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    Hello everyone. This is my first year raising money for Extra Life and Seattle Children's Hospital. I am bummed I can't attend the guild event coming up this month(it's my first wedding anniversary), I'm glad I found this place though! Here's to an excellent year of Helping Kids.
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    If you haven't already, head over to the official Extra Life Discord channel too! There are lots of folks active there.
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    The world is constructed in a way to get you to think about all of that stuff - What was this structure used for? Was this a city? What happened to the people who built all of this? There are long enough moments of quiet to let you just think about all of that stuff and come to your own conclusions and enough small pieces of explanations to understand the most basic elements of what's going on. I love this game so much <3
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    I said a while back I'd be getting it. I got it, I love it again Roommate was asking about lore of the game, and I love how my response was more speculative than fact. 16 colossi seemingly created by some ancient civilization to trap and seal away separate parts of this evil god, only to be released a millennia later by a boy from an up-and-coming tribal village. The save/heal point monuments serving as rest stations or base camps for the ancients during the construction/growth of the shell colossi. All of that stone work and scaffolding that makes it easy to climb them just leftover as a contingency plan in case the trap/sealing plan didn't work. So much else that just gets created in your mind as justifications for certain things!
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    Time moves slowly and inexorably forward. The world changes, and we grow old telling stories together. Those stories, the ones that stick with us, communicated something important to us. As a medium, game creators have spent decades learning how to put together ever more effective stories that can offer that thing of precious importance, that moment of beauty, clarity, success, failure. In a sea of stories, Shadow of the Colossus stands out as a fairy tale in the classic sense, and the remake by Bluepoint Games serves to enhance what was already a foundational piece of video game history. Shadow of the Colossus tells the tale of a young man named Wander who travels to the Forbidden Land, a landmass sealed off from the rest of the world. Using an enchanted sword, he strikes a deal with an enigmatic entity named Dormin who agrees to bring the woman he has brought with him back from the dead if he can complete an impossible task: Defeat 16 colossal incarnations of the towering stone statues that line the temple. Armed only with his magic sword, a bow with unlimited arrows, and his trusty horse Agro, Wander sets forth into a long-abandoned world of ruins and natural wonders to battle towering behemoths the size of skyscrapers. The simple, powerful set up allows the visuals, music, and gameplay tell the vast majority of the narrative. That open approach to storytelling led a lot of people, even the marketing team for Shadow of the Colossus, to interpret the adventure as one about true, undying love. Wander, after all, goes to incredible lengths for a woman with whom he has a close connection. However, playing through the remake, a version remade after over a decade, I realized that my perception of the game has shifted to seeing it more as a tale about loss and the inability to let go being an ultimately destructive force. That flexibility and changing interpretation feels interesting. It's a reminder of how much time has passed since I played Shadow of the Colossus in 2005. Back then, the question of whether video games were capable of being art was a hotly debated topic. The internet was on fire with hot takes about what it meant to be art and whether interactivity itself negated art. Now that the question has largely been settled, it feels liberating to be able to think, "okay, it's art, so what does that mean? What does all of this, as a piece of art, mean?" Everyone will have to struggle with loss at some point in their lives. It's not pleasant. It hurts. There's the impulse to yell and scream and gnash your teeth because you would do anything to have that person back in your life. And Shadow of the Colossus asks the seductive question: What if you could throw everything to the wind and bring that person back? What price would you pay? And at first, the answer seems obvious, heroic even. But as the game progresses and one by one the beautiful, deadly colossi, who were all minding their own business before Wander showed up, begin to take their toll. The feeling of triumph and accomplishment gives way to self-doubt. Is this the right thing? That question of meaning scratches at the fundamentals of what I believe make myths and fairy tales resonate across time. Because Shadow of the Colossus is art. To some it could be a tale of love, to others it could represent a cautionary tale about obsession, and playing the remake it brought to mind loss. Shadow of the Colossus manages to have the narrative flexibility to accommodate multiple interpretations, and that's a quality that can bestow a great deal of longevity to a piece of art. I'd argue that's at least partly why we are getting a remake of a game that's two-and-a-half generations of technology behind the current PlayStation console. It's a testament to the artistry of the original PlayStation 2 release of Shadow of the Colossus that the visuals largely hold up due to its adherence to a strong minimalist aesthetic that focuses on natural beauty. The entire production possesses a washed out quality that cleverly hides some of the deficient parts of the world as Wander and Agro make their way across the quiet plains and subdued forests. With the remake, none of the world needs to be hidden by visual tricks; flowing water glitters in the sunlight, grass sways with the wind, dust motes flit through the air. The effect of the increased focus on detail afforded by the technological leap and the original style is jaw-dropping. To put it bluntly, this remake of Shadow of the Colossus stands as one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. I found myself slowing to a walk to soak in the moments of natural beauty that made yet another outing in the Forbidden Land unforgettable. With the share function on the PlayStation 4, I constantly paused the action to fiddle with the newly added photo mode in pursuit of that perfect angle to show off Bluepoint's gorgeously rendered take on Team Ico's classic. It was a compulsion to ogle the work put into everything on screen and then share that with the world. If I had to nitpick the presentation, there were a few elements that felt a bit off. The biggest would be Wander's strange lack of facial animations. The update gave him somewhat of a baby face; not a huge problem, but slightly different from the original character model. His face seems to lack some degree of animation for reacting to events, something more noticeable with a built-in photo mode. Outside of cutscenes, Wander is content to stare passively into the distance, regardless of the circumstances. Wobbling on the ledge of a colossus-sized fall? Not even the faintest recognition of his own mortality. Lastly, and this might be one of the most nitpicky things of all, one of the subtle elements of the original release of Shadow of the Colossus was the slow shift that visualized Wander's fall from grace. As each colossi met its death, he became less human. Players saw that change happen bit by bit, witnessing horns sprout from his head and his skin turn pale and black veins appear on his body. The remake seems to only gradually make his skin paler until the very end when he suddenly has horns and horrific cracked skin. It would have been nice to have a subtler touch applied to his transformation to give it more of a build-up. All of that being said, the small issues present in the Shadow of the Colossus remake are an exceedingly small price to pay for an update that's otherwise a fan or newcomer's dream come true. An updated control scheme provides people frustrated with the PS2 controls a new way to play, while also retaining the retro layout available for those who have grown used to how the original played. Small additions to the game like a series of hidden coins that can be collected for a secret reward that have been scattered across the world to reward players who poke into every nook and cranny. Additional clarification has been added to some of the colossi themselves to show what can and cannot be climbed and grabbed. The same with some parts of the environment that now have grabbable surfaces to avoid frustrating falls. The gameplay remains as harrowing, exciting, and frustrating as ever. Players who found the camera a problem in the original will find similar issues here. Agro's AI enhanced controls will prove just as frustrating (or appropriate) as it was in 2005. Running up gigantic swords, struggling to maintain a grip on a gliding stone eagle high in the sky, or outsmarting walking artillery batteries all remain exhilarating, rendered more breath-taking by Bluepoint. Kow Otani's soaring track still sends chills up the spine, playing with the player's emotions, masterfully directing the the reaction players have at any given moment. As far as I could tell, the soundtrack remained unchanged, but I might have missed a few subtle alterations. The soundscape of Shadow of the Colossus remains one of the most cohesive pieces of the whole package, bringing all of the elements together with a neat bow. Conclusion: Shadow of the Colossus was already a phenomenal game that shaped an entire generation of people and helped solidify the acceptance of video games as an art form. The remake provides a face lift from the ground up that brings forth a whole new world of beauty that enhances a timeless story. If you missed out on the original on PS2 or the HD remaster on PS3, this is the definitive edition that you owe it to yourself to play. Shadow of the Colossus is available now for PlayStation 4. View full article
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    Bumping this topic again if anyone new from the Louisiana area has joined or knows of any teams in the area. I just registered myself for 2018 and want to connect with others.
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    Tara, We will miss you. Good luck in your new job.
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    I could possibly on Thursday. I believe I have the day off. But, my work allows me to get paid for volunteer hours. Would someone be able to verify for the proper paper work? Either way I can help.
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    Definitely making it this time, got the days mixed up for the last meeting. D;
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    Riot Nerd Flea Market March 18th
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    Zolocon Yoo late for this year but we can think about it for next year.
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    Hi/Hello, My name is Troy Starrett, and I recently moved to the PNW from sunny New Mexico, for better work opportunities. I first got involved with Extra Life through the Sarcastic Gamer community in 2010. This is my 9th year participating in the charity. I was previously raising money for the University of New Mexico Children's Hospital, because they were local, and they helped both of my daughters with medical emergencies shortly after they were born. I decided this year, since I was joining the Seattle Guild, that I should raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital (although it still feels a little bit weird). I sincerely look forward to working with all of you for this amazing cause. Cheers!
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    Better late (or really early for next year) than never. This was my fourth year doing Extra Life and I'm looking forward to number five! I really would like to go bigger than what I did this year (which I feel went super well!).
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    Hello! I'm Charlie. First year getting involved with Extra Life. I don't stream, but I wanted to get involved and help out as Extra Life is really cool. I'm a social computing researcher but also a pretty big 'gamer'.
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    Hey, I'm Jennifer from Crazy Squirrel Game Store where we've run marathon events for the past few years (thanks to the organization of Josh McIllwain). We're up to it again this year and we're starting our campaign for donations and participation. Here's looking forward to another good year.
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    Hey, it's 2017! I'm Michelle aka Elleon_Sound. This is my 4th year participating in Extra Life. 2nd year pledging to raise funds for Seattle Children's Hospital. I'm on team Release the Quackin' and we'll be streaming our 24 hour gaming marathon on Nov 4th.
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    Hello everyone! I'm Nico, I also work at the hospital. I've helped with Extra life the past 2 years and have put together the Extra-Life Game Days at the hospital before we were an official guild.
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    I keep putting off my own introduction to you guys since the first meeting. Hi everyone, I am Elizabeth. I am known as KistyNocturn on Twitch. I have been participating in Extra Life since 2013 and helped a friend with his stream for Extra Life back in 2012. I like to stream video games ranging from FPS, RTS, to simulator games, and the occasional RPG game. I work a very tight schedule at my day job, which is a customer service experience specialist, so getting free time can be difficult unless planned well in advance, but I will try to help out when ever possible. I am an expert when it comes to OBS Studio a streaming software so please feel free to ask me questions, if you need help setting it up prior to game day November 4th please, please, don't hesitate to ask for my assistance. I am hoping I can do at least a demo of how to set up OBS Studio which is a free program that allows you to stream game play from PC and Consoles (consoles require capture card with OBS) just in case anyone is interested in that. I have a background in Graphic Communication and Digital Video Production so feel free to tap my mountain of knowledge I am more than willing to share it. I am also very nerdy so feel free to talk to me about anything from movies, animation, to video games.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Josh McIllwain, and I've been organizing Extra Life at the Crazy Squirrel Game Store every year for the last 3 years. We've been able to collect over $6,000 combined over the last few years, and I'm really excited about seeing us grow in Fresno. I wish I could've made it to the meeting last night, but I had other obligations. I am interested in applying for a leadership position - @ForTheKids, would you mind letting me know what you need from me in order to apply? Thanks!
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    Hello all, My name is Manuel Vejar but you will see my alias most of the time which is Breathinglions. I stream on twitch and enjoy games such as PUBG, Dead By Daylight, H1Z1, GTAV, Rimworld, and many others. I have spent four years active duty navy from 2009 to 2013. I have been to England, Spain, Italy, The Vatican, Bahrain, Dubai, and France. I have conducted multiple humanitarian and operational missions including Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am now in the Naval Reserves in Lemoore and am a part of the Junior Enlisted Association (VP of the Social Committee). I am also ASST. Director of our Sponsorship program. I want to help out as much as I can physically do so as I am personally committed to helping others and especially children. I hope the enthusiasm and creativity of this group will seed others to join and become a part of something bigger than themselves! Thanks for all that you do!
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    What is the Official Extra Life Stream Team? The Extra Life Stream Team is a group of our most enthusiastic community members who volunteer their time to provide a presence for Extra Life on on the official Extra Life Twitch Channel. The Stream Team promotes the national Extra Life movement. The members of the Stream Team are goodwill ambassadors for Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They represent the very best of our community through their dedication and passion for gaming for charity while live streaming. We Want Streamers! Do you have streaming experience? We are looking for Extra Lifers who have experience in streaming for at least 2 hours on a regular (weekly) basis for period of 8 weeks to start. Are you well versed in the Extra life program? Can you talk about it conversationally? Great! Don't have a ton of followers? Not a problem. However, live streaming is a skill and while we understand many of you may want to ‘get into streaming’, we are looking for folks who have a bit of experience engaging the viewer. Don't have experience streaming? Start streaming on your own channel, follow, watch and participate in chat in other streams. You have to start somewhere! We have a core group that know their way around a stream and are experts concerning the Extra Life program. If that sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Your time to shine and share your love for Extra Life Being on the Stream Team is being an Extra Life aficionado. To be clear this about making Extra Life visible and to encourage participation. It's not about your personal donation page (though a casual mention during your stream is permissible), your guild or team. This application is solely for the person submitting it. If your fellow team or guild members are interested, have them complete an application! The more the merrier! If you are unable to stream during your assigned time please contact the Stream Team Lead- @herobyclicking. What is expected of the Stream Team? Stream Amazing Content You’re free to stream just about anything you can "play". We are representing a children’s charity and you’ll be streaming on the official Extra Life channel, so we do require the following: You must use the official Twitch backgrounds provided in by the Extra Life team. Please, no modifications, donation alerts etc. These materials are approved by the national team and we appreciate you adhering to this guideline. NO PROFANITY AT ANY TIME (the all caps means we are serious). Keep it PG/PG-13 when streaming. Be sure to have an appropriate. family friendly screenname for Twitch, Twitter and the whatnot. Keep the content of your games to a maximum rating of “T for Teen.” No “M” rated games (and most games rated PEGI 16+, not sure? Ask!). This shouldn't be a big surprise! There are plenty of games to play outside of that rating. Get creative if you get stuck! Ask the Stream Team community if you get into a rut! Remember, it's for the kids. Use the Official Extra Life Stream Team assets when streaming. Console streamers MUST have access to a capture card and software that supports Twitch Stream Keys. (PS4 and Xbox One do not support this natively). Emulators and ROMS are not allowed on stream in adherence to DMCA. Contact the Stream Team Lead in the event you cannot stream. We are flexible and understanding of the needs of your personal schedule, just keep us in the loop. Failure to adhere to these expectations will affect your continued eligibility as a member of the team. It's all about Extra Life The primary focus while streaming on the official Extra Life twitch channel should be on promoting the Extra Life program. Your audience will be from all over North America and possibly the world. Focus on educating the public about Extra Life and encouraging them to register to participate. What does the Stream Team do? As a member of the Stream Team you will have... A regular, weekly, two hour block of time on the official Extra Life channel for at least a two month period. Depending on demand this could be extended. The opportunity to represent Extra Life to the Twitch community. An opportunity, once per hour, to promote your personal fund raising page, Guild, or Team on the official Extra life twitch channel. That warm fuzzy feeling of doing something that can help others join our amazing community. How to Apply You can check the official Stream Team Schedule for time slots. Please note that all times are shown as Eastern US time. Want to be an Official Stream Team Twitch Channel Mod? Do you have eye for trolls and know how to keep the chat rolling? Love Extra Life and have time to hang out with our streamers? Let us know! Complete the application above and select "Moderator" as the position you are applying for. Have any questions? Direct message the team leads, @allthewayj, @heartandthesynapse, @MajorLinux and @Quaseymoto!
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    Hi @Carbonskies! Are you familiar with streaming at all? I don't want to give you too much information that you already know, so I'll start by just explaining what I do! If you have any specific questions about anything, just let me know. This will all be programs, but I have a panel for all my tech specs here if you need advise on that. Set Up I use OBS to broadcast to Twitch (I also use the BTTV extension). I have an Elgato HD that I use for console capture through OBS, otherwise if you are playing on PC you don't need anything extra. I use Twitch Alerts for follower and hosting notification. I also use the TwitchAlerts Stream Label Chrome extension for recent follower text on my overlay. I use the Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension to roll for random giveaway winners. I use Nightbot as my mod and have timers and commands for Extra Life that run in my chat. I use to create a setup for Extra Life donation alerts, and I save that in OBS as a CLR Browser streampro I used Snaz last year as my 24 hour timer when I did my Game Day marathon, so I'll use it this year unless I find another program. In regards to Extra Life, there are a few overlays and images you can upload into your OBS scene so that they display on your stream. Here is the link to some! I also have a button in my Twitch panels that links to my donation page. You just need to Edit Panel on Twitch, upload an image like the ones linked below, and in the URL field insert the link to your personal donation page. All Downloads Interaction Here are some talking points and additional materials you can use to promote Multimedia Kit Talking Points The rest is just up to you to have some fun! Stay positive and have a clear message when you want to talk about Extra Life. Focus on the benefit to the hospitals and explain that we fundraise all year long. The 24 Hour Game Day is a celebration of our year's work. There's nothing specific you need to do outside of having your link available for people to donate or register on the site. The rest is just fun optional stuff. I'm sure you will get a TON of great feedback from other streamers here. Good luck and let us all know if you need anything else!