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  1. E3 starts tomorrow, come say hi at the Extra Life booth in the South Hall Lobby!!!
  2. Hope this was a great success! Looks like a cool venue.
  3. until
    The OC Guild is partnering with the National office and the LA Guild to host a booth at E3 this year! Stop by and visit us in the South Hall Lobby if you are attending the show.
  4. He are some of the biggest challenges I foresee as the Guild program continues to evolve: 1) Feedback for Hospitals. Getting tools/support from Hospital or National in a timely manner is an issue. We have struggled to get fliers and PR materials updated with current Extra Life numbers/data. These requests are often sent back to the requesting party to generate the needed materials themselves. Requests for info/data and questions to National go unanswered for extended periods of time. The turn-around time for printed materials from our Hospital is cumbersome and we are squandering a limited supply of SWAG incentive items to try and last through another year. As a volunteer and guild leader these issues make our jobs more difficult and "less fun". 2) Feedback for National. The Community Hub is ineffective period. I understand the goal in centralizing EL Communications, however it just hasn't worked. Our other social media accounts (Facebook, Discord) consistently reach a greater audience and elicit more interactions than the Community Hub does. EL should continue to explore other options to enhance the Community Hub and experiment with alternatives as well. 3) Key Takeaways. Expand Guild's core function? I think many Guilds (including my own) already struggle with the current core functions of Recruitment and Brand Messaging. I feel that adding additional responsibilities may dilute our effectiveness even further. 4) Guilds 2.0. New Leadership Structure? I'm not too sure it matters what their titles are or how many ways you divide the responsibilities, most Guilds will continue to struggle to fill these leadership roles. Since the inception of our Guild, most leadership posts have changed over 3-4 times. I agree that new leadership is vital for energy and new perspective, but constant turn-over doesn't send a good message and can cause confusion and attrition. My suggestion would be to develop guild leader/member retention programs. 5) Key Takeaways/Guilds 2.0. Formal internal recognition/award program? I can see this having some value in incentivizing Guild participation. However, I think it would be a shame if this took away resources that could be used elsewhere. This may look like a list of complaints, but I hope it is interpreted as objective criticism to spur positive change. I currently don't have a lot of concrete ideas on how to address these issues but I'd be happy to participate in brainstorming/planning sessions moving forward.
  5. Check your email!! I sent out notifications to Volunteers who were selected for E3 just a few mins ago. Send any questions you may have my way and I'll get the answers from corporate. thanks! -Dean
  6. Hosted the OC Guild to play some arcades and pinballs!
  7. From the album OC Guild Events

  8. From the album OC Guild Events

  9. From the album OC Guild Events

  10. From the album OC Guild Events

  11. I know one of the show organizers (Preston Burt). Please tell him, "Herbertsmart/Dean from the KLOV forums says hello"!
  12. Long shot, but here goes . . . I'm finally completing the Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4. I'm stuck and need help. Don't want to look it up on youtube or a fan site as that will spoil too much for me. I can't get the Power Armor out of the glass cylinder where you install all the star cores in the Nuka World Galaxy Zone. I don't know what to do, and there is no way I can just leave a cool set of Power Armor just sitting there Thanks for any help!
  13. Game Night this Saturday! Hope to see you there
  14. E3 E3 E3 E3!!!!! We are partnering with Extra Life Corporate, and the Los Angeles Guild to staff the Extra Life booth at E3! If you are interested in volunteering fill out and submit the form linked here: https://goo.gl/forms/pExdH3NbX1R2FE0F2 ... The application will be active for 10 days, final schedule will be done by 5/22 and you will be notified shortly thereafter of your shift. For volunteering you will receive a complimentary E3 badge that will give you access into the convention for the week, as well as an exclusive Extra Life t-shirt to wear during your shift. Corporate has also reserved us a couple of hotel rooms to help accommodate any volunteers working shifts on multiple days. Contact me if you have any questions. thanks! -Dean
  15. Visit our discord server: https://discord.gg/NaYnC8n and ping Robeadactyl (Robbie Kelley). He is one of our D&D gurus.