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  1. Here's one that might be worth asking...will the 2016 donation links continue to work/accept donations in 2017 prior to when we are able to re-register?
  2. This community has really done a lot more for me than anybody can ever realize. So many wonderful people coming together to raise funds for kids. I wish I could reach out and hug every single one of you! Happy Holidays all! <3
  3. Last I heard things were still up in the air if Skyrim would 'really' be on the Switch or not. After seeing more of the new Zelda I commented to my brother, "Who needs Skyrim...that Zelda game is Nintendo's version of Skyrim anyway".
  4. WHY??? I had things to do this evening!!! But...but...I need to gather catnip for muh kittens!!! *sigh*
  5. What sort of stream and what sort of group?
  6. hehe...guess mine wasn't pretty enough...
  7. goodies is free goodies!
  8. UBI is amazing...get YOUR 30 days of goodies too!
  9. If I were to guess, I would say November 4th. Seems a smart move to keep the 24+1 theme going and that is the date of next years daylight savings change. To repeat though...this is just my guess
  10. You should be able to... Visit and log into your account Visit Change whatever you want on the dashboard and click "Update" Bring in lots and LOTS of donations for Extra Life
  11. Personally...I would suggest if you are playing a super popular game such as League of Legends or World of Warcraft I would list myself under Extra Life. Listing under the popular games has a tendency to "drown" your stream among the thousands of others playing the same thing. If you are playing a smaller title or an indie or a retro game I might try listing under that title as you will certainly attract the fans of that game in particular. That being said, there are a lot of Twitch VIEWERS (those not streaming anything at all) that do know about Extra Life and enjoy watching 24+ hour streams AND want to donate to help the cause. These people will more than likely be hanging out in the 'Extra Life' category. Just my two pennies really...
  12. Some do...some don't. Streamer preference really but I'm sure there will be quite a few listed there
  13. Alas, I cannot take credit for such an awesome beard as I did not make that video. One @Daddywarrbux is responsible for the video...and the beard
  14. Does this help? -
  15. Sometimes chat just doesn't work. The way I get it to work is (unfortunately while stream is up and running) to unselect the overlay (so it 'goes away') then select it again. This in effect refreshes the overly as well as chat. On the very rare occasions I have had to do this 'refresh' multiple times but usually chat will pop up after the first attempt. NOTE: I don't use XSplit, I use OBS...but the process should be similar.