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  1. Beam Streamers?

    I can definitely send an invite!
  2. Beam Streamers?

    @dogdaytona you have been invited!
  3. Beam Streamers?

    @Viperxl007 You have been invited! Let me know if you have any questions! I am most available on Twitter @Shuel90
  4. Beam Streamers?

    It looks like there is not a way to request an invite, so anyone who wants to join let me know your beam account name and I will send the invite! I just sent one to you MajorLinux.
  5. Beam Streamers?

    I have been streaming on Beam exclusively and I love it! The community is great and I feel we have a great opportunity to get Extra Life going there! If you have any questions about streaming on Beam let me know! I have a stream team setup for Extra Life on Beam if anyone would like to join!
  6. Has anyone else played Gang Beasts? It has been a great event to play at our Extra Life events! The early access can be a little buggy, but you can push through for some good times! I also got into the multiplayer beta and it has some pretty cool features over the original steam version! I have both videos listed below. If you have played, what experiences have you had with the game? Gang Beasts Steam Version Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Beta
  7. Working on creating more content for Youtube, since I am mostly just on Twitch. Facebook! - Youtube! -
  8. Getting rid of that gamer gut

    I know these feels! Weighing in at about 350 the moment when I weight 190 only 3 years ago. I just started getting into streaming and I decided I am going to try doing a workout stream where I ride my bike and play games like Halo or some other game where I don't have to concentrate on story, jut run around and shoot. And then as time goes on hopefully I can get to the point where I bike normal for most of the gameplay but for every dollar donated to Extra Life I do 10 seconds of super speed biking or something like that! That way it gets me involved in gaming, exercise, and Extra Life, all at the same time! Obviously it won't fix all my health issues, but it's a start! Eating healthy is a big deal too, but Mountain Dew is just soo good! Keep workin at it!
  9. Share Your Twitch Stream!

    I am new and super excited!