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  1. Well said @K8Morosky! How did I know you would get to this before I would ;). Your frustration is understood @zopie, and if this thread is any indication, one that is noted. If you ever have any additional feedback, issues or questions be sure to send a message to support@extra-life.org.
  2. I know the hate was strong on this one, and I have yet to really dive into the previous base building update, but I like what I see. <shrug> Now only if I had more time...
  3. Good to meet ya @DjJazzyJeff and welcome to the community site! If you are interested, we are beginning to feature the Extra Life Guilds on the Official Extra Life Twitch channel
  4. Hey @ClemClementine, I will echo Sean and Marcus here, and be sure that Liz @DJThunderstix Aponte is aware of your interest. The Extra Life team is in the midst of Extra Life United so focus is currently on that, but I am sure she will touch base at some point. (Also it is worth noting, I am not an employee). As Sean mentioned, I would encourage you to check out our team of community streamers for the Extra Life Twitch channel (twitch.tv/extralife4kids). If you are interested in joining this great group of folks, head over here:
  5. I just got my paraglider. I gave my 5 year old the controller and he had a blast. We lit dry grass, skeletons, explosive barrels and ourselves on fire and could not stop laughing. He later told me to chop down the trees, I said you couldn't then I tried. Let's say clear cutting small forests is oddly rewarding. Loving it!
  6. We may have another thread elsewhere, but being Switch Day, I thought we should have a good repository to share our Friend Codes! SW-5072-7855-7121
  7. In spite of mixed reviews I have read through this morning, I am still pretty excited about the system (though some trepidation has snuck in, we'll see post patch if there are improvements). Mostly due to this indie game announcement.
  8. Yeah. I know , I was being a goofball. I will be sure to add you. Unsurprisingly I am herobyclicking on Xbox Live.
  9. Platform? I mean, yes I have this and welcome other players.
  10. If you haven't registered yet, the deadline is March 1st I believe! Hope to see you there!
  11. That's great! You might want to reach out to the LA Guild too if haven't already. @Nevik and @T3CHW0LF should be able to help. http://community.extra-life.org/losangeles