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  1. We are less than a month from what is going to more than likely be our largest and busiest event of the year. Last year alone we signed up nearly 100 people and im sure we can/will do even more this year. That being said, between running tournaments, helping patrons sign up or just interacting with them and informing them of Extra-Life, and allowing anybody who may just need to step away for a few minutes a break, we need bodies! Anybody who is willing to come out and commit some time to helping out Saturday or Sunday, please let us know. Setup and the vip event is Friday evening, I should be able to handle that alone but if anybody really wants to help they are welcome to for that as well. Include what day and time.
  2. Lucky you, I think ive actually gotten worse! I have noticed with all the games that sometimes it doesn't show I've earned any bees or that I even have any, then all of the sudden they all appear at once.
  3. I feel your pain, I'm not really having any luck either. Been showing to my friends, coworkers, family, guys at my fire company, twitter, facebook, mentioned during my streams, anybody I can think of..and response has been next to none but I'm gonna just keep on trying and see what happens. Oh and Congratulations again Zyaldar.
  4. @BeeTheSwarm I believe I registered during this period, is there something I need to do to claim my bees that I'm missing?
  5. March 20th, 2017 Attendance: Ryan(president), Ben(vice president), Jon(Secretary), Danielle(CMN Director), Wesley 2017 Kick-off Event 2.0: Will be held on Tuesday, April 18th at the Game Table Cafe with a starting time of 6:30. 4900 Carlisle Pike Hampden Center Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. http://www.gametablecafe.com/ CMN covering cost of cover charges and food for the establishment. Danielle to talk with Tom(owner) about advertising the event to his regular customers to draw in a larger crowd for the event. Ben is going over and reworking the powerpoint to help with its flow and make it go smoother Harrisburg Comic-con 2017: May 20-21st at Harrisburg Mall Attempting to have ad placement in event program Have been making attempts to get in contact for possible size and location of space to begin making plans and arrangements for whatever supplies we may need, as well as getting mentioned that we would be in attendance and hosting tournaments posted on the website and facebook pages for the event, however our attempts to get ahold of them have been unsuccessful. Similar to last year, 2 tournaments per day with open gaming in between is the current plan. Definite titles are: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (possibly done twice with different rules pending interest) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) Injustice 2 (Ps4) High score challenge (via Raspberry Pi) Various other games and consoles were suggested for the open gaming or possibly for tournaments as well. Danielle had a letter typed and sent out to businesses to try and obtain donations for prizes. Miracle Party: April 17th Ben and Sarah are handling running the event, however may be late and Jon is available as a backup if needed. Additional comments/events: The CMN telethon will be held on Monday June 5th this year. There will be no check presentation this time around, Ben was most disappointed to lose his chance of being on TV again. Ad and Flyers for Zenkaikon have been submitted. Allison will begin posting Extra Life related events on the Public CMN page so they may be seen and shared with anybody, whereas any created in the Extra Life FB group are locked to group only. The Kickoff event will also serve as the April meeting, the May meeting will be on May 15th and we have booked the Meeting Room at the Giant in Camp Hill(will post address as soon as i get it) to see if having it there instead of the Med. Center gets a better turnout for Guild Meeting Participation.
  6. Attendance: Ben(Vice President), Jon(Secretary), Sarah, Wesley, Danielle(Children's Miracle Network Director) Meeting did not begin until roughly 7pm due to excessive traffic flow in Hershey Danielle kicked off the meeting by showing a video about miracle child Deven Jackson that had received main stream coverage (recommend you take a moment to watch): http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360/0ap3000000746261/NFL-360-Heart-of-a-Giant Also mentioned the partnership with CMN and Duracell and their new commercial, which you may have seen on T.V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cECyJ4KN76Y Current Numbers were revealed(as of today): $33,077 with 371 members We are averaging 150 actual participants with about $89 per person. At this time we are around $4-5K down what we are last year, but still a few days left to get those last minute funds and add any offline donations that haven't been submitted yet. Extra lifer, Alex Altland will be doing his 24 hour Marathon beginning this Thursday thru Friday view-able at: https://www.twitch.tv/voidstormtv, Shout outs were given to everyone who came out and participated at the 25 hour event at Play-n-Trade as well as hosted their own events that weekend. Several Events for 2017 were discussed We are currently booked for: Harrisburg Comic con 2017- May 20-21st Nitty Con 2017- September 23-24th Possible events: Jubilee day 2017 Central PA comic con- April 1st-2nd Motorama- Feb 18-19th (The leadership had privately discussed passing on Motorama due to lack of interest from attendees of event, however it was suggested if we were in a better location than perhaps we would have more luck, Danielle's contact looking to get us a spot off Maclay street entrance) We were invited to participate in the "Miracle Party" by Danielle(sent via email after the meeting)- " i’m not sure if you’ve been invited in the past, but I wanted to share an opportunity for the Guild to participate in our annual Miracle Party. It’s a fun-filled day for our miracle families. A great representation of why you do what you do on behalf of Children’s Miracle Network. The party is the Monday after Easter, April 17. We’d need someone to be there from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (lunch is provided). It takes place at The Hershey Lodge. This would truly be a great way to just interact with our families. I know it may be difficult for your work schedules, but maybe this is a great way for Guild high school students (who will likely be off school) to participate" Any interest please let us know Other events will be added as announced Alongside these events was discussed the status of the guild, concerns are arising about lack of interest and availability outside the leadership and the same 1-2 members to attend meetings and assist with events. Under the Extra-life guidelines, there are term limits for leadership and lack of people to step into those rolls in concerning. Changing day, time, and location of meetings have been suggested and we are looking for any and all input in this matter from EVERYONE! Some suggestions were Monday nights instead of Thursdays, as well as changing locations from the Med Center to the Giant in Camp Hill that has a room available for use. We are aiming for January 23rd for the 2017 Launch event, A request has been sent to the national office for some sort of representation. More information on this will be coming as we have it.
  7. September meeting: Attendees: Ryan(president), Ben(vice president), Jon(secretary), Alecia (CMN Representative), Wesley, Clayton Status of supplies: Canopy is great, fliers have been ordered for gameday, earliest next week, Low on handouts as well. Discussed unloading the stock of xb360s at Just Press Play in Lancaster to add towards donation total and Tournament Prizes. Events:- Lots of interest at foodstruck. -Consolecon scheduled but issue with Venue, delayed indefinitely(most likely spring). -Save against fear: Best western Premiere Oct.14th-16th. -Game Day: Parental forms for kids under 15 other than play-n-trade approved regulars. -Smash bros Mario Kart and retro tournament returning. -Giant request sent but no reply received so far. Alecia stuff: They talked about extra life, when someone signs up, give them a "info packet" ,info about how to set up page, fundraising tips, miracle kid stories and other stuff. 217 gamers signed up so far: down 6%, down 22% in fundraising $7405 raised as of meeting.
  8. until
    When: November 5th-6th 10am to 10am Where: Camp Hill Play & Trade 3437 Simpson Ferry Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Why: The Big Day, Come join your fellow guild memebers for 24 hours of gaming all while trying to raise money to help some kids! Feel free to bring/invite your friends and family as well. Bring your games, your consoles/PC's and something comfortable to wear because we're buckling in for a 25 (yay daylight savings time) hour marathon this year ladies and gentlemen! Drinks and food will be provided throughout the day, but bringing your own is also welcomed.
  9. August 2016 Meeting Attendance: Ryan, Ben, Jon, Wes, Clayton Supplies: EZ-Up(waiting on Alecia), running out of the bookmark fliers, go with more tri-folds instead. Recent Events: Ryan attended First friday in Lancaster himself, had to leave early due to lack of help + interest from crowd Upcoming Events: Console Con: Lancaster Clipper Stadium, couldn't get in for free, price $125 Date: Oct. 22 What the foods truck: York, food trucks(beer!!!), Date: Sept.4th setup 8, start time 1030 Save Against fear: tabletop gaming, Ryan contacting them up again. Date: Oct.14th-16th First Friday: September 2nd, Ryan looking for at least 1 additional person. Game Day: Nov. 5th (70 days away!), Ben has left messages and gotten no responses, gonna stop by physically. (update!) As of Friday, Ben physically went and spoke with someone and HAS gotten confirmation for the venue for Nov.5th. Access to building will begin at 10am Saturday(or whenever the employee gets there.....) to 10am Sunday morning. Alecia has secured drink donations from Pepsi for the event and was looking into food donations from Giant, Ben had also spoken to Karns about a similar donation. Way Future Events: Harrisburg Comic con '17: We have been invited to return for next years event which has been relocated to the Harrisburg Mall in the old Boscovs, Jon is already bugging Ryan about making sure the paperwork is filled out and submitted. Zenkaikon: The convention continues to allude on its Facebook page about soon opening up applications for vendor spots, if anybody actually frequents the page and sees them officially taking them, please notify Ryan, Ben or Jon.
  10. Sorry for late notice, but don't forget there is a meeting tomorrow at the Med Center in room 1305A which I think is over in the Injury Prevention/Child Safety room if memory serves me correctly (Ben or Ryan feel free to correct me)
  11. I apologize for the delay in the posting of the minutes from our last meeting. Unfortunately, a few personal and professional issues came up afterwards and I had been distracted. I will be sure to have these posted for you guys in a more timely manner in the future. June Meeting Minutes: Date: June 30th Location: Room PG154 Attendance: Ryan(President), Jon(Secretary), Alecia(CMN rep), Brian, Wes, Chris -Old Buisness: -All supplies ordered arrived and look great! Banner & tablecloth look great, thanks Alecia! Table also purchased and looking into a canopy. -Launch event: went really well, several new members attended. -Harrisburg Comic Con: Tournaments turned out well, Smash especially and got a lot of attention, 75 sign ups! largest event to date!. Organizers plan on having a 2nd year and giving us additional space! -Jubilee Day: Went great! thanks Wes, Chris, and Brian. 17 sign ups total! -Future Events: -First fridays, Ryan would like a second person to attend with him. -Save against fear: oct 14-16th, holds a gaming tournament..Best Western, East park drive. - Nittany Con: State College September 25th. Almost 2 hours away. Is this too far out of our zone? -Game Day: Check with Ben about securing Play and Trade as venue -ConsoleCon: Oct. 22 Clipper Stadium Lancaster -Other Stuff: -Paper sign up sheet is tedious...lets try to use the App more if we can. -Possibly hold occasional meeting outside of hospital, ex: Your Place right across the street. -Save Point wanted something from us, Jon will figure out what. -Ben's Message: -In ohio, thanks to everyone for coming to Jubilee Day and Comic Con, thanks to Jon for Picking up my Slack. July Barren for events, tablecloth bit big for table, its all fun and games til someone loses a finger. -Alecia's Notes: -We're right on track with what some of the larger guilds are doing. 1/2 of meeting on fun/games, 1/2 on actual meeting. 131 gamers currently signed up under Penn State Childrens hospital having raised $5885 Goal is $40,000/400 gamers. Video goggles for M.R.I cost roughly that amount so may use that as fundraising platform.
  12. Reminder that this is tomorrow. Unfortunately Ben will not be sticking around due to illness (will be there long enough to drop supplies off and maybe set up). Wes, I'll leave that up to you..u think we've all seen that the wiiu is more popular and gets more attention than the 360 bit if you don't wanna go through the process of packing yours, mine is still in my car to be used if we desire. The only thing I would recommend everyone bring if they have one is some sort of folding chair..I have a couple but not many and it's a long day...so if you wanna sit down at some point..you might want one...
  13. Depending on the number of Smash players I would start off four person match and then when it gets down to the last four or eight go to 1v1
  14. Thursday June 16th is jubilee day in Mechanicsburg, one of the largest 1 day street fairs on the east coast, and we will be operating a table during the event. Ben has already committed to the event and my participation is questionable, however it runs from 10am-9pm. That is a long day for two people (not including setup and teardown), so if anybody else is able to participate please let us know. Obviously, not the whole day is required, even if just for a few hours would be a big help.
  15. i will more than likely be there for the entirety of the day saturday, just wanted to give others the chance to step up and help.