @ Microsoft Store at La Cantera Where: Why: #FTK, #ExtraLife4Kids Every Friday night at The Microsoft Stores at The Shops at La Cantera members of the greater area San Antonio gaming community and random passers by come together and play games of all kinds. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Getting to know each other and forming an even stronger technical/gaming community as a result. Most notably steadfast members of the local Extra Life Community/San Antonio Guild are in regular attendance. Able to tell you all about the movement and how to participate at any level. Come game, network/communicate, and heal kids at the same time. Every week. o/
  3. Hey geographically relevant person reading this email! The Extra Life San Antonio Guild is participating in this year's San Antonio Fiesta Especial Parade. It's on Saturday April 22nd. Let us know as soon as you can so we can work out game plans. It's a nice walk and a great way to get the word out! Sign-up Sheet - o/
  4. Hehe, yeah this has been a highly pushed for feature for a while. And anyone at ELU2017 should let the Donor Drive peeps know. I myself will be broaching that with them at some point as I have the time to break away from event duties. I know the challenge isn't so much the adding of the button on the team page website as much as what it should do. Some options I've heard floated where does a $10 donation get split across i.e. a 20 member team / among maybe the 2-3+ hospitals they cumulatively support combined and combine/sub-split that way. Or have the Team Captain by way of a consensus vote agree that when this functionality is implemented that the "Team" would formally support a particular hospital. Or there is simply a Russian roulette style thing where that button would randomly select a team member or give the donator an ability to select a person. As you can kind of see the possibilities are kinda many and varied to say the least. Especially when you factor in dealing with real money, that needs to go to the right places, as smoothly and as the donator intends. For my team we decided a most worthy team member, usually our A/V guy that manages our stream on game day since they aren't much of a gamer but have donated their time, talent, and broadcasting gear, to be the person whose link we say "Donate to the Team" in all our flyers, ads, etc. This year we won't have them so I'm planning on making a "dummy account" of sorts with accurate/real addressing info etc. so that mailings and any prizes/medals would be legitimately receivable. I certainly and wholeheartedly echo @K8Morosky in saying there is most certainly nothing nefarious/misdirective at play. It's simply a vendor Extra Life uses that has functionality we want and is working, as quickly as client/vendor software request cycles can be, to give us exactly or something as acceptably close to it as possible. We'll see how this feature if/gets implemented by game day this year! o/
  5. Looking forward to meeting you James! o/
  6. Ah got it! Nice, an entirely new gaming lingo I've learned today. w00t! o/
  7. Hey @KookyPersona! I'm pretty sure you can only do one track at a time. Each one should keep you busy enough you wouldn't have time to wander to another save maybe quick observation to see what "the other tracks" are up to. Also the site where you manage your reservation, including your Game Track selection, is listed in radio buttons vs. check boxes. Indicating that at least from an official event registration perspective you can only select one. Come event day though who knows. I'm sure there will be varying degrees of track cross-over in one or more forms. As far as last day to register goes. Other than either the week leading up to or maybe even there isn't one really as much as you buy a ticket and get in there day of. As far as I know there are still a few hundred or so slots available. But @Sapience or @DJThunderstix can probably let us know that exact number at this point in ye olde time. It is an amazing/life changing event. SOOOO much going on. Such an emotional overload in the best way.. ;0 o/
  8. W00t! That's [sic] as the kids say. Or DOPE as the kids in my generation say. ;0 ;~) o/
  9. Hmm.. is "going back to retail" a think of some kind..? A phrasic way of doing something considered not so cool as a gamer..? Or something that would warrant possibly having your "gamers card" taken away..? ;~) o/
  10. Totally. I mean going from Soulblazer to Illusion of Gaia is a mental stretch for me alone off the cuff. o/
  11. Hey @Jamisonm! That sounds awesome. I am a fan of nature and the outdoors after a fashion. I saw the Appalachian Trails showcased in CNN Heroes recently. A veteran has an organization,, where he takes vets on a 6mo hike through the length of the trails. To help heal their minds/bodies after returning from service etc. I will be keeping an extra eye on your efforts good sir! It would be nice to walk some/all of those trails myself. Love me some good hiking/climbing stuffs. o/
  12. Wow.. ..did not realize it was the third in a series starting with SoulBlazer and Illusion of Gaia. Neat! o/
  13. In the context of gaming and gaming development shops guilty as charged. Otherwise I'm more the Tony Stark variety. Minus the multiple 10s/100s of billions and good looks. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist if you will. ;0 But yeah sounds like you either have to be loaded/reasonably well off AND/OR be part of a "industry" company that pays for you to go. o/
  14. Welcome to the Extra Life Community @Beth! o/
  15. @Sapience I wondered what yall, The Official Extra Life Team, thought of sending out a mass email to the entire global Extra Life community asking to support the Extra Life Twitch Stream..? Basically hitting the following 3 points. If you aren't already a member of Twitch please signup. <-- Favorite this and visit often! Weekly Schedule - When not streaming yourself please remember to /host ExtraLife4Kids before you logoff for the day/night. How yall frame that is of course up to yall. But damn that ought to give the Extra Life StreamTeam one helluva boost!! ;0 o/