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  1. Meeting Notes July 2017

    I already spoke to Finch, but I'll post here too: I'm going to help at First Fridays in August! I'll be at Pawn and Pint at 6pm. Also, hopefully I'll finally be able to make it to the August meeting!
  2. Meeting Notes June 2017

    I won't be able to do Ren Fest at the booth, but my band is performing the October weekend so I will be on site early and late if anything needs anything for set-up, tear-down, etc. Have we spoke to Jill about getting a new tent for Ren Fest? Also, I have copious amounts of garb if anyone needs to borrow anything for a costume!
  3. Meeting Notes May 2017

    Not sure if I will make the June meeting, but sign me up for any shift at Lego BrickFest and any shift for KantCon as long as I am done before 5pm on that Saturday.
  4. Maker Faire

    Maker Faire at Union Station Finch and Brigid Derby will be the point people for this event, so please see them with inquiries. We'll be "selling" handmade items for donations and recruiting for Extra Life.
  5. Meeting Notes April 2017

    I will not be able to do an official shift at Maker Faire, but I will be on site the entire weekend should anyone need anything, have questions, or should there be an emergency.
  6. heartandthesynapse vs AllthewayJ

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    If this isn't the best picture of me in existence....LOL
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  19. KU Med Girls

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  21. In 2016 I received emails every time someone made a donation to my page. Now, in 2017 I am not. I cannot find in the settings where to sign up for such a feature. Can someone help me?? Thanks!
  22. Not Receiving Donation Emails

    I've already done this. It only allows me to check to receive alerts about upcoming CMN Hospital events...which I have checked already. I already looked there before making this post I'm emailing support today.
  23. Giveaway Suggestions

    We have had great success with dice. We've also had those rubber bracelet things and those worked as well. We've wanted to try buttons but haven't. We've discussed giving out buttons that say "I registered for Extra Life" so people wear them and others ask about them at cons...but we haven't done it yet. Lanyards seem to be popular with other vendors at cons but we haven't tried them for us. We usually just do dice.
  24. Tournament Sign Ups

    I didn't get anything either so I am guessing no
  25. Wave Clarification

    short answer: they won't. I have also sent you a PM.