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  1. until
    International Tabletop Day at Midgard Comics
  2. until
    Place holder for Walker Stalker We'll have 4 badges. 2 Shifts per day 10-2 PM 2 People 1-6 PM 2 People
  3. Hello Stodd, just finished a 72hour stream trying to raise money for Boston children's hospital. I work at MGH nephrology lab and currently studying for MCAT. Found out about ExtraLife and am trying to get more involved. Looking to join the Boston group if you'll have me.


    Kind Regards,


    Michael Charara

    Twitch stream:

  4. until

    Its not very.. You may be able to get there in some combination of T and Uber..
  5. until

    NOt sure the badge situation untill i check in Friday. Plan on turning them in Saturday evening. Last year they gave us a bunch of wristbands as well as our badges, so wait until Sat to figure out if you need to buy a Sun Badge I'll probably head out that way around 1 ish 2 PM arrival. Floor is open from 4 - 9 PM.
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    Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled
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    Scheduled Thanks. Scheduled Thanks
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  10. Will Amelia @Oporotheca be in tow as well or shoudl I just schedule you? Absolutely. What's your sisters name?
  11. Supermegafest Calendar Event And just like that we have another confirmed event. Supemegafest 4/7-4/9/2017 Shifts and schedule are up for Sat and Sun. I will go out and set up on Friday and man the table that evening if anyone wants to join me. We will be going with the table top/non powered edition, seeing that the area that the comp tables are in are usually not powered and thankfully due to some other outside forces, we we able to finagle power last time, but don't want to push our luck this time. So this con we will highlight the table top/card/dice game possibilities for Extra Life.
  12. So I also have 5 other outsiders that volunteered for this. So for now, this is on hold till I hear back how many people they need.
  13. On top of our booth there, the Anime Boston staff has asked if we'd be able to lend a few hands to assist with running the Saturday tournament. This is the tournament that our table gets mistaken for every year. So we are putting it out there to see if 2 of you folks woudl like to assist them from approximately 1- 4 PM. This would be totally seprate from any shift at the extra life booth and you are not required to do both. So if you're interested in going to Anime Boston with a free weekend badge, like video game tournaments, and are willing to give them a few hours help in turn for the badge. Let us know.
  14. Anime Boston Calendar Event Once again, we have space at Anime Boston. We can have all hands on deck, as many badges as we need. So volunteer away. I set only so many shifts, but on Saturday, we can never have too many people. Comes with a weekend badge to AB.
  15. Northeast Comic Con Calendar Event Volunteer Shifts are up and awaiting..