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    Guild Toolkit Looking for a place for the latests guild kits for your Extra Life Guild? Well, look no further! You have arrived. The toolkit contains a large selection of assets for guilds to use including: Extra Life Guild Booth Kit Fully approved banners and table covers of various sizes and for various fabrics. Each has a location to add the local Hospital Logo if so desired. There are US and Canadian specific versions of these assets in this folder. A French version of the Canadian assets for use in Quebec is coming soon. 4'x8'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 4x7_FABRICION_FINAL 8'_TABLESKIRT_FINAL 8'x4'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_VINYL_FINAL Also included in this folder: Elevator Speech (30 Second Pitch)_2017 Extra Life Talking Points Offline Registration Form_Extra Life (Use these form for recruiting people to Extra Life at events) Offline Registration_Input Walkthrough Important URLs Extra Life Multimedia Kit Great resources to help you support your guild's efforts!
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    From your profile it says you play for Boston. Lucky for you, Boston has a guild. That's another great way to get in touch with Extra Lifers in your area. Check out their Guild discussion area:
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    Hey @Patricio_tv! Currently the community hub is the "best" option for this! However, sometime soon hopefully, you should be able to see who is playing for a particular hospital on the main site. It's a great idea and we have been trying to find the best way to implement it. Stay tuned for more info!
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    Someone @ me on here if something's borked for this year.
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    Hello everyone Jared Kinter here! Father to the most amazing 8 year old girl in the world and avid gamer and anime fan! Once again I am gaming for The Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. This is my 5th year participating! I Extra Life for my 8 year old daughter Autumn Rayne who has Benign Rolandic Epilepsy, ADHD and possible Autism. I usually stream games such as Strider, Rogue Galaxy, Saints Row 4 Re-Elected Edition, Shadow Warrior, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Final Fantasy XV, Grand Theft Auto 5, WWE2K16 and Shadow Of Mordor GOTY Edition on PS4. However this year I will be streaming Friday The 13th The Game for game day 2017! I am so excited to once again participate in this wonderful cause to benefit the children!
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    Still "tuned" here... nothing? Usually it's Septemberish... and now that it's August, time will be getting short for planning activities at hospitals and outside sponsors who wanted to do something. Any closer to an announcement?
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    Done guys, I have added Extra Life to my autohost
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    ¿Qué es #100DaysOfGaming? Es un reto a beneficio de Extra Life y de Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. El reto consiste en jugar por 100 días consecutivos, culminando con el Maratón Extra Life, maratón de juegos de 24 horas que se celebrará el sábado 4 de noviembre de 2017. ¿Te animas a aceptar el reto? Este año, #100DaysOfGaming comienza el 26 de julio. ¡Prepara tus consolas, juegos móviles, PC, y huegos de mesa, que vamos a jugar para sanar niños! ¿CÓMO PUEDO PARTICIPAR? ¡JUEGA! Un juego al día, por 100 días. Juegos de mesa, vídeo juegos, deportes, cartas, lo que sea; si tiene reglas y puedes jugarlo, vale. Trata de jugar una hora cada día. ¡COMPARTE! Deja saber en tus redes sociales que estás participando de este reto para ayudar a los niños. Recuerda usar los hashtags: #100DaysOfGaming, #ExtraLife, y #PorLosNiños. Etiqueta (taguea) a otros participantes en tus posts, para que sean parte de tu progreso. ¡DIRECTOS (STREAMS)! Si acostumbras a hacer directos (streams), usa, Mixer, YouTube, o Facebook para compartir tu reto. Si no eres "streamer", no hay problema. No es obligatorio. Solo comparte fotos, o vídeos de tus días de juego. Recuerda que mientras mas personas vean y hablen sobre lo que haces, mas se interesarán en ayudarte a alcanzar tu meta de recaudos de Extra Life.
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    This months meeting will be held at the Microsoft store at the Westfarms mall in Farmington, CT at 6:30PM on Wednesday July 19th. Come on out to the meeting and help the guild encourage more gamers to participate in Extra-Life. Reply with any questions.
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    Team Nerd Stash is having our next big Marathon for Extra Life! 36 Hours of Gaming beginning tomorrow at 12 PM EST. Special pre-show starts at 9 AM EST so stay tuned and help give back! All Donations will support The Kentucky Children's Hospital. Watch our Stream on Participate for a chance to win prizes and to donate directly to
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    OC is still planning a public event like last year's marathon at KO Gaming Lounge. We are in the process of finding a new venue as our home base of Esports Arena is booked and KO has closed. We will keep you guys posted on any progress in case you want to partner up again this year.
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    Hey guys, I have been with Extra Life for 4 years now and I am the President of the Grand Rapids guild. So this isn't spam. My little company Afterthought Games is going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign next week for a game we are making called Violent Sol Worlds. We're not allowed to advertise it on the Kickstarter (which is ridiculous) but our plan is to give 5% of our earnings to Extra Life, 10% if we are funded in the first 24 hours. We are also launching a game called Cornflower Corbin the day before and we are going to be promoting both of them at the Maker Faire in our city next weekend. Anyway, I just wanted to post about both here to try to get the word out. I will post again when they both are live. Below are the relevant links if anyone is interested. Violent Sol Kickstarter: Cornflower Corbin on Steam: Thanks in advance for checking them out.
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    Anyone interested in doing a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' Guild Game Afternoon or Evening this Saturday, August 19? I was thinking either 3PM or 7PM and go for 2-3 hours. I'm looking your way @SavageAce, @mostwantedmex, @Fine_Rogue2873, @Mave, and @BridgetownBS
  14. 1 point For the upcoming weekend days leading up to September 3rd, I will be streaming a game of the Classic Sonic saga (1, 2, 3, CD, 4, and Mania) to raise money for Duke Children's Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. Be sure to tune in and, if possible donate to to help me reach my $100 goal!
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    We've been surprised and not a little disappointed to find that there is no store in our area that sells a badge- or button-making kit, so the project has morphed into a less-professional-looking 2 1/4" team badge. We had thought of wearing two- one with the name and one with our rank, dollars raised, or something to that effect- but since the badge is 2 1/4", it's a little large for wearing more than one. BUT it has drawn some attention at work; I wear it on a lanyard a couple of days a week and people have asked what it's all about, so I guess it's doing its job. Since it's light it's not a big deal. I grabbed the font, logo, and colors from the EL media kit page and ran with it. The badges are only about $5.70 for a dozen, and do the trick, I guess, even though they're not sealed. Good luck!
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    Indeed! Good catch. I am going to check to see if there is anything on Donor Drive's end that would make this possible. Currently it's not possible for a team member to communicate to the team captain, though the team captain can message their team. I'll take a closer look! Good job everyone
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    Extra Life Kansas City Guild Meeting Notes August 9th 2017 at T3 Arcade Game Day is November 4th Current standings: 404 Sign ups and $23,830 raised. TOP INFO: Don't forget to fund raise! DO A SURVEY FOR US(LINK)! If you get info from Planet Comic Con DO NOT FILL IT OUT! We will give you instructions Guild Information: 1) Purpose of the Guild is to recruit new members, new recruits raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. 2) Recruitment is based on visiting local events, spread the world about Extra Life and getting sign ups 3) Guild is also great for networking for non-Guild related fund raising events. EVENTS: GEARS PRO POINTS TOURNAMENT Extra Life Organizer: Jessie B. Location and times: August 19th 1-8PM / Microsoft Store in the Oak Park Mall Events:Sign Ups and recruiting Schedule: Coming Soon! Notes: RENAISSANCE FAIRE Extra Life Organizer: Jessie B. Location and times: September 9th and 10th (10AM to 7PM) / Ren Fair Grounds (633 N 130th St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012) Events: Penny Wars and Sign Ups Schedule: Coming Soon(Volunteers needed) Notes: *Ren Fair Clothes are required for this event, contact Sean A. or Lora W. for appropriate wear if needed FUTURE EVENTS: KCGAMEON TOURNAMENT Location and times: October 7th to 8th, for possibly a 24 hour event, Saturday into Sunday REN FAIRE Location and times: October 14th and 15th at the Renaissance Faire KANSAS CITY COMIC CON Extra Life Organizer: David F. Location and times: Convention Center Nov 11-12 Notes: this is the weekend after Game Day, may be mostly fundraising, possible partnership with Microsoft PLANET COMIC CON Extra Life Organizer: Sean A / Lora W Location and times: Convention Center Feb 2018 Notes: DO NOT FILL OUT APPLICATION UNTIL REQUESTED BY THE GUILD! POSSIBLE EVENTS: FREE STATE COMIC CON Extra Life Organizer: Sean A. Location and times: Oct 21st Notes: *will not know if this is for certain until Late September MIDWEST GAME FEST Extra Life Organizer: TBD Location and times: Nov 4-5th Notes: FUNDRAISING IDEAS(NON-OFFICIAL): T3 GAME NIGHT Organizer: David F. RPG CHARITY NIGHT Organizer: Kristie GUILD SPONSORSHIP Note: More information will be coming on this idea Additional Information: 1) Remember Convention Rules: a) Show up for your shifts, if you cannot make it contact your Extra Life Organizer. b ) No need to hang around booth when it is not your shift, we want to maintain a professional appearance at the booth c) Ensure the forms are completed and legible when dealing with hand written forms. d) Keep our booth clean, take your trash with you. Next meeting: Sept 13th, 2017
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    Ok so I really gotta get on here more often. I'm glad you hooked up with them. I'll see what I can do cause this could be big
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    Hi Guys, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question but is there any way to know who else is playing for the same Hospital like me?. The idea is trying to get contact with other Streamers playing for the same community, viewers, etc. Thanks!
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    Update: Our Rocket League tournament is this saturday (8/12) starting at 1PM EST. The format is 3v3 on PC/Xbox, all games will be streamed on twitch. Psyonix was kind enough to provide us with some Rocket League swag, so the top 3 teams will get prizes, and the top team also gets a game of their choice (up to $60 value) for each team member. Team Entry fee is a $25 Extra Life donation paid to anyone on the Good4Gaming team. If anyone is interested in playing in the tournament, or in joining me in the stream to discuss Extra Life during the tournament, please let me know. thanks, Dave
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    Earlier this month, Waypoint ran a month long game jam called New Jam City that attracted a number of interesting entries. One of these entries lovingly resurrected the Noid, an advertising mascot for Domino's Pizza in the mid-80s. Strangely, the Noid managed to become somewhat popular, resulting in several video game adaptations of the character over the years. One of these was Capcom's Yo! Noid! for the NES in 1990. It wasn't a particularly great game, which is why the creation of a direct sequel, even as a game jam entry, is turning some heads. Yo! Noid II: Enter the Void ia a reimagining of the Noid as an early PlayStation One/N64 platformer that plays like a strange cross between Mario 64 and Tomb Raider. The game begins with the titular Noid losing his trusty yo-yo and platforming through New York City to get it back. However, that certainly isn't the end of the adventure. After obtaining the yo-yo, the Noid falls into the Noid Void, an interdimensional wasteland populated by strange mushroom creatures and peppered with various pizza-themed levels and collectibles. This is where Yo! Noid II opens up and allows for exploration and a great deal of puzzle solving. I'm going to level with you, this game is actually fun. Not in an ironic, "haha, isn't it dumb that they made a game starring the Noid?" way (though don't get me wrong, it is absolutely dumb that someone made another game that was in any way affiliated with the Noid, a fact that the developers certainly understood and embraced to great effect)- I genuinely enjoyed playing Yo! Noid II. Wall jumping and running work rather well when paired with a ledge grab mechanic that comes in very handy. The Noid can even use his yo-yo to swing between platforms, pull levers, and open pizza portals to other worlds. Oh, the Noid also dabs now, because of course he does. All of this is done in an endearingly janky style that's meant to be a call back to those early 3D platformers that both enthralled and frustrated a generation. It's unclear if the somewhat wonky and temperamental camera was designed to bring out that style or if it's simply a frustrating camera. However, for a short nostalgia experiment with a sense of humor like Yo! Noid II, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Yo! Noid II: Enter the Void is a far, far better game than the Noid has ever deserved, but it's free at the moment and certainly worth your time. You can download it directly from the developers to see what the Noid is up to in this age of HD gaming. There's also an official soundtrack because why not? The Noid is a thing again, so why not?
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    Thanks for helping get the word out, Scott. You're the man! Got word on directions to the meeting location! They're in the attachment. It'll be a chance to meet people, get tips from veterans, and step our game up. Extra Life is a very simple concept and that's why it works so well. There are some equally simple tips and tricks to charity work that will make your work pay off and be more rewarding without being more stressful. It's just about being efficient and effective in clear communication. Trinity Towers Foundation Office Map-Directions.pdf
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    Hey @MyOhMyke, Firstly sorry you won't be able to make the meeting. Hope to see you in September. I think it's an awesome idea. You could probably get a full team recruited to focus on a marathon of Mario. Have you considered some of the logistical problems? Presumably this would be on a single save, so you'd need to have everyone at the same location. Where would you host it, make sure it can handle the number of people involved? Would you want everyone there for the entire 24 hours, or take it in shifts? Are you planning on streaming it? If so make sure everyone involved will be comfortable on stream. This is one of those amazing ideas that needs a little bit of work to take a spark and turn it into a fun and successful fundraising event. In my experience, if you have some of the details fleshed out you'll get more people to sign-up. Everyone will say the idea is great, but telling them the what's/when's/etc. will get people to commit to participating. Good luck with it and keep posting updates and questions about it here.
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    I have an idea of something we could do for the Extra Life Day of Play as a group that I wanted to pitch at the monthly meeting, but I'm not going to be able to make it, so I'm going to post it here before it get lost in all the speedrunning notes I'm keeping in my head these days. At the last European Speedrunners Assembly, they did a Super Mario 70-star speedrun but instead of just having one person or making it a regular relay, they had attendees who had never speedrun the game (or any game) before learn one star each and did a 70-person ProAm speedrun relay. It was pretty spectacular and I'm jealous I hadn't come up with the idea myself. Super Mario 64 by itself wouldn't cover 24 hours, even if none of us are speedrunners, but I was thinking of combining that idea with another Speedrunning relay -- the 602 relay, which is a biannual event where you collect every star and shiny from Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1 & 2. No speedrunning experience would be needed for it (that makes it more fun), and Mario is familiar enough to everyone. I figure depending on the numbers, we could trade the controller at each star, level, world, etc. and see how many of the 602 we could collect on game day. Anyone who is looking for donation incentives or goals could be encourage to donate $X amount per star acquired. I'm not sure how attainable all 602 would be in a 24-hour period (the average for a solo runner w/ some experience is around 24 hours), so if we want a goal that's more obtainable you could do a similar relay with the 2D mario games and per-level donation incentives instead. Super Mario 1-3, Lost Levels, Super Mario World 1&2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii/Wii U. SMB3 and the Wii games all have 2-player or 2-4 player co-op modes built in, though they could all be completed solo. That selection of games, all done Warpless, should clock in under 24 hours, giving plenty of times for breaks, pitches, advertisements, and the like. I think it would be a blast to do this as a group. Mario is easy enough to pick up even for non-gamers and is family-friendly if we want to invite people to play who aren't in the Extra Life group. It's still a race to finish as many levels as we can, but it will be fun and pressure-free and non-competitive (unless someone wants to do team races?). The only thing I don't have is a venue -- I don't have a ton of room and it's a shared space as it is.
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    Welcome Jared and thanks for sharing! We have a fantastic group of Extra Lifers in Nashville, I hope you have a chance to connect with them if you haven't already!
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    Hey all! As some of you remember in a past post of mine about a Minecraft server. Creeper host has provided a server, which can be used for games or our choice. While Minecraft is a work in progress it is LIVE and if you'd like to help with it that would be great. As stated with this title it's an Unofficial server for those looking for people to play with or just a place to hang out. The address to access is As for Terraria it's the same address as above. If you have questions or would like to help with the servers just message me on type below.
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    It's a day early but doesn't mean you can't come say hey while we stream #ElderScrollsOnline via
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    Hey everybody! I'm a 4th year Extra Lifer, and I am trying to rally the troops this year in Miami! I have participated for the past 3 years in Tampa, and I love being able to meet people from all around Florida, as well as the United States, doing something charitable and fun. I know Miami is deserving of a Guild this year. We have so many people in the community, this should be easy peasy! We are so spread out it is hard to organize things without knowing how many people are actually out there, so please feel free to reach out and make it easier to map where we really are! So please, use this space to introduce yourselves and get to know each other. I'll start us off! 1. What do you go by? Alex or Dino. People love calling me Dino, especially kids, and I always respond with a Rawr! 2. What are some of your favorite games? Anything from old school to new school. Mainly FPS now. I play on both Xbox One and PC. Console: Call of Duty, Halo, party games | PC: CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, arcade games. I dig card games and board games too! Love the DC deck builder game! And Poker, Go Fish! Monopoly, and lots more! 3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Japan, Germany and India. Japan because I love the culture and I spent 7 years learning the language. Germany because I also learned the language and seems like an amazing place to go, and India because I want to do a spiritual tour of the land and find my Zen. 4. What hobbies do you have, outside of gaming? I LOVE working on my car! She's my baby and I treat her like royalty! Also rock climbing takes up a lot of my time. I am a photographer as well as work at a software company, so I have quite a few things to take up my time outside of gaming. 5. When you're not recruiting for Extra-Life, we can most likely find you...? Probably being a hermit at the house. I love streaming and competing. I also try and commentate on FGC events! Every now and then under the hood of my car, and if you really wanna so a dinosaur liftin' some iron, find me at the gym! 6. Post a picture that best represents you -- you, a meme, your pets, or all of the above! This definitely describes me when asked who I relate to in a video game. DVA IS THE BEST TANK!
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    We'd love to see this video if you are able to make it! Be sure to share with the community and tag it with "best practices". We're glad you're giving it another shot! @Steve7151! The community hub is a great place to find best practices and to pick the brains of fellow Extra Lifers too! Let us know if we can help.
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    So I post a lot about alternative ways to fund-raise, and I was thinking about doing a video about it or possibly live streaming it, but I may be able to note down these ways and discuss them at the Miami Launch meeting, happening [hopefully] near the end of August. Don't get too discouraged about not raising any money (it's really common, and it happens eventually I promise!), as long as the message is out there, we will benefit in some way. Keep your hopes up buddy! Year two will be better!
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    Has science gone too far? Last week, KFC India uploaded a teaser for their newest innovation: Gamers Box 2.0. This strangely compelling item is a boxed meal and drink combo with half of a gaming controller protruding from either end. Customers can make use of a slot on top of the box to fix their smart phone in place and have a ready-made gaming set up along with their food. Despite the name, I can't find any evidence of a Gamers Box 1.0 (the only search results are for a 2004 horror film called Gamerbox 1.0). The Gamers Box 2.0 operates wirelessly with bluetooth technology, so people who obtain it can use it right out of the... right beside the.... I guess just use the box period. There's no word on when or if the Gamers Box 2.0 will be coming to the west. Would you buy one if it did? I have to admit that I have a morbid curiosity to see what it would be like to try playing games with a box filled with chicken. I've done a lot of things in my life, but that hasn't been one of them... yet.
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    Ok, I am putting up a post in the Guild site as well. Thanks for the help.
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    Hey @Steve7151! Thank you for your question. This image is secured from the artist exclusively for the official 2017 platinum Extra Life t-shirt and is not available for the general public for use. You are of course free to use images from our media kit within the included Brand Guidelines: Let us know if you have any other questions!
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    Hi Raven! Ultimately the plan is to auction of the computer on Game day and donate it all to extra life. We don't have all the details quite yet as to how that whole event will go down, but that is the plan. Still trying to work with other companies to get parts donated though, it's a slow process but I'm confident we will have an amazing rig at the end!
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    Day 1/100: Played Atlas Reactor Real Time Strategy Game
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    Hello! We've been working on a dashboard for our team to have up on projectors, TVs, share with donors and sponsors, etc. In doing so, we decided to make it available to any team. All you have to do is go to this page and enter your Extra Life team ID: I've attached a screenshot of a random team that I pulled from Extra Life's homepage. The DNS is still propagating, so you may see some weird errors from, but I expect that to be resolved in 24 hours. We are trying to be respectful of refresh rates to avoid slamming EL servers too bad, but let us know if this causes any issues and we can discuss further. Let us know how it goes!
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    America’s Got Talent Guest Judge Chris Hardwick gave the golden buzzer to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Child, Angelica Hale Tuesday night. The Nerdist community has teamed up with the Geek & Sundry community to participate in Extra Life, and have raised more than $100,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. All funds raised through Extra Life stay local to benefit patient care, critical treatments and healthcare services. Angelica is one example of how donations help kids. Treated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Angelica is a Kidney transplant survivor able to perform and live out her dream of becoming the next Whitney Houston. Angelica travels the country, using her voice to raise funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Thanks to Hardwick’s golden buzzer, Angelica advances in America’s Got Talent to the live shows. In her own words, “I want to win so I can help more kids like me.” Watch her incredible performance below! Help Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals support Angelica. Tune in August 15th at 8/7 Central to vote! View full article
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    The OC Guild has been rotating meeting locations for quite a while now and it seems to be working well. The main reasons for rotating our meeting locations are 1) our members are spread out geographically and mixing up the venue allows meetings to be closer to home for everyone at some point in the rotation, and 2) we are scouting for a new venue to host our Game Day 24 hr marathon. This process has had a few unintended benefits as well; we've met a lot of new people and businesses that are interested in supporting the Extra Life Cause, and I feel it is helping keep Guild Members interested in attending monthly meetings. Even I get excited when we are meeting at a venue I've never been to before. Off the top of my head here are several of the places we have held meetings at over the past year: CHOC Children's Hospital Esports Arena Game Master's KO Gaming Lounge My personal home PLAYLive Nation
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    Sounds like AX went very well! Nicely done @stevekrusel and @Ashenlily and crew! In case you didn't know (apologies if you already do!): Always be mindful of raffles and taking donations at the booth. Be sure to clear these actions with your hospital prior to the event. Raffle laws (considered games of chance) can vary from state, city or county. Taking donations (and best practices therein) is at the discretion of your hospital. Additional (albeit unsolicited advice ): Giveaways are great! But be mindful of why you all "Extra Life". Your testimonial is just as powerful (if not more so) than a tchotchke or prize. Also the extra effort for having tournaments, set up of additional consoles etc, could be better spent focusing on your messaging/pitch. Keep up the amazing work LA Guild, you all rock! PS: How many registrations did you manage to get? Did you use the Offiline Application? Did you label the event AX or something similar?
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    Also, just so everyone knows the mall address is 211 W Farms Mall, Farmington, CT 06032, and Mike from the Microsoft store gave some easy directions to get to the store. He says: “Recommend parking near Brio/P.F. Changs Entrance (Across from Best Buy). Once inside, take a left walk a bit down, and on your right will be our store.”
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    I already spoke to Finch, but I'll post here too: I'm going to help at First Fridays in August! I'll be at Pawn and Pint at 6pm. Also, hopefully I'll finally be able to make it to the August meeting!
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    Extra Life Kansas City Guild Meeting Notes July 12th 2017 at Dialectic, Inc. Game Day is November 4th TOP INFO: Kant Con is this weekend First Fridays is up and running If you get info from Planet Comic Con DO NOT FILL IT OUT! We will give you instructions Guild Information: 1) Purpose of the Guild is to recruit new members, new recruits raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. 2) Recruitment is based on visiting local events, spread the world about Extra Life and getting sign ups 3) Guild is also great for networking for non-Guild related fund raising events. EVENTS: KANTKON Extra Life Organizer: Jessie B. Location and times: July 14, 15, and 16th at the Overland Park Convention Center Events: Penny Wars and Sign Ups Schedule: Link Notes: *Badges will be a the booth *Booth M, straight in from registration and right in exhibitor area. FIRST FRIDAYS Extra Life Organizer: David F. Location and times: At Pawn and Pint every First Fridays, 6PM to 9PM Events: Penny Wars and Sign Ups Schedule: Volunteers needed Notes: FUTURE EVENTS: FIRST FRIDAYS Location and times: At Pawn and Pint every First Fridays KCGAMEON TOURNAMENT Location and times: October 7th to 8th, for possibly a 24 hour event, Saturday into Sunday REN FAIRE Location and times: September 9th and 10th at the Renaissance Faire Location and times: October 14th and 15th at the Renaissance Faire PLANET COMIC CON Extra Life Organizer: Sean A / Lora W Location and times: Convention Center Feb 2018 Notes: DO NOT FILL OUT APPLICATION UNTIL REQUESTED BY THE GUILD! Additional Information: 1) Remember Convention Rules: a) Show up for your shifts, if you cannot make it contact your Extra Life Organizer. b ) No need to hang around booth when it is not your shift, we want to maintain a professional appearance at the booth c) Ensure the forms are completed and legible when dealing with hand written forms. d) Keep our booth clean, take your trash with you. Next meeting: Aug 9th, 2017
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    Sorry this is so late, but you have to fully power up the mainframe with all 35 Star Cores, and you can then unlock the display case.
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share with a video covering basic concepts for joining and using the Extra Life community site: Signing up for the official Extra Life community site Following relevant or important forum posts Posting your Extra Life events on the official Extra Life Community Calendar Is there something else you would like to know more about? Let us know!
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    Hi Dino, Im Ralph and my daughter is a gamer (Fabu Rocks) and is our first year doing Extra Life. Not only is a great cause but a teachable moment for my 8 yr old daughter to participate in. If you need anything you can count with us. Check out her community page to lear more about her. Thanks Ralph (Fabu Dad)
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    What is the Official Extra Life Stream Team? The Extra Life Stream Team is a group of our most enthusiastic community members who volunteer their time to provide a presence for Extra Life on on the official Extra Life Twitch Channel. The Stream Team promotes the national Extra Life movement. The members of the Stream Team are goodwill ambassadors for Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They represent the very best of our community through their dedication and passion for gaming for charity while live streaming. We Want Streamers! Do you have streaming experience? We are looking for Extra Lifers who have experience in streaming for at least 2 hours on a regular (weekly) basis for period of 8 weeks to start. Are you well versed in the Extra life program? Can you talk about it conversationally? Great! Don't have a ton of followers? Not a problem. However, live streaming is a skill and while we understand many of you may want to ‘get into streaming’, we are looking for folks who have a bit of experience engaging the viewer. Don't have experience streaming? Start streaming on your own channel, follow, watch and participate in chat in other streams. You have to start somewhere! We have a core group that know their way around a stream and are experts concerning the Extra Life program. If that sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Your time to shine and share your love for Extra Life Being on the Stream Team is being an Extra Life aficionado. To be clear this about making Extra Life visible and to encourage participation. It's not about your personal donation page (though a casual mention during your stream is permissible), your guild or team. This application is solely for the person submitting it. If your fellow team or guild members are interested, have them complete an application! The more the merrier! If you are unable to stream during your assigned time please contact the Stream Team Lead- @herobyclicking. What is expected of the Stream Team? Stream Amazing Content You’re free to stream just about anything you can "play". We are representing a children’s charity and you’ll be streaming on the official Extra Life channel, so we do require the following: You must use the official Twitch backgrounds provided in by the Extra Life team. Please, no modifications, donation alerts etc. These materials are approved by the national team and we appreciate you adhering to this guideline. NO PROFANITY AT ANY TIME (the all caps means we are serious). Keep it PG/PG-13 when streaming. Be sure to have an appropriate. family friendly screenname for Twitch, Twitter and the whatnot. Keep the content of your games to a maximum rating of “T for Teen.” No “M” rated games (and most games rated PEGI 16+, not sure? Ask!). This shouldn't be a big surprise! There are plenty of games to play outside of that rating. Get creative if you get stuck! Ask the Stream Team community if you get into a rut! Remember, it's for the kids. Use the Official Extra Life Stream Team assets when streaming. Console streamers MUST have access to a capture card and software that supports Twitch Stream Keys. (PS4 and Xbox One do not support this natively). Emulators and ROMS are not allowed on stream in adherence to DMCA. Contact the Stream Team Lead in the event you cannot stream. We are flexible and understanding of the needs of your personal schedule, just keep us in the loop. Failure to adhere to these expectations will affect your continued eligibility as a member of the team. It's all about Extra Life The primary focus while streaming on the official Extra Life twitch channel should be on promoting the Extra Life program. Your audience will be from all over North America and possibly the world. Focus on educating the public about Extra Life and encouraging them to register to participate. What does the Stream Team do? As a member of the Stream Team you will have... A regular, weekly, two hour block of time on the official Extra Life channel for at least a two month period. Depending on demand this could be extended. The opportunity to represent Extra Life to the Twitch community. An opportunity, once per hour, to promote your personal fund raising page, Guild, or Team on the official Extra life twitch channel. That warm fuzzy feeling of doing something that can help others join our amazing community. How to Apply You can check the official Stream Team Schedule for time slots. Please note that all times are shown as Eastern US time. Want to be an Official Stream Team Twitch Channel Mod? Do you have eye for trolls and know how to keep the chat rolling? Love Extra Life and have time to hang out with our streamers? Let us know! Complete the application above and select "Moderator" as the position you are applying for. Have any questions? Direct message the team leads, @allthewayj, @heartandthesynapse, @MajorLinux and @Quaseymoto!
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    We, in Jacksonville, have had our kickoff meeting and second meeting at our local Microsoft store. This month, I've scheduled a meeting room at one of our local libraries because the feedback that we've been receiving is that most people seem to want more of a formal setup, as to avert from distraction.