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    Hey guys and gals, James Enmon here. Some of y'all may recognize the name, others may not. For those that don't, I'm Victoria's brother. Just wanted to stop in and say hey, and we will be there at ELU again this year. I would love to meet every single one of you, because y'all are carrying on, and growing, Tori's legacy. My family will be there with shirts that say "Tori's family". So if y'all see us, please come say hi. This means so much to my family and me, and we can't wait to see everyone!!!
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    I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers! Edit: added fireworks
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    We’re kicking off the “Design our T for a trip to E3” contest for the 5th year in-a-row! The contest is simple - submit a design for the Official Extra Life 2017 Platinum T-shirt and if your design wins, you and your best bud get airfare, two nights at a nearby hotel and passes to E3 2017 as Extra Life's special guests! Here's a complete list of the perks: Your design will become the official T-shirt design of Extra Life 2017 and end up in the closets of thousands of Extra Lifers A free* trip to E3 2017 in Los Angeles, CA on June 13-15 for you and a friend (includes airfare and a two night stay in a nearby hotel), two passes to E3 2017 and some new threads featuring your design. When people ask where you got such awesome apparel you can point to your brain and wink at them Your design will be inducted into the Extra Life T-shirt Hall of Fame HOW IT WORKS Register to participate in Extra Life 2017 here. Only designs of registered participants will be considered. Download and review these documents in full for submission details. Design Guidelines_2017.pdf Terms and Conditions_2017 Final.pdf 2017 T-shirt Contest_Required Submit your design here by Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST. The top designs will be selected by the Extra Life team and subject to voting by Likes on Facebook starting Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 12:00pm PST. Voting closes on Friday, May 12, 2017, at 12:00 pm PST and the design that garners the most Likes wins! The winner will be contacted and announced the same week. QUESTIONS? If your question is not answered within the Design Guidelines or Terms & Conditions/Official Rules documents, please leave a comment below or click here to email us.
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    Today, January 21, 2017, might be the day after a presidential inauguration for some, and for others it is Saturday after a long week of work but for our family, it is the day we said our goodbyes to the little girl from Orange, Texas. Nine years ago our hearts were broken, our journey had come to an end and with tears streaming down our faces, we told our youngest child, and sister goodbye. When you have a sick child there are no instructions with your journey on what to do, what to say or even how to feel. But when it comes to grieving the loss of a child – it is even worse! There are no amount of words or comfort that can get you through this terrible time. Again, there were no instructions on how to get through such a terrible loss as a family. But yesterday I came across these words and I think they fit perfectly in what I wanted to say today to each of you. “We need to remind ourselves that no matter what happens, we have the ability to handle it. We need to remind ourselves that the best thing we can do is to keep on living in the best ways we know how…spreading love and joy and telling the truth…and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We need to just keep going while we see how things pan out. We need to remind ourselves that everyone is doing the best they can…and the very best thing we can do to help the world and help our lives is to continue to do the best we can do, too…no matter what comes along in life.” Many of you know that Extra Life was started by one person’s friendship with a young girl whose only dream was to live a normal life. Jeromy Adams is an example of what just ONE person can achieve. Jeromy was determined to do something to help others. Both Jeromy and Tori showed us that ONE person can make a difference. Victoria “Tori” was an inspiration to others. She did not let her life get her down and in fact once wrote something on her blog that stated: “I didn’t choose to get cancer once, I didn’t choose to get it twice, and I certainly didn’t choose to get it three times. Yes, some days I feel like saying my life sucks, but you know what – I don’t! I think to myself why am I sulking about my life when some people don’t even get to live an amazing life like me.” Victoria watched so many little children sick with cancer and other illnesses pass away and never have the chance to really live a life. These children were in hospital beds stuck in a hospital and not out living the life that every child should live – one free of illness. It became her mission in the hospital to inspire and motivate others to be happy, each and every day! Our family has had the privilege of watching Extra Life grow with the seeds of love and devotion that Jeromy has poured into it and the love he had and continues to have for Victoria and Extra Life. Each year we experience the love of the “Gamers” for the children that they are fighting for, as we watch the fundraising numbers grow! Each year we are so amazed by what is accomplished and it all begins with YOU. We are so very humbled each and every single time we meet someone new who gives of their time and energy for all children. Each year, we have been so blessed when stories are shared with us about the impact that Extra Life has had on their own life and others. I hope that this year, I can begin my own blog to share with you some of the many stories that have been told to our family. The stories are both amazing and inspiring. This is why we all embrace Extra Life, for the kids, and the fight inside of all of us to “pay it forward" to others! I want to leave you with these words. YOU are loved. YOU are important. YOU are making a difference! No matter how things turn out, this will never cease to be true. Keep doing the best YOU can. YOU will never know how your life may touch that ONE person and YOU will be forever changed. YOU really are so very loved. A great big thank you to Mike, Liz and the Extra Life Team for a wonderful 2016 year. Your dedication, commitment, and love For The Kids and everyone involved in Extra Life is deeply appreciated. Jo Ellen Enmon Mother to Victoria “Tori” Enmon
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    Now that bookings are solidified, this gnome will be attending ELU2k17! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE! Miss you guys so much and I hope to make new friends too! <3 <3 <3 I'll be staying with Jason, Emily, and Dave, and we're flying out from Monday - Monday! I'm torn between competing or volunteering, and leaning more towards volunteering. <3 For those staying later or coming early, I DO want to host an open game of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you are interested in playing, shoot me a private message here or on FB so I can get a headcount and start working on the campaign. Figured it'd be great to finally play with other ELUrs! No experience necessary!
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    Well I should have made this post ages ago but I will be coming as well. Can't wait to see everyone. I am thinking about flying in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday. EDIT: I am coming in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday hotel room booked next step flight
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    Hey, EL Friends! I received word from Arkansas Children's Hospital that they'll be sending me to ELU again this year. Woooo! A few of us are coordinating arriving early, so if you want to meet up, let me know. I'm excited to see some familiar faces and make new friends. I'm bringing extra tissues this time. #omg #thatkidparade #manytears #littleangels WARNING: I am going to HUG ALL OF YOU (respectfully), so if you see me comin' and don't want one, just scream or something. Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter if you want to coordinate schedules and hangouts outside of ELU events. -Stephanie
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    Just got word from my hospital, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine, that they're sending me down again! Can't wait to see the familiar faces and meet a new crop of gamers!
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    The Official Extra Life Stream Team Weekly Schedule Find out when your favorite Extra Life streamer is streaming on the Official Extra Life Twitch Channel. You can learn more about each streamer or send them a private message by hovering over or clicking on their @name. Support our streamers by clicking on the links to their Extra Life participant page or their personal Twitch channel. Be sure to read the details and apply today! ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN US TIME UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED *Spanish Language
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    Hey there, I'm Glenn from PlayStation Nation. We've been involved with Extra Life since its inception, but this will be my 1st ELU. Can't wait to meet everyone
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    I don't think our hospital can send us, but my husband and I are going to try our darndest to get the money together and go again for the 3rd time!
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    This is my 6th year doing Extra Life and for the very first time, my daughter is joining me for the full 24 hours. I asked an artist friend of mine to help illustrate an idea I had to commemorate the fact that we're doing this together. The final result just moved me beyond words and I wanted to share. It's a perfect capture of us as the gamers we are, participating in something bigger than ourselves. My gaming handle is bread_man and she is blueberrytoast and you probably can tell what our favorite games are by the props.
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    It’s hard to image that just a few short months ago, the Extra Life community gathered in Orlando for Extra Life United! Whether you brought home big money for your local hospital or not, the people we met and the memories we made remind us that this is not game over for the sick and injured kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Relive your #EXTRALIFEUNITED experience (video below)! We’re working hard to make Extra Life United 2018 the best yet – be sure to visit to sign up for updates as soon as they become available! We cannot thank you enough for coming to Extra Life United and for being a part of this amazing community! For The Kids, Mike, Liz, Jeromy Team Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share with a video covering basic concepts for joining and using the Extra Life community site: Signing up for the official Extra Life community site Following relevant or important forum posts Posting your Extra Life events on the official Extra Life Community Calendar Is there something else you would like to know more about? Let us know!
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    Hey everyone! I've went ahead and made a Discord server for Extra Life United! This will be a great place to find new friends to meetup with down in Orlando, as well as a place to practice some of the games beforehand. If you aren't able to make it to ELU this year, you're still more than welcome to join! For those of you who don't have Discord, it's basically skype and text chat rooms for gamers. You can also install it on your phone, so when you're at the event, you'll be able to stay connected! It comes highly recommended from yours truly.
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    This is the place to go once you've registered for ELU. Find others who are going, coordinate travel, share photos and memories, and whatever else you'd like to talk about related to your upcoming trip to Orlando. If you haven't registered for ELU 2017 yet, you can do so at Please take a moment to introduce yourself, where you are coming from, who you play for, and what you're hoping to learn, do, or experience at ELU 2017.
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    Finally can throw my hat in here! I will be there with all you amazing people and seriously look forward to meeting and talking with as many of you as I can to learn and listen to all your experiences. ELU 2017
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    I'll bite. A review of my 4 years thus far: Year 1: I heard about Extra Life a couple of weeks before the event and thought it was a cool idea and great excuse to game for 24 hours. I set my goal at $200, got platinum, and set out to fundraising. I raised $200, only because I donated the last $75 for the shirt. Year 2: I was dating my now wife, who had two daughters of her own that it was looking very much like I'd be the father of before long. As it turns out, right around the time I resolved to raise a TON of money, I found out that I was going to be a father to my own biological daughter as well as two lovely stepdaughters. It suddenly got real. I also had landed a spot as tournament commentator for EVE Online's annual international tournament for a second year, which meant I'd be on air for two weekends being watched by between 7k and 20k viewers. For a game that's played on the same server worldwide, this meant I was very recognizable. I spoke briefly with CCP Games, specifically a friend of mine that I had played with before he went to work for the company, about my intention to raise $10,000. I was going to host an in-game event that would wind up drawing nearly 1,000 players to participate, all in the name of getting out the word for Extra Life and hopefully raising some money. He spoke with his bosses, and it turned out the company hadn't done enough charity that year to meet their typical quota. So they offered to market my event, and if I could raise $5,000 on my own, they would donate another $5,000 directly to Extra Life. Boom! Great success! I pushed aggressively in the days leading up to the event, but didn't get as much traction as I had hoped towards my $5,000, and eventually $10,000 goal. I'm not sure where I started that day, but it was somewhere shy of the $5,000 mark. We started up the event, and it was slow going at first. Not many people there despite the blogs on the EVE Online website, despite several interviews with popular EVE Online podcasts, and despite my plugging it live on the air during the tournament. I was nervous, because without a critical mass of people, the event would flop and the few who even showed up wouldn't have a good time. Then it happened. Two of the largest "guilds" in the game showed up with enormous groups of people. More trickled in, and at the peak we had 950+ people in the area participating. The event lasted 3 and a half hours, and by the end of it I had come up just short of my $10,000 goal. I received hundreds of donations ranging anywhere from $1 to $1,337, and my mind was absolutely blown. I gamed the rest of the night hoping to push another thousand somewhere on the momentum I had gained, but viewers on my stream trickled down and not a whole lot more came in. I spent some time online pushing friends and family to donate to get me to my goal, and I came up just short of $10,000, and then a large donation from my parents put me to $11k and change. I put my feet up a bit, relaxed, and just kinda glowed at the amazingness of it all. December 31st, sitting at work, I get a text message. I look down and nearly drop my phone. $2,000 donation. Anonymous. At first I think there's been a mistake, CCP only put in $2,000 of the $5,000 the promised, but I realized that they'd be giving that directly to EL and not through my campaign. To this day I haven't figured out where that came from. I even talked to @DJThunderstix about it and she said she couldn't even tell who it was from, it was through a company that helped other companies and people make anonymous donations. $13,407 raised +$5,000 more to Extra Life. Year 3: Cocky from the year before, I figured I could ride the wave of my notoriety in EVE Online to another huge year. I set my goal at $10,000 and started fundraising. As it happened, halfway through this campaign, I found out a friend of mine's daughter, same age as one of mine, was fighting neuroblastoma for her second time at Children's Colorado. Suddenly it became even more personal. She was fighting for her life. We named a team after her, got a lot of people on board, and planned a gameday event at my house. The EVE Online event went off well again, but with about half as many participants and even less donations. I made a pledge part way through the year once I realized how short I was falling. If I could hit $5,000, I would get the Extra Life logo tattooed on my upper arm. We made that goal just before gameday. Even with some big help from my parents though, I topped out at $7,729. An incredible number, but I couldn't help but feel really really disappointed. Worse still when I saw that our local chapter hadn't hit the same $100,000 mark they had the year before--by almost exactly the same amount I fell short of the previous year. I felt ungrateful for not being excited about the amount I raised, but felt a little bit personally responsible for our local chapter falling short. Our gameday event went well, but my team members didn't all get on board really. I signed about 10 people up, and 3 or 4 of them actually raised more money than I personally donated to their campaigns. As a team, we fell just short of the $10,000 mark. I should also mention that Savannah, the girl we named our team after, passed away just before gameday that year. Days after her 6th birthday. She lost her battle, which made me resolve even more to keep battling for her and all the kids like her. I went into 2016 energized and determined not to lose faith and not to lose energy. Year 4: I was a bit more humbled from 2015, so I went into 2016 realizing I needed to focus on just grinding out donations a few dollars at a time if it took that. I tried all of the gimmicks, from matching donations to streaming to things like my wife holding the video of me getting my tattoo hostage until she hit her goal of $500. It dragged on, and felt like I was way behind, but going into gameday I was sitting at about $3,000. We got more donations scraped together both at our event and elsewhere, and eventually I topped out at $4,008. My wife hit her $500, and our team raised just shy of $5,000. This year, I'm going in with new perspective, and need some strategies. I'm telling myself that part of the problem last year was donation and election fatigue. People on Facebook were jaded and grumpy with a very contentious election going on, and in addition to that many had already given significant amounts to my campaigns in years prior. I'm hoping that a year were far less donations came in will assuage some of that fatigue, and not having an election going on will quiet some of the noise that drove people off of Facebook in 2016. Time will tell. I'm going to again shoot for $5,000, because that seems like an attainable goal, and try to reverse the trend of my total numbers moving downward.
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    I am thrilled to be joining JamisonM this year at ELU. Hearing from both Rob and him last year was wonderful and I look forward to meeting many of you and celebrating the the successes of the champions, our CMN hospitals, and all of our fundraising efforts. See you all in March!
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    I am going this year!!! Just got my tickets and booked the flight and hotel. I cannot wait to meet everyone in person finally!
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    Year three here I come! Finally able to bring the fam too!
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    So I put together a quick stinger (transition animation between scenes) for the upcoming Extra Life day and thought I might as well share it with everyone. I use a transition time at frame 42 or around 700ms but you can adjust according to your preference. I've put the link below to download it so you can use it on your own live stream. If you use it and want to show your appreciation just drop a few dollars onto my EL page: Enjoy!
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    This'll be our sixth year gaming for CHOP. Right now I've taken off the whole week including the weekend of the 25 hour event just to prep everything. Test streams all week to work on the bugs and try to prevent any repeat disasters. Our fourth year doing this as we went live at 10am about 85-90% of our equipment somehow got jolted and fried. Thankfully the streaming pc was safe and the show limped on while we made an emergency run to Best Buy. So yeah, testing all week to prevent that again. The night of one last stream with the whole crew to shake things down then it's off to bed and Jesus take the wheel at 10am. Well have a full compliment of caffeinated beverages and snacks to tide us through the day. Also we've come to the realization that we're getting old so now we have power nap times to keep everyone perky through the day. We can't wait to go at it for the sixth year in a row and really hope to smash our donation total from last year!
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    This is my 2nd year participating and this year I'll have a handful of friends joining in to help. We're planning on going from Saturday morning through Sunday morning, there's a good mix of video games on deck but I'm tempted to follow with some of the other posters here and mix in some board games and some physical games to keep from getting too stiff (though I'm not sure what the best way to get those games on Twitch would be). I haven't thought it through enough to have food planned, but juggling hearthstone and cooking (or more likely, hearthstone and online delivery menus) is probably the way to go. Our Tentative Game List Playerunknown's: Battlegrounds Overwatch Super Smash Brothers: Melee Tekken 7 Street Fighter V Civilization VI Hearthstone Dota 2 Party games (Speedrunners, Move or Die, etc.) Board games (Codenames, Dominion, Avalon) Your suggestions! (Always looking for more co-op/survival games)
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    Wow, it's been a while since I've been on the forums. I should hang out here more often, eh? So, how am I going to spend my game day? Well, I'll probably wake up bright and early around 5am and go for a mile or so run to get energized for the day. I'll head home, eat some breakfast and get my battlestation setup with necessities like a big old gallon jug of water, a bunch of bananas and apples and, of course, my set of gold & silver medals to hang from my desk cabinet door. Then, it's time to get gaming around 8am. I'll boot up the old PS2 and start diving into whatever game I'm working my way through at the time. I'm trying to beat 'em all, so this is a great opportunity to crush a couple of 'em! I'll likely get up, stretch and have a short walk around the basement for about 5 minutes each hour to keep the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Surely, around the 2nd 2am, I'll probably have some issues keeping the heaviness out of my eyes, so I might just have to bust out Karaoke Revolution and sing my tiredness away (badly, I might add). I'll keep digging for those next 6 hours and finally emerge from my cave at 8am on Sunday, take a nice shower, hop in the car and head over to the in-laws to greet my wife & kids after the day of gaming is done. Looking forward to completing another game day and raising more dollars #FTK. Good luck, everyone!
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    This is year three for me, so I thought I'd kick it off by sharing some lessons learned and plans for this new year. Year 1 (2015): I was jazzed and energized and so sure I could convince people to donate. Set a goal of $1k and spoke about it all the time. Even at work where we have to dance around it because they have a policy you're not allowed to ask for donations, I tried to bring it up in conversation. Ended up raising a little over $300 and that was with a bunch of pushing with my family members who kept putting it off. I could not participate in game day because of my sister-in-law's wedding, but I played all year long -- way more than 24 hours of gaming. Year 2 (2016): I figured since I had to push my family members so hard the year before that I would try not to solicit donations yearly. Perhaps I could do it every other year so that people don't get Eric-fatigue. So I upped my social media game - mentioned it whereever I could - reddit, Twitter, FB (even though I'm otherwise not very active on FB), even casually mentioning it to the mother of a kid who goes to school with my daughter and whose son was saved at birth at JH NICU as well. And, I couldn't even make it to the "standard" of bringing in $200 - no tshirt for me. Only a little participation on game day as we had 9 month old twins at the time and I couldn't afford a lack of sleep. So I spoke with a lot of people on the forums and came away with these lessons learned: No matter how well-intentioned, no one donates unless you bug the crap out of them until they finally relent and donate Based on responses from forum participants - as the charity gets more established and more and more people are trying to get donations - it's like trying to get people in your neighborhood to buy your kid's fundraiser chocolate - there's no one to buy it because everyone's kid is trying to sell it. Lots of people reported working harder to get less money in 2016. I was told to check with my guild - some guilds hold a fundraiser night at a restaurant to raise money for members - a portion of that night's proceeds go towards it. Incentives seem to work - I said I'd do 1 pushup per $1 donated and the few people who did donate did it to see me suffer as I'm out of shape from having to help out with the twins Plans for the New Year With those lessons in mind, here are my plans for the new year: Continue to do some kind of exercise thing per dollar donated Bug people into donating because otherwise they won't participate with guild I have a few domain names, but one I'm intending to keep is for my name ( so I decided this year that I would make a subdomain ( that would go to my extra life page. Because the URL changes every year it means that if someone sees my old ExtraLife videos on Youtube, they won't know the new URL to donate to. By using my own domain name, I can switch where it connects to each year so that will always point to the most recent donation campaign . To show people how much it means to me, I'm thinking of doing matching donations. (Have to clear with the wife first) Because if I'm trying to convince people to donate because of how much it means that JH helped my daughter, why am I not giving more? To keep things manageable, right now I'm thinking of 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 and then 25% matching after that. I think that's an amount I can afford while showing my commitment. Install the app on my phone so I can take donations from strangers if I strike up a conversation in public There's a parental mailing list for my kid's class at school - get permission from the admins to send out a solicitation to the parents list - just one time so things don't get ridiculous. (If they even agree to it because I could see things spiraling out of control if everyone used it for everything they wanted attention for) Now the real out of my comfort zone thing - the one I've been thinking of since year 1, but always chicken out - talk to some businesses and maybe even my kids' pediatrician to see if they'll donate. I'm not in sales, I'm a computer programmer. When I *was* in sales back when I was a kid, I would mostly help people find the best of what they were already looking for rather than upsell them or get them to buy something they didn't already want to. And to be honest, just as in relationships, I'm afraid of "no". Well, afraid is a strong word, but no one likes rejection (which is why I think so few make it as actors and comedians). But I am going to try! I'd love to hear lessons learned from others, your plans, and if you have any comments or critiques for me. I can take it and if it's constructive, I can use it to help get more for the kids. Closing out with a plug for my donation tracker: If anyone wants to contribute to the project on github or just use it for their own. If you don't like mine and are on Windows, I recommend bfinley's donation tracker. It's what I've been using on WIndows and it's SO easy to use with OBS.
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    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. The Extra Life Helper has been updated for 2017. The big news is that the Helper just got a complete refactor under the hood. I'm happy to say that it is now a pure JavaScript application and no longer requires the Flash plugin to work! Besides a few visual tweaks, it looks and works the same as before. It's just a lot easier to setup and use. And it runs much faster and is more stable. In addition to removing the Flash requirement, I snuck in a few new features: Add your own custom donation alert sounds If you don't like the sound of the cash register and kids cheering when a donation comes in (I'm addicted to hearing that sound after 5 years) you can drop in your own mp3, wav, or ogg files and have them play instead. Donation alerts show donation messages If a donor included a message with their gift, it will now be displayed in the Helper. Add your own custom JavaScript code that fires when a new donation comes in If you know JavaScript and want to run your own code when a donation comes in, that's now possible. I added this because I wanted the HUE lights in my office to flash each time a donation came in but not make that part of the Helper itself. So I use that hook to make a call to my light bridge. If you have similar smart devices in your home, or a remote API you want to make a request to when a donation comes in, now you can. Please note: Previous versions of the Helper will continue to work in XSplit but will no longer work in OBS Studio as of right now. I highly encourage anyone who has used the Helper before to get the latest version. Instructions and download link have been updated: Enjoy! - bread
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    Guild Toolkit Looking for a place for the latests guild kits for your Extra Life Guild? Well, look no further! You have arrived. The toolkit contains a large selection of assets for guilds to use including: Extra Life Guild Booth Kit Fully approved banners and table covers of various sizes and for various fabrics. Each has a location to add the local Hospital Logo if so desired. There are US and Canadian specific versions of these assets in this folder. A French version of the Canadian assets for use in Quebec is coming soon. 4'x8'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 4x7_FABRICION_FINAL 8'_TABLESKIRT_FINAL 8'x4'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_VINYL_FINAL Also included in this folder: Elevator Speech (30 Second Pitch)_2017 Extra Life Talking Points Offline Registration Form_Extra Life (Use these form for recruiting people to Extra Life at events) Offline Registration_Input Walkthrough Important URLs Extra Life Multimedia Kit Great resources to help you support your guild's efforts!
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    They're out! Check your inbox!!
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    Thanks for all of the hard work and HOURS of dedication this past year! You have a lot of celebrating to do and we have a lot of work to do to make 2017 the best Extra Life year yet. Please share your feedback with us as we look to level-up the Guild program! Guild Feedback Survey:
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    He are some of the biggest challenges I foresee as the Guild program continues to evolve: 1) Feedback for Hospitals. Getting tools/support from Hospital or National in a timely manner is an issue. We have struggled to get fliers and PR materials updated with current Extra Life numbers/data. These requests are often sent back to the requesting party to generate the needed materials themselves. Requests for info/data and questions to National go unanswered for extended periods of time. The turn-around time for printed materials from our Hospital is cumbersome and we are squandering a limited supply of SWAG incentive items to try and last through another year. As a volunteer and guild leader these issues make our jobs more difficult and "less fun". 2) Feedback for National. The Community Hub is ineffective period. I understand the goal in centralizing EL Communications, however it just hasn't worked. Our other social media accounts (Facebook, Discord) consistently reach a greater audience and elicit more interactions than the Community Hub does. EL should continue to explore other options to enhance the Community Hub and experiment with alternatives as well. 3) Key Takeaways. Expand Guild's core function? I think many Guilds (including my own) already struggle with the current core functions of Recruitment and Brand Messaging. I feel that adding additional responsibilities may dilute our effectiveness even further. 4) Guilds 2.0. New Leadership Structure? I'm not too sure it matters what their titles are or how many ways you divide the responsibilities, most Guilds will continue to struggle to fill these leadership roles. Since the inception of our Guild, most leadership posts have changed over 3-4 times. I agree that new leadership is vital for energy and new perspective, but constant turn-over doesn't send a good message and can cause confusion and attrition. My suggestion would be to develop guild leader/member retention programs. 5) Key Takeaways/Guilds 2.0. Formal internal recognition/award program? I can see this having some value in incentivizing Guild participation. However, I think it would be a shame if this took away resources that could be used elsewhere. This may look like a list of complaints, but I hope it is interpreted as objective criticism to spur positive change. I currently don't have a lot of concrete ideas on how to address these issues but I'd be happy to participate in brainstorming/planning sessions moving forward.
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    Super excited to see some of this implemented. I can't remember if I made it through the survey when it came out. One thing I'd like to mention regarding tools is, in our case, we're working a lot of conventions and big events. The cost is too high to have full trade show level setups, but it's really important to have a visually appealing booth with some "attention grabbers" (in our case we use a prize wheel and candy/swag). It would be helpful for Extra Life/CMN to arrange for major metro area Guilds to have some more professional looking setups, or at least provide the ability for our hospital or volunteers to purchase promotional items and booth setups at a volume or nonprofit/charitable rate. We're great at talking to people, but we need to get them to our tables/booths before we can pitch to them! As a side note related to that, shying away from the "24 hour" part of the gaming marathon copy on signage would be helpful. There are some people who get really hyped about the challenge of staying up that long, but just seeing that text prominently placed on standees has been a pain point and deterrent for some people. Tablecloths and standees often get completely covered by people that come to talk to us, also. Having some sort of tall banner setup for above our heads would be really useful. We're working on rigging up our own creative solution here in Baltimore, but it's far from professional looking. As much as I can explain things away with "this is a charity" and "we're volunteers," the reality is that having a professional appearance and appropriate materials available for people that visit the table goes a long way in building credibility with someone who has never heard of Extra Life.
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    Hello my name is Robert Sullivan I live in Canada and I'm the big brother of Steven Sullivan the national Canadian champion child and I have a minecraft server made for all you minecraft players it is in 1.8. if you would like to be staff add me on skype its on my page . I will try to keep it up 24/7. Ip:
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    There was a discussion about a knee cap breaking policy, if all 25 hours were not played. But I hear it did not test well in the beta markets. . . . This is completely a joke. The game time works on an honor system. If you do want to log hours, so people can donate related to time played, you can update the overview/story section of your page. Also all money you raised is donated to your hospital, regardless if you meet your fundraising goal or your amount played.
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    Hey all - I've been working on a little handout that can act as a quick start guide for anyone who has just signed up for Extra Life. It's a compact little guide with great input from some of our most active and dedicated members. It can be printed as a one-sided full page, or front and back of a page to create two long-ways half sheet that can be folded in half for a quarter sheet size. Feel free to use it whenever you recruit! @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver, feel free to review and offer suggestions. Special thanks to everyone who provided quotes! EL Players Guide - Print front&back for 2copies.pdf
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    Plane Tickets bought, Room reserved, Ready to rock!
  37. 5 points
    Incredibly well put. I will add bring patience and flexibility as well. Also, be ready to miss the kids, their families and other participants like crazy until next year.
  38. 5 points
    Honestly, just come with an open mind and an open heart. Nothing can prepare you adequately. Some of the most fun things that have happened at ELU were not pre-planned at all. I suspect that will be the case again this year.
  39. 5 points
    Just signed up and can't wait to go see you all down in FL!
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    The guild will be celebrating our first anniversary as a guild by going to 16-bit bar and arcade up in Lakewood. 15012 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 Our reservation is for 6:30PM on 3/18/17. We hope everyone can make it out to play some games, have a few drinks and celebrate our first of many successful years. Please RSVP on here so we can give the staff there as close to a correct head count as possible.
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    It's too early to say if this results in increased support of Extra Life, but... Today I was doing some EL housekeeping for this year's event page and noticed that, at the end of 2016, my hospital had the pleasure of announcing an upgrade to their operating theater as a direct result of donations. So I wrote up a "here's a concrete way that you make a difference" email, including a link to the video about the new operating theater as well as a link to the hospital's most recent annual report. I also included information about the monthly donations option and an upcoming stream I'll be doing to get the fun started early this year. I know that when I donate to a charity, it's always nice to see where my money goes. So I encourage you to check out your hospital's website, or get in touch with their Extra Life rep, to see what's new and let people know that when they support Extra Life, they really do make a difference!
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    I will be attending. Cant wait to meet everyone in person!
  45. 5 points
    Well, I'm booked arriving Tuesday and leaving Sunday. Trish is not, though I booked so that if a miracle happens and the baby comes early we can add them to the trip. Might have a room to split, won't know until February though...
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    Spouse and I are officially registered - The Moroskys will be in attendance. <3
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    @Zyaldar WOOO! I'm working out details now to go down.
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    I'll see all of you wonderful people again this year!
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    That sounds like "Hey! I'm cancelling Wrestlemania and am going to help the sick kids and celebrate with like-minded people!" That's what I read...
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    Hello Everyone! This is our Master Schedule for the Official Extra Life Stream Team. Please know if you are interested in one of the spots (available OR taken), we would love to hear from you. MASTER SCHEDULE! (Eastern Time) Starting 6/6/2017 1AM-3AM EST 1-3PM EST 3-5PM EST 5-7PM EST 7-9PM EST 9-11PM EST 11PM-1AM EST Mondays @BJWyler @myohmyke Tuesdays @shadowrunner80 @OwningToaster @patricio_tv @RufiOOHHH @thescarberry Wednesdays @KelariCuddles @dilelefant @InsertStrawHere @Quaseymoto Thursdays @bibowski @professoryana Fridays @SirMrCl3an @BuddhaCat @LinkUseTheTriforce @Patricio_TV Saturdays @omgfloofy @shiveria Sundays @Andre_Awesome @playafreshpanda @LeJerque Find something that might work? Head over to... Feel free to send me a Direct Message here on the community site for any other questions. *Spanish language strea m