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  1. Sorry I just have to say this on a side note but @herobyclicking you are always on point for providing much needed and useful info! Thank you for this.
  2. Was there a group in the works for going to Disney together? I would be interested in getting a group together and all heading in as one giant Extra Life United mob
  3. Finally can throw my hat in here! I will be there with all you amazing people and seriously look forward to meeting and talking with as many of you as I can to learn and listen to all your experiences. ELU 2017
  4. @InsertStrawHere are we gonna play some late night games again lol? Can't wait to see you guys.
  5. Can I request to see a picture?
  6. I share your pain in the wallet as well my friends.... Contacted Childrens of WI and they also said they would not be able to sponsor me but that's understandable. Just gonna also throw out that @Hannie731 puts together packages and knows her stuff when it comes to this planning. Personally my wife and I are trying to figure out if we will just flat out drive or if we can snag a cheap flight to FL. I was told flights tend to be cheaper around end of January/beg of Feb.
  7. Was going over to the registration page and since I am bringing my family this year I saw that i will need to sign them up as spectators, I have a 7 year old and a 2 year old so wondering if they are required to be signed up as well for the spectator pass. also....WE ARE GOING TO ELU 2017 WHOOOT, very excited to finally confirm this
  8. over 72 hours. Figured since it's the holidays it's a little much to ask and short notice.
  9. Thanks for the guidance buddy! Sent them an email.
  10. I have a problem...I did use the search bar before posting and found nothing in relation to my problem. My workplace sent a check for $2500 to Children's Miracle network Hospital on Nov 3rd, now I do not want to seem petty about this as I know the funds all go to the same place but since this did not go through my EL page then this essentially does not allow me to get credit for the Donation that I worked hard on getting.
  11. Unfortunately my daughters B-day party ran too long so I did not get to hear any of the happenings via Google hangouts. Did anyone take notes or can someone summarize the meeting for me?
  12. Not sure if it was mentioned or not in previous posts but do we have skype/conferencing capabilities? I am unavailable to physically be at the meeting but I can be there via phone call.
  13. Cant wait to see more from this event!
  14. Great podcast!
  15. I am still figuring out cost and logistics of the trip on my end. I know I need to work more side jobs since I am hoping to bring my little ones this time around. @K8Morosky group fare...that would be awesome if we can find a decent deal, else I will be driving from WI to Florida again but this time with kids.