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    Hey guys and gals, James Enmon here. Some of y'all may recognize the name, others may not. For those that don't, I'm Victoria's brother. Just wanted to stop in and say hey, and we will be there at ELU again this year. I would love to meet every single one of you, because y'all are carrying on, and growing, Tori's legacy. My family will be there with shirts that say "Tori's family". So if y'all see us, please come say hi. This means so much to my family and me, and we can't wait to see everyone!!!
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    Now that bookings are solidified, this gnome will be attending ELU2k17! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE! Miss you guys so much and I hope to make new friends too! <3 <3 <3 I'll be staying with Jason, Emily, and Dave, and we're flying out from Monday - Monday! I'm torn between competing or volunteering, and leaning more towards volunteering. <3 For those staying later or coming early, I DO want to host an open game of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you are interested in playing, shoot me a private message here or on FB so I can get a headcount and start working on the campaign. Figured it'd be great to finally play with other ELUrs! No experience necessary!
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    Hey everyone! I've went ahead and made a Discord server for Extra Life United! This will be a great place to find new friends to meetup with down in Orlando, as well as a place to practice some of the games beforehand. If you aren't able to make it to ELU this year, you're still more than welcome to join! https://discord.gg/eDDCRbV For those of you who don't have Discord, it's basically skype and text chat rooms for gamers. You can also install it on your phone, so when you're at the event, you'll be able to stay connected! It comes highly recommended from yours truly.
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    Hey all - I've been working on a little handout that can act as a quick start guide for anyone who has just signed up for Extra Life. It's a compact little guide with great input from some of our most active and dedicated members. It can be printed as a one-sided full page, or front and back of a page to create two long-ways half sheet that can be folded in half for a quarter sheet size. Feel free to use it whenever you recruit! @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver, feel free to review and offer suggestions. Special thanks to everyone who provided quotes! EL Players Guide - Print front&back for 2copies.pdf
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    Plane Tickets bought, Room reserved, Ready to rock!
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    Incredibly well put. I will add bring patience and flexibility as well. Also, be ready to miss the kids, their families and other participants like crazy until next year.
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    Honestly, just come with an open mind and an open heart. Nothing can prepare you adequately. Some of the most fun things that have happened at ELU were not pre-planned at all. I suspect that will be the case again this year.
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    That sounds like "Hey! I'm cancelling Wrestlemania and am going to help the sick kids and celebrate with like-minded people!" That's what I read...
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    Hello, I recently joined up to participate this year. In the past I've donated to others, but for 2017 I want to raise money for a local hospital. I even got a local game store to agree to host a 24 hour marathon at the store. I'm really excited!
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    All registered participants in United should have received a sign-up email. You sign up for games in six different slots - each slot has two tabletop and two video game options. Every one of the 12 games shows up in two slots ensuring you should be able to play the games you want to, up to a maximum of six. I'm really happy with how this is being run. There should be no confusion among participants - presuming they have read the rules in advance.
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    Excited to be going - first year too! Everything about this seems super exciting, I can't wait to properly humiliate myself with my terrible gameplay in front of you all. For charity!
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    Two weeks and six days! YAY! We're all going to see each other so soon! That is all.
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    This looks like a good place to say hello, so here we go. I'm Kevin, FlyingTurtle45 on Twitch. My first year Extra Lifing was 2016, and I'm excited to be back for year 2. Why do you Extra Life? I got involved last year on the spur of the moment--I saw an ad on Twitch about it, and decided to see what the deal was. I work with charities as part of my job, and I already give blood regularly, so Extra Life combines nicely with stuff I already do. Also, I had considered doing charity streaming, and I liked that EL had an infrastructure set up--I don't have to touch any money, and I think that helps viewers feel comfortable giving. How long have you been participating? 2017 will be my second year. I did the national day in 2016, and the day went pretty well, despite having missed my fundraising goal. I'm hoping to get ideas from the forums to improve my fundraising game so that I hit my target this year. What Hospital do you play for and why? University of Kansas Medical Center--it's local, so it makes sense. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? Not at the moment. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I work a lot, and I'm usually playing games or doing a puzzle or reading or somesuch. Sometimes I have to take out the trash. I think that'll do for now. If you bump into me out there, certainly feel free to say hello.
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    You'll be able to sign up for specific games later. You haven't missed anything.
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    I understand your frustration. This is my 7th year playing for Extra Life and I've been captain of my team for Pittsburgh hospital since the beginning. I doubt very much that this is an intentional misdirection. Solidarity is the main reason teams are worthwhile, especially when they have an active captain who really cares. I regularly communicate with my team members to update them on our progress and celebrate our milestones. My teammates are another family to me. We've had our share of donors who accidentally donated through the wrong button, and despite that, emailing support gets it moved quickly. What a lot of people misunderstand is that Donor Drive is it's own entity. It's the platform that Extra Life uses, yes, but Extra Life has limited say over its design. That said, I'm confident that the people in charge are constantly trying to improve the experience. As mentioned previously, because members of the same team could support different hospitals, it adds layers upon layers of difficulty to correcting the issue. My best suggestion for now is to direct people to your personal page and instruct each of your team members to do the same. The team name will still be listed on each page, and your team will be all the better for everyone setting their own fundraising goals and reaching out to their own network of friends and neighbors. A brief warning to donors can't hurt. We all have our own way of creatively handling the current site limitations. I wish you luck in finding yours. Last but not least, welcome to the Extra Life family!
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    Hey All, Were doing our first social event of the year on March 26th, at 1:00pm. We took a vote at the meeting (I'm posting the notes tonight), and we all voted to go to Jurassic Putt (mini golf with awesome dinosaur's everywhere). Prices are: Adults - $8 for 18 Holes, $12 for 36 Holes Children (3-12) - $5 for 18 Holes, $7.50 for 36 Holes Let us know you'll be coming (and how many will be in your party) here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19GVPlpbyBnqGI9fG2DrfJkQ4ht3PCY3k8STVTuS6EbY/edit?usp=sharing
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    Hello Kansas City Extra Lifers! I just wanted to take a second to invite you to an Extra Life event that LeagueKC is hosting next month at SoPro Gaming. It will be League of Legends focused but if you don't play, there will still be plenty to do, see and raffle prizes to win! If anyone is interested in hosting an Extra Life booth or helping out sell raffle tickets or anything at the event, please let me know, we can always use a few extra hands! Here is the link to the Facebook event and here is our website with more information on the event.
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    We have a local group in Jacksonville that's interested in doing something similar for our Guild here. As everything is hush hush, I can't talk about it until after the event, but I'll make sure to come back and give a tell all.
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    Yep there sure is! When you are logged into your page, click the "Dashboard" button at the top left. Then on right side of the page you'll see a blue box, scroll down to the "Event Information" section and you'll see a link for "Change Team Membership." Click on that and it will allow you to join or create your team! Also, no need to apologize! Ask us anything! If you have questions on whether it's the site or Extra Life or fundraising, we are here!
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    Hi guys! Why do you Extra Life? A friend of mine lost his child to cancer at the age of 4. It hit me pretty hard to see him lose his son. How long have you been participating? I have been involved with Extra Life since 2012. As of fall 2016, I am the Vice President here in Cincinnati. What Hospital do you play for and why? Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The gave my friend an extra 2 years with his son. Even though he lost the battle, he had a much higher chance thanks to their support and help. Anything I can do to add to that gives me fuzzy feelings. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? I am the current Vice President of the Cincinnati Guild. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? Playing more video games, traveling, finishing school, or spending time with my family. Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know? I'm proud of each and every one of our members, near and far, high donations or only a dollar. Every little bit helps us change the lives of children in need. Keep up the great work!
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    @MajorLinux Yea definitely. I'm actually a part of the Philadelphia guild and I just joined this year. He is a great source of information and has helped me before with this sort of stuff so I'll reach out to him again. @Sean Rooney Thanks for the heads up! I'll be applying to the stream team soon. I think you are right about having the Extra Life name associated with backing a team in competitions. Without written consent that can get pretty hairy so I'll stay clear of that. I also wanted to just get an overall team together not just for having Extra Life back us, but to play as 5 (Or however the size of a team) together, and then recruit people that would see our team and educate a lot of gamers as well. We'll see what happens, but for now I'll hold off on naming it anything Extra Life related
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    To piggy back off of what @Sean Rooneysaid, it may be worthwhile to reach out to the Philadelphia guild. My good friend @Tiny415is a part of the leadership team for that guild (I believe he's the president) and may be a good local point of contact for getting involved in the local Philly area.
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    This idea has been brought up before and my personal opinion (I am not employed by Extra Life so please don't misconstrue this as their opinion) is that Extra Life shouldn't be backing any sort of competitive team, even through name association. There are too many things that can go wrong. It's a children's hospital charity, anything that remotely seems official would have to be sanctioned and risk taken on by Children's Miracle Network. Currently there is an Extra Life Twitch channel where a stream team broadcasts and spreads the word about Extra Life seven days a week. Might I suggest you inquire about that? The majority of streamers on the team aren't necessarily competitive but having a competitive person there could certainly boost profile. I'd suggest you could enter tournaments on your own or with a team and then if you wanted to donate part of your winnings to a hospital via Extra Life, that would be an amazing way to promote the charity without having to be labelled as representing the charity.
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    heyo everyone! it's been a little while since I've been hanging out on the forums.. and am finally getting things all sorted out for my gameday streaming plans. which brings me to my question: anyone streaming with Beam these days? I know that Twitch is a sponsor, which is amazing, and others use Hitbox, but it'd also be awesome to get the Beam community active with Extra Life (or some of the Extra Life community active with Beam)! It's where I've been setting up my stream in the last few days, for a bit of a change of pace, and thought I'd see if anyone else was part of the community. cheers!
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    The Entertainment Software Association Foundation honored Extra Life founder Jeromy Adams at its Nite to Unite gala on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The Nite to Unite gala honors leaders and visionaries in the gaming industry that are making a profound difference. The Visionary Award was given to Adams to recognize him for mobilizing a community of gamers that have raised over $30 million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. “Jeromy Adams is a visionary in the video game community," said ESA Foundation Executive Director Anastasia Staten in a statement. "Not only does he have big ideas, he has a big heart to match. Jeromy and the community participating in Extra Life to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals show the power of video gamers coming together to make a difference in the lives of countless children, friends and families across the country. In their hands, a game controller isn’t just a tool of entertainment, but is a tool of healing and a source of hope. The ESA Foundation is proud to support this incredible problem, helping to raise funds and awareness for children’s hospitals all across the country.” Adams first created Extra Life when he was a radio host in Houston, Texas. As part of the annual Radiothon program that benefitted Texas Children’s Hospital, he met Tori – the inspiration behind Extra Life. Tori was 11 years old at the time and battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Adams and Tori quickly bonded over a mutual passion of video games. Shortly after her passing Adams had an idea – why not have gamers do what they do best, while raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to benefit more kids like Tori? And Extra Life was born. When asked about the experience, Jeromy applauds the passionate and generous gaming community saying, “It’s just something I did with 55,000 friends.” View full article
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    Hey everyone! Next Tuesday, 3/7 at 8pm CST, your very own Kansas City Guild will be featured on the Official Extra Life Twitch channel! @RufiOOHHH, @MedievalMelody, @FinchKC and I will be playing Dixit on tabletop Simulator and sharing some stat updates, as well as talking about why being in a guild is so awesome! Please come and hang out for a couple hours in chat and let's show how awesome being in a guild can be! #Represent https://www.twitch.tv/extralife4kids I hope to see you there Kansas City!!
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    Update! Thanks to checking southwest everyday, @slowmojoe and I will be flying down a day earlier (Wednesday morning) and staying until Sunday morning! @Gnomedic, when you running that 5e campaign? Got room for 2 more?
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    That sounds awesome! Let us know how it goes! You might need this info if you don't already have it. CMN Hospitals_Extra Life_501(c)3 Address.pdf CMN Hospitals_Extra Life_W-9.pdf
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    The staff over at Pittsburgh's premier anime and Japanese culture convention are hosting us once again for what's sure to be a blast. We have big plans, so we're going to need a lot of help. As with last year, volunteering comes with a free Tekko badge, so if you're interested in helping us with outreach at this event, please get in touch via PM or in person at our upcoming Victory party or Kickoff meeting. Details coming soon.
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    Hope you all had a great opening night at Extra Life United 2017! Starting tomorrow, the Challenge Stations sponsored by Microsoft will be available! Play games for a chance to win money for your hospital! Below is the schedule and rules, so get informed and get ready to play hard! Challenge Station Schedule
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    I know the hate was strong on this one, and I have yet to really dive into the previous base building update, but I like what I see. <shrug> Now only if I had more time...
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    Sorry, that's opening night for a show I'm directing. Hope I can make it out to the next one!
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    Hey, didn't know if anyone has seen this? http://www.blogto.com/sports_play/2017/03/cineplex-opening-gaming-and-sports-bar-toronto-summer/
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    We may have another thread elsewhere, but being Switch Day, I thought we should have a good repository to share our Friend Codes! SW-5072-7855-7121
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    I am the sister of Kineticmedic. I can help on on the same shift as him. Huzzah!
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    Wait you can chop down trees? I just blow them up with bombs, ha. My favorite way to play. I don't mind the JoyCon Grip but something about having the controllers detached is nice.
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    I really enjoyed playing with the JoyCons apart, sprawled in my recliner, arms far apart but playing. Relaxing as all heck. That first paraglide is pretty epic no matter which direction you go.
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    Doors open at 10am, so try to be there 15-30 minutes early. Take the main escalators to the 4th floor and just wait next to the subway...on the 4th floor, not outside the convention center. We will find out how to get badges to everyone on each day as we go.
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    Also, I am 100% aware I am probably over-thinking and over-worrying. But, I'm a planner so I just like to know as much info about things as possible
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    Hey Guys, I have created the schedule for those who were at the Kick Off Meeting last month who signed up to volunteer. It is a small con so there will be light foot traffic so it will give the newbies some time to practice with the vets. We will be car pooling if that is ok with everyone. I don't want you do not have to waste you own gas. If you wanted to meet up at my place so you guys can leave your cars in a safe place you are more then welcome to. If you have questions or want to join in on the fun message me. The current schedule is as follows: Saturday: (3/25) 10am-5pm: Sean, Brigid, Rashida Sunday: (3/526) 10am-5pm: David, Ashley, Joseph
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    I'm in contact with La Recia at the Microsoft Store in King of Prussia Mall, and will also be making my way to Gamer's Heaven in Phoenixville to find out how things are thataway. Evidently there may be a couple other stores they know of I can try and get involved with.
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    Chris got permission from Brave New Worlds to come in during a weekly tournament to talk about Extra Life. --433 West Moreland Road Willow Grove,PA Within the next month or so we are hoping to hit up - 7th Dimension Games -- 491 York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046 - Uncanny! KOP Mall -- 160 North Gulph Road Suite 2322 King of Prussia, PA 19406 -Uncanny! Montgomery Mall -- 230 Montgomery Mall Suite 108 North Wales, PA 19454 -Uncanny! Plymoth Meeting Mall -- 500 West Germantown Pike Suite 2295 Plymoth Meeting, PA 19462 We also might be talking to The Laboratory -- 5 Williams Ln. Hatboro, PA 19040
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    Updates to the above: 2017-2019 Leadership: @FinchKC President @allthewayj Vice President @Alibi Secretary Direct link to Guild Calendar: HERE! Please make to click the follow button to be updated to changes! Looking for a team to join? Join the Guild team HERE!
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    So this weekend we are doing a 72 hour Warframe stream, join us to raise money for the kids as well as a chance to win plat and primes About us! We are a community of Youtubers and Streamers that are Partnered with Warframe and share a great love for this game. 72 Hour livestream! On the 17th of February 2017, from 15:00 EST onwards, we will be doing a 72 hour livestream for Extra Life on www.twitch.tv/warframefanchannels. During this Livestream we will play on all the platforms, do amazing community gameplay with the Developers, have a live podcast, do a stunning of 3 World Record Runs and a lot more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQlD-u0hPWA 72 Hour schedule! Friday the 17th 15:00 EST - Opening/Devstream Discussion - InglriousB/AGayGuyPlays 16:00 EST - PC Survival & Defense - AeonKnight86 18:00 EST - PC John Prodman Runs - RageyPoo/Brozime 20:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DappaDanMan 22:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - SherpaRage Saturday the 18th 00:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Francois878/MCIK 02:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DanieltheDemon 04:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Kaoiji 06:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - FromThe70s 08:00 EST - PC PVP & Survival - DaBears1337 10:00 EST - PC Conclave - Tactical Fatty 12:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - ToYou/Porongo Gamer 14:00 EST - TennoClock Live - Xenogelion/MDRLoz/AGayGuyPlays 16:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - KingKacchi90 18:00 EST - PC Relic Farming - Rundas342/OmegaSylux 20:00 EST - XB1 Raids & PVP - BigJimID 22:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - WarframeMadness/RobertGK2017/DEDrew Sunday the 19th 00:00 EST - PC Tenno Challenges, Dojo Events - Tenno Defton 02:00 EST - PS4 Community Livestream - Reboot_Error_ 04:00 EST - PC Early Morning Stream - AGayGuyPlays 06:00 EST - PC Randomizer Loadout ODD Runs - Lunskee 08:00 EST - PC Farming and Helping the Community - TheRoaringLion 10:00 EST - XB1 World Record Run - SlapstickLogic/BigJimID/OLGzulu/DEMegan 14:00 EST - PC World Record Run - DanieltheDemon/prettypoison105/ShulGaming/MrBearGaming 18:00 EST - PC World Record Run - WGrates/Esp4Him/XiaRose/Kaoiji 22:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - DKDiamantes/Quiette Shy Monday the 20th 00:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Prettypoison105 02:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - TrainsyTv 04:00 EST - Raids, Raids, Raids! - DarkSlayer313 06:00 EST - XB1 Viewer Challanges - SlapstickLogic 08:00 EST - PC Community Livestream - Wobbzie 10:00 EST - PC Community Stream - Makarimorph 12:00 EST - PC Community Stream - Tygastripe 14:00 EST - PC Lunaro Tournament - Warframe Fan Channels
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    Glad to see you got this figured out, Brandon! Generally, one of the leadership will have badges for everyone to grab the morning of. We'll get it figured out and let you know ahead of time though.