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  1. This video gave me the feels again.
  2. Updated the agenda for tonight... as some new stuff came out in the last few days. Cheers,
  3. May 25th, 2017 6:30PM 628 Madison Ave Albany NY. Join us for the May Guild Meeting. Agenda (will be updated as we get closer to the meeting) - Guilds 2.0 - Pokemon Walk - Volunteers Needed Electric City Comic Con - Saratoga Comic Con recap - Numbers so far! - Albany Guild Game Day (where are we at, inviting other guilds) - Extra Life Event in Albany - Old Business - New business - Game Time!
  4. until
    Join us for our monthly meeting! Food should be provided.
  5. Hey Albany, Last meeting was pretty productive and we have a lot of events coming up that we could use some volunteers for. May 6 - 7. Saratoga Comic Con (used to be Chase Con) June Albany ComicCon Spring Edition July Electric City Comic Con (Schenectady) July 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk (Washington Park Albany) May or June Epic Guild Game Day... Details will be coming soon. The dates of all the Comic Cons are currently up in our calendar if you need exact dates. Please note that the Pokemon Go Wlak and the Game day still don't have dates just yet. If you want to volunteer to help recruit people at these events, please let us know here! Cheers,
  6. So, on the site, for offline donations it states that a tax receipt will be mailed for donations over $250. What about donations that are under $250. The school I work in is going to do a little Donation collection for Extra Life... and after the money is given, they need a receipt. So, just in case they don't raise over $250, how can I make sure they get a proper receipt? Cheers,
  7. I know this is a little late notice and I apologize for that. April Monthly Meeting Thursday April 20, 2017 Albany Med Foundations Office 628 Madison Ave Albany, NY Agenda Welcome ELU Recap Setting up the 3 Comoic Cons ITTD Rasberry Pi "console" for the Booth Kit Brainstorming Hartford Guild ideas (doing something fun together) Old Business New Business Gaming
  8. Tense, tense, tense game! Everyone at this table is a force to be reckoned with in small world.
  9. This smile is hiding the ton of stress and anxiety of trying to figure out how to play gang beasts.
  10. This was a tough game. Not as tough as the finals though.
  11. BE AWESOME HARTFORD! Enjoy the hell out of that event and sign up all the people! Don't forget some of the ideas I passed over to Harrison. Especially about the Retro game thing.
  12. Eh, I wouldn't know how great it is just yet.
  13. Hey Springfield-Holyoke! President of the Albany Guild here. I am reaching out, because I have a pretty crazy idea that I am currently formulating. I met up with a lot of people form the Hartford Guild at ELU, and well in the two days that I have been back, I am coming up with something that might be interesting. So, if someone from leadership could PM me that would be AWESOME! I looked to see who was Pres, VP and Sec here and I didn't find them listed! Cheers,
  14. No, the Albany Pres isn't lurking in here. I would never do such a thing. I just wanted to leave a shout here to everyone I met at ELU in the Hartford Guild. You guys and gals are top notch. Serious, you have to class in your ranks! And finally, though I was cheering loudly with you all at ELU, congrats again on the winnings. Seriously awesome job guys. Now I just need to convince Albany to make a serious showing next year! Keep in tough, and know that Harrison and I are already talking and planning some things together. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cheers Folks!
  15. OMG Dave posted too!