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  1. Hi everyone! I'f you didn't get the message through Extra Life communications, we are having our 2017 Guild Kickoff Meeting at in the South Tower Lobby at Beaumont in Troy, MI from 6pm to 8pm. There will be food and bring friends! Looking forward to a good year for Extra Life. Let me know if you have any questions! Hope to see you all there.
  2. Hi Chyph3r! I'm Jason the president of the Detroit guild. Apologies for not responding sooner, March was crazy for me (going to Extra Life United and all). The past year was rough on our guild, but we are definitely ramping up for a big 2017. The guild system is going to get changed up in the near future to alleviate some of the problems it has now. We are going to be relaunching the guild for 2017 in the near future and would love for you to be able to make it! Shoot me an email (username @gmail.com) too, so we can directly contact each other or if you have any other questions!
  3. Hey Chris! I'm Jason, the president of the Detroit guild! 1. As long as you are signed up for Extra Life proper, you're all set. 2. The Extra Life official game day is Nov 4th. Whether that day works for you or not, you should definitely stream your marathon if you have the means. In fact, a large portion of participants do. 3. Donations are largely taken online through your fundraising page (once you sign up). There is an offline donation form should you receive checks or cash, and there are specific directions for such things. 4. We are currently working on plans for 2017. If you have ideas, let me know! We will be having a guild relaunch meeting for 2017 in the relatively near future. 5. Teams are meant to bring a group together under an umbrella with a single $$ goal OVERALL. If you have a group of friends that would be interested in participating, I would consider creating a team. Teams will generally fundraise for a single hospital, but larger teams (e.g. Reddit, Rooster Teeth) will be fundraising for multiple hospitals. Whatever you raise, goes to the hospital you choose. Definitely shoot me an email as well (username @gmail.com) so we can get directly in touch for events and meetings, and let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Hi everyone! If you live in or around Detroit, come by Activ8 Gaming Lounge in Ferndale on April 26th at 7pm for our guild re-launch party. We are excited to get started this year, and have some awesome things in the works. We have an amazing local hospital (Beaumont in Troy) that needs our help! Come and meet some awesome people, eat, drink, and play games! FTK.
  5. Jason from the Detroit Guild here. I'm actually able to go this year! I'm definitely looking to share a room with 4. I looked around and found some pretty good rates at a different Disney resort though.
  6. Nope, I didn't spend all afternoon budgeting to find the funds for this.