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    I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers!
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    3rd year here, still flying solo for the most part. Should have some friends popping in here and there. Last year, the highlight was getting a hug from a coworker of mine when I beat a boss in the Master System version of Shinobi. I've never seen him so happy. Going to stay family-friendly as in years past, but there might be some games like Contra or Street Fighter II thrown into the mix. Probably lots of NES and SNES overall just because those are my jams. I will have my 4 lav mics all prepped and ready as people rotate in and out, just gotta test them all again. Invested in a new mixer for this year, too - should make things a lot easier. There's a small chance Ill be participating in a 3-way Super Mario Sunshine race (most shines in 90 minutes). I really hope that happens! And I might do some dumb Kerbal Space Program stuff again. I'm also doing two 12-hour sessions with 15 minute breaks at the tail end of each 2 hour block. Good for the ol' bathroom and food breaks, plus actually moving around is kind of important. I'll kick it all off with a good breakfast on Saturday before the 10am start time, then things will just unravel (in a good way) from that point on. Should be fun times for a good cause.
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    This'll be our sixth year gaming for CHOP. Right now I've taken off the whole week including the weekend of the 25 hour event just to prep everything. Test streams all week to work on the bugs and try to prevent any repeat disasters. Our fourth year doing this as we went live at 10am about 85-90% of our equipment somehow got jolted and fried. Thankfully the streaming pc was safe and the show limped on while we made an emergency run to Best Buy. So yeah, testing all week to prevent that again. The night of one last stream with the whole crew to shake things down then it's off to bed and Jesus take the wheel at 10am. Well have a full compliment of caffeinated beverages and snacks to tide us through the day. Also we've come to the realization that we're getting old so now we have power nap times to keep everyone perky through the day. We can't wait to go at it for the sixth year in a row and really hope to smash our donation total from last year!
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    This is my 2nd year participating and this year I'll have a handful of friends joining in to help. We're planning on going from Saturday morning through Sunday morning, there's a good mix of video games on deck but I'm tempted to follow with some of the other posters here and mix in some board games and some physical games to keep from getting too stiff (though I'm not sure what the best way to get those games on Twitch would be). I haven't thought it through enough to have food planned, but juggling hearthstone and cooking (or more likely, hearthstone and online delivery menus) is probably the way to go. Our Tentative Game List Playerunknown's: Battlegrounds Overwatch Super Smash Brothers: Melee Tekken 7 Street Fighter V Civilization VI Hearthstone Dota 2 Party games (Speedrunners, Move or Die, etc.) Board games (Codenames, Dominion, Avalon) Your suggestions! (Always looking for more co-op/survival games)
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    Wow, it's been a while since I've been on the forums. I should hang out here more often, eh? So, how am I going to spend my game day? Well, I'll probably wake up bright and early around 5am and go for a mile or so run to get energized for the day. I'll head home, eat some breakfast and get my battlestation setup with necessities like a big old gallon jug of water, a bunch of bananas and apples and, of course, my set of gold & silver medals to hang from my desk cabinet door. Then, it's time to get gaming around 8am. I'll boot up the old PS2 and start diving into whatever game I'm working my way through at the time. I'm trying to beat 'em all, so this is a great opportunity to crush a couple of 'em! I'll likely get up, stretch and have a short walk around the basement for about 5 minutes each hour to keep the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Surely, around the 2nd 2am, I'll probably have some issues keeping the heaviness out of my eyes, so I might just have to bust out Karaoke Revolution and sing my tiredness away (badly, I might add). I'll keep digging for those next 6 hours and finally emerge from my cave at 8am on Sunday, take a nice shower, hop in the car and head over to the in-laws to greet my wife & kids after the day of gaming is done. Looking forward to completing another game day and raising more dollars #FTK. Good luck, everyone!
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    Once again our rowdy group of gamers (about 15 of us) will get together for 24+ hours of gaming! (Friday night 9:00pm to Saturday 9:00pm... or Friday Midnight to Saturday Midnight....OR Friday 9:00pm to Saturday Midnight! 27 hours of gaming!) Once again we will begin with a team "game show" composed of trivia and various physical challenges. A Videogame tournament will be played throughout the day with a variety of short game challenges (fastest time through level 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog...most points in Super Mario Bros level 1...quickest touchdown in NFL game...etc). A Stones course (bocce ball on steroids) will be set up outside. TONS of boardgames!!!! Blood Rage, Roll Player, Captain Sonar, Pillars of the Earth, and sooooooo many more!!!!!! Homemade food of meatballs, chili, burgers, roasted veggies, etc will be combined with a plethora of store bought snacks. Many will use caffeine to stay awake, but I just prefer the high energy level of everyone sitting around the table and gaming (plus I don't drink caffeine so, there is that). I'm sure that when midnight comes on saturday most will go home, but a few of us addicts will stay and play until probably 2 or 3am giving us friday 9pm to sunday 3am for a full 30 hours of straight gaming!!!!!! and then we crash and sleep until sunday afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend groggely resting and getting ready for work on monday. but man oh man...what a good weekend!
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    It's our second year supporting CHOP via Extra-Life, and we're hoping to make it the best year yet! Last year saw us stick to video games for the day, but this year we hope to go old-school for a few hours and break out the board games. It was also our first time streaming the whole day last year, and we've received some constructive feedback on how to make the streaming experience better for our followers. We're only a team of two at the moment, but we expect to have a few guest appearances throughout the 24 hours this year.
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    For the fifth year in a row, and the second with a full team, we're going to expand our game selection - more games of all sorts - add more teammates, do some video promos for our members and look into adding some outdoor games to keep us moving throughout the marathon
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    The fine folks at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia want to hear your plans for National Game Day this year. I know, I know, I’ve already asked you this before, but what if I told you that they’re going to send you a special 24-Hour Marathon “Survival Kit” for telling us how you plan on spending your marathon. We'll be reading what you've got going on and sending out kits to the first 20 CHOP participants!
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    Nah, it was pretty simple, just found some gifs I liked and added a layer.
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    This is my 6th year doing Extra Life and for the very first time, my daughter is joining me for the full 24 hours. I asked an artist friend of mine to help illustrate an idea I had to commemorate the fact that we're doing this together. The final result just moved me beyond words and I wanted to share. It's a perfect capture of us as the gamers we are, participating in something bigger than ourselves. My gaming handle is bread_man and she is blueberrytoast and you probably can tell what our favorite games are by the props.
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    "The why finds you. You will inevitably know someone, or know someone who knows someone who needs a children's hospital. You'll know many more if you talk about it - many of your closest friends likely have experiences with these places that you don't even know." @Sean Rooney Why I Extra Life It may seem odd to make "Extra Life" a verb, but the incredible community continues to make a pledge to "Play Games, Heal Kids". Year after year, since 2008, our passionate and generous Extra Life community grows. So naturally to do "good" for this community via gaming means to "Extra Life". Our reasons for doing what we do may vary, but we are all here for the purpose of saving and helping the lives of kids in Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. Here are some other "whys" from the community. Consider sharing your "why" via social media, email or on your Extra Life participant page: "It started out as a selfish "Cool here is an excuse to play video games for 24 hours." kinda deal And so the first year my roommates and I decided to do it and honestly we didn't try to do any real fundraising until the day of the event.... Then this past year has been two really big events. Between attending ELU and both meeting members for this community and the Champs. And the birth of my son this year who a few weeks into his birth we had to head to our children's hospital to have some extra lab work done because he had some abnormal results come back on his blood tests. It's amazing to see how those hospitals function and the families that are in them." @heartandthesynapse "I worked at Wal-Mart for 10+ years, and if anyone knows they do a lot of fundraising for the CMN, and when I lived in Arizona, I ended up taking over the responsibilities for those fundraising at the Wal-Mart I had worked at. And by doing so, I was able to visit the Children's Hospital one day, and I had a very good tour of how the money is used and how it benefits the kids. And to me, I was thinking, how can I do more? That's when Extra Life found me." @JSStudz "I got recruited on the Giant Bomb forums, and lazily fundraised that first year. I then got some close friends and family to realize that my video gaming in life has contributed to something cool and they started doing marathons with me. I reached out to my hospital on my own and started seeing how that money was being used. Ever since, I've been more and more involved and am still one of the only people involved in the area working to get more and more people." @zolloz89 "When you're just starting out, I think "Guilt-free gaming" is a good enough reason for your first year participating. Once the first year is over, the donations are tallied and all of that, I think many people will get the warm and fuzzies and will re-commit themselves for another year. I'm based in Sydney, Australia where CMN doesn't operate so I haven't had the same personal experiences as many other Extra Lifers but the feeling of doing something you love, the feeling of doing something good and the feeling of being connected globally all combine to create a very powerful, very compelling force." @Rue How to talk about your "Why" As you can see, one of the best ways to share your "why" is to speak from your experiences. Your honest telling of a story that has affected you or someone close to you is a powerful tool to help support your fundraising efforts for Extra Life and your Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Meet Jeremy Smith (@gumbystation) for a great example of how to talk about your "why"! There so many stories like this across our community! What is your "why" and how did you find it, or it you? Share in the comments below!
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    So you want to stream for Extra Life? Great idea! It's a fun way to participate and show everyone what you're doing for your Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Streaming is NOT a requirement for participating in Extra Life! It IS another tool to use and our community has become very well versed in streaming, often because of their interest in Extra Life. Take a few moments to check out this video (and other useful videos concerning streaming) from the community's own @Daddywarrbux! Remember to grab all of the great stuff from our media kit! Head over to our Downloads or to Have a favorite streaming tutorial? Share it in the comments!
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    Hello, I'm Mike and I'm from Towson. Currently, I'm in Arizona studying game design at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. I've been a camp counselor for about 2 years now teaching kids from all over the world and the US how to ride dirt bikes, program games, how to swim, among other things so when I found out about Extra Life I became really interested. I actually found out when I just finished my AVID tutorial for the freshmen at my school. I'm excited to meet a lot of you guys and if you need anything more just comment or message me, I'll drop my email for you.
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    Hi Mike! It's great to have you! That sounds like great stuff you're doing out in Arizona, keep up the good work! We make sure to post on the forums well in advance of when we're having a meeting, so keep an eye out for that. Also, we just made our very own discord channel, so feel free to join that and stay in touch: Lately when we can't meet in person, we've been doing remote calls on Discord. Welcome to the Baltimore Extra Life Guild, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or any of the leadership in the guild. Thanks! ~ Drew
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    Hey all, Do you guys have a President/VP/Secretary? I'd love to talk to someone about ways to get the guild a little more active, but you don't have anyone listed in those positions.
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    Well, there are now at least TWO people in Portland that are interested in reinvigorating the guild situation.
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    Perhaps my guildie and you could get together and get it active again! If that's somethin you would like to do, I can forward your info here to him.
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    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I have been active in the guild (honestly it was the first year of inception), and I'd like to get more involved. It seems like things are pretty slow right now with the guild. I'd love to help get this kickstarted again and get things moving!
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    I never done posted here! Hey, everyone! I'm Travis. I'm, at this point, a 5 year strong Extra Lifer. Granted, I've only succeeded my first year in going the full 24 (25) hours, but I'm determined this time to make it! A little about myself.. I'm 35, a husband to a beautiful wife and father to 2 wonderful little girls (6 and 3). I'm a 2005 graduate of Full Sail with a Bachelors in Game Design & Development. I'm a lifelong gamer, having started with an Atari 2600 back in '85, when I was just a wee lad. These days, I'm heavily into RPGs and retro games, with a high focus on Playstation 2. I currently have ~550 physical console games in my collection, 213 of them being for PS2. My gaming bucket list is to complete every US released PS2 game, which will probably take me right up to that bucket. I'm currently on game 11, so, yeah, I'll be old. I stream it all, as well, over on Twitch. I just don't stream the RPG grinding that I have to do sometimes, 'cause I don't think many people care to watch someone run around in circles fighting the same mobs over and over again What am I where? @TXPSodabread on Twitter, TXPSodabread on Twitch, TXPSodabread on Steam, SodaXBread on PS4. Curse you, Sony! Sodabread on Extra Life and finally, Sodabread#6158 on Discord. I'm something on Blizzard, but you'll rarely catch me playing Blizz games right now. I'm a, let's say 'auxiliary' member of the Philly guild. Since having two young kids, it's tough for me to get away on weekends most of the time to make it to meetings and cons, but I try to do my best at spreading the word locally (Easton/Lehigh Valley area). I think that about covers it. Hopefully I'll keep up with the message boards around here and have some discussion with everyone!
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    Im having a 2 day event 25 miles North of Pitt, Pa myself.
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    In most situations, any amount donated is eligible as a charitable donation. It's worth noting of course, that an individual (or organization) must properly claim these in accordance to Federal and State law when filing taxes.
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    How small of a donation can they donate to get the tax reduction in the first place? Any?
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    Hey @zopie! Once these donations are made in Donor Drive (whichever participant page you are using) a receipt is sent to the person for their records. That receipt would suffice for their tax credit.
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    TwitchCon 2017 is coming to Long Beach Oct. 20-22. The Orange County Guild along with the Los Angeles Guild has been asked to help staff the booth. Each volunteer will get a tshirt and a badge for TwitchCon. Please complete the Google Form linked below to sign up. Volunteers will be notified of their scheduled shifts at the end of Sept. Let me know if you have any questions. Volunteer Form:
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    Still in need of people?
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    Going around to local tech companies and asking them to give a flat donation or a certain amount per hour you stream has worked for me in the past. I have had Microsoft, Apple, Seagate, and other companies willing to donate anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars so maybe test that out.
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    Hey all! I compiled this list for the Kansas City Guild and I figured I'd share it here too! Guildies were wondering about other ways to fundraise besides social media and asking people, so since I know many of you have done restaurant events, etc...I thought I'd put together a list of info I could find on companies that do fundraising nights/events. This are mostly places in Kansas City, but the big restaurants are everywhere and some of the other things can be translated elsewhere. If you have more detailed info on any of these, please let me know! I'd love to pass it on Some of these places have online forms, which I have linked. Many of them are easy to book if you simply go in and chat to the owner or manager of the place! Never underestimate the effectiveness of going and talking to someone! RESTAURANTS Buffalo Wild Wings: Not 100% sure on amounts, but I believe it is 10% of stuff purchased with charity ticket, not including alcohol. You need to go in and talk to the restaurant manager to book. Here is some info. California Pizza Kitchen: 20% of sales from flyers. Fill out online form and they claim a manager will contact within 3 days! Cici’s Pizza: says to contact local store owners for info! Chili’s: 10% of sales with flyer. Tues or Wed night fundraisers. Give back 10% of sales with vouchers/flyers. Must reach $500 in sales for a donation or the donation will be made in food vouchers. Info. Chipotle: a whopping 50% of sales from flyers. They do not specify hospitals on their list, but if you contact them or get in touch with a specific location they may do it anyway if they don’t have any other community events going on! Info. Five Guys: must contact the store owner. Freddy’s: Online form. Noodles and Co: 25% of sales. Not sure if flyers or not. They “prefer” you have 150 people in attendance. Online form. Panda Express: 20% of sales from fliers. Online form. Panera: 20% of sales from people who bring in a flyer for the event. Online form. Raising Canes: 15% of sales with flyer. They also create a landing page for the event that you can share online. Online form. Red Robin: 20% of sales from fliers. They provide a whole host of marketing items such as flyers, social media images, a website, etc. Online form. PARTIES In-Home/Online Direct Sales Parties LuLaRoe (leggings/clothes): Depends on the consultant. Pure Romance: I am a consultant. If someone wants to have a party online, I'll donate 15% to Extra Life! Scentsy (scents/warmers): I know they do them but don’t have specifics ThirtyOne (bags): Anywhere from 5% to 24% of sales depending on the amount purchased. Younique (make-up): 20% of party sales go to the charity. **With in home party companies it all depends on the consultant. Many consultants will do even more than the company suggests!** Painting Parties Pinot’s Palette: “Paint it Forward” program with both public and private options at their locations. You have to email the manager of the store or go and visit them to set up. They have multiple locations **There are many of these everywhere and SO MANY do fundraising events!** MISC. Geeks Who Drink: you can set up your own Geeks Who Drink Night at a local bar in your area if you have one. Game Stores: Talk to a game store about having one of their tournaments for charity! Or, see about getting a donation jar in the store. Or, when you go to your usual game night...start talking about Extra Life! Trick or Treating for EL funds: go door to door asking for change for Extra Life. If you feel weird going as an adult, find someone with a kid and bring them with you! A few ELers in other cities have done this and it worked pretty well! I once collected food donations in high school door to door and it was a HUGE success! Maybe even dress up in a gaming costume! You can pass out flyers too! NOTES: -This is by no means a full list! Just an idea starter! -Going and talking to managers is an easy way to get something done! Don’t just rely on online forms! -Many of these require a W-9 with information. Your hospital should be able to get one. -Many of these require 4 to 6 weeks start planning NOW! -Most of these require flyers...which makes the process harder. Perhaps you team up with another Extra Lifer in a different friend group from you and you pass out the flyers more? Some suggest passing out 500, which I agree with. With a lot of events, you can only expect a small percentage to actually attend. So the more you invite...the more will come! Hope this helps at least one of you out there! I know there are hundreds of other ideas!
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    Best of luck to you, I wish I could convince my sister to join me, haha, I will definitely have to check out your stream this Extra Life
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    Hey Extra Lifers, We are at the halfway mark end of an exciting new campaign called Cheer For Kids on Twitch! In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, our great friends at Twitch are donating $2 for every 1,000 bits cheered when you use the #charity hashtag to Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We are currently over $62,000 $82,000 $100,000 raised! That's a lot of bits! There is still time to raise even more though, so add #charity to your cheers in chat. Let's make a final run and #CheerforKids! MOAR BITS! The campaign only lasts until September 19th so head on over to your favorite Twitch partner or affiliate's channel and #CheerForKids today!
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    it's beautiful. I love it!
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    11/3/2016 Update (Version 0.6.9): Fixed strange behavior where new donations weren't alerting. 10/31/2016 Update (Version 0.6.8): Fixed the names not displaying correctly on the team totals, after they changed the API slightly. 11/4/2015 Update (Version 0.6.5): There is now a (rudimentary) progress bar that you can pop open and capture. You can set colors under the settings window, and key out the background. It updates whenever your totals are updated. If I get time, I may work on a circular progress indicator, but it's getting close to gameday, and I'm not sure I'll have time. 10/30/2015 Update (Version 0.6.1): Fixed bug: When servers were slow, personal totals would display as $0 while waiting for server responses. Fixed bug: last 5 donations were always hiding titles, except for the first, introduced in 0.6.0 10/28/2015 Update (Version 0.6.0): Donation amounts that are hidden, for whatever reason, are handled a little more gracefully. Omitted at times, displayed as (hidden) in others, and wording changed in some spots. If all donations are hidden, then your top donation will always be $0, but there's not much I can do about that. Your total is now pulled from your user page, rather than the sum of your public donations. This piece of data may not be as current (I think they only update that page every 15 minutes) but it will always be accurate to the moment it was last updated by the EL servers. 10/16/2015 Update (Version 0.5.2): When you change user ID, all previous donations in the queue are cleared. Prevents my donations from alerting before all yours when you first change the ID. 10/14/2015 Update (Version 0.5.1): Fixed bugs preventing sounds from loading when first selected Added "clear" buttons for both image and sound to deselect your setting. --------------- Alright, finally ready to release this thing out into the public. It's still in Beta, and there are likely still bugs hiding that I haven't ironed out. My email is in the application to submit bug reports to. Download Link So you download it, and install it. You'll need Adobe Air, which you can get at Here's the quick rundown: It will fill in my ID as a default. To change it, head over to Settings and fill in your ID from your URL (the numeric one, not your screen name). Set any other defaults you want, things like background color of the alert window, currency sign, etc. Then be sure you click Save After you save, it should refresh the display with your information, not mine. If for some reason it doesn't, hit the 'Force refresh' button. Click Tracker to bring up the window where New Donation alerts will be displayed. It should be flashing all donations you have already received. I'll explain this more later. You should be good go to. How it works Once you've set up your ID/settings the program checks your donation list every 30 seconds. Every 15 minutes, it also checks for team information (if you're on a team). It updates the display inside the app window, but also sends information in various formats out to text files in a folder on your Desktop titled "extra-life-output". The titles should be pretty self-explanatory. Every time it detects a donation that it hasn't seen before, it adds that to a locally-stored database. Simultaneously to all that, every 10 seconds, it is checking that database for any donations that have yet to be displayed in the alert window. If it finds one, it displays the image and plays the sound you've selected, along with the name and amount of the donator. If you don't have the tracker window open, that check simply exits out. This means if you have the application open, but not the alert window open, any donations received during that time are queued up for the next time the tracker is opened. It will play the alert once for every donation. So the first time you open the app (or open it after not having opened it for a while) you're going to get to hear your donation alert a few times (hopefully a lot of times, which means you've raised a ton of money for CMN). There are a couple buttons up in the top right corner for utility, one to force a refresh of all data (Both individual and Team), as well as a 'Test Alert' button to trigger an alert to see what it looks like. It'll check to see if there's a new version available and give you a button pointing to the new version. There's also a button to donate to my EL page if you like it *HINTCOUGHCOUGHHINT*. Alert Files So the box for the alerts is approximately (may vary based on your OS) 685px wide by 215 px tall. That's what you're aiming for when creating images to use on your alert. The alert sound must be in MP3 format. You can use something like this to convert it to MP3 format if it isn't already. Text Files The text files this thing spits out can be used in OBS (via the "Text" source") and X-Split (using the "Title" source) pretty easily. Using those tools, you can set the size, font, outlines, scroll speed, etc, of any of that information. It behaves in the same was as most of the "Now Playing" type plugins out there. If you're confused, YouTube and google have plenty of tutorials on both tools and how to place text files in your stream stage. What's next I'm going to leave it out in the wild for a few days and hope some folks have bug reports/suggestions. Otherwise a few things I'm looking to add: Manually set the delay between alerts (for folks who have longer alert sounds) Add more font choices for alert text (what fonts?) Squash whatever bugs people find Refactor the code so it's not too embarrassing to put on GitHub. ???? I think I've covered everything it does, but if I forgot, let me know and I'll update this thread. I'm planning on using this thread as the 'home' for future updates, since it seems to have evolved from what I'd mentioned in other threads. I apologize if I'm cluttering the front page of the forum with this. I'll update the title as well as the in-app notification when I release new versions, and you can come back here to find out what's new. If you have any questions, please let me know here or via the e-mail listed in the app. If you enjoy the tool, please consider donating to my Extra Life Fundraiser. My niece was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome, basically meaning she had only one half of her heart. Three open heart surgeries during her first year of life at the hospital I'm raising money for, the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, and she's now a super energetic, sassy, awesome 2nd grader. She'll likely need a heart transplant as she nears her adult life, but even 20 years ago, these children didn't survive, so I'm extremely grateful to CMN hospitals, the UI Children's Hospital, and everyone who's ever thought about maybe helping a sick child get better. Edit: Fixed the actual download link. I'm an idiot.
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    I am moving to the Milwaukee area soon and cant wait to work with the community!! I used to do things in the Jacksonville area never formally joined until now. I focus mostly on tabletop gaming and will be at GameHole Con
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    Hey everyone, My name is Connor, last year I participated for the first time by streaming my participation of a 24 hour marathon session, and raised more than I expected. This year I'm trying to improve on that experience by offering up donation milestones, a spectacle, task, or condition every $500 or so, to incentivize donations. I've reached out to friends for suggestions which resulted in the work-in-progress list below, and would love to hear any input you may have. $500 - highest donor can pick a game I'll play for no less than 2 hours (must be PC, if occurs during marathon stream must be something I can download on the spot) $1000 - I will drink a shot of hot sauce and say "I'm a spicy boy" $1500 - TBD $1965 - I have to play Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band on repeat for the remainder of the marathon $2000 - I will wax my legs on stream If you have any suggestions for additional tasks, or any other advice for someone still new to this event, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Hi, all, So I was just informed of a killer launch party event that we've been invited to. The Wisconsin Streaming Alliance has partnered with Koss for the release of their newest gaming headset, and the release party is August 25th at 42 Lounge here in MKE! The leader of the WSA, Papa Beren, was kind enough to extend an invite to our guild, and I think it's going to be a great night and a very good opportunity for us to spread the work about Extra Life and hopefully recruit some players as we are inching closer to Game Day! You can demo the headphones and even enter to win a pair at the end of the night. I've linked to the invite information below. We'll be discussing this at our meeting next week, and I hope to have a list of those willing and able to attend to Papa Beren after our meeting that night. If you come, I think it would be a good idea for us to wear EL shirts, if you have one, so that we can be easily distinguished while mingling. I'll also see if it will be possible for us to get a table set up, too, like we do at conventions, so that we coordinate sign-ups and answer any questions people may have for us. I hope you'll be able to join us for recruitment, a beer, and an awesome early access product testing!
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    Due to personal issues I've been inactive for a bit, but figured I would share this great news: As of tonight at 8pm, Milwaukee has officially surpassed $10,000 raised #ForTheKids!