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    Humble Book Bundle: Java by O'Reilly
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    Humble Bundle Fall Sale
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    Brütal Legend
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    No official announcements per say, but we did mention on the Game Day broadcast that ELU would March 7th-10th. More to come!
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    Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition
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    Humble Monthy Sub: Starting with H1Z1
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    We would LOVE to feature board games! Let's do it! I'll message you on facebook and we'll get you set up!
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    I would definitely help! I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner! There are multiple ways to do all of the things that you want to do, and I would be glad to help you out! Let's set up a time to get together and get you set up.
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    Humble Comics Bundle: James Bond
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    Humble "Care Package" Bundle -
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    Have you looked at these Best Practices? They should help!
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    Recent years have seen the rise of visual novels in the gaming landscape, interactive stories with light "choose your own adventure" elements. If you've ever dreamed of making your own visual novel, Degica Games is gearing up to release Visual Novel Maker in November. Essentially, Visual Novel Maker follows the RPG Maker conceit of allowing someone to create what they want with little to no programming expertise. The set of tools in Visual Novel Maker includes support for click, drag and drop, or type interfaces for the stories users are itching to tell. Completed games can be played on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Of course what is a visual novel without the visuals? Visual Novel Maker comes with 11 different characters, each with a variety of outfits and expressions. Those characters don't exist within a black void, either, as the software tool comes with over 150 pre-made backgrounds. Those who prefer to create their own art can import it into the game or even use Live2D to include some animations. Same goes for music; a selection of pre-made tracks, but the option to add more personal music if the user desires. Experienced developers can create and add extensions to edit the game or even the toolset itself. Visual Novel Maker releases on November 16 for PC.