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  1. Those are great! We can maybe get a tablecloth for conventions and stuff. That'd be awesome. Thanks a ton for the info hayley! we probably wont be able to order them before the 16th, but maybe we will make some sort of decision at the next meeting!
  2. Great! @Th3Cap3 getting fellow gamers involved is a great idea. I know sometimes it's a little weird asking friends to sign up, and they probably know tons about it so you don't need to have a whole spiel. If you are with them in person bring up the app, it takes almost no time. @Hayley. thanks a to. For those prices! I'll try to find some promo stuff. I have some pamphlets lying around but there is a ton of stuff available if you look around at some of the pages on this website.
  3. Hey all! So I was brainstorming and I had a few ideas for how to spread the word and raise some money. 1) Birmingham extra life guild shirts that say "Ask me how you can help!" on the back 2) Business cards with "What we do" "How to join" and the website on it so we can hand them out if people ask you "Wait what is extra life again?" and you don't have a few minutes to explain (pamphlets are nice, but business cards are easy to carry around) 3) I mentioned this in another post, but half marathons at a local store to help spread the word. Let me know if you have any more!
  4. We could do a 12 hour marathon one weekend this summer? Sort of as a recruiting event if we can find a public place to do it. Back in philly there was a store called "Gamers Heaven" that had board games and video game consoles set up and they let us have the back of the store for 24 hours and anyone who came in learned about extra life. Or we could do a 12 hour marathon just at someones house and stream the whole thing to talk about extra life. It'd just be good to spread the word!
  5. Hey! I'm Dylan Funk (dilelefant on everything. also I am dilelefant#1338 for anyone wanting to play heroes of the storm. I play too much). In terms of gaming I do a bit of everything. I have an xbox, ps4, switch but I also play PC. On top of that I also play board games.This is my seventh year doing extra life and I am so excited. I live in auburn (so kind of far away). I am also a member of the official extra life stream team so starting next week I play on the extralife4kids twitch channel tuesdays from 7-9pm ET. Xbox: dilelefant twitch: dilelefant ps4: dilelefant steam: dilelefant battlenet: dilelefant#1338 PS @DJThunderstix I dont have the picture sorry!
  6. Thanks for making that! I also made the Facebook group if anyone wants to join it!
  7. Yeah something like that would work! I'll ask a few friends. Look at a few of the other guild logos to get an idea but I think Vulcan is good.