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  1. Fliers and stuff

    Hey guys I got a table at Pokemon to hand out stuff but I don't have anything to hand out. How do I get them? Thanks. William.
  2. Promotional materials?

    Hi, this is my first time, so sorry if I ask a lot. I was offered a table at a Pokemon event but I don't have any fliers or anything to hand out. How do I get them? Thanks. William.
  3. Welcome! Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! I am posting on behalf of my son, William. He's about to turn 12. Ever since he was five, he's had a passion for helping the less fortunate, especially sick children. He loves gaming, and when we heard about Extra Life at our Pokemon tournament, he knew this was the cause he wanted to support this year. He doesn't have a stream or twitch or anything yet, as I have no idea how to set up that kind of thing. I got an e-mail for him regarding the guild, so I look forward to him getting to know y'all! So far, he has raised $290, and his goal is to break his previous record of $1800. Feel free to let us know what we need to start doing or prepare to do!