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    3rd year here, still flying solo for the most part. Should have some friends popping in here and there. Last year, the highlight was getting a hug from a coworker of mine when I beat a boss in the Master System version of Shinobi. I've never seen him so happy. Going to stay family-friendly as in years past, but there might be some games like Contra or Street Fighter II thrown into the mix. Probably lots of NES and SNES overall just because those are my jams. I will have my 4 lav mics all prepped and ready as people rotate in and out, just gotta test them all again. Invested in a new mixer for this year, too - should make things a lot easier. There's a small chance Ill be participating in a 3-way Super Mario Sunshine race (most shines in 90 minutes). I really hope that happens! And I might do some dumb Kerbal Space Program stuff again. I'm also doing two 12-hour sessions with 15 minute breaks at the tail end of each 2 hour block. Good for the ol' bathroom and food breaks, plus actually moving around is kind of important. I'll kick it all off with a good breakfast on Saturday before the 10am start time, then things will just unravel (in a good way) from that point on. Should be fun times for a good cause.
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    This'll be our sixth year gaming for CHOP. Right now I've taken off the whole week including the weekend of the 25 hour event just to prep everything. Test streams all week to work on the bugs and try to prevent any repeat disasters. Our fourth year doing this as we went live at 10am about 85-90% of our equipment somehow got jolted and fried. Thankfully the streaming pc was safe and the show limped on while we made an emergency run to Best Buy. So yeah, testing all week to prevent that again. The night of one last stream with the whole crew to shake things down then it's off to bed and Jesus take the wheel at 10am. Well have a full compliment of caffeinated beverages and snacks to tide us through the day. Also we've come to the realization that we're getting old so now we have power nap times to keep everyone perky through the day. We can't wait to go at it for the sixth year in a row and really hope to smash our donation total from last year!
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    This is my 2nd year participating and this year I'll have a handful of friends joining in to help. We're planning on going from Saturday morning through Sunday morning, there's a good mix of video games on deck but I'm tempted to follow with some of the other posters here and mix in some board games and some physical games to keep from getting too stiff (though I'm not sure what the best way to get those games on Twitch would be). I haven't thought it through enough to have food planned, but juggling hearthstone and cooking (or more likely, hearthstone and online delivery menus) is probably the way to go. Our Tentative Game List Playerunknown's: Battlegrounds Overwatch Super Smash Brothers: Melee Tekken 7 Street Fighter V Civilization VI Hearthstone Dota 2 Party games (Speedrunners, Move or Die, etc.) Board games (Codenames, Dominion, Avalon) Your suggestions! (Always looking for more co-op/survival games)
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    Wow, it's been a while since I've been on the forums. I should hang out here more often, eh? So, how am I going to spend my game day? Well, I'll probably wake up bright and early around 5am and go for a mile or so run to get energized for the day. I'll head home, eat some breakfast and get my battlestation setup with necessities like a big old gallon jug of water, a bunch of bananas and apples and, of course, my set of gold & silver medals to hang from my desk cabinet door. Then, it's time to get gaming around 8am. I'll boot up the old PS2 and start diving into whatever game I'm working my way through at the time. I'm trying to beat 'em all, so this is a great opportunity to crush a couple of 'em! I'll likely get up, stretch and have a short walk around the basement for about 5 minutes each hour to keep the blood flowing and the stiffness away. Surely, around the 2nd 2am, I'll probably have some issues keeping the heaviness out of my eyes, so I might just have to bust out Karaoke Revolution and sing my tiredness away (badly, I might add). I'll keep digging for those next 6 hours and finally emerge from my cave at 8am on Sunday, take a nice shower, hop in the car and head over to the in-laws to greet my wife & kids after the day of gaming is done. Looking forward to completing another game day and raising more dollars #FTK. Good luck, everyone!
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    So I put together a quick stinger (transition animation between scenes) for the upcoming Extra Life day and thought I might as well share it with everyone. I use a transition time at frame 42 or around 700ms but you can adjust according to your preference. I've put the link below to download it so you can use it on your own live stream. If you use it and want to show your appreciation just drop a few dollars onto my EL page: Enjoy!
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    Once again our rowdy group of gamers (about 15 of us) will get together for 24+ hours of gaming! (Friday night 9:00pm to Saturday 9:00pm... or Friday Midnight to Saturday Midnight....OR Friday 9:00pm to Saturday Midnight! 27 hours of gaming!) Once again we will begin with a team "game show" composed of trivia and various physical challenges. A Videogame tournament will be played throughout the day with a variety of short game challenges (fastest time through level 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog...most points in Super Mario Bros level 1...quickest touchdown in NFL game...etc). A Stones course (bocce ball on steroids) will be set up outside. TONS of boardgames!!!! Blood Rage, Roll Player, Captain Sonar, Pillars of the Earth, and sooooooo many more!!!!!! Homemade food of meatballs, chili, burgers, roasted veggies, etc will be combined with a plethora of store bought snacks. Many will use caffeine to stay awake, but I just prefer the high energy level of everyone sitting around the table and gaming (plus I don't drink caffeine so, there is that). I'm sure that when midnight comes on saturday most will go home, but a few of us addicts will stay and play until probably 2 or 3am giving us friday 9pm to sunday 3am for a full 30 hours of straight gaming!!!!!! and then we crash and sleep until sunday afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend groggely resting and getting ready for work on monday. but man oh man...what a good weekend!
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    It's our second year supporting CHOP via Extra-Life, and we're hoping to make it the best year yet! Last year saw us stick to video games for the day, but this year we hope to go old-school for a few hours and break out the board games. It was also our first time streaming the whole day last year, and we've received some constructive feedback on how to make the streaming experience better for our followers. We're only a team of two at the moment, but we expect to have a few guest appearances throughout the 24 hours this year.
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    For the fifth year in a row, and the second with a full team, we're going to expand our game selection - more games of all sorts - add more teammates, do some video promos for our members and look into adding some outdoor games to keep us moving throughout the marathon
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    I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers! Edit: added fireworks
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    Helloooo my fellow CHoP friends and supporters! This will be my second year gaming for CHoP and my guild's 3rd year participating in the Extra-Life charity! Our MC WoW Guild team is comprised of an arsenal of 40-80 talented World of Warcraft players that will be dabbling in everything from player versus player battlegrounds, to old school raids, to achievement runs, breaking them up (tentatively) into 6 - 4 hour events. We may even breakout into guild Karaoke for an hour! ( you may want to cover your ears for this part but i guarantee you will be entertained)! Hey we may even take requests if we are feeling froggy 🐸 Really the possibilities are limitless and there will never be a dull moment with our group! We will be running all events using our Discord voice chat and will be streaming our games on Twitch! We encourage all of you to stop by and say hi! Sing with us, play with us, hang out with us! We will have more information on our website as the date gets closer. Come check us out: Just tell 'em Rosie sent ya! Last year was such a blast and we raised over $3,000 for CMN and we are looking to blow that number out of the water this year! We are looking forward to another successful and amazingly fun-filled gaming session this year! Playing games to save kids...doesn't get much better than that, does it?! Good luck to all my fellow gamers out there! You all ROCK! 👊🏻
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    Who? If you've signed up for Extra Life or have made a donation, then you've interacted with DonorDrive! A leader in cloud based peer-to-peer donations DonorDrive|Global Cloud helps us do what we do #ForTheKids by providing a digital means to collect donations online for Extra Life, Dance Marathon and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. What? We want to talk about using JSON information! More specifically, we want to talk about HOW you are using it to improve your fundraising. JSON data is used to capture information about Extra Life participants, that then can be output in applications for live stream alerts or display team member rankings. As our donation platform, DonorDrive is looking to improve upon the use of this data and they want to hear from you, the Extra Life Community! Next steps: Questions from you, our community: Are you a developer? Have your created an application to interact with DonorDrive? Now is the time to fill this forum with your questions about the DonorDrive platform and how you can better access Extra Life participant data for your projects. The DonorDrive team will field your questions here, explain some of the upcoming enhancements. This is a great time to find out more and be a part of enhancing the streaming experience when fundraising for Extra Life. Live AMA via Discord TBD! But soon we will schedule a live AMA with the DonorDrive devs themselves!
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    Since some of us don't use XSplit there was a topic on divying out keys to those who do. I thought I'd start a thread as a place for anyone to offer their donation reward keys if they choose not to use them. So far the keys I immediately know of are the XSplit 3 month license and Carved custom phone case. I've given my XSplit key away and still have the Carved key if anyone wants it (they don't have my phone as an option). @herobyclicking mentioned that you could use them as donation incentives in your own circles if you wish, but if you just want to drop it here you certainly can. I would advise not posting the actual keys in this thread, just DM them to who you want to give it to.
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    Hello Extra Life Community! I tried searching for an existing thread, but only see one for FB/Youtube channels, but I'd like to start a thread for sharing Twitter handles so we can begin following each other and retweeting each other's posts regarding our Extra Life campaigns. Please link your twitter page for easy following and Please follow and retweet @baextralife so we can do the same for you!
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    So one thing to keep in mind when trying to stream is to keep OBS updated. I apparently had been running a years old version (around 0.6something) and it was taking up a LOT of processor utilization. Upgraded to v20 (which looks pretty neat btw) and everything runs great! My computer feels young again! Not to mention with the Randomized Pokemon HG race I'm doing for EL this year coming up, we wanted to stream to a multi-screen stream. If I had two OBS (old version) streams going (one to multi, one to twitch) then my computer just wasn't having it. Really goes to show the improvements OBS has made over the years o.o
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    Thanks @Xeserox! @Edesonism, support can take up to three business days to respond and they get particularly busy this time of year. So if you reached out this week, I am sure they will be in contact soon. I'll connect with them to be sure your ticket gets some attention though! We'll get it figured out one way or another!
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    Fellow Board Gamers! We have a team forming for game day - November 4th and 5th. the Tyro Team will be playing games in Melrose at the Melrose Community Television Studios located at 360 Main Street Melrose. We are going to be splitting the 24 hours over two days -- Nov 4th from 10 am - 1am ant Nov 5th from 12 pm - 9 pm. We welcome fellow board gamers to join us. We will be streaming our efforts on Twitch at the TyroMagTV channel and on FB: TyroMagTV. We will have several board games with us but feel free to bring your favorites. We will be open to the public and hopefully will get some walk in donations. I'm trying to hit up Dunkin's and Papa Ginos to set us up with some foods, no promises. There is a microwave so feel free to bring food, there are lots of food options in the area. Link to team page: Feel free just to stop by and play a game even if you aren't joining the team. Feel free to reach out to me for more info. Thanks.
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    I've only ever used OBS. Though it depends on what you really want from your stream. I have 2 cameras, one for a wide group and one on the board. I've heard from others that OBS doesn't like much more than that, but I haven't actually done the test. Try OBS first (as it's free) then make the switch if needed.
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    This weekend (October 14-15 2017) the Hartford Extra-Life Guild will be hanging out at RetroWorld Expo at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. Stop by our booth and learn how you can play the games you already love and be a hero for the kids at Connecticut Children's Medical Center!
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    Hey everybody! Extra Life has launched their official Extra Life Discord! In addition to the Extra Life Discord, we have our own local Discord that we use to communicate with guild members, streamers, and Extra Lifers! Discord Information Extra Life Discord channel -- Official EL Discord -- Team Omaha Discord
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    Hey Bubba! We're still working on the details, but I can say it will be during the week of March 5th. For exact dates and details, stay tuned!
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    Hi It is quiet here but some of us are good people
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    Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but try calling your local newspapers and see if they'll feature you. I reached out to a few and one did a really great story that came out in today's paper. 10 donations came in today, 4 of them from people who I don't know. They're just town locals who saw the story and felt like helping the kids which is like the best thing, ever.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Kevin. I am a streamer on Mixer and I am new to Extra life. I’ve been donating to causes that I believe in for years. I see great potential in using Extra Life as a platform to help me support the kids and make a difference in the world! I am playing for SickKids. I chose them because my brother was born with a birth defect and they helped support him for 18 years. I look forward to working with all of you in the Toronto guild! My Extra-Life page and Mixer username are both ‘TBG’
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    I would like to propose the idea of Stretch Goals. Perhaps this is not the best term, but it doesn't matter what it's called. Problem: An Extra Life participant has reached his or her fundraising goal. This reduces incentive for others to donate. The goal has been met, there's nothing left to do. Current Solution: Raise the Goal. Why this isn't satisfactory: There's a celebratory aspect to reaching a goal - both for the participant and the donors. Something great about reaching it and about finishing having reached it. Raising the goal removes this by literally moving the goalposts. Proposed solution: Stretch Goals (or whatever name makes sense). The participant can activate a second stretch goal to reach (and/or a third, fourth, fifth, etc) after reaching the first. This maintains the celebration of the first goal reached while saying, "Hey guys, we did that! Can we do one better?:" And allow for a second celebration if the second goal is reached while still preserving the celebration of the first one. BONUS: It also makes it easy for the participant to link actions with stretch goals: I'll shave my head, dye my hair, grow a mustache, whatever.... if we reach this stretch goal.
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    This is my 5th year participating in the marathon. The first year, I joined with only 1 month left and still raised $400. For the past 3 years for 24 hrs, my house has an open door policy. On FB, I post that any friends and family that wants to stop by and play games may feel free to do so. We have usually between 15-25 people that stop in throughout the day and play with us. This year, we will have 1 TV that will be dedicated to streaming the event and have a specific game schedule to be played on there. We will setup another 3 TVs with various consoles with plenty of games to be played. Previous games that have been big hits: Rock Band (every year multi hour sessions), Call of Duty (Not as much last 2 years), Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (Replaced CoD), Cards Against Humanity (Once the kids fall asleep).
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    Hi everyone! SickKids has some very exciting things coming up this fall. I'll be posting all of the videos and material here! Starting off with this Ryan Reynolds video!!! As some of you might know, he had a young friend named Grace who passed away from cancer at the hospital. Since then he has been doing everything he can to help us fund the fight. Check it out:
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    On October 2nd, the Extra Life Community will be joining other Children's Miracle Network Hospital supporters in celebrating Child Health Day. As we aim to raise funds and awareness for our 170 member hospitals, we need your help as we ask gamers everywhere to #CommitForTheKids by making a donation or registering for Extra Life. Here's how you can help! Step 1: Download the Mobile App Download the Extra Life mobile app and get your fundraising messages ready for Oct 2nd! This free app lets you fundraise and send messages through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & email.Download the app here: iOS I Android Step 2: Join the Thunderclap Join our Thunderclap to donate a Facebook post or Tweet from your personal channel to show the world you have decided to #CommitForTheKids! Your message with automatically post on Child Health Day - how easy is that?!Join the Thunderclap here Step 3: Get Social with Us! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can help us amplify the NEED of children's hospitals. We'll be pushing out impact statements and new Extra Life materials all day that you won't want to miss!Follow us: Facebook I Twitter Will you commit for the kids and help us on Oct 2nd? Streaming? Use our overlay between now and on October 2nd to show that you #CommitForTheKids!
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    Hey @Amy! We'd love to share these with the community. Would you mind if we put this in a folder in our Broadcaster Kit? If more community members have donations alerts or streaming graphics they'd like to share, we want to see them! Thank you!
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    If you've decided to start streaming for Extra Life and are using XSplit, then you might want a little help adding some Extra Life flair to your broadcast. By adding an Extra Life overlay and Donation alert, you can further engage your viewers in donating and becoming aware of why we play games #ForTheKids! First, get familiar with using XSplit! If you haven't used this broadcasting application, you should download it and then take a look at their Getting Starting guide. ( Once you download and log into your XSplit software and complete the "Getting Started" guide, you will want to add an overlay to one of you scenes. The overlay is a great way to tell people that you are playing for Extra Life! You can download the items from Broadcaster Kit and Media Kit at Add an overlay to your XSplit broadcast software Now that you have your overlays, find the "Scene" you want to add your Extra Life overlay to and select "Add" at the bottom of the application > Media File > search for and open the recently downloaded overlay for Extra Life > click a corner to resize/reposition if necessary. Add the Extra Life Alert extension to your XSplit broadcast software To add the Extra Life alert, go to "Extensions" (top menu) > "Get more extensions" > select "Show Sources" icon (to the left of the "plug" icon) > find and select the "Extra Life Alert" > "Install" > close the plugin windows and go back to your main broadcasting screen. Now find the 'Scene" you want to add the alert box to > click "Add" > "Widgets" > "Extra Life Alerts". Click, drag and resize/reposition the alert box as you see fit > right click on the "Extra Life Alert" box > select the 'Extra Life Alert" tab on the next window > input your "Participant" or "Team" id (you can find this by going to your Extra Life participant page and grabbing the number at the end of the URL after the "=" ) > select and alert sound > check "Show Donation Alert" if you want the box to display a recent donation as if occurs > "Test Alert" to see it in action! Now your stream viewers can see your Extra Life pride, your current donation total and hear/see alerts when donations are made! Have a favorite overlay, alert or widget you use for streaming for Extra Life? Let us know in the comments below!
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    I'm going to use game day to take a break from my nursing school studies and play some games like that I haven't gotten a chance to, since all the studying. Last year's game day was before an exam, so there was no way I could take that day off from studying. I will also be supporting my friends who will probably be setting up a base for their game day streams. It's so nice to be able to do something good with something fun!
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    This is my 6th year doing Extra Life and for the very first time, my daughter is joining me for the full 24 hours. I asked an artist friend of mine to help illustrate an idea I had to commemorate the fact that we're doing this together. The final result just moved me beyond words and I wanted to share. It's a perfect capture of us as the gamers we are, participating in something bigger than ourselves. My gaming handle is bread_man and she is blueberrytoast and you probably can tell what our favorite games are by the props.
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    Well, there are now at least TWO people in Portland that are interested in reinvigorating the guild situation.
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    Looks like a lot of people are hitting up the video games with maybe an off-shoot of a tabletop game here and there. We are the opposite-- TONS of boardgames with some video games in between. If you think boardgames are things like "sorry" "monopoly" and "Risk"....well, that is like saying "video games are things like Pong and Pacman, right?" Boardgames have evolved just as much and I highly recommend checking them out. The social interaction and thought needed to play helps keep us awake and energized. Try some easier games like Splendor, Captain Sonar (requires 8 people), Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Codenames, and The Resistance (requires 5+ people). Also, to help stay awake-- 1. Make sure to keep the blinds open and let in lots of daylight when you can. 2. Eat real meals, not just candy 3. Game with people. Try and get people to join up and game in the same room. If you can't find other participants, invite people over to game during the day. 4. Get outside and/or open the windows. Outside air helps a lot and there are plenty of games that can be played outside. 5. Don't forget to brush your teeth and use deodorant! Especially if you are having people game with you or come over to visit...they won't want to stay long if you stink. Good luck everyone, and happy gaming!
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    Game day in a month. Update: I surpassed my goal! And raised more than ever! >$500. Things I did: 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 donated. Pitched to my kid's teacher and teacher's aide Pitched to the parents' mailing list Won't have the same opportunity for the last 2 next year because my oldest went from a very small private school to a very large public school. We never see the teacher (in the previous school I saw the teacher every day when I picked up my daughter). There also isn't a parents' mailing list. So I'll have to get more creative in 2018. But for now I will celebrate raising more for the kids than ever.
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    Hello! We've been working on a dashboard for our team to have up on projectors, TVs, share with donors and sponsors, etc. In doing so, we decided to make it available to any team. All you have to do is go to this page and enter your Extra Life team ID: I've attached a screenshot of a random team that I pulled from Extra Life's homepage. The DNS is still propagating, so you may see some weird errors from, but I expect that to be resolved in 24 hours. We are trying to be respectful of refresh rates to avoid slamming EL servers too bad, but let us know if this causes any issues and we can discuss further. Let us know how it goes!
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    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. The Extra Life Helper has been updated for 2017. The big news is that the Helper just got a complete refactor under the hood. I'm happy to say that it is now a pure JavaScript application and no longer requires the Flash plugin to work! Besides a few visual tweaks, it looks and works the same as before. It's just a lot easier to setup and use. And it runs much faster and is more stable. In addition to removing the Flash requirement, I sneaked in a few new features: Add your own custom donation alert sounds If you don't like the sound of the cash register and kids cheering when a donation comes in (I'm addicted to hearing that sound after 5 years) you can drop in your own mp3, wav, or ogg files and have them play instead. Donation alerts show donation messages If a donor included a message with their gift, it will now be displayed in the Helper. Add your own custom JavaScript code that fires when a new donation comes in If you know JavaScript and want to run your own code when a donation comes in, that's now possible. I added this because I wanted the HUE lights in my office to flash each time a donation came in but not make that part of the Helper itself. So I use that hook to make a call to my light bridge. If you have similar smart devices in your home, or a remote API you want to make a request to when a donation comes in, now you can. Please note: Previous versions of the Helper will continue to work in XSplit but will no longer work in OBS Studio as of right now. I highly encourage anyone who has used the Helper before to get the latest version. Instructions and download link have been updated: Enjoy! - bread
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    Either one will work, really. I find xsplit to be more intuitive for my uses, so that's what I use. The big thing for you is making sure you have enough cameras to cover the important spots. One looking down from above is a good idea, as well as cameras trained at the people playing, even if it's a wide group shot. This can be set up relatively easily, and even doing it in two or three different scenes will help change up what the viewers see.
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    Nice! The tracker your friend made doesn't look like the Helper or work the same, but if he used the Helper for inspiration or code example, that's awesome. When I first made the Helper in 2013, there wasn't much available. Since the API came out, lots of folks like your friend have been making great stuff. If he wants to share with the community, he totally should create a new thread and let people know.
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    Hey @Amy! That's not great! The only thing I could think of is to be sure that your donation alert is "Enabled". Go to "StreamLabs" > "Dashboard" > "Alertbox" > make sure that the widget URL has the "Donation" checked > scroll down to the "Donations" tab and ensure that its' "Enabled". Are you adding the widget URL to your broadcasting software? If not be sure that you copy the widget URL and add it to OBS, XSplit or whichever software you are using. Beyond that, you'd want to reach out to StreamLabs support for further troubleshooting. We'll get you up and running! Be sure to swing by our Discord and the Streaming Tips channel, the community is bound to be able to help.
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    And please do this before your game day stream!!!! nothing worse than getting ready to go live and BOOM, everything is broken!
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    UNTS UNTS UNTS. The beat of the music gets under your skin. UNTS UNTS UNTS. And rhythmic action seems to fit. Indie studio MythicOwl has revealed their upcoming arcade-music title Trancelation. With trance music blazing in the background, neon colors, and psychedelic shapes draped over unique-looking arcade mechanics, they are hoping to catch the attention of the criminally under-served music and rhythm gaming community. Oh, and it does all of that while attempting to teach the player new languages. “I love arcade games a lot – you dive into the flow, the rhythm, a kind of a trance really, which is maximized by the music and the lightning effects. And if you lose, you immediately hit 'retry' – involuntarily even,” said Piotr Korgul, Trancelation’s lead designer. “I wanted to make a game that would be enjoyable for those reasons. I’ve merged that idea with language learning, and I think no one has done something like this before – and turns out that those both elements fit together perfectly. Neon, trance, electronic music, languages… I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but who doesn’t like crazy ideas?” The core gameplay involves moving a lightning ball by putting together words from various languages. Other game modes task players with picking up glowing dots scattered across the maps. Players will need to navigate around enemies and obstacles or face the loss of a life. To help players have a good time, MythicOwl has included bombs, shields, extra lives, and points for every correct word pairing. Trancelation might not teach you the ins and outs of an entire language, but it might just be able to teach players enough to communicate with others, which would be very cool to see! No official release date has been announced, but Trancelation will be releasing on PC in the near future. View full article
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    I am moving to the Milwaukee area soon and cant wait to work with the community!! I used to do things in the Jacksonville area never formally joined until now. I focus mostly on tabletop gaming and will be at GameHole Con
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    just got mine. I don't use XSplit, does/can anyone want to use my code?
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    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I have been active in the guild (honestly it was the first year of inception), and I'd like to get more involved. It seems like things are pretty slow right now with the guild. I'd love to help get this kickstarted again and get things moving!
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    That's fantastic! I anticipate the day when I my daughter can participate in the full 24! P.S. #TeamBreadRepresent!
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    Im having a 2 day event 25 miles North of Pitt, Pa myself.
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    This is year three for me, so I thought I'd kick it off by sharing some lessons learned and plans for this new year. Year 1 (2015): I was jazzed and energized and so sure I could convince people to donate. Set a goal of $1k and spoke about it all the time. Even at work where we have to dance around it because they have a policy you're not allowed to ask for donations, I tried to bring it up in conversation. Ended up raising a little over $300 and that was with a bunch of pushing with my family members who kept putting it off. I could not participate in game day because of my sister-in-law's wedding, but I played all year long -- way more than 24 hours of gaming. Year 2 (2016): I figured since I had to push my family members so hard the year before that I would try not to solicit donations yearly. Perhaps I could do it every other year so that people don't get Eric-fatigue. So I upped my social media game - mentioned it whereever I could - reddit, Twitter, FB (even though I'm otherwise not very active on FB), even casually mentioning it to the mother of a kid who goes to school with my daughter and whose son was saved at birth at JH NICU as well. And, I couldn't even make it to the "standard" of bringing in $200 - no tshirt for me. Only a little participation on game day as we had 9 month old twins at the time and I couldn't afford a lack of sleep. So I spoke with a lot of people on the forums and came away with these lessons learned: No matter how well-intentioned, no one donates unless you bug the crap out of them until they finally relent and donate Based on responses from forum participants - as the charity gets more established and more and more people are trying to get donations - it's like trying to get people in your neighborhood to buy your kid's fundraiser chocolate - there's no one to buy it because everyone's kid is trying to sell it. Lots of people reported working harder to get less money in 2016. I was told to check with my guild - some guilds hold a fundraiser night at a restaurant to raise money for members - a portion of that night's proceeds go towards it. Incentives seem to work - I said I'd do 1 pushup per $1 donated and the few people who did donate did it to see me suffer as I'm out of shape from having to help out with the twins Plans for the New Year With those lessons in mind, here are my plans for the new year: Continue to do some kind of exercise thing per dollar donated Bug people into donating because otherwise they won't participate with guild I have a few domain names, but one I'm intending to keep is for my name ( so I decided this year that I would make a subdomain ( that would go to my extra life page. Because the URL changes every year it means that if someone sees my old ExtraLife videos on Youtube, they won't know the new URL to donate to. By using my own domain name, I can switch where it connects to each year so that will always point to the most recent donation campaign . To show people how much it means to me, I'm thinking of doing matching donations. (Have to clear with the wife first) Because if I'm trying to convince people to donate because of how much it means that JH helped my daughter, why am I not giving more? To keep things manageable, right now I'm thinking of 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 and then 25% matching after that. I think that's an amount I can afford while showing my commitment. Install the app on my phone so I can take donations from strangers if I strike up a conversation in public There's a parental mailing list for my kid's class at school - get permission from the admins to send out a solicitation to the parents list - just one time so things don't get ridiculous. (If they even agree to it because I could see things spiraling out of control if everyone used it for everything they wanted attention for) Now the real out of my comfort zone thing - the one I've been thinking of since year 1, but always chicken out - talk to some businesses and maybe even my kids' pediatrician to see if they'll donate. I'm not in sales, I'm a computer programmer. When I *was* in sales back when I was a kid, I would mostly help people find the best of what they were already looking for rather than upsell them or get them to buy something they didn't already want to. And to be honest, just as in relationships, I'm afraid of "no". Well, afraid is a strong word, but no one likes rejection (which is why I think so few make it as actors and comedians). But I am going to try! I'd love to hear lessons learned from others, your plans, and if you have any comments or critiques for me. I can take it and if it's constructive, I can use it to help get more for the kids. Closing out with a plug for my donation tracker: If anyone wants to contribute to the project on github or just use it for their own. If you don't like mine and are on Windows, I recommend bfinley's donation tracker. It's what I've been using on WIndows and it's SO easy to use with OBS.
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    Hi, all, So I was just informed of a killer launch party event that we've been invited to. The Wisconsin Streaming Alliance has partnered with Koss for the release of their newest gaming headset, and the release party is August 25th at 42 Lounge here in MKE! The leader of the WSA, Papa Beren, was kind enough to extend an invite to our guild, and I think it's going to be a great night and a very good opportunity for us to spread the work about Extra Life and hopefully recruit some players as we are inching closer to Game Day! You can demo the headphones and even enter to win a pair at the end of the night. I've linked to the invite information below. We'll be discussing this at our meeting next week, and I hope to have a list of those willing and able to attend to Papa Beren after our meeting that night. If you come, I think it would be a good idea for us to wear EL shirts, if you have one, so that we can be easily distinguished while mingling. I'll also see if it will be possible for us to get a table set up, too, like we do at conventions, so that we coordinate sign-ups and answer any questions people may have for us. I hope you'll be able to join us for recruitment, a beer, and an awesome early access product testing!
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    Hello everyone. I am Jessica Marko aka KelariCuddles/ Naly. A Trion Creator and Trion fangirl. Bigtime into Rift. Games you will see me play is Rift, Fallout 4, ESO, Skyrim, Atlas Reactor, little here and there things inbetween but for the most part those are on the top of the list. I am also a mix medium artist. I am a 3rd year extra lifer. And a streamer. Twitch: KelariCuddles Xbox: CzarJeka Battlenet: MissKelari Steam: JekatheGreatness
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    Due to personal issues I've been inactive for a bit, but figured I would share this great news: As of tonight at 8pm, Milwaukee has officially surpassed $10,000 raised #ForTheKids!