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  5. Why can we not make TEAM donations?

    THE ISSUE is: If you send people to your team page, and they see that BIG GREEN DONATE button in the top nav, they will donate to the event and not any of your team members, and thus your hospital does not get the funds nor does your team get credit for bringing in that donation. Don't get me wrong, at least the money will still go to the cause, but it makes it hard as a team captain to pull in donations for or promote the team itself, rather I end up just having to link my own page to everything. This ends up being misleading when someone is coming from my companies website. SUGGESTED SOLUTION - BIG BLUE DONATE just like individual's pages but when you click it, it forces you to choose a member of the team to donate too...
  6. CyberPower PC Extra Life Event

    dang, something came up I can't make this, so sorry.
  7. Extra Life Open Guild Tournament!

    I will download OverWatch this weekend, add me on BNET myrddincrow#1111
  8. CyberPower PC Extra Life Event

    I should be able to come in the evening probably around 5pm. FYI I accidently RSVP'd as an anonymous guest, my bad please ignore.
  9. *Orange County, CA* Team STR-CAST of is looking for more team members to join us in hopes to raise more money for CMNH this year than the last! We are located in Orange County, and would love to network with others supporting Extra-Life in the area. Please contact us at or ask to join our team STR-CAST! Samson Lancaster Editor-in-Chief / Host Strength in Gaming / STR CAST Video Game News, Reviews & Comedy for Adults