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  1. That's quacktastic! I'd not call fowl on that. I guess we're birds of a feather. ....I'll show myself out.
  2. I believe @dogdaytona plays on HIS server most weeks during his spot on the official Extra Life channel as a member of the community stream team. I am sure he would love the company!
  3. Hey @Jay, I am 100% positive that @MajorLinux had no intention of offending, I'm sorry you felt that was the case. You'd be hard pressed to find someone here who is intentionally rude. We are friendly community that just want to help . Extra Life (or rather DonorDrive that manages donations for CMN/Extra Life) in an of itself doesn't have a means to "test" this in the manner I believe you are suggesting (allowing dummy donations or some such?). If you are using StreamLabs, and either launch your widget URL or place it in your broadcast software you can test to see if your donation alerts are working by using the test option in the application. Once you add your participant page info to one of these tracker apps it will connect to the JSON and trigger once an actual donation comes through. I assume you have already done this correct? If you are curious or have the moxie to develop your own alert application, you can see how to grab the JSON data (http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/1934-capturing-your-extra-life-data/), which StreamLabs does via an Extra Life integration, however I don't believe Muxy currently has one. That said, you can adjust your StreamLab's alerts to display or disable the message portion of a donation. Other folks have developed donation trackers and alerts as well in the community forums (http://community.extra-life.org/forums/forum/100-extra-life-json-code-discussion-sharing/). I know that fellow community members @SupeRaven and @djotaku are likely far more knowledgable regarding these things and can likely answer additional questions if using StreamLabs does not work out for you. In the end, if you need further assistance you can always open a ticket with support@extra-life.org.
  4. Whew. Finally, a CoD set in WWII.
  5. This probably a good edge case to send to the support team. I assume they would be able mail them a receipt if requested it from the support email, but shoot an email to support@extra-life.org to be sure.
  6. Hello @Cire730! You can display your Gamertag or other handle by going to your "Dashboard" > "Edit Your Page" > select the box under your name that says "Show another name on my fundraising page and in search results" > add the name you wish to appear > save your page. Let us know if that helps!
  7. Gooooooo gooo gooo! I was lukewarm to the NES Classic, but this, this is a must.have.
  8. until
    I am hosting a tabletop event!
  9. Also contact your hospital rep and local guild! They often have resources and materials to help with events. Let us know if you need further assistance with this or contacting your guild/hospital.
  10. There is obviously an interest in creative means to raise money for Extra Life! Though I am sure we can appreciate that corporate sponsorship is handled through an entirely different channel. Inevitably business development inquiries would be sent directly to the team via support or directly to a managing position with Extra Life/CMN (which would be accomplished via a support ticket). In the mean time I am sure Liz @DJThunderstix Aponte or Michael @LeaveIt2Beaver Kinney would be able to field some of your general inquiries here.
  11. Hello @DJPRS! Let's ask @DJThunderstix if there are active members/guild leadership in AZ currently. Many guilds are active in their respective areas, though they may not frequent the forums that often. We will make sure you get in contact with local Extra Lifers!
  12. Hello Peter, This is probably best sent as a ticket to the team. Sorry for the trouble but please send this inquiry to support@extra-life.org. Thank you!
  13. This is awesome! I know the Minneapolis area guild is is no longer active as far as I can tell.totally active, just ask @Jack Gardner. Let's see if we can boost the frequency here! @DJThunderstix, do you have any contacts @Brent-Ceminski can utilize?
  14. I know @lexifatale used to do this. Not sure if anyone was doing this previously.