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  1. 24 Hour Marathon!!

    The big day is finally here!! The LA Guild, in partnership with our friends in the OC Guild, Just us League of Awesome and Populace Gaming, will be hosting a gaming party for the official Extra Life Marathon on November 4th and 5th. More details will be added as the event is planned.
  2. LA Tabletop Appreciation Day at CHLA

    Join the Los Angeles Guild for 12 hours of board games, and our September Guild meeting. The event will run from 9am to 9pm at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
  3. Strategicon Gateway


    We will not be attending Strategicon, unfortunately Convention management has not replied to our request for booth space this year.
  4. IndieCade

    We have been asked to return to IndieCade again this year at their new location in Little Tokyo. Booth Details and number of passes are still being discussed with event organizers.
  5. Art Splash

    This event is still tentative. We have made contact with the event organizers but a booth is not confirmed yet.
  6. Nerdbot Con

    This event is not confirmed, we are still waiting to hear back from event organizers.
  7. LA County Fair

    We have confirmed booth space at the Esports Gaming World section of the LA County Fair. Multiple event details are still being negotiated.
  8. Strategicon Gateway

    We are still waiting to hear back from organizers about booth space at Strategicon. Eboard will update this post when we have confirmation.
  9. Long Beach Comic Con

    We have confirmed a booth at Long Beach Comic Con at the Long Beach Convention Center. We are still negotiating the number of badges we will have with the convention organizers. Sign up sheet will be available soon.
  10. Participation Contest 2017

    I am pleased to announce that the Guild will again be sending three members to Extra Life United next year as the annual prize for our Participation Contest. The Eboard decided, because of the magnitude of this reward, to add two additional requirements to the contest for the annual prize. Eligibility for the United trip requires: In-person attendance at 3 monthly meetings and participation in 3 convention recruiting events.
  11. August Guild Meeting

    Join the Extra Life LA Guild for our August planning meeting. We will discuss plans for several upcoming recruitment and social events. Meeting will take place at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in the Herkolz Conference room from 4pm to 5pm followed by an optional TableTop gaming event. The Meeting will be streamed to the Guild's Twitch channel Hope to see you there!!
  12. Guild RPG Campaign

    Great! @Vitalitycross, @Alana Luna, @layezazn, We can probably start playing next week if we can find a time that works for all of us. Tuesday and Wednesday nights work best for me but I can make other times work, if need be. Please, let me know what days/times work for you. While we're figuring that out I've attatched PDFs of the main Dungeon World book and Character Sheets so you guys can start thinking about what class you'd like to play. Also I've built out a basic game set up in roll20 for us. Fair warning, you'll need to set up an account with roll20 to join the game, if you don't already have one. Play_Sheets.pdf Dungeon_World_(color_1up).pdf
  13. Guild RPG Campaign

    Something that’s been floated in the guild several times is the idea of having a guild Role Playing Game campaign. I think this is a great idea and I have some suggestions/plans about how we should play. We should use roll 20 and stream our play. For those who are unfamiliar, Roll 20 is a virtual tabletop platform that lets people play games like D&D online. We’re so spread out in the LA guild that physically meeting up for a RPG night would be really tough. Also its easier to stream stuff this way compared to trying to set up cameras wherever we might meet up My second suggestion is that we play Dungeon World instead of an edition of D&D. I suggest this not because I have anything against D&D per se, but because Dungeon World is less intensive in terms of prep time. We have a bunch of D&D vets in the guild and at least two DMs but most of those folks are already involved in campaigns so asking them to take on another one will probably get us nowhere. Also Dungeon world was released under a creative commons license so we wouldn’t all need to buy the books to play. I’m including some videos of Dungeon World campaigns so that you guys can get a feel for the game. Dungeon World on the fly Goofy Version (Short) Goofy Version (Long) Finally I volunteer to DM/GM the campaign.
  14. AX Debrief

    Lots of good stuff guys, here's my responses and some of my suggestions. On the topic of recruiting the crowd, I feel like @Ashenlily did a good job of mentioning and describing Extra Life often while MC'ing the tournaments so that people at least left the tournament learning something about Extra Life. It also felt like most of us working the booth at least tried to reach out to people as they walked in but with such a large crowd it was challenging to catch every single person. Improvements to booth layout might have helped with that; having entrances/exits better defined would have made it easier to control the space. As far as the crowd hurting turnout/traffic I think its a trade-off. Some will see the crowd and be turned off and avoid the booth but others will want to come see what's going on. One way to mitigate the negative side of this could be to shorten match length and consequently tournament length so that we don't have the crowds hanging around as long. I think the number of stations at the booth ended up being a result of what guild members volunteered to bring and how folks wanted to contribute. We had a list of gear that we wanted to have at the booth and we only almost got everything we wanted. Specifically, I think we wanted to have a retro set up with like a Retron 5 or something but nobody offered one up. We also had volunteers who had some good ideas about how to 'work the con' that didn't involve working at the booth which resulted in us getting some cool stuff for kids at CHLA but maybe would have made it difficult to keep an eye on another console set up. We probably could have found a way to rotate games at the Switch station though. As for the booth layout and not having walls I don't totally disagree but you might be surprised how much that venue charges for tables, chairs and stanchions, I know I was. The Guild should definitely invest in extension cords and gaffer tape so we can run cords safely at booths and have more set up options. Which brings me to my suggestions for improvement. More people working - we didn't reach our goal of 5 guild members per shift which made it tough to just keep an eye on all the gear much less actually engage with booth visitors. Clearer direction - As an Eboard member this one is on me as much as anyone but part of the reason some of the parts of the booth didn't work out in my opinion was that people working didn't know what to do with them. In the future we should have a clearer plan for each part of the booth and make sure someone is covering each booth section at all times. Let visitors stack raffle tickets - We typically offer booth visitors a choice of either donating or registering to receive one raffle ticket. In the future we should offer them a raffle ticket per for each thing we're asking them to do. So a person who both registers and donates gets two raffle tickets for example. Stephen Krusel, Secretary - Extra Life Los Angeles
  15. Guild Location Demographics

    Now that E3 and AX are over we're going to start reaching out to local gaming related businesses so that we can have recruiting and social events at venues other than CHLA. We want to look at places that are located near where guild members live first. To do that we need to get an Idea of where you guys live but we definitely don't want to collect your personal addresses for obvious reasons. So if everybody would just add the Neighborhood of LA or the city in LA County you live in to the following sheet that would be helpful. Stephen Krusel, Secretary - Extra Life Los Angeles Guild.