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    Hi @Carbonskies! Are you familiar with streaming at all? I don't want to give you too much information that you already know, so I'll start by just explaining what I do! If you have any specific questions about anything, just let me know. This will all be programs, but I have a panel for all my tech specs here if you need advise on that. Set Up I use OBS to broadcast to Twitch (I also use the BTTV extension). I have an Elgato HD that I use for console capture through OBS, otherwise if you are playing on PC you don't need anything extra. I use Twitch Alerts for follower and hosting notification. I also use the TwitchAlerts Stream Label Chrome extension for recent follower text on my overlay. I use the Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension to roll for random giveaway winners. I use Nightbot as my mod and have timers and commands for Extra Life that run in my chat. I use streampro.io to create a setup for Extra Life donation alerts, and I save that in OBS as a CLR Browser streampro I used Snaz last year as my 24 hour timer when I did my Game Day marathon, so I'll use it this year unless I find another program. In regards to Extra Life, there are a few overlays and images you can upload into your OBS scene so that they display on your stream. Here is the link to some! All Downloads Overlays I also have a button in my Twitch panels that links to my donation page. You just need to Edit Panel on Twitch, upload an image like the ones linked below, and in the URL field insert the link to your personal donation page. Buttons Interaction Here are some talking points and additional materials you can use to promote Multimedia Kit Talking Points The rest is just up to you to have some fun! Stay positive and have a clear message when you want to talk about Extra Life. Focus on the benefit to the hospitals and explain that we fundraise all year long. The 24 Hour Game Day is a celebration of our year's work. There's nothing specific you need to do outside of having your link available for people to donate or register on the site. The rest is just fun optional stuff. I'm sure you will get a TON of great feedback from other streamers here. Good luck and let us all know if you need anything else!
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    What is the Official Extra Life Stream Team? The Extra Life Stream Team is a group of our most enthusiastic community members who volunteer their time to provide a presence for Extra Life on Twitch.tv on the official Extra Life Twitch Channel. The Stream Team promotes the national Extra Life movement. The members of the Stream Team are goodwill ambassadors for Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They represent the very best of our community through their dedication and passion for gaming for charity while live streaming. We Want Streamers! Do you have streaming experience? We are looking for Extra Lifers who have experience in streaming for at least 2 hours on a regular (weekly) basis for period of 8 weeks to start. Are you well versed in the Extra life program? Can you talk about it conversationally? Great! Don't have a ton of followers? Not a problem. However, live streaming is a skill and while we understand many of you may want to ‘get into streaming’, we are looking for folks who have a bit of experience engaging the viewer. Don't have experience streaming? Start streaming on your own channel, follow, watch and participate in chat in other streams. You have to start somewhere! We have a core group that know their way around a stream and are experts concerning the Extra Life program. If that sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Your time to shine and share your love for Extra Life Being on the Stream Team is being an Extra Life aficionado. To be clear this about making Extra Life visible and to encourage participation. It's not about your personal donation page (though a casual mention during your stream is permissible), your guild or team. This application is solely for the person submitting it. If your fellow team or guild members are interested, have them complete an application! The more the merrier! If you are unable to stream during your assigned time please contact the Stream Team Lead- @herobyclicking. What is expected of the Stream Team? Stream Amazing Content You’re free to stream just about anything you can "play". We are representing a children’s charity and you’ll be streaming on the official Extra Life channel, so we do require the following: You must use the official Twitch backgrounds provided in by the Extra Life team. Please, no modifications, donation alerts etc. These materials are approved by the national team and we appreciate you adhering to this guideline. NO PROFANITY AT ANY TIME (the all caps means we are serious). Keep it PG/PG-13 when streaming. Be sure to have an appropriate. family friendly screenname for Twitch, Twitter and the whatnot. Keep the content of your games to a maximum rating of “T for Teen.” No “M” rated games (and most games rated PEGI 16+, not sure? Ask!). This shouldn't be a big surprise! There are plenty of games to play outside of that rating. Get creative if you get stuck! Ask the Stream Team community if you get into a rut! Remember, it's for the kids. Use the Official Extra Life Stream Team assets when streaming. Console streamers MUST have access to a capture card and software that supports Twitch Stream Keys. (PS4 and Xbox One do not support this natively). Emulators and ROMS are not allowed on stream in adherence to DMCA. Contact the Stream Team Lead in the event you cannot stream. We are flexible and understanding of the needs of your personal schedule, just keep us in the loop. Failure to adhere to these expectations will affect your continued eligibility as a member of the team. It's all about Extra Life The primary focus while streaming on the official Extra Life twitch channel should be on promoting the Extra Life program. Your audience will be from all over North America and possibly the world. Focus on educating the public about Extra Life and encouraging them to register to participate. What does the Stream Team do? As a member of the Stream Team you will have... A regular, weekly, two hour block of time on the official Extra Life channel for at least a two month period. Depending on demand this could be extended. The opportunity to represent Extra Life to the Twitch community. An opportunity, once per hour, to promote your personal fund raising page, Guild, or Team on the official Extra life twitch channel. That warm fuzzy feeling of doing something that can help others join our amazing community. How to Apply You can check the official Stream Team Schedule for time slots. Please note that all times are shown as Eastern US time. Want to be an Official Stream Team Twitch Channel Mod? Do you have eye for trolls and know how to keep the chat rolling? Love Extra Life and have time to hang out with our streamers? Let us know! Complete the application above and select "Moderator" as the position you are applying for. Have any questions? Direct message the team leads, @allthewayj, @heartandthesynapse, @MajorLinux and @Quaseymoto!
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    As someone who does the majority of fundraising via social media, my Guild members have recently asked me to give some advice on raising money on social media, especially on Facebook. About 90% of the money I’ve raised in the last three years ($400+ in 2014, $700+ in 2015, and this year I expect to do over $3,000 including my ELU winnings) has come from Facebook posts. Below are 5 pieces of advice to improve your fundraising through Facebook. 1) Post often, but not too often My hospital rep always tells my Guild that it can take up to 10 “asks” before someone donates to your cause. This is simply because people are forgetful and busy. They will see your post or email and think “I’m totally going to do that” and then get distracted. Therefore, it’s important to post on a regular basis...but don’t overload them. If you post all the time, your message will get overlooked. Once a week at most is my recommendation for the months leading up to game day. I usually do 2 or 3 times a month. However, now that we are closer to game day (18 days!) you want to ramp it up to 2 or 3 times a WEEK! People are familiar with what I do for EL, but every time I post, someone new donates or likes or joins and it surprises me every time…so keep it up! If you don’t get on Facebook that often, there is an app you can sync with FB (https://apps.facebook.com/bf-extralife/?fb_source=feed) that posts automatically for you, but more to come on that… 2) Personalize the posts Money is personal. People aren’t going to donate to a cause they can’t personalize with in some way. It could be their connection to you and a desire to support what you’re doing…or it could be they sympathize with a story you tell. This is where the Extra Life app suffers if you do automated posts: it does not allow you personalize and vary (more to come) the automatic posts as much as you should. Tell people why you Extra Life. Share a story of a kid at the hospital. Both Extra Life and CMN national share great stories on FB that you can share easily and personalize with a bit of your own text…don’t forget to add your donation link in the description! If people see what you’re helping…they will be more apt to donate. If you’re in a Guild or do local recruitment, you can make Extra Life even more personal by posting pictures of adventures you have at events. If you stream, you can make Extra Life personal by talking about it in your stream or posting about both EL and your stream on FB. There are lots of ways to do this, but it’s definitely worth the time to make it personal. If you’re passionate, people will recognize it. 3) Vary your posts If you take nothing away from this…take this one: variation is necessary in the world of social media. No one wants to read the same thing over and over. Just think about when something goes viral…you see it once and then you skim over every other share of it because you’ve already seen it. It’s the same with the posts you make. If you say the same thing every time…even if you only make them twice a month…people will remember the similarity and skip right over. The Extra Life app is helpful in this regard as it has several pre-made texts to choose from and you can switch them up. However, I encourage you to post outside of the automatic application as well. The text in the post is not the only thing you should vary…you must ALSO change the format. Post a picture, post a link via the app, post a story (yours or a kids), post a selfie, post a prize you’re giving away, post a picture of your goal meter, post a wall of text, post a video, take a live video, post a streaming link, post a picture of a kid, post your hospital link, and any combination of the above. The more different ways you post it, the more people you will engage, as people are attracted to different things on FB. Just think about yourself…there is one type of post (video, photo, status, link, article) that you ALWAYS check out from your friends and one type of post you ALWAYS avoid. It also never hurts to vary the LENGTH of your text posts/descriptions as well. Social media is a very quick-moving place and not everyone is going to read a block of text. I am a verbose person (which is probably obvious given the length of this post) and it can be hard for me to shorten my posts. I have success with both long and short posts, but as with anything…you’ll learn what works for you. 4) Create mini-goals Having a goal of more than $100 can be intimidating to people, especially younger, poorer people like myself. Asking someone to help you hit a goal of $1,000 or more can be scary. Even though YOU know that every donation counts and it all adds up…it’s hard to prove to someone that even their $5 will make a difference in your grand total. Thus, I suggest breaking your goal down into smaller goals. Maybe shoot for a monthly goal. Or, in this last ditch effort to game day, make a weekly or daily goal of $25 or whatever dollars. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll hit that mini-goal. For instance, my goal is $3,000 this year. I recently posted on FB with a selfie about being $100-something away from $2,750 (which is $1,000 over my ELU winnings) and raised $75 that day. I didn’t get all the way to $2,750, but I got closer…which is all that matters. Every dollar goes directly to kids in your area and every dollar closer is important. Don’t lose sight of that! If you are doing giveaways, you can use these giveaways for mini-goals as well! Many ELers have prizes for donors who donate a certain amount or raffle off items to people who donate in a certain time frame or a certain amount of money. Facebook can be a great way to promote this. I don’t go the giveaway/raffle route, but still find breaking my goal into more attainable numbers to work well for me. Imagine how it would work if I had giveaways or raffles!! 5) GAME DAY Don’t hide on game day….BE ACTIVE. All of the advice above goes TRIPLE on game day…except number 1. You can NEVER post too often on Game Day. The biggest day for donations for most people is game day itself. All of those people who swore they were going to do it before will realize the deadline is NOW and will donate. So, don't forget to take advantage of that. Make videos. Post pictures. Always ALWAYS post your donation link with everything. Update people on your gaming and your fundraising. Chat with friends. Not only does it keep you awake and make game day go faster, but it allows your friends to see what you’re doing and they will WANT to help you on Game Day. Moreover, they may even realize the fun they are missing and want to join up next time I hope this has given you some ideas and I hope you all have a great game day. If you have any questions, please message me or respond and I will help! Also, if any of you other successful social media fundraisers want to give tips…leave them below. The more the merrier! PS…I have also done well using the emailing function the Extra Life website for co-workers and do want to take this second to recommend that feature!
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    It’s hard to image that just a few short months ago, the Extra Life community gathered in Orlando for Extra Life United! Whether you brought home big money for your local hospital or not, the people we met and the memories we made remind us that this is not game over for the sick and injured kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Relive your #EXTRALIFEUNITED experience (video below)! We’re working hard to make Extra Life United 2018 the best yet – be sure to visit www.extra-life.org/united to sign up for updates as soon as they become available! We cannot thank you enough for coming to Extra Life United and for being a part of this amazing community! For The Kids, Mike, Liz, Jeromy Team Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
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    He are some of the biggest challenges I foresee as the Guild program continues to evolve: 1) Feedback for Hospitals. Getting tools/support from Hospital or National in a timely manner is an issue. We have struggled to get fliers and PR materials updated with current Extra Life numbers/data. These requests are often sent back to the requesting party to generate the needed materials themselves. Requests for info/data and questions to National go unanswered for extended periods of time. The turn-around time for printed materials from our Hospital is cumbersome and we are squandering a limited supply of SWAG incentive items to try and last through another year. As a volunteer and guild leader these issues make our jobs more difficult and "less fun". 2) Feedback for National. The Community Hub is ineffective period. I understand the goal in centralizing EL Communications, however it just hasn't worked. Our other social media accounts (Facebook, Discord) consistently reach a greater audience and elicit more interactions than the Community Hub does. EL should continue to explore other options to enhance the Community Hub and experiment with alternatives as well. 3) Key Takeaways. Expand Guild's core function? I think many Guilds (including my own) already struggle with the current core functions of Recruitment and Brand Messaging. I feel that adding additional responsibilities may dilute our effectiveness even further. 4) Guilds 2.0. New Leadership Structure? I'm not too sure it matters what their titles are or how many ways you divide the responsibilities, most Guilds will continue to struggle to fill these leadership roles. Since the inception of our Guild, most leadership posts have changed over 3-4 times. I agree that new leadership is vital for energy and new perspective, but constant turn-over doesn't send a good message and can cause confusion and attrition. My suggestion would be to develop guild leader/member retention programs. 5) Key Takeaways/Guilds 2.0. Formal internal recognition/award program? I can see this having some value in incentivizing Guild participation. However, I think it would be a shame if this took away resources that could be used elsewhere. This may look like a list of complaints, but I hope it is interpreted as objective criticism to spur positive change. I currently don't have a lot of concrete ideas on how to address these issues but I'd be happy to participate in brainstorming/planning sessions moving forward.
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    Super excited to see some of this implemented. I can't remember if I made it through the survey when it came out. One thing I'd like to mention regarding tools is, in our case, we're working a lot of conventions and big events. The cost is too high to have full trade show level setups, but it's really important to have a visually appealing booth with some "attention grabbers" (in our case we use a prize wheel and candy/swag). It would be helpful for Extra Life/CMN to arrange for major metro area Guilds to have some more professional looking setups, or at least provide the ability for our hospital or volunteers to purchase promotional items and booth setups at a volume or nonprofit/charitable rate. We're great at talking to people, but we need to get them to our tables/booths before we can pitch to them! As a side note related to that, shying away from the "24 hour" part of the gaming marathon copy on signage would be helpful. There are some people who get really hyped about the challenge of staying up that long, but just seeing that text prominently placed on standees has been a pain point and deterrent for some people. Tablecloths and standees often get completely covered by people that come to talk to us, also. Having some sort of tall banner setup for above our heads would be really useful. We're working on rigging up our own creative solution here in Baltimore, but it's far from professional looking. As much as I can explain things away with "this is a charity" and "we're volunteers," the reality is that having a professional appearance and appropriate materials available for people that visit the table goes a long way in building credibility with someone who has never heard of Extra Life.
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    Our team, Good4Gaming, is running a 3v3 Rocket League tournament in support of our Extra Life team. The Team entry fee for the tournament will be a $25 donation to any member of the Good4Gaming Extra Life team (roster avail via http://tiny.cc/G4G ). Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams, we hope to stream all matches and hopefully get some additional donations via the streams. If anyone is interested in joining as a solo player, for a $10 donation we will help place you on a team. Planned date for the tournament is August 12th at 1PM EST. If anyone is interested in competing, donate the entry fee, and in the donation comments note Rocket League Tournament and the team name, and we will send the team registration link to the email address used for the donation. Psyonix is providing some RL swag and Rocket League codes for PC and Xbox versions, and other prizes TBD.
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    Agree with Viedt and Herbertsmart. Leadership in Pittsburgh has had no change -nor anyone willing to step up- and is on the verge of burnout such that we actually had to decide to dial back our efforts a bit this year. All the other points Herbert made are feelings I've had myself as well. To mirror his sentiments: 1. Some hospitals definitely need better direction as to what it means to host a guild. They need to be willing to commit the resources. Our hospital rep is great, but her bosses are pretty strict about what they're willing to give, so it gets bogged down in bureaucracy. 2. No one visits the community hub even when I email our members with direct links. If I don't include everything I need them to know in the body of an email message, they simply don't get the info. Facebook was much better for that because everyone is already there. 3. We have enough hats. Enough said. 4. We're lucky to have the leaders we have, and we are the ones that do 90% of the work. We don't need a retention program because none of us will step back just to let our guild falter - we just need the support to keep going. 5. Incentivizing participation could go a long way towards bolstering our active membership.
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    Viedt, I think you and Herbertsmart hit good points. We had about 5 super active people for coverage last year. This year we may have about 8, if we can hang on to people, and I'm pretty thrilled about that! We worked some extremely long hours at conventions etc. last year, particularly when one or two of us attended that particular con and couldn't contribute to coverage. We need more enthusiastic and trustworthy people! I wish there was a more effective recruitment strategy for volunteers. I dream of the day when a 4-hour volunteer shift is possible I'll be pulling 12 hours tomorrow at a new event!
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    Herbertsmart, I completely agree with everything you said here. I have been thinking about this feedback for a few days now and the same thing that didn't sit right with me, seemed to not sit right with you either. In particular the leadership structure. We can't get people to take on the current responsibilities as they are written in the guild rules. That and we only have 3 to 4 people that even show up at all. It essentially falls on myself to do all the roles, and ask if the others are willing to take on any given task that comes up. Changing up the way they are written will not change that fact, at least in my case.
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    If you're strapped for ideas, you could always ask your viewers what they'd like to see you do. After all, they're the ones you're trying to entertain. Now I myself am more of a watcher than a streamer, but here are a few milestone rewards I've seen and enjoyed: Worse for Wear: dress up in a silly costume or onesie. Dance Your Cares Away: Play a dancing game for a set period of time Eat It Up: Try other foodie challenges like drinking syrup, eating 6 saltines without water, drink Coke with Mentos in your mouth, etc. Bad Hair Day: Shave your head or your eyebrows or dye your hair a crazy color. Clown Face: Have someone apply makeup to you - preferably someone who has no experience with makeup like a child. Pie in the Sky: Get hit in the face with a whipped cream pie. No Pain No Gain: Put a ridiculous amount of rubber bands or clothespins on your face (Be really careful though, you could injure yourself.) Training Montage: Do a crazy amount of pushups, or burpees, or other difficult exercises. (Also use caution with this - no one wants to see you seriously hurt.)
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    I run a Community channel on Twitch and we are planning our first 48HR Marathon for this year and trying to find a unique look for an overlay and would like to add-in some modules or extra things to spruce up the overlay. I saw some streamers last year using some cool features and they mentioned a site they used Codepen and that it was pretty simple but I have been on their site and do not see anything in relation to what they used. I would be happy to commission and pay someone for an overlay for our Team and if anyone here has ideas of things to use on the stream that helps make things look slick and professional I am all about it. I have placed below the example of what I am looking at and hopefully, someone can share some feedback on things. I appreciate the help in advance! I have attached a clip from their live event last year and would love to personally have some of these things on my channel. I really like the design, animations below cam and below the game box plus the timer showing how long the Marathon was happening. Can anyone help or give advice? https://clips.twitch.tv/CautiousGracefulAmazonCoolStoryBro
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    I know this is a little late, but I figure better late than never! This Thursday June 8th, we have partnered with https://www.facebook.com/16BitBar/ to hand out fliers and throw an event where 5% of drink proceeds of the Extra Life signature drink will go to Extra Life! The event is scheduled for 6-9pm. I will be there the whole time. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome to come down and play some games and have a few drinks. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!
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    To clarify even further, the funds go directly to her hospital you chose. They do not go to Extra Life unless you didn't choose a hospital, if I'm not mistaken. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The monies sent via a fundraising page go directly to Extra-Life/the CMN hospital you chose to support <3
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    Ran into some issues but we are finalizing them now.. have about half of them done! Should have them out to everyone in the next 2 weeks!
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    Hey Extra Lifers, This past month has been absolutely a-May-zing! The Extra Life community came together and voted on a new design for this year’s Extra Life Platinum shirt. E3 is just around the corner and we've hit an incredible fundraising milestone for sick and injured kids throughout North America! Our monthly updates are published to let everyone know the important news from around the community. Buckle in, it was a busy month! 2017 Platinum T-Shirt Design Has been Decided After kicking off our fifth annual "Design our T for a Trip to E3" t-shirt contest, we finally have a winner! Congratulations to Extra Lifer Molly Putman, who's eye-catching design “Celebration” joins our growing t-shirt hall of fame and will be the platinum reward for 2017. Thank you to all of the designers and 1300+ community members who voted this year. If you're already signed up for Extra Life 2017 but didn't register as a platinum member, you can still upgrade now to be able to unlock this sweet shirt! Hang out with us at E3 The National Extra Life Team, along with the Orange County and Los Angeles Guilds will be at to E3 on June 13 - 15th in the South Lobby. We'll also have a team of writers covering industry news, talking with developers and posting live updates on our social channels. If you’re going to the show, we’d love to meet you! Stop by our booth in the South Hall Lobby or shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter to let us know and we’ll set up some time to say hello! Setting Records and Making Miracles Over 2,000 more people have joined the Extra Life family since last month's newsletter, bringing the total up to just over 11,000 heroes who have pledged to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Between fundraising from dedicated Extra Lifers and help from our industry partners, we’ve managed to hit $1 million For The Kids this year! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Community Article: Almost 8,000 Free Games are on the Internet Archive The Internet Archive has made headlines in the past for uploading large numbers of retro games to their publicly available archive. At a recent check-in, the total number of games has reached almost 8,000. That’s a lot of free games! You can find our full rundown here. We are so glad to be moving forward into June with such a vibrant and motivated community. You’re showing the world what makes Extra Life so great, so let’s all keep pushing forward for fun, fellowship, and – as always…. For The Kids, Mike, Liz and Jeromy Team Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals View full article
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    It still does work! Though it did crash last year on gameday . I don't imagine they have the bandwidth to support tens of thousands of gamers utilizing the service. It is by far the easiest option however.
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    To clarify, these videos were not done by Twitch but by John Esa from CMN Hospitals. And wow, they are amazing.
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    Me watching these on facebook like:
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    I work in an office building with a business casual dress code. We are allowed Jeans and Hawaiian Shirts on Fridays. For fundraising, sub sales did ok... too few people for a successful bake sale (50 in the whole building) The thing that has worked wonders for my fundraising is getting permission to have a day where, for a $5 minimum donation, we can wear shorts and tshirts. I had one last year, and raised ok money, this year I've got 3 days, and am already over $150 raised. What can I say? Shorts are comfy and easy to wear... And yes, the following image is on my flyers.
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    Hey hey! ya that was the issue is we didnt know who they would be yet because our current person was leaving and they had no idea who was replacing them. We actually had THAT meeting today... lots of great stuff to come some super excited about it...
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    OK so here are the ones I've used in the past: Streampro.io (they have an Extra Life integration, still seems to work although I'd seen mention they no longer support EL): Here's an example of an overlay I built https://streampro.io/overlay/5604ef0df9261411093bb2a7/DZlXUxzKXS7zA4YYz0MoOCH7vSdqRG6K If Streampro doesn't work, use Streamlabs.com - goodness it's changed a lot since I last used it. Looks good though. An app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/404-extra-life-helper-show-real-time-donation-info-on-your-stream/ Another app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! I use this one the most because it can output just text files, which you can then use in a variety of ways through your streaming software. Once I figured out how to install the Furore font on my computer this was the best way to go for me. http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/2726-my-extra-life-stream-helper-v069-1132016-custom-imagesound-alerts-text-file-stats-output-team-info/ Generally you're looking for cool ways to show your amount raised, possibly your goal and then how to display donation alerts. Hope these help!
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    I won't be able to do Ren Fest at the booth, but my band is performing the October weekend so I will be on site early and late if anything needs anything for set-up, tear-down, etc. Have we spoke to Jill about getting a new tent for Ren Fest? Also, I have copious amounts of garb if anyone needs to borrow anything for a costume!
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    I've used a bunch of different tools in the past, from the XSplit Extra Life extension to a piece of software that can only be found on the forums here. I'm typing this reply on mobile and it's not easy to go navigate and give you links, but I'd say fish around these forums and you'll find some gems! Next time I get to my desktop I'll show some of the ones I like the best.
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    Pokemon Go may not dominate the public consciousness the way it once had, but that hasn't stopped Niantic from improving the game with updates. The company announced two big (and free) updates are heading to mobile title. Gyms are receiving a massive overhaul to make "ownership more collaborative" and encourage players to interact with their gyms in new ways. Prestige and training no longer dictate how Gyms operate. Players can instead store Pokemon in six permanent slots, with challengers battling a Gym's monsters in the order they were assigned. A new motivation system impacts a Pokemon's CP by lowering it with each defeat. However, friendly trainers can boost motivation by feeding defending Pokemon berries. The Gym's Photo Disc can now be spun to obtain items (just like with PokeStops) and Badges can be earned and leveled up by interacting with your team's Gym. Raid battles allow trainers to face powerful Pokemon in 20-player strong battles with raid bosses. These timed events temporarily take over Gyms, and defeating these bosses will reward valuable new items as well as the chance to capture the boss. Players will also be able to invite friends into private raid groups using a custom code system. Keep an eye for these changes to start rolling out in the coming weeks. You can read more about the updates on the Pokemon Go blog. If you haven't opened Pokemon Go in a while, are these changes enough to lure you back in? View full article
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    Is there any particular reason why neither Extra Life nor Children's Miracle Network is listed on Tiltify.com as a cause? It seems pretty easy/straight forward... http://info.tiltify.com/knowledgebase/articles/403062-how-does-a-charity-join-tiltify
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    Normally I'm not one to embrace such excesses of loveyness like that heart animated gif thing. But I have to admit.. ..I had little to no natural revulsion. ;0 o/ ;~)
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    I meant to reply sooner but the extra time has allowed me to better and more importantly concisely relay my thoughts. I love or appreciate a good attempt at shaking things up for the betterment of a great meaningful effort.but my worry is the issue is deeper. In our case in San Antonio there simply doesn't seem to be enough willing participants left. So for us no matter the structure there wouldn't likely be enough to power it. Would it be possible to either by guild or in total send a survey to all current and former guild members with a focus on trying to discover why this might be? What the reasons and/or specific pain points were etc. etc.Any maybe be able to derive the essential issues and effect a better reorg that way. It's all kinda worrying to me. I've heard things from an average volunteer's life span being X number of years, average extra participation rates based on various geographic areas, etc. If only we could replicate what it is we have. What keeps us going and as or more passionate/dedicated than the year before. For me its part all the like minded charity gaming minded friends. That and in general terms I tend to be the adjective to the worlds nouns. Passionate about passion, fanatical about fanaticism, etc. etc. you get the idea. For what this is worth. <3 Extra Life 4 Lyfe!
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    Thanks guys for the information. Much appreciated.
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    Hey, I am signed up for Sunday. If you go on the Facebook page for the guild there is a google sheet that shows sign ups, and i think if you coordinate with Harrison and/or Tim Vee through the group about the console/ monitor solution that would be awesome! Excited to see you on Sunday!
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    The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) has announced today that they will be officially resurrecting Habitat, the first graphical massively multiplayer game. Created in 1986 by Lucasfilm Games for the Commodore 64, Habitat proved to be popular, but costly, leading to its discontinuation in 1988. Nearly 30 years later, MADE has overcome the technical challenges and will be reopening Habitat to the public tomorrow. While there had been online games with thriving communities prior to Habitat, they had all been in the world of MUDs, Multi-User Dungeons, games where interaction and visuals were entirely handled by reading and inputting text. Habitat brought games from text into a functional graphics-based format. It also originated the word avatar as used for a digital representation of a player. Players could contract disease, commit murder, rob strangers, and own homes. The game world ran on its own player-driven economy and was also governed by the players. This apparently led to chaos in the early days of Habitat before laws and rules of etiquette were established. Cosmetic items and accessories became an obsession for many in the community - 30 years might be a long time, but gamers still loved looking cool back in the first graphical MMO. “Habitat was so far ahead of its time, it was never able to reach even a tenth of the potential of its capabilities due to the future having not been evenly distributed enough at the time,” said Alex Handy, founder and director of the MADE. “Today, we think of thousands of players being in a single world at once as normal, but Habitat built this type of environment 30 years ago with the digital equivalent of sticks and stones.” As an interesting sidenote: Habitat ran on a Commodore 64 online service named Quantum Link, the predecessor of America Online. This is part of what made making Habitat compatible with modern systems difficult. The architecture of the Commodore 64 and modern computers aren't super compatible, to say nothing of the server-side issues. Restoring Habitat took MADE four years and that was with the help of the original programmers, like Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer, beta testers, and online contributions from retro enthusiasts and leaders in the tech industry. Fujitsu, the company that purchased the rights to Habitat in order to release it in Japan, Dolby, Sony, and Stratus all contributed to the restoration efforts, too. Randy Farmer was the original C64 client programmer and the first Oracle, one of the administrator gods of Habitat. He also took the lead role in restoring the Habitat software and service. Said Farmer, “We couldn’t have pulled off the small miracle of this game, then or now, without a lot of collaborators: some original team members returned to help out, like original lead Chip Morningstar, myself, and a few of the 500 1986 Habitat Beta testers (who built much of the online world you can see today). Also, many fans of the worlds/MMOs descended from Habitat and contributors from the vibrant C64 retro gaming community. Our contributors are around the world – and include various tech CEOs, CTOs and VPs! We’d all like to thank the MADE for making this project possible: to restore the first MMO, Lucasfilm’s Habitat.” The server hosting the restored alpha version of Habitat will go live to the general public on June 2 at 6pm PT. There will be a local kick-off event at the MADE's Oakland, California location. Players around the world who want to check out the revival of Habitat can do so for free. There will be some fiddling with a C64 emulator and connection to the server, but you can find simple instructions on NeoHabitat.org. View full article
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    Thanks again for everyone who came out to help at this event, and an extra special thank you to our first time volunteers! I hope this was a good experience for you to learn a bit about what staffing tables is like without being overwhelmed at a large scale event. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us get the word out about Extra Life!
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    You'll get a lot, and I mean A LOT, of different answers if you ask a group of gamers about the best Sonic the Hedgehog game. Some are die-hard supporters of 3D-era Sonic, some will swear by the 3D Sonic Revival that happened after Sonic 2006, and some maintain that there were never any good Sonic the Hedgehog games at all (an opinion that might start some flame wars in certain corners of the internet). However, if there is one thing that most people can agree on it is that Sonic's best streak of games was found on the Sega Genesis. Sonic Mania pursues that ear of nostalgia perfectly in the trailer released today. The trailer features animation work done by Tyson Hesse, the artist and author of the comic Diesel. The music comes courtesy of the YouTube channel Hyper Potions. Together with Sega, Hesse and Hyper Potions managed to really capture a the retro feel of the franchise while covering it in a new coat of paint. Oh, and Sonic Mania will be returning to the franchise's Sega Genesis roots with 2D platforming. Players will be able to play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles that brings fans all new levels, reimagined versions of classic stages, and boss battles. I mean, look at that trailer! It definitely left me smiling. Sonic Mania releases on August 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Fans can also nab a Collector's Edition of the game that comes with a Sonic/console statue, a faux cartridge with a golden ring, and a big, ol' box. The old timey commercial Sega put together to advertise it is pretty funny, so check that out below.
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    I know I just mentioned this in another thread, but it's a good question that folks might like an answer to! The primary reason is that Tiltify takes a cut of the donations made to their respective charities. For direct donations this would not work for CMN as they promise that every dollar goes to your local hospital. Perhaps some day Extra Life can have a similar platform or something close to it!
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    Great ideas! I love the idea of tablecloths and pop up banners for recruiting events. The stickers (laptop, game systems, car), 'business cards,' and tee shirts would be awesome for awareness. As far as funding goes, Children's will help with that! We would make the investment in it for our Guild so you all can thrive!
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    This event is now confirmed, but we await further details from the WashingCon team. Posting this event as a "Save the Date." If you would be interested in volunteering at this event, please RSVP. We will add details and a schedule closer to the date. Link to the event: http://www.washingcon.com/
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    Hey Guild Members, We've started up a Discord so everyone can keep in touch and keep up with events/announcements more easily. Join us here: https://discord.gg/d9N9ZWg
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    Your hospital rep should be the one who helps you with your print materials. it can be an uphill battle sometimes, but one worth fighting. I know a lot of our supplies here in Pittsburgh came from things members such as myself have purchased so we have something while we wait for the hospital's red tape. If you'd like some info on getting some cheaply made smaller posters while you negotiate the details with your hospital, I recommend checking VistaPrint when they have sales. For shirts, CustomInk is nice because it allows you to set up an order form where your members can purchase guild shirts to wear at events. Either way, if you want any other advice, feel free to pm me with any questions you might have! <3
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    Hey Springfield-Holyoke! President of the Albany Guild here. I am reaching out, because I have a pretty crazy idea that I am currently formulating. I met up with a lot of people form the Hartford Guild at ELU, and well in the two days that I have been back, I am coming up with something that might be interesting. So, if someone from leadership could PM me that would be AWESOME! I looked to see who was Pres, VP and Sec here and I didn't find them listed! Cheers,
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    This is probably not something that would impact a ton of people, but as the years carry on and more and more people get heavily involved with Extra Life, I see more and more people collecting multiple medals. I know in my house between my wife and I we now have 4. I'm plotting on how to best display them, and am seeing a lot of themed medal displays for marathons and races and things of that nature. Would be incredible to add some merch for people to order that was an Extra Life themed medal display, maybe shadowbox for the t-shirts, whatever it is. I'm not the kind of creative mind to come up with the brilliant aesthetics or pull something like that off myself, but maybe someone else out there is. Something officially sanctioned would be amazing, but if anyone else has creative ideas, fire away.
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    I spoke to Joe, we should have some designs ready by the deadline to vote on.
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    Though E3 proper hasn't yet begun, the pre-E3 press conferences have! This year, we are going to be capping off each day with a podcast discussing the news of the day with the talented bunch of people we've collected to cover the year's biggest gaming trade show. Day three covered a lot of ground between Ubisoft and Sony. The two industry titans threw out some pretty exciting announcements, like a completely overhauled Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4 and confirmation that, yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 exists. Jack Gardner, Marcus Stewart and Naomi Lugo cover the basic, need-to-know announcements from the day. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show with us! View full article
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    If the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 isn't enough to satisfy your appetite for cyberpunk goodness, the folks at Odd Tales have you covered. Their stylish game The Last Night melds the dingy yet high-tech future aesthetic of Ridley Scott with an attractive pixel art presentation. The Last Night began as a flash game assembled in six days for a game jam competition and has expanded into a full-fledged project. The brief trailer below shows off a blend of action, platforming, and stealth mechanics. The Last Night arrives in 2018 for Xbox One, PC, and Mac. View full article
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    After much speculation and numerous leaks, Mario + Rabbid Kingdom Battle had its official unveiling at Ubisoft's E3 presentation. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot to pitch this strange partnership to Rabbid and Mushroom Kingdom enthusiasts around the globe. The title has been in the works for three years and is being developed by Ubisoft’s European studios. A tactical turn-based adventure, Mario, Luigi, and Peach team up with the Rabbids (wearing the outfits of their Nintendo allies) to battle not-so-nice Rabbids. Miyamoto promised "great layers of strategy and tactics" in the experience. The party explores several colorful locales with designated battle zones triggering combat. Encounters take an XCOM-esque approach, with players taking turns to position characters across various maps, placing them in strategic locations such as destructible cover points and launching attacks via their arm cannons. Party members can use tandem abilities, such as a Rabbid climbing atop Mario’s feet and Mario launching it to a higher area. Another clip showed Mario and Luigi chaining together blaster attacks to juggle other characters. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 29. View full article
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    Ubisoft showed a brief but tantalizing teaser trailer for a new VR title called Transference. A live-action video starring Elijah Wood introduced a concept that aims to bring together film and video games. According to the game's description, players explore "a destructive tale of a man’s obsession as you explore his digitally recreated memories." Information from the trailer's description also suggests that players will enter the minds of several troubled test subjects. Check out the cryptic video below. Transference is coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next spring.