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    There was a discussion about a knee cap breaking policy, if all 25 hours were not played. But I hear it did not test well in the beta markets. . . . This is completely a joke. The game time works on an honor system. If you do want to log hours, so people can donate related to time played, you can update the overview/story section of your page. Also all money you raised is donated to your hospital, regardless if you meet your fundraising goal or your amount played.
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    So, on the site, for offline donations it states that a tax receipt will be mailed for donations over $250. What about donations that are under $250. The school I work in is going to do a little Donation collection for Extra Life... and after the money is given, they need a receipt. So, just in case they don't raise over $250, how can I make sure they get a proper receipt? Cheers,
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    Hello @Cire730! You can display your Gamertag or other handle by going to your "Dashboard" > "Edit Your Page" > select the box under your name that says "Show another name on my fundraising page and in search results" > add the name you wish to appear > save your page. Let us know if that helps!
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    Also contact your hospital rep and local guild! They often have resources and materials to help with events. Let us know if you need further assistance with this or contacting your guild/hospital.
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    Volunteer list is finalized!
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    I can be there around 1 until closing
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    Welcome aboard. I posted this on another post you created, but just in case...
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    It's too early to say if this results in increased support of Extra Life, but... Today I was doing some EL housekeeping for this year's event page and noticed that, at the end of 2016, my hospital had the pleasure of announcing an upgrade to their operating theater as a direct result of donations. So I wrote up a "here's a concrete way that you make a difference" email, including a link to the video about the new operating theater as well as a link to the hospital's most recent annual report. I also included information about the monthly donations option and an upcoming stream I'll be doing to get the fun started early this year. I know that when I donate to a charity, it's always nice to see where my money goes. So I encourage you to check out your hospital's website, or get in touch with their Extra Life rep, to see what's new and let people know that when they support Extra Life, they really do make a difference!