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  1. Welcome to the San Juan Guild!

    Hi Puerto Rico, My name is Patricio, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to invite you to watch Extra Life channel each Tuesday at 7 pm EST in SPANISH or each Friday at 9 pm EST in ENGLISH. I hope to see you there!. Regards. Hola Puerto Rico, Mi nombre es Patricio, soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Me gustaría invitarlos a ver el Canal de Extra Life todos los Martes a las 7 PM EST en ESPAÑOL o los viernes a las 9 pm EST en INGLÉS. Espero verlos ahí. Fuerte abrazo!
  2. Extra Life T-Shirt Graphic Designers

    I think that @herobyclicking or @allthewayj can answer you about that.
  3. Dad and Daughter teaming up!

    it's beautiful. I love it!
  4. Feature: Review: Outlast 2

    Good review. Thanks for sharing
  5. Here you have an example:
  6. Boston Team

    Hi all, I found this community forum recently, I'm playing in support of Boston Children Hospital. I would like to change my current team and join me to a team related to Boston's community, I don't have any contact with my current team, no problem to change it. I'm in contact with Nikki Benoit to try to reach other Streamers of this community. Tomorrow I'm Streaming for Extra Life channel for second time at 9 PM too if you want to know me. I leave you below my personal information if you need to check my profile. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you in advance. Twitch Twitter Instagram Youtube
  7. Extra Life team issues

    Hi there, it's a good catch! but I couldn't find out her profile. I can see her fundraising page but I couldn't find a way to be in touch with her or other member of my team. No Twitch profile, Twitter, email, DM, etc. I don't know how foreign members can contact between them. btw thanks for your help.
  8. Tag Your Gaming/SM Accounts!

    Hi Community, I don't know if it's too late to leave my information here but I will. If someone want to stay in touch below you have Social Accounts information, I'm trying to reach people playing for Boston Children's Hospital to share information, events, play together, talk, etc. Thanks! Twitch Instagram Twitter Youtube PSN: Reloadedantrax
  9. Reach other members of my hospital

    Awesome, this can help me a lot!. Thank you!
  10. Extra Life team issues

    Hi there, Thanks for your answer, to be short, all you said is that I want to do with my team but I don't know if my Captain knows I'm member of her team. I tried to see if I can contact her via Extra Life but there is no option to send messages or something like at least I couldn't find out any. I joined to my team because it was the first I saw, there are a lot of teams but I don't know on which one I should join/fit. I will try to investigate more about how others teams work about apply to Extra Life channel, I did it. I'm waiting to finish the review process. Thanks a lot for your answer!!!
  11. Reach other members of my hospital

    Awesome, thanks so much for the answer!
  12. Hi Guys, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question but is there any way to know who else is playing for the same Hospital like me?. The idea is trying to get contact with other Streamers playing for the same community, viewers, etc. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, how's going?, I'm streaming all weeks to try to reach my personal Extra Life mini goal, I started some months ago. I'm member of the #BradstreetNorth team but I don't see any good result to be member of a team. I cannot be in contact with other members of my team, I don't know what they are doing and they don't know what I do. I don't know if I'm in the correct team or not and more. I feel that I'm trying to get donations alone, there is not any organization to do streams with my team together, share schedules, events or something like that. I want to ask if you have the same problem and how you fixed it, I don't see any advantage to participate in a team. I want to understand the best way to improve my streams for Extra Life, I got viewers in each stream but they are not Extra Life viewers, they donate sometimes but they are not part of the community, it would be easier if I can share viewers, events, stream, etc. with other teammates on Extra life. My viewers know I'm member of Extra Life but they see me just like an isolate streamer doing charity because there is a official Extra Life channel with their viewers participating there and I'm streaming on my personal channel with a different kind of viewers without any viewer from Extra Life. I want to do more things for Extra Life but I don't see a live channel to be in contact with other streamers\viewers on Extra Life as Discord for example. If someone wants to give me feedback about it, please feel free to do it. Thank id avance guys and this game is not over!
  14. Help grow our community on Twitch!

    Done guys, I have added Extra Life to my autohost
  15. Overlays compatibility with Extra Life Alerts

    Thanks for the information. I was doing some research and I configure my overlay with, I have disabled my alerts there and I configured the alerts on Streamlab as you said. I could create a extra life goal on Streamlabs too.You got a option called "Donation Goal", I think I can use all systems to create my best configuration. Thanks for the help.