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  1. Overlays compatibility with Extra Life Alerts

    Thanks for the information. I was doing some research and I configure my overlay with, I have disabled my alerts there and I configured the alerts on Streamlab as you said. I could create a extra life goal on Streamlabs too.You got a option called "Donation Goal", I think I can use all systems to create my best configuration. Thanks for the help.
  2. Request Background Image

    Hey Thanks for answering. I was checking this part, I think I will have to explote my creativity!
  3. Overlays compatibility with Extra Life Alerts

    Thanks for your answer Ashenlily, I've enabled the alert on Streamlabs with my Participant ID. Last question: this is just for alerts?, I mean, Can I see my last Donor, my current Extra Life goal, my total raised, etc?. The important is the alert to know when someone is donating during the Stream.
  4. Hi People!!!, I'm writing to ask you for help. I want to improve my content for my Extra Life project and I'm not good with photoshop images. I've attached an image from Extra Life Facebook here, I want to use the whole background image but without the boy. ¿Is there any way to get the template or someone can edit it for me, please?. I want to add my image to promote my fundraising page. If you know how to do it let me know, I use Gimp to edit images. Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Hi Everyone, I received my first Extra Life Donation! (really Happy) during my stream Yesterday but I realized when I checked my emails. I was using an overlay from I love their overlays but they don't have Extra Life alerts. I was using in the past, it has Extralife alerts and tracking goal but last time wasn't working well for me so I switched to Strexm. My question is: is there any other overlays system with Extra Life Alerts to use or to request to add these alerts?. I don't want to lose the opportunity to thank when someone is donating while I'm streaming, I didn't find out much alternatives. Thank you in advance.
  6. What is everyone playing?

    Hi guys, I'm a PS4 player, right now I'm playing The Division (got my first platinum), Trying to finish Bloodborne and trying to get 2 more platinums on Mortal Kombat X and Tales from The Borderlands. When I finish those guys I will start to think about a new one. There are good titles as Overwatch, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, etc.
  7. Thanks!, It's good a start to get my first platinum
  8. Gamer Reverie: A Gaming Blog

    Hi there!, first congratulations for your Wedding, I follow your blog right now. I understand your connectivity issues but I'd like to tell you something about it, if you cannot Stream videogames, try Stream IRL content and see if you can Stream it without issues. If you cannot Stream live, try with offline content too, I know there are important differences for your followers but they can still watch you or try with a mix of both and see what happens. Today we got a lot of alternatives, Social Network, Youtube, Blogs, Twitch, use all the tools on your scope. Good luck!
  9. What are you excited for?

    Hi there, E3 was cool. I saw really good games as God of War 4, AC Originis, Days Gone and Bioware's Anthem looks awe for the new Xbox One. I'm starting as Streamer. Working to get my first viewers.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I like Gimp and I see I can do cool stuff just with patience and creativity.
  11. Stream Overlay PS4?

    Hi guys!!!, Just to add more information to this topic. I stream with PS4 remote play, I believe this is the best way to use custom overlays, logos, messages and play with PS4. I use my TV to see and play the game, my joystick is connected to my PC working via PS4 RP, OBS is taking captures from PS4 RP and sending it to Twitch. PS4 RM is a good alternative for PS4 players, I recommend it but I think that Sony must work on some improvements. Streaming is a common thing these days. My suggestions: - PS4 RM uses internet access and OBS too, this is not a LAN (internal) access between devices like your printer, computers, etc. - Get a good quality connectivity. PS4 remote is good to stream but not to play unless you have a good connectivity, it consumes much bandwidth and it you play when low quality you cannot see correctly the screen and probably would give you headache. HD quality is the best option. - Use cables with your PS4 and computers, Wireless connection is erratic with PS4 RM because it consumes much bandwidth. If you don't have alternative, use your PS4 and computer close to your wi-fi modem, router or whatever you have to avoid obstacles. - When you are using PS4 RM, you cannot share from your PS4, be aware of that, you have to use OBS. The advantage here is you can close your game, change it, use spotify, record video from your computer, etc and your stream won't stop at any moment this is the main disadvantage streaming from PS4 directly, it is prepared just for simple stream.
  12. Hi all, Leaving my Twitter!
  13. Share Your Twitch Stream!

    Hi all, Sharing my Twitch too!
  14. Welcome! Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, I'm Patricio or Patrick whatever your prefer, a variety and new broadcaster on Twitch. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I recently joined to Twitch to particpate on Extra Life for the kids, I currently play in support of Boston Children's Hospital. This is a real challenge for me because I don't have much followers and contacts, I have to work from the beggining to acomplish my goal. When I'm not Streaming\Playing, I'm in University finishing my carreer, working, etc. If you want to help me, please follow and share my channel to your contacts. I leave my personal accounts below. Twitch: patricio_tv Twitter:@Patricio_240805 Instagram: patricio_tv
  15. About extra life

    Thanks guys for the information. Much appreciated.