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    Hey guys and gals, James Enmon here. Some of y'all may recognize the name, others may not. For those that don't, I'm Victoria's brother. Just wanted to stop in and say hey, and we will be there at ELU again this year. I would love to meet every single one of you, because y'all are carrying on, and growing, Tori's legacy. My family will be there with shirts that say "Tori's family". So if y'all see us, please come say hi. This means so much to my family and me, and we can't wait to see everyone!!!
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    I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers! Edit: added fireworks
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    We’re kicking off the “Design our T for a trip to E3” contest for the 5th year in-a-row! The contest is simple - submit a design for the Official Extra Life 2017 Platinum T-shirt and if your design wins, you and your best bud get airfare, two nights at a nearby hotel and passes to E3 2017 as Extra Life's special guests! Here's a complete list of the perks: Your design will become the official T-shirt design of Extra Life 2017 and end up in the closets of thousands of Extra Lifers A free* trip to E3 2017 in Los Angeles, CA on June 13-15 for you and a friend (includes airfare and a two night stay in a nearby hotel), two passes to E3 2017 and some new threads featuring your design. When people ask where you got such awesome apparel you can point to your brain and wink at them Your design will be inducted into the Extra Life T-shirt Hall of Fame HOW IT WORKS Register to participate in Extra Life 2017 here. Only designs of registered participants will be considered. Download and review these documents in full for submission details. Design Guidelines_2017.pdf Terms and Conditions_2017 Final.pdf 2017 T-shirt Contest_Required Submit your design here by Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST. The top designs will be selected by the Extra Life team and subject to voting by Likes on Facebook starting Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 12:00pm PST. Voting closes on Friday, May 12, 2017, at 12:00 pm PST and the design that garners the most Likes wins! The winner will be contacted and announced the same week. QUESTIONS? If your question is not answered within the Design Guidelines or Terms & Conditions/Official Rules documents, please leave a comment below or click here to email us.
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    This is my 6th year doing Extra Life and for the very first time, my daughter is joining me for the full 24 hours. I asked an artist friend of mine to help illustrate an idea I had to commemorate the fact that we're doing this together. The final result just moved me beyond words and I wanted to share. It's a perfect capture of us as the gamers we are, participating in something bigger than ourselves. My gaming handle is bread_man and she is blueberrytoast and you probably can tell what our favorite games are by the props.
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    It’s hard to image that just a few short months ago, the Extra Life community gathered in Orlando for Extra Life United! Whether you brought home big money for your local hospital or not, the people we met and the memories we made remind us that this is not game over for the sick and injured kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Relive your #EXTRALIFEUNITED experience (video below)! We’re working hard to make Extra Life United 2018 the best yet – be sure to visit to sign up for updates as soon as they become available! We cannot thank you enough for coming to Extra Life United and for being a part of this amazing community! For The Kids, Mike, Liz, Jeromy Team Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share with a video covering basic concepts for joining and using the Extra Life community site: Signing up for the official Extra Life community site Following relevant or important forum posts Posting your Extra Life events on the official Extra Life Community Calendar Is there something else you would like to know more about? Let us know!
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    Hey everyone! I've went ahead and made a Discord server for Extra Life United! This will be a great place to find new friends to meetup with down in Orlando, as well as a place to practice some of the games beforehand. If you aren't able to make it to ELU this year, you're still more than welcome to join! For those of you who don't have Discord, it's basically skype and text chat rooms for gamers. You can also install it on your phone, so when you're at the event, you'll be able to stay connected! It comes highly recommended from yours truly.
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    So I put together a quick stinger (transition animation between scenes) for the upcoming Extra Life day and thought I might as well share it with everyone. I use a transition time at frame 42 or around 700ms but you can adjust according to your preference. I've put the link below to download it so you can use it on your own live stream. If you use it and want to show your appreciation just drop a few dollars onto my EL page: Enjoy!
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    3rd year here, still flying solo for the most part. Should have some friends popping in here and there. Last year, the highlight was getting a hug from a coworker of mine when I beat a boss in the Master System version of Shinobi. I've never seen him so happy. Going to stay family-friendly as in years past, but there might be some games like Contra or Street Fighter II thrown into the mix. Probably lots of NES and SNES overall just because those are my jams. I will have my 4 lav mics all prepped and ready as people rotate in and out, just gotta test them all again. Invested in a new mixer for this year, too - should make things a lot easier. There's a small chance Ill be participating in a 3-way Super Mario Sunshine race (most shines in 90 minutes). I really hope that happens! And I might do some dumb Kerbal Space Program stuff again. I'm also doing two 12-hour sessions with 15 minute breaks at the tail end of each 2 hour block. Good for the ol' bathroom and food breaks, plus actually moving around is kind of important. I'll kick it all off with a good breakfast on Saturday before the 10am start time, then things will just unravel (in a good way) from that point on. Should be fun times for a good cause.
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    This'll be our sixth year gaming for CHOP. Right now I've taken off the whole week including the weekend of the 25 hour event just to prep everything. Test streams all week to work on the bugs and try to prevent any repeat disasters. Our fourth year doing this as we went live at 10am about 85-90% of our equipment somehow got jolted and fried. Thankfully the streaming pc was safe and the show limped on while we made an emergency run to Best Buy. So yeah, testing all week to prevent that again. The night of one last stream with the whole crew to shake things down then it's off to bed and Jesus take the wheel at 10am. Well have a full compliment of caffeinated beverages and snacks to tide us through the day. Also we've come to the realization that we're getting old so now we have power nap times to keep everyone perky through the day. We can't wait to go at it for the sixth year in a row and really hope to smash our donation total from last year!
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    This is my 2nd year participating and this year I'll have a handful of friends joining in to help. We're planning on going from Saturday morning through Sunday morning, there's a good mix of video games on deck but I'm tempted to follow with some of the other posters here and mix in some board games and some physical games to keep from getting too stiff (though I'm not sure what the best way to get those games on Twitch would be). I haven't thought it through enough to have food planned, but juggling hearthstone and cooking (or more likely, hearthstone and online delivery menus) is probably the way to go. Our Tentative Game List Playerunknown's: Battlegrounds Overwatch Super Smash Brothers: Melee Tekken 7 Street Fighter V Civilization VI Hearthstone Dota 2 Party games (Speedrunners, Move or Die, etc.) Board games (Codenames, Dominion, Avalon) Your suggestions! (Always looking for more co-op/survival games)
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    Wow, it's been a while since I've been on the forums. I should hang out here more often, eh? So, how am I going to spend my game day? Well, I'll probably wake up bright and early around 5am and go for a mile or so run to get energized for the day. I'll head home, eat some breakfast and get my battlestation setup with necessities like a big old gallon jug of water, a bunch of bananas and apples and, of course, my set of gold & silver medals to hang from my desk cabinet door. Then, it's time to get gaming around 8am. I'll boot up the old PS2 and start diving into whatever game I'm working my way through at the time. I'm trying to beat 'em all, so this is a great opportunity to crush a couple of 'em! I'll likely get up, stretch and have a short walk around the basement for about 5 minutes each hour to keep the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Surely, around the 2nd 2am, I'll probably have some issues keeping the heaviness out of my eyes, so I might just have to bust out Karaoke Revolution and sing my tiredness away (badly, I might add). I'll keep digging for those next 6 hours and finally emerge from my cave at 8am on Sunday, take a nice shower, hop in the car and head over to the in-laws to greet my wife & kids after the day of gaming is done. Looking forward to completing another game day and raising more dollars #FTK. Good luck, everyone!
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    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. The Extra Life Helper has been updated for 2017. The big news is that the Helper just got a complete refactor under the hood. I'm happy to say that it is now a pure JavaScript application and no longer requires the Flash plugin to work! Besides a few visual tweaks, it looks and works the same as before. It's just a lot easier to setup and use. And it runs much faster and is more stable. In addition to removing the Flash requirement, I snuck in a few new features: Add your own custom donation alert sounds If you don't like the sound of the cash register and kids cheering when a donation comes in (I'm addicted to hearing that sound after 5 years) you can drop in your own mp3, wav, or ogg files and have them play instead. Donation alerts show donation messages If a donor included a message with their gift, it will now be displayed in the Helper. Add your own custom JavaScript code that fires when a new donation comes in If you know JavaScript and want to run your own code when a donation comes in, that's now possible. I added this because I wanted the HUE lights in my office to flash each time a donation came in but not make that part of the Helper itself. So I use that hook to make a call to my light bridge. If you have similar smart devices in your home, or a remote API you want to make a request to when a donation comes in, now you can. Please note: Previous versions of the Helper will continue to work in XSplit but will no longer work in OBS Studio as of right now. I highly encourage anyone who has used the Helper before to get the latest version. Instructions and download link have been updated: Enjoy! - bread
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    Guild Toolkit Looking for a place for the latests guild kits for your Extra Life Guild? Well, look no further! You have arrived. The toolkit contains a large selection of assets for guilds to use including: Extra Life Guild Booth Kit Fully approved banners and table covers of various sizes and for various fabrics. Each has a location to add the local Hospital Logo if so desired. There are US and Canadian specific versions of these assets in this folder. A French version of the Canadian assets for use in Quebec is coming soon. 4'x8'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 4x7_FABRICION_FINAL 8'_TABLESKIRT_FINAL 8'x4'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_VINYL_FINAL Also included in this folder: Elevator Speech (30 Second Pitch)_2017 Extra Life Talking Points Offline Registration Form_Extra Life (Use these form for recruiting people to Extra Life at events) Offline Registration_Input Walkthrough Important URLs Extra Life Multimedia Kit Great resources to help you support your guild's efforts!
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    Thanks for all of the hard work and HOURS of dedication this past year! You have a lot of celebrating to do and we have a lot of work to do to make 2017 the best Extra Life year yet. Please share your feedback with us as we look to level-up the Guild program! Guild Feedback Survey:
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    He are some of the biggest challenges I foresee as the Guild program continues to evolve: 1) Feedback for Hospitals. Getting tools/support from Hospital or National in a timely manner is an issue. We have struggled to get fliers and PR materials updated with current Extra Life numbers/data. These requests are often sent back to the requesting party to generate the needed materials themselves. Requests for info/data and questions to National go unanswered for extended periods of time. The turn-around time for printed materials from our Hospital is cumbersome and we are squandering a limited supply of SWAG incentive items to try and last through another year. As a volunteer and guild leader these issues make our jobs more difficult and "less fun". 2) Feedback for National. The Community Hub is ineffective period. I understand the goal in centralizing EL Communications, however it just hasn't worked. Our other social media accounts (Facebook, Discord) consistently reach a greater audience and elicit more interactions than the Community Hub does. EL should continue to explore other options to enhance the Community Hub and experiment with alternatives as well. 3) Key Takeaways. Expand Guild's core function? I think many Guilds (including my own) already struggle with the current core functions of Recruitment and Brand Messaging. I feel that adding additional responsibilities may dilute our effectiveness even further. 4) Guilds 2.0. New Leadership Structure? I'm not too sure it matters what their titles are or how many ways you divide the responsibilities, most Guilds will continue to struggle to fill these leadership roles. Since the inception of our Guild, most leadership posts have changed over 3-4 times. I agree that new leadership is vital for energy and new perspective, but constant turn-over doesn't send a good message and can cause confusion and attrition. My suggestion would be to develop guild leader/member retention programs. 5) Key Takeaways/Guilds 2.0. Formal internal recognition/award program? I can see this having some value in incentivizing Guild participation. However, I think it would be a shame if this took away resources that could be used elsewhere. This may look like a list of complaints, but I hope it is interpreted as objective criticism to spur positive change. I currently don't have a lot of concrete ideas on how to address these issues but I'd be happy to participate in brainstorming/planning sessions moving forward.
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    Super excited to see some of this implemented. I can't remember if I made it through the survey when it came out. One thing I'd like to mention regarding tools is, in our case, we're working a lot of conventions and big events. The cost is too high to have full trade show level setups, but it's really important to have a visually appealing booth with some "attention grabbers" (in our case we use a prize wheel and candy/swag). It would be helpful for Extra Life/CMN to arrange for major metro area Guilds to have some more professional looking setups, or at least provide the ability for our hospital or volunteers to purchase promotional items and booth setups at a volume or nonprofit/charitable rate. We're great at talking to people, but we need to get them to our tables/booths before we can pitch to them! As a side note related to that, shying away from the "24 hour" part of the gaming marathon copy on signage would be helpful. There are some people who get really hyped about the challenge of staying up that long, but just seeing that text prominently placed on standees has been a pain point and deterrent for some people. Tablecloths and standees often get completely covered by people that come to talk to us, also. Having some sort of tall banner setup for above our heads would be really useful. We're working on rigging up our own creative solution here in Baltimore, but it's far from professional looking. As much as I can explain things away with "this is a charity" and "we're volunteers," the reality is that having a professional appearance and appropriate materials available for people that visit the table goes a long way in building credibility with someone who has never heard of Extra Life.
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    Hello my name is Robert Sullivan I live in Canada and I'm the big brother of Steven Sullivan the national Canadian champion child and I have a minecraft server made for all you minecraft players it is in 1.8. if you would like to be staff add me on skype its on my page . I will try to keep it up 24/7. Ip:
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    There was a discussion about a knee cap breaking policy, if all 25 hours were not played. But I hear it did not test well in the beta markets. . . . This is completely a joke. The game time works on an honor system. If you do want to log hours, so people can donate related to time played, you can update the overview/story section of your page. Also all money you raised is donated to your hospital, regardless if you meet your fundraising goal or your amount played.
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    Hey all - I've been working on a little handout that can act as a quick start guide for anyone who has just signed up for Extra Life. It's a compact little guide with great input from some of our most active and dedicated members. It can be printed as a one-sided full page, or front and back of a page to create two long-ways half sheet that can be folded in half for a quarter sheet size. Feel free to use it whenever you recruit! @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver, feel free to review and offer suggestions. Special thanks to everyone who provided quotes! EL Players Guide - Print front&back for 2copies.pdf
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    Plane Tickets bought, Room reserved, Ready to rock!
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    Incredibly well put. I will add bring patience and flexibility as well. Also, be ready to miss the kids, their families and other participants like crazy until next year.
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    Honestly, just come with an open mind and an open heart. Nothing can prepare you adequately. Some of the most fun things that have happened at ELU were not pre-planned at all. I suspect that will be the case again this year.
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    Just signed up and can't wait to go see you all down in FL!
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    Signed up and ready for my second ELU! Can't wait to see all your beautiful faces again, or for the first time! Hopefully I find another Miami member to come along with me!
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    Hey everyone, My name is Connor, last year I participated for the first time by streaming my participation of a 24 hour marathon session, and raised more than I expected. This year I'm trying to improve on that experience by offering up donation milestones, a spectacle, task, or condition every $500 or so, to incentivize donations. I've reached out to friends for suggestions which resulted in the work-in-progress list below, and would love to hear any input you may have. $500 - highest donor can pick a game I'll play for no less than 2 hours (must be PC, if occurs during marathon stream must be something I can download on the spot) $1000 - I will drink a shot of hot sauce and say "I'm a spicy boy" $1500 - TBD $1965 - I have to play Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band on repeat for the remainder of the marathon $2000 - I will wax my legs on stream If you have any suggestions for additional tasks, or any other advice for someone still new to this event, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Welcome aboard! ELU is definitely a life changing experience. You're going to meet so many amazing people, learn so much amazing stuff, and leave as a more amazing Extra Life gamer.
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    Every year a few folks ask me why I'm always all over Extra Life. I mean, besides playing games for 24+ hours in a row. This little essay I penned a few years ago is why. It was a few days after my youngest daughter's 5th surgery at Boston Children's hospital. This April, she'll be going in for (at the same time) her 6th, 7th and 8th surgeries. The Healing Power of Games This is a an essay on gaming. Really it is! But to get to the relevant part, we need to start with some background information. So bear with me and I promise I’ll deliver you safe and sound into a chair, at a table, with a nice, fun game spread out before you.My youngest daughter was born with a unilateral (right) cleft lip. Because of circumstances beyond nearly everyone’s control, she wouldn't be able to get the first of her (so far) four surgeries to correct this cleft until she was nearly two and three quarter years old. As this set back the timetable for all of her surgeries, it wasn't until two weeks ago that she had her fourth of five, possibly six surgeries.As far as her surgeries go, this one wasn’t a biggie. I mean, they were only putting her under for two hours to completely alter the shape of her upper lip and nose. At least, that’s how our surgeon handled it. This is wonderful because he’s the best in the world and to him this was a walk in the park.For us it was a biggie and for her eight-year-old self, it was a stupendously huge deal. The bottom line? She wasn't happy with this, but understood the need and the surgery happened and was quite successful.This left her slightly bewildered parents (trust me, that surgery thing never becomes ‘no biggie’ for anyone but the surgeons) and a very tired little girl at home on a Wednesday evening. All of four hours had passed since she’d woken up and had her first tentative sips of apple juice.“Dad?” she asked.“Yeah hon,” I anxiously replied, expecting a request for some pain medicine, or another ice pack.“Can we play a game?”I told you I’d bring this back around, right? While she was confined to the couch (Doctor's orders) we wrangled up a breakfast tray and my copy of Love Letter (I prefer the factory edition myself) and something pretty amazing happened.I lost, but that’s normal for our gaming relationship, my 8 year old is a shark. The amazing thing was that for the fifteen minutes we played this simple little sixteen card game, pushing a few red cubes around a precariously perched breakfast tray, she forgot she was just hours out of surgery.There was laughter as she got the first three points before I scored even one, and she concentrated on the game and the enjoyment it offered to the point where her mind was off of her face and what had been done to it.Over the next several days, I would see this again and again. Despite being tired to the point of actually forgetting how to spell my three letter first name, we would keep on playing games.The next day it was more simple games. We tackled Zombie Dice (she won 4 of our 6 rounds) more Love Letter (I won 2 of the 3 rounds) and my squirrel game prototype (she kicked my furry little tail all over the board).While sleeping was an issue for her, and she would spend some time zoned out into a movie, her best avenue of escape was gaming. I think she started to realize this as well. Towards the end of any pain medicine cycle, she’d make a point of asking to play a game.There’s something very amazing about the mind’s ability to focus on a task that’s enjoyable and literally exclude the stuff that’s not. How often have you played a game and managed to push off that unpleasant task looming at work? A night’s gaming for me is an escape just as total as a wonderful movie or an enthralling book.On her second full day of recovery, she put her hands on her hips and insisted on something a little stronger than a ten-minute game. She was also at the point in her recover where swelling was going down and noticing the pain was taking a front seat.No one likes to watch their kid suffer through a painful experience, and that kid wasn't to keen on it either. So we distracted each other with Castle Panic and Forbidden Desert.We upped the difficulty on Forbidden Desert for the first time and managed to construct our air ship and get out of that parched landscape just before we ran out of water! Next, we defended our castle as it was besieged by wave after wave of nasty monsters and giant boulders. We managed to pull off another victory, even the at the end we had to sacrifice the Wizard’s tower to do so. That was several hours mixed in with some smaller games as well that passed so quickly for her.It was great to see, greater to be a part of it. It also did amazing things for my peace of mind as well, distracting me just as thoroughly as it distracted her.After that, her body was exhausted and her mind tired from a good mental workout. She did something she hasn't done in years – she took a nap. A lengthy one at that.Consider what happened here – pain medicine would take the edge off but wouldn't make her forget the experience. TV was distracting but that distraction faded fast.Games though, well there was something else entirely going on here. We’d strategize together. She’d laugh over her wins and has begun to take her defeats with grace and good sportsmanship. We’d discuss what happened afterwards and allow the game to make a story that she’d bring up throughout the day. Using her mind to focus on something so completely, she forgot – sometimes literally, entirely forgot what she was going through.Every day since that day has been better for her and today is the day that things start returning to normal. I’m back at work, she’s back at school and life’s going on. No more pain medicine is needed in her case, and when she smiles, she can do so without it turning into a grimace.She did make me promise though that tonight we’d play another game. Who am I to say no?
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    Guild Leaders, Let's Chat! We have a lot to be thankful for this year! Namely, the amazing participation and support from Guilds across the US and Canada. Swing by the Discord and let's chat about 2017, what worked, what didn't and what we can do to finish strong for Extra Life until the end of the year. I really enjoyed our chat in September, so please let's gather once more before the end of the year!
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    It's our second year supporting CHOP via Extra-Life, and we're hoping to make it the best year yet! Last year saw us stick to video games for the day, but this year we hope to go old-school for a few hours and break out the board games. It was also our first time streaming the whole day last year, and we've received some constructive feedback on how to make the streaming experience better for our followers. We're only a team of two at the moment, but we expect to have a few guest appearances throughout the 24 hours this year.
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    For the fifth year in a row, and the second with a full team, we're going to expand our game selection - more games of all sorts - add more teammates, do some video promos for our members and look into adding some outdoor games to keep us moving throughout the marathon
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    Hey Lethe, welcome to the cause! With regards to the event, having a donation jar for a re-roll/re-draw in games has been a success with some of the events I've been a part of. As for getting the word out with regards to Twitch, I have found that the best way to get others involved in what you are doing is to utilize social media and become part of what others are doing. A number of Twitch Streamers with strong communities have Discord channels where they have a channel dedicated to sharing what you are working on. A big part of promoting a way to get donations is to focus not only on what we are doing, but why we do it. Look at the Children's Miracle Network Youtube Channel for some amazing stories that are great ways to put faces to what Extra Life always has been about - the kids. Further I'd recommend reaching out to some of the local media news stations and newspapers to get some coverage of the event. Your local Children's Hospital is a great resource for media promotion. That's about all I've got off the top of my head. All the best with your efforts!
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    Agree with Viedt and Herbertsmart. Leadership in Pittsburgh has had no change -nor anyone willing to step up- and is on the verge of burnout such that we actually had to decide to dial back our efforts a bit this year. All the other points Herbert made are feelings I've had myself as well. To mirror his sentiments: 1. Some hospitals definitely need better direction as to what it means to host a guild. They need to be willing to commit the resources. Our hospital rep is great, but her bosses are pretty strict about what they're willing to give, so it gets bogged down in bureaucracy. 2. No one visits the community hub even when I email our members with direct links. If I don't include everything I need them to know in the body of an email message, they simply don't get the info. Facebook was much better for that because everyone is already there. 3. We have enough hats. Enough said. 4. We're lucky to have the leaders we have, and we are the ones that do 90% of the work. We don't need a retention program because none of us will step back just to let our guild falter - we just need the support to keep going. 5. Incentivizing participation could go a long way towards bolstering our active membership.
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    Viedt, I think you and Herbertsmart hit good points. We had about 5 super active people for coverage last year. This year we may have about 8, if we can hang on to people, and I'm pretty thrilled about that! We worked some extremely long hours at conventions etc. last year, particularly when one or two of us attended that particular con and couldn't contribute to coverage. We need more enthusiastic and trustworthy people! I wish there was a more effective recruitment strategy for volunteers. I dream of the day when a 4-hour volunteer shift is possible I'll be pulling 12 hours tomorrow at a new event!
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    Herbertsmart, I completely agree with everything you said here. I have been thinking about this feedback for a few days now and the same thing that didn't sit right with me, seemed to not sit right with you either. In particular the leadership structure. We can't get people to take on the current responsibilities as they are written in the guild rules. That and we only have 3 to 4 people that even show up at all. It essentially falls on myself to do all the roles, and ask if the others are willing to take on any given task that comes up. Changing up the way they are written will not change that fact, at least in my case.
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    Article written by Robert Sullivan, a second-year participant who plays for Janeway Children's Hospital Foundation I am Robert Sullivan and I am 14 years old. My little brother Steven is one of the Canadian Champion Children. I joined Extra Life a year ago and I have been enjoying it ever since. When my brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, I was devastated. Cancer spreads to everyone in the family, not just the person who has it. I also have severe anxiety so I get stressed easily and have panic attacks if I get to scared or overwhelmed. I wanted to help raise money for kids who didn't have enough money for treatments, trips, games, and gaming consoles and one day my dad gets an email from the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation about Extra Life, so I joined and started streaming. I was watching the ExtraLife4Kids channel on Twitch and asked the streamer if there was a server for Extra Lifers to play Minecraft on. She responded no, so I created one in 1.8. The server will be up 24/7 unless my computer updates or is down for maintenance. Anyone can record, livestream, play etc. Since my brother Steven is the Champion for Newfoundland and Labrador, we were able to go to Ottawa and Florida for the Champions trip and Children’s Hospitals Week. We attended Extra Life United 2017 and I met my favorite streamer Sevadus! I also had met another Newfoundland streamer his name is Nathan Roberts aka Noofynate. He is good friends with me and my family and we played games at Extra Life United. He is a kind and open hearted person. I want people to be just like that and most of them are! So, that is how I joined Extra Life! Ip for the server is: On the server there is a shop, custom plugin, vaults and enchants!
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    Hail to my new Foxxy friends!! I'm Minzy/Kit (either is fine) aka StarlitFoxx on all my streaming and social media. I met some of you at ECCC this year and have always heard great things!! All I can say is I am super excited to be joining and playing with like-minded awesome individuals in this quest to game for the kiddos!~ I moved to the Seattle area from the little town on Mulino, OR (that's about 30 mins or more south of Portland) in 2015, and have been doing my best to learn my surroundings and network best I can! I am moved by community events like LAN parties and other fun things, where networking is something of interest. I am studying for my CAPM (it's the associate degree of Project Managment Certs) I want to be a PM sooooo bad. I am sad I missed the Kickoff Meeting!! My streaming schedule conflicted Next time I'll be there, though!! So excited to meet more of you! ~Minzy OUT!
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    Th Thanks! Got it done
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    Hello, I recently joined up to participate this year. In the past I've donated to others, but for 2017 I want to raise money for a local hospital. I even got a local game store to agree to host a 24 hour marathon at the store. I'm really excited!
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    Excited to be going - first year too! Everything about this seems super exciting, I can't wait to properly humiliate myself with my terrible gameplay in front of you all. For charity!
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    This looks like a good place to say hello, so here we go. I'm Kevin, FlyingTurtle45 on Twitch. My first year Extra Lifing was 2016, and I'm excited to be back for year 2. Why do you Extra Life? I got involved last year on the spur of the moment--I saw an ad on Twitch about it, and decided to see what the deal was. I work with charities as part of my job, and I already give blood regularly, so Extra Life combines nicely with stuff I already do. Also, I had considered doing charity streaming, and I liked that EL had an infrastructure set up--I don't have to touch any money, and I think that helps viewers feel comfortable giving. How long have you been participating? 2017 will be my second year. I did the national day in 2016, and the day went pretty well, despite having missed my fundraising goal. I'm hoping to get ideas from the forums to improve my fundraising game so that I hit my target this year. What Hospital do you play for and why? University of Kansas Medical Center--it's local, so it makes sense. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? Not at the moment. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I work a lot, and I'm usually playing games or doing a puzzle or reading or somesuch. Sometimes I have to take out the trash. I think that'll do for now. If you bump into me out there, certainly feel free to say hello.
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    You'll be able to sign up for specific games later. You haven't missed anything.
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    Hey all, I'll be coming down all the way from New Brunswick, Canada. First time at ELU!
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    If you're strapped for ideas, you could always ask your viewers what they'd like to see you do. After all, they're the ones you're trying to entertain. Now I myself am more of a watcher than a streamer, but here are a few milestone rewards I've seen and enjoyed: Worse for Wear: dress up in a silly costume or onesie. Dance Your Cares Away: Play a dancing game for a set period of time Eat It Up: Try other foodie challenges like drinking syrup, eating 6 saltines without water, drink Coke with Mentos in your mouth, etc. Bad Hair Day: Shave your head or your eyebrows or dye your hair a crazy color. Clown Face: Have someone apply makeup to you - preferably someone who has no experience with makeup like a child. Pie in the Sky: Get hit in the face with a whipped cream pie. No Pain No Gain: Put a ridiculous amount of rubber bands or clothespins on your face (Be really careful though, you could injure yourself.) Training Montage: Do a crazy amount of pushups, or burpees, or other difficult exercises. (Also use caution with this - no one wants to see you seriously hurt.)
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    I stole an idea from Gnomedic and did a stream where donations for a certain amount I'd karaoke a song on stream. It was a lot of fun and I raised maybe $50 over the stream. So I might do more of those.
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    It's too early to say if this results in increased support of Extra Life, but... Today I was doing some EL housekeeping for this year's event page and noticed that, at the end of 2016, my hospital had the pleasure of announcing an upgrade to their operating theater as a direct result of donations. So I wrote up a "here's a concrete way that you make a difference" email, including a link to the video about the new operating theater as well as a link to the hospital's most recent annual report. I also included information about the monthly donations option and an upcoming stream I'll be doing to get the fun started early this year. I know that when I donate to a charity, it's always nice to see where my money goes. So I encourage you to check out your hospital's website, or get in touch with their Extra Life rep, to see what's new and let people know that when they support Extra Life, they really do make a difference!